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Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Elite
List Price: $99.95

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Product Description

PC users were saying "I need a keyboard and mouse that really perform. If they happen to look great, so much the better." Microsoft was listening, and responded with the Wireless Optical Desktop Elite! This all-inclusive, complete keyboard and mouse solution offers absolutely original design, amazing performance and functionality, including the revolutionary Tilt Wheel, which makes horizontal and vertical document sliding an intuitive breeze.

  • A cushioned palm rest with the feel of leather is more comfortable than ever.
  • 5 Programmable Buttons on the optical mouse
  • Side-to-side scrolling
  • PS2/USB; Wireless freedom
  • The Microsoft Smart Receiver sends a message when the battery is low

Customer Reviews:

  • great keyboard & mouse
    I've owned a number of computers over there years and have gone through a number of keyboards and mice. I've had this elite keyboard for the last couple years and it is by far the best keyboard and mouse I've had.
    The keyboard is a slick mostly black color that features a comfy and soft leather pad for your palms. The buttons are responsive and I've had no problems with anything getting stuck or breaking. There are a number of extra buttons at the top and a scrolling wheel on the side, though you have to install the software to take advantage of these. These buttons allow quick access to things like music, pictures, and documents, mail, messengers, and favorites.
    The mouse is very ergonomic and responsive. The scrolling wheel works great and again I've had no problems with buttons sticking.
    Both the mouse and keyboard are wireless and this is a feature I've come to love. I have a couple of desks in my office and can move to the other desk with these items when need be. Often though I just recline in my chair and use the keyboard in my lap.
    You have to occasionally replace the batteries, but for me its worth the added convenience of it being wireless. ...more info
  • No Wires No Worries Mate
    I bought this set up last year for 45.00. Which was very nice. It arrived new in the box. It was a snap to install and program the hot keys. It is very internet friendly with forward and back buttons and a scroll wheel. Best of all when not in use I move it and clear my desk for other tasks. Both the Keyboard and the Laser Mouse are very easy on the AA bateries. I replace them about once every 10 months or so. For that price and no wired headaches it was a no brainer....more info
  • Great features, but some weird omissions
    Sure, it's great to have all your media at your finger fact I really can't imagine how I got along before this keyboard....however two problems, one major and one minor stand out.

    First the minor: There is no CAPS LOCK light! You have no way of knowing if you are in CAPS until you start typing! Lame.

    The major: At least once a day, the mouse will start giving you a "right click" when you press the left mouse button. Very annoying, and luckily easily solved with by pressing "CNTRL" on the keyboard, but still, what the heck is that?

    All in all, it could have been a complete knock out, but some weird glitches keep me cautious....more info
  • dissapointing performance
    it doesn't work as good as it should. it looses connection even if it's only a few inches from the port. extremely disappointing. the additional buttons and options on the keyboard are nice though....more info
  • DONT buy this IF UR A GAMER
    dont buy this piece of junk its so bad when i play my games my the w button dosent work some times to move foward and i have to press it really hard the mouse it nice and all and i like the online and media buttons but is not goo for gaming i had a logtech mx 700 elite due and that was great and i really like that but the mouse broke so i had to throw it out well all and all this is a bad keyboard cant belive i wasted my money and it not very durable, so if u get angry when u play games dont get it because i baged on it and the flip up thing broke and now i have to return it and get a new one...more info
  • Microsoft keyboard
    Item was shipped to me on time and brand new in the box...more info
  • Bad mouse response
    After using this product for about three weeks I am pretty sick of it. While the keyboard is nice, the mouse is what drives me crazy. The left-click button only works about half the time I click it. Considering the left-click is the primary interface with a computer it needs to be reliable. I WOULD NOT get this if I were you. I am ready to throw the mouse against the wall. If I still had the box I would return it....more info
  • Great keyboard, but wireless reception very marginal.
    I love this keyboard as far as the layout goes, and the mouse has all the buttons you expect and works well if you don't mind largish mice. The biggest issue with this keyboard is with the RF reception. Microsoft includes a USB dongle that both mouse and keyboard interface with and in all of the environments I've tried it (two different work locations, as well as my home), the signal just doesn't travel very far. As long as you can place the receiver within INCHES of your keyboard and mouse, everything will probably be fine, but if you need it to be some distance away, like a couple of feet, perhaps due to a keyboard tray say, then you'll likely have reception issues and some of your key/button presses will get missed....more info
  • Great Design, Limited Quirks
    This is my first wireless keyboard, and I am extremely pleased. The keyboard and mouse are well designed and comfortable. The biggest design flaw with the keyboard is the lack of a traditional Insert key and that the wrist rest cannot be removed so you can use your own (I prefer a gel wrist rest). The mouse especially is extremely comfortable. So far, there has been no sign of any lag for the keyboard or the mouse. While I have never owned any Logitec products, and I can't compare the two, I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Totally Awesome!!!!
    I am former owner of the Logitech DiNovo, and it was junk. The Microsoft Elite is awesome. Some reviews say that there is no indecation of when num lock or caps lock is on, that is wrong, it tells you when you turn it on or off right on the screen. The keys are soft and incredibly quiet, the mouse feels great and the buttons are soft and quiet as well. All of the "hot keys" at the top of the keyboard work great, absolutely no complaints there. The scroll and back and forward buttons on the keyboard, at this time, seem kind of worthless, but they don't hurt anything being there. As far as installation, it could not have been simpler. I plugged everything in, booted up and I was up and running. Not the story at all with the Logitech DiNovo. The color choice of the keys, or lack there of is intersting. I was was not sure if I would like clear tinted keys, but you get used to them pretty quickly. Also, the location of the insert key and the enlongated delete key seem to be an interesting decision by Microsoft, but they are not a problem at all like I thought they would be. I give this product an A++++++...more info
  • Cross-Platform Perfection
    For those who know me, they know I'm a big MacOS guy so it was with some trepidation that when I decided to enable my home office with a Windows tower to accompany my Apple unit, with the help of a KVMP switch, that I went with a MS keyboard and mouse. I can tell you, however, this thing absolutely sings. The disk comes with all the necessary software for both WinXP and MacOS environments. You can easily program the hotkeys in either Operating System and when switching between via the Iogear KVMP switch, I have encountered absolutely no problems. All of this would make for an excellent wireless keyboard and mouse, but throw in the comfort of the "leather-like" padding on the keyboard and the soft feel of the bumpers on the mouse and you have accessory perfection....more info
  • They just don't make them like this anymore
    I've owned my Optical Desktop Elite for about 4 years now, and it's still going strong. The keyboard is very comfortable to type on, and I simply adore the scroll wheel feature it has! This keyboard has seriously stood the test of time and abuse - it's still working after living in a dorm room and being eaten on for 4 years! I've ripped all the keys off and cleaned it countless times, and never had a problem. It does have a few characteristics you should be aware of. For example, if you're looking for a quiet, mushy type of typing experience, look elsewhere. This keyboard is a bit on the loud side if you're a hard typist like myself. Also, the wireless connectivity can sometimes be a little finicky, though it's never been something that a little wiggle of the wireless receiver didn't fix.

