RediFork Pro LCD Matrix, Rapid Read Tip
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Product Description

Grill chicken, beef and pork to perfection every time. This deluxe barbecue fork has a "Rapid Read" tip that gives an accurate temperature of meat on the grill or in the oven – in only four seconds. If you're creating a "mixed grill" meal, you can check several different types of meats without resetting.


  • Accurate temperature reading in just four seconds
  • Check multiple types of meat without resetting
  • For grill or oven
  • Alarm beeps when proper temperature is reached
  • Built-in light for evening grilling
  • Measures temperature in Fahrenheit or Celcius
Use the automatic settings or input your own custom settings for meat that's cooked exactly the way you and your family like it. A built-in alarm alerts you when the temperature is "just right," and the integrated handle light lets you see what you're cooking when grilling at night.

A heavy-duty tool for the detailed chef, the RediFork Pro thermometer from Maverick gives you the exacting temperature information you need for perfect results on the grill or in the kitchen. Designed for beef, poultry, pork, and fish, the thermometer features a generous LCD monitor and reasonably simple touch-button operation. To use, you simply insert to stainless-steel temperature tips in the thickest part of the steak or filet. The display comes on automatically once food is hotter than 113 degrees F. A grid appears on the display, indicating temperature and doneness levels (rare, medium-rare, medium, and well done) for each of the four categories (beef, fish, poultry, and pork), so you can check your food accordingly. This is especially handy if you have both burgers and chicken on the grill at one time--the grid lets you check them both without changing any settings. Structurally sturdy, the thermometer has a comfortable textured grip and a hook for hanging storage. An optional integrated flashlight turns on with a simple side button for grilling at dusk or in the dark. The thermometer can read in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and runs on two AA batteries, included in the package. It measures 15-1/4 inches long and wipes clean after use. --Emily Bedard
  • Rapid Read technology reads temperature in 3 seconds
  • Display turns on Automatically when temperature of food is above 113 degrees
  • On board light assists the visual inspection of doneness
  • Great for grilling, oven and microwave cooking
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Works well, seems accurate.
    I owned this same item in the past for 2 years, but it fell in the pool, and never worked again. I decided to purchased the same thermometer fork, and works as well as my previous one....more info
  • RediFork Pro - a Great Grillin' tool with a few needed features
    I ordered up my RediFork Pro to use while christening my newly installed outdoor grill. My outdoor grill is a sixteen burner behemoth, situated on a ten foot long, four foot wide foundation of natural Tennessee Bluestone. The flat rock and pale blue color really highlight the meats and things that I cook on my outdoor grill. I also have a few tables and a sun umbrella. Anyway, I was needing this thermometer due to a local health inspector's demand that I cook food to a respectable internal temperature. You see, while I'm not running a restaurant, so many of my guests have ended up needing medical attention for various maladies after having my home cookin' that the health inspector felt a visit was warranted. I was cooking up some of the local discount green meat that I bought from the guy with the cooler in the back of his truck by the hardware store, and the inspector was horrified that I didn't have a thermometer. When I went into the house and dug out an old Oral-B baby thermometer, he said that wouldn't work, and I should have figured that, since I wasn't cookin' no baby anyways. So, I ordered one of these here things and it works great! Sure, I would have liked a setting for spotted owl or maybe wildebeest, but the chicken and beef guidelines work okay. Also, some reviewers say to watch this tool around the water, so I treat it like a good grill and a good woman, I never wash em'! So, I think if you are needing to avoid foodborne illnesses and other horrific things that can go wrong with your lower digestive bits, I strongly suggest you get one of these!!!...more info
  • Doesn't work, don't waste money
    I have tried everything imaginable to get this to work. The temp is inaccurate compared to other thermometers, it often doesn't register at all, it won't hold the temp long enough to read. The display is teeny-tiny and as such, nearly impossible to read...more info
  • Controlled Test Results: Warning - Unacceptable Product
    I BBQ several times a week and have learned the importance of reliable equipment, especially when friends are over. I bought the Maverick RediFork Pro because it has lots of cool features such as a backlit LCD display and "headlight" for nighttime grilling. Unfortunately, my results with the Maverick were disastrous. After a couple of embarrassing cook-outs and expensive "mis-steaks", I decided to perform some controlled tests on it and similar forks from CDN, BarbequePro, and TruCook. In addition to the forks, I also tested a simple single-probe digital thermometer, the Taylor #806 Weekend Warrior.

