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Lowepro CompuTrekker AW Camera Backpack (Black)
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Product Description

A great new backpack designed specifically for digital photographers on the go. The new CompuTrekker AW is the perfect travel companion for photojournalists and location photographers who need a compact way to safely store and transport digital cameras, accessories and a notebook computer. The backpack's reinforced construction, shock-absorbing closed-cell foam padding and tough, water-resistant outer fabric protects its contents from moisture and sudden impacts while offering photographers balanced comfort and hands-free access to their equipment. Padded camera compartment with adjustable, padded dividers allow photographers to customize the compartment based on their selection of equipment.

  • CompuTrekker AW Capacity: 1-2 SLRs and 4-6 lenses (80-200mm f/2.8) or compact medium format system; up to 15" notebook computer; accessories
  • Camera compartment is fully customizable for your SLR or Camcorder system, with adjustable and removable padded dividers.
  • Hidden built-in tripod holder and plenty of laminated pockets to organize and protect all your cables, wires and accessories.
  • Lowepro's patented All Weather cover to protect bag and contents from extreme weather, sand, dirt, etc.
  • SlipLock attachment slots allow you to attach additional Lowepro accessories and pouches to the CompuTrekker AW.

Customer Reviews:

  • Lowepro CompuTrekker AW Camera Backpack (Black)
    It was great, I enjoy it very much - It was exactly what I needed, Thanks!...more info
  • Magnifecent backpack for combi photo/laptop, l Iove it
    I was looking for a backpack that could hold my camera gear and a laptop.
    I had minitrekker before which was for me the perfect backpack.
    This now is the best mix, same backpack now with a laptop compartment.
    Slightly thicker (4cm).
    So, yes this is a good product.

    ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This is a great little backpack! Well, It is a little thick, but heck look what your carrying! You have your camera gear plus a laptop. I have a 15" Macbook Pro and it fits great in this pack! Plenty of dividers and pockets for your camera gear. The protection of the laptop is very good, I have had no issues with that. Please make sure you get the proper size of Computrekker!! There is a larger model for your 17" laptops. ...more info
  • Great camera bag....
    After seeing this bag in use by a friend I gave it a try... Very nice bag! I love the fact that now I only have ONE "carry on bag" where I use to have a camera bag and laptop bag! Lowepro as always been a good name in camera bags! And I love the access to my main camera/lens with just opening a bit of the top cover... Nice!

    Steve...more info
  • Not for everyday use
    This is an extremely well-made bag with exceptional padding. There are almost infinite ways to configure the removable, padded inserts in the main camera compartment. The laptop section is extremely well-padded, but is not practical for my laptop, as I have to push and pull to get it in and out. I occasionally use that pocket for carrying my Manfrotto monopod.

    The bag is large and very heavy when fully loaded, so I do not use it for everyday shoots. It does provide the additional shock protection and security I need when travelling.

