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Maverick ET-53 BarbBFork Fork Thermometer
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Product Description

Check the readiness and doneness of your food instantly with this convenient fork equipped with a thermometer. The microprocessor has LCD display and five seconds after inserting the fork you'll know the current internal temperature of the food.

Designed to increase both safety and good flavor, the Maverick BarbBFork thermometer uses a built-in microprocessor to precisely read the temperature level of steaks, chicken breasts, and fish filets. Operation of the fork is simple--just insert its tip into the thickest part of the meat, wait a few seconds, and press the register button. A Fahrenheit reading, accurate to 2 degrees pops up on the LCD monitor. In addition, a "doneness" guide at the bottom of the display indicates whether the food is frozen, thawing, rare, medium, well done, or cooked. (This is a helpful guide, though it's still up to the chef to remember safety levels for different kinds of meat.) More precise than visual or tactile tests, the thermometer helps you reach target temperatures with precision, as well as cook food to your guests' individual tastes. Powered by a single AAA battery, the unit flashes a low-battery indicator when replacement is necessary. It measures 12 inches long and comes with a handle hole for hanging storage. --Emily Bedard

  • Speedy digital grill thermometer with doneness readings
  • Helps you cook food to perfection
  • Ensures that food is heated to safe levels
  • Accurate to 2 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Runs on AA battery (included); 12 inches long

Customer Reviews:

  • Most accurate one out there, and cheap!
    This is the most accurate one out there, and cheap! It's right on the money temperature wise. My original one was held together by black electrical tape after I previously ran over it with my lawn mower wheel. I finally killed it by leaving it out in a 2 day rain storm. I just ordered 2 more of the same model. It's a great buy....more info
  • Great BBQs
    Since we've purchased this BBQ tool, we have been able to enjoy perfectly prepared chicken, burgers, steaks, etc. It is so simple to use and cleans up quickly....more info
  • BBQ Fork with temp gauge
    Havent used it much but am disappointed that it uses special batteries. That could cost a bunch depending on how fast it eats them....more info
  • Don't Be Without This One for Great Grilling
    This is an excellent product, and takes the guess work out of grilling. Much better to use than the little instant read meat thermometer I previously used, or guesswork, which I used even more. It is easy to see what's going on....more info
  • Birthday present
    I purchased this item as a birthday gift for my sister-in-law. It arrived in good condition and quickly. I observed it to be as advertised, and then I shipped it. ...more info