    Using hot water, a control thermometer, a stopwatch, and fresh batteries in each unit, I tested for speed and accuracy. My results: the Maverick RediFork Pro was the slowest, most inaccurate, most expensive, and most confusing to use of all units tested. The Maverick took an agonizingly-long 110-120 seconds before its display settled on a temperature. Worse yet, it read under the actual temperature by 25-35 degrees; the reason my steaks were overcooked. Just to make sure I did not have a defective unit, I bought another Maverick RediFork Pro but the test results were identical.

    For many reasons, an accurate digital thermometer reading (i.e. +/- 2 degrees) shouldn't take more than a few seconds. Therefore, the Maverick RediFork Pro is deemed completely unacceptable in my testing. The other forks were not much better and the dirt-simple Taylor 806 was the only product to take an accurate reading in under 10 seconds. Conclusion: Keep it simple with a digital probe; avoid gimmick-laden digital BBQ forks.
    ...more info
  • Great Temperature Fork!
    This product works just as promised---a quick, accurate, lighted readout of the temperature immediately after inserting the fork in the meat. Much better than other grill forks I've used. ...more info
  • Great Thermometer!
    This is a wonderful thermometer! We have used this thermometer, probably, every other day for years and haven't had any problems. We use it not only for grilling but also for indoor cooking as well. We use it mostly for cooking fish or steaks and it has never steered us wrong. I do agree with the other reviewer that says not to get it wet as it may cease to work, but going in with that expectation you should be very happy with the results! ...more info
    I bought this as a gift for my mom and it works great as I own one myself and use it all the time. It will tell you everything you need to know about what ever it is you are cooking and it is very accurate and also very well made. I use mine alot and it is always right on the money!!...more info
  • Works well but don't get it wet
    Bought mine recently and it was great for the first use -- steaks came out beautifully. Then I set it in the sink with a few other grill tools and dishes. That did it in. The sink wasn't full of water or anything, but obviously there was enough moisture exposure to damage it irreparably.

    Net net, it's way more delicate than it should be. That said, I will probably buy another one (or something very similar) and just care for it more diligently. It's a good investment if you are cooking expensive meat and want to increase the odds of cooking it properly.

    Note: It doesn't eliminate all the guesswork, as you want to take the temp when you think it's done (so as not to poke lots of holes and let the juices out), and you have to get the probe to the right depth or you could end up measuring the temp of something other than the center. ...more info
  • Temp Fork
    It's great as a fork to use but the temp guage doesn't do a accurate job at all. We've used it twice and now just as a fork.

    Sorry I purchased it.
    ...more info
  • Great digital Fork
    I am a avid online shopper. I do a lot of research before making a purchase. If you are in the market for a great digital fork, stop shopping and just buy this one as you won't be disappointed. Now my steaks
    are perfect, not over cooked and not raw either. I love BBQ-ing and this fork takes all the guess work out if it. Just poke it in the steak wait till it beeps, then glance down and look at the "EZ to READ" display".
    If you like med.rare pull them off when it reads 131F....more info
  • Great
    I bough this product two years ago and it works great. It will tell you how well fish, pork, beek, or fish are done in their own sections. Very happy with....more info
    This fork works great. I was grilled some filet mignon this past week, the steaks were nice and thick. This fork helped me get my steak medium well with great accuracy temperature wise....more info
  • Seems good
    I ordered this and gave it as a gift. I haven't heard anything negative about it, so I assume it's a good product....more info
  • A BBQ Thermometer That's A Bust
    I bought this BBQ thermometer because it appeared to be the best of all those listed. Boy, was I fooled. First, the unit is very sensitive to water. Mine got a little wet once when cleaning it and it has not worked right since. It simply won't display the temperature immediately like it use to do. Then, I discovered that the thermometer "ate" AAA batteries like crazy. I mean every weekend I wanted to use it, I had to install two fresh AAA batteries. Somehow it drained the batteries when not in use. Now, the thermometer won't turn on at all. Avoid this piece of junk and buy another brand. It just doesn't hold up to the rigors of BBQing!...more info
  • Excellent tool
    The biggest pain of grilling is knowing how well done your meat is. This gives you a great quick answer on that! I had one for myself for a couple of years, and I bought this one for a friend because I liked it so much. Highly recommended....more info