    I currently have it configured to hold a Nikon D40 with 18-55mm lens attached, a Nikkor 55-200mm lens, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28, chargers and cables for each camera, and an IOMEGA portable hard drive. I store the camera manuals and spare memory cards in the interior zippered pockets....more info
  • Great bag, but slightly flawed (LET ME EXPLAIN)!!!!
    I just recieved this bag a few days ago. I was was looking for a bag that I could carry all my stuff in when I travel. After countless hours of researching backpacks, I finally decided to go the 2 bag route. The CT AW bag is pretty awesome, there is plenty of room for my D90, 70-200 2.8 VR, 24-70 2.8, 18-105 VR, SB-800 flash, and all my filters. And this is just in the main compartment. Ok, let me get to the part that is flawed, first off, I have a Dell 15.4 inch Inspiron 1505 and let me tell you the first time I tried to put it in the compartment it was a pretty tight squeeze, but I managed to stuff it in with just enough room to zip it up, thank GOD, I am a Soldier who is traveling home from Afghanistan in 2 weeks, so there would not have been enough time to get a bigger bag, however I would not have needed a bigger front compartment, the stuff I have already would be swimming in this bag had it not been for the compartment seperators. Another thing, the compartment that holds the laptop is not as long as the back of the bag so you can kind of feel that lump in your back when you have it fully loaded, however it doesn't seem to bad once you sinch up the straps. My buddy has a 15 inch Macbook Pro and that laptop slid in and out of this bag with no problem, since I am converting to Mac pretty soon I am really excited about that. NOTE: I can personally guarantee that some 15 inch laptops will not fit in this bag, I think my Dell would be considered a medium sized 15 incher, in terms of thickness, anything thicker than that, you can forget it!! Some of the other reviews said that this is not an all day bag fully loaded, I agree and disagree. With everything I have, laptop included this bag is probrably over 20 lbs, not something you want to carry around with you all, and don't forget the small lump in the back when the laptop is in. However, without the laptop, this bag is extremely comfortable and could be used all day on a hike if need be. It is very well made and has enough padding to rest any fears I had of it not protecting my precious Nikon gear. I hope this helps, I just tried to answer all the questions I had when I was bag hunting. For my on the go bag I bought a Crumpler 6 Million dollar bag....more info
  • Great solid bag but pretty expensive
    Great bag very solid bag I am pretty sure it will keep the camera protected in worst conditions but still I would consider a cheaper bag before buying this. There is a pretty good canon bag out there I am pretty sure it will fit any other camera as well. Laptop compartment is way too tight practically useless if you have a standard 15'' laptop....more info
  • Not a good backpack, holds a ton of gear
    I think it is a little thick backpack. The laptop compartment did not fit in my 15.4" acer laptop. The backpack is well padded but somehow it does not feel comfortable on theb back. It always give a pain in my shoulder when I put it on, but it is a good bag to transport lot of gear.
    Personally I wish I had purchased a bag which is comfortable to carry & not so thick....more info
  • The laptop slot may not be as useful as you think
    Ask yourself if you really need the laptop slot this bag provides. Because it does add a few inches to the thickness of the bag, whether or not you are carrying a laptop or not. Because of this, the bag looks bulky while you are wearing it, more bulky than the Lowepro Minitrekker, which is basically this bag, minus the laptop slot. Further, you may even be able to fit a laptop in the Minitrekker if it's a smallish one.

    Aside from the above, this Lowepro and other Lowepro models are great photo backpacks. Very sturdy and made with quality materials that should last a very long time. ...more info
  • Returned it for a Kata Bag
    I ordered this bag and a Kata R103 at the same time because I just couldn't decide based on the item descriptions and reviews. After trying them both I think the Kata bag is much better. First the camera compartment is much more convenient to access since it has a seperate opening on the front of bag, with Lowepro you have to be careful not to spill other contents out when getting the camera out of the main compartment. The Kata bag on me feels much more comfortable and ergonomic, since these are big backpacks, comfort is very important. Since they are of similar price, I kept the Kata bag....more info
  • Computrekker AW vs Tamrac Expedition 7
    I have the LowePro Computrekker AW (not the Plus model) and the Tamrac Expedition 7. Both are excellent bags, but there are important differences.

    Fully loaded the Computrekker holds a Nikon D300, 70-200 or 300 f/4, 24-70, 12-24, 70-300, filter stacks, extension tubes, 1.4 and 1.7 teleconverters, SB-800, and a HP DV2000 laptop. The Computrekker has a large exterior pockets with capacity for accessories like the SB-800, a Wimberley Sidekick, and room for more. The laptop pocket is moderately large and located against your back, providing plenty of protection. The laptop pocket is better for a thin laptop - the limit is my 1 1/2 inch thick Dell. Interior pockets can be configured to your specific gear. Padding is adequate, but the bag is not over-padded. I am able to fit this entire bag in most overhead compartments, but occasionally I have to remove the laptop.

    I find the Tamrac Expedition 7 to be a bit heavy and bulky in comparison to the Computrekker. The Expedition 7 is a couple of inches deeper, so it will hold several lenses like the 24-70 vertically. That lets me carry both the 70-200 and the 300 f/4 lenses, as well as everything outlined above. The added depth increases the capacity significantly. The laptop pocket is okay, but smaller than the Computrekker. That pocket is also the only one big enough for your flash and a Sidekick, so with a laptop those items would need to be attached to the outside of the bag or put inside the pack with lenses. The Expedition has a bit more padding, but it is most noticeable on the waiste strap and on your back. The extra padding adds a lot of weight and bulk. Of course, you can use the MAS system to add external pouches but that also brings added bulk. The padding and ventilation against your back is a little nicer than the Computrekker - but at the expense of more weight and bulk. The small wing pockets for batteries and memory cards are not very function - and in my opinion just silly.