    As for the mouse, M$ REALLY doesn't make them like this anymore. If you love a smooth scrolling wheel (I had never encountered one before this set back then), this is the mouse for you. My mouse has obviously been through a lot. After 4 years, the pearlescent coating is starting to wear away on the mouse buttons, and the rubbery surface on both sides is mostly gone too - but still it fights on! I've given it a few cleanings over the years (far less than the keyboard) but it still works almost as well as the day I opened the package. The mouse is definitely right handed, but it feels good in your hand. The scrolling action (up down, left right) still works great, even if the wheel has started to get discolored and smoother from my constant scrolling. The other buttons are good too, and easily customizable using the M$ Intellipoint software. Tracking is precise - I've used it for gaming many times, but I'm not a hardcore gamer, so I'd recommend the mouse for everyone but the most demanding of gamers.

    Battery life is truly amazing - although it's in a weird configuration. The keyboard requires 3 AAs, and the mouse requires 2, but I've found it will actually run on only one... (!!!) for about half the time of 2, of course. I change the batteries no more than once a year on both the mouse and keyboard, which sounds pretty good compared with reports of battery life on the newer M$ keyboards.

    Other miscellaneous things... Although this set is set up for a USB port, it also ships with PS/2 adapters. I've always used the PS/2 adapters anyway since it frees up a USB port, and makes the set function like an old fashioned wired keyboard - you can type immediately on boot up for all your Windows safe-mode needs. The F-lock idea is the only flaw of this keyboard/mouse set - on every startup you must press the F-lock key if you want to actually use any of the F keys. Otherwise they default to their other functions like undo and redo.

    Bottom line - if you're looking for a keyboard/mouse set that will stand up to some abuse, and you're willing to give it a good cleaning when it needs it (take all keys off, clean out dust and crumbs with rubbing alcohol, replace keys), this keyboard is the one you need. I plan on using it for years to come, and am confident that another set out there won't perform as well as the Wireless Optical Desktop Elite has....more info
  • Nice but has significant flaws
    Liked the quality feel of the keyboard and especially the buttons. On so many keyboards, including MS's cheaper models, the buttons always feel cheap. Not this one. This is a nice-looking keyboard and the wireless worked very well using Msft's placement rules. The thing I liked best, however, was the quality and convenient kb scroll wheel. No other kb has a similar feature that is even close to the quality of the microsoft wheel.

    There were, however, a few things I disliked enough about this kb enough to ultimately return it: 1) Being mostly a user of ergo keyboards, I just couldn't get used to this straight one, especially since the keys on this kb seemed thinner than the average straight kb (probably so that everything could be crammed on here) 2) As many have mentioned, the default setting for FLock can't be changed, which is really annoying to those of us who prefer keyboard shortcuts, 3) I hate the new arrangement of the placement keys; I especially disliked pgup and pgdn being in a line of three keys. I was always hitting some key other than them. I just could not adapt to it.