    The Computrekker is my choice of a good, light weight bag. As noted by others, it is easy to overpack. The Expedition has better padding, but it is at the cost of added weight and bulk.
    ...more info
  • Great bag! Very versatile.
    The Lowepro CompuTrekker AW is a great bag! When I first received it, I realized it was much larger than I expected. However, once I started using it, I realized that it is designed very well. I enjoy photographing/video taping my baby daughter. I'm able to fit my SLR with a few lenses, video camera, digital camera, film, and all the associated accessories with ease. I currently don't use the laptop slot, but I thought that would come in handy for holding books/manuals/maps/etc. When I do eventually go into digital, I'll have that space for a laptop. The straps are extremely comfortable and the tripod holder is a nice added touch. I hope not to get caught in severe weather, but it's nice to know there is the all-weather (AW) built-in cover.
    Overall, the bag is well-designed. It is well-padded, has enough pockets for accessories, and comfortable. The only drawback is the size, but then again, you can't really go smaller to carry what I carry. If you want to shave weight/size, consider the standard mini-trekker without the laptop pocket. ...more info
  • Great to carry it all, but could have been designed better
    I purchased this bag because I travel a lot internationally and I usually need to carry my laptop, but want to carry my SLR as well. In the past, I have carried my laptop in a backpack and the SLR separately in a Lowepro bag. This worked, but I was always nervous about having the camera separate, especially when I arrived in foreign cities at night and it felt obvious that I was carrying an expensive camera. Plus, I was worried that some day, one of the airlines would notice the two bags and forbid me from carrying both the laptop bag and the camera bag onto the plane. To overcome this, I tried putting both the camera bag and the laptop into a large backpack, but if it looks big, the airlines will notice and twice last year I was asked to take things out of my backpack (Istanbul airport and Milan airport, both on Lufthansa).

    This bag by Lowepro seemed a good alternative. I also tried the larger, Lowepro CompuTrekker Plus AW Camera Backpack, but that bag seemed way too large to get away with carrying it onto the plane.

    I can fit my Dell Inspiron 1500 15 inch laptop and my Canon 40D with the 100-400 lens and the 28-135 lens. I could get a third lens in as well. I was also carrying other electronics such as hard drives, power cords, GPS, palm, etc and all fit snuggly into the adjustable compartments in the bag. The laptop fits really tight into the bag, much snugger than I would like. I would say that my size laptop is the absolute maximum size that will fit into this bag.

    Computers and SLRs and all the supporting cables, drives, etc add weight quickly and once the bag is fully loaded, it is really heavy. If the airline ever weighed my bag, I am certain that I would be well over the limit for carryon bags. However, that is my over packing and you don't need to fill up the bag just because you can a lot into it.

    The bag is comfortable to wear for a short time, but if you have a lot in it including a laptop, it sits really poorly on your tail bone which gets painful after a while. Other backpacks that I own have additional padding at the bottom of the bag to avoid such problems. I am surprised that Lowepro did not do a better job at adding padding where it was needed and adding channels to allow for airflow along you back. However, without the laptop, the bag is really comfortable. The handle at the top of the bag is placed so that the bag is balanced when you carry it. However, this means that the handle is not convenient for hanging the bag. A second handle or loop would have been nice just for hanging the bag.

    The first time that I used the bag, I loaded it up and then put my reading materials in the very front pouch. This expanded the bag so much that it would not fit into the bins on the Lufthansa, Airbus 330-300 on which I was flying. I had to take my laptop out in order to get the bag into the overhead bin. For the next flight, I packed less in the bag, but still had to take the laptop out. The problem is not the size of the bin, but the lip of the bin which does not allow the bag to be pushed in if there is something long and hard at the back of the bag such as a laptop. Something to consider.

    Overall, I bought the bag to carry it all and it works really well for this purpose. Everything fit snuggly and all of my equipment arrived safely. I think that Lowepro could have done a better job with the design of the bag, however. Plus the inconvenience of needed to remove my laptop means that I will keep looking for other bags.
    ...more info
  • Deep, Indulgent, Complete, and Elegant
    This thing needs a manual! I ordered it after realizng that my laptop and my camera were never going to get along in normal briefcases, backpacks, or photo bags. I started searching the net for combination camera and computer bags and this is where I ended up. The bag arrived today and it exceeds expectations. The product description did not communicate to me that there is a roll-up waterproof cover that comes out of the bottom of the backpack to cover and protect the backpack in the rain (why doesn't my backpacking pack do this????). The product description does not do justice to the wealth of pockets that are on the front of the bag. About 85% of the depth of the pack is consumed by the camera equipment compartment. The remaining 15% is dedicated to the laptop compartment. Not a problem unless you were hoping to carry 2 laptops in that compartment. Can't wait to trave with this. This is going to be great!!! ...more info