    If you have smaller hands, like straight kbs, and do not use keyboard shortcuts, you may well like this unit. It just wasn't for me... and that's too bad because I really liked the scroll bar and some of the buttons....more info

  • Not perfect (especially for gaming)...but darn close.
    I'm a developer, gamer, and I've built my own systems from scratch for the last 15 years-I've owned a wide variety of Logitech and MS input devices, most recently Logitech's MX Duo and this set. Neither is without their flaws, but ultimately I got rid of the MX Duo for this one.

    Easy part first: The keyboard is great. It's definitely MS's best to date, and possibly the best one currently available. They seem to have figured out quite a bit from their previous boards, and this one does away with a lot of the useless features that previous ones had, and which Logitech boards are full of (like buttons for "Webcam", who needs that?). Extra buttons for multimedia, F Lock, and other doodads have been distinctively reshaped and repositioned, and they're just better, period. The leather-like palm rest, also great. They've retained their non-standard Delete cluster layout, which takes a little getting used to but I actually prefer it now over the traditional setup. Keystroke feel, very good. Not clicky or heavy but just right in my opinion. Also fairly quiet.

    The board just LOOKS good too, especially if you have a black case or other black accessories. The keys are actually somewhat translucent, so you'll be able to see that coffee, OJ, and pet hair that inevitably makes it in there.

    The new Favorites buttons are very useful, which give you five programmable buttons to go right to a website or file, or launch an app/game (getting this last to happen is a little more work, like making a new shortcut, but for websites and files, you just hold the button down until it programs). There's a worthless additional scroll wheel and buttons on the left side; if they ditched that, and maybe had backlit keys like some of the new electroluminescent ones, you'd have yourself a perfect keyboard.

    The mouse is a little more of a mixed bag. To me the most important quality is shape and ergonomics, because I've had my fingers go numbish with using the wrong shape for hours on end. Logitech used to rule here, but they've gone in a different direction lately, and I find their MX designs to be very bad like that. My rightmost two fingers trail off and are uncomfortable; the MX overall has some unpleasant curves and edges to it. Looks good, feels not so good. The MS shape is supportive and much, much more comfortable, so it wins there, hands-down.

    The new tilt wheel feature for side-to-side worthless. Enough said. But it's just there to ignore, and doesn't get in your way. It's not a revolution like the addition of the up/down scrolling mouse wheel was. You definitely won't be doing it by accident.

    As a gamer, I like the mouse's response. I'm not a super-frag-twitcher who has to have 1500dpi or die, but it responds a lot more smoothly than my previous tailed Logitech optical, and seems about as smooth as the MX700. First-person shooters are a much better experience with it. I'd have to say that the MX700 has a smoother slickness in its slide on the pad, and the response seems maybe marginally better, but this one is just fine for me.

    BE AWARE, if you're a gamer, that the wheel does NOT have detents-if you don't know the term, that means the `clicks' or `stops' when you roll it. It just rolls smoothly. This is way better for nongame scrolling; for work and surfing it's much better than the detents. Not so good for weapon select in the heat of battle. It takes a lot of getting used to, and the driver software makes it much worse-even on the lowest sensitivity, an accidental touch of the wheel can spin you through three weapon choices. Detents are better for gaming. Logitech has them, Microsoft doesn't. This alone might cause you to steer clear of the mouse if your thing is gaming. Also the middle button has a very heavy throw to it and it's difficult to get quick action out of in games when you assign it to a critical function.

    This would be a perfect mouse if they made a gamer edition which has the detents, ditches the whole side-to-side scrolling nonsense, and made the middle click lighter.

    Wireless issues: MS wins. Logitech was finicky about where its receiver was placed, and until I got it right, stuff wouldn't respond correctly. The MS receiver doesn't seem to care that much, but it did have issues with using the PS/2 keyboard plug (I leave mine dangling, and go USB-only).

    On the other hand, the MX receiver is also a recharger for the mouse batteries, even when the computer isn't on (you do pay the price of another power cord running to the back of your computer at the USB plug). MS would do well to imitate that feature. I've only had mine for a couple of weeks so I can't speak to battery life, but even if they died this minute, I'd be keeping this set. The receiver also has lights on it for Num Lock, Caps, and F Lock-the board doesn't. I like that too. Logitech's receiver is similar there.

    Far and away the worst part of the whole thing is the software. MS's current generation of Intellipoint/Intellitype drivers, 5.0, absolutely blows (and was never great to begin with). They limit you to only a few choices for what the keyboard and mouse buttons can be programmed to do, and they won't let you just use the excess mouse buttons as "Mouse 4" and "Mouse 5" so that games can assign functions to them. The programmability should be infinite, and it isn't. Logitech definitely has the upper hand with driver capability (they also go overboard on the features, it's kind of a theme with them). Also sadly missing is the ability to have "F Lock" on by default, although the new F Lock button is much better placed and easier to hit. Maybe they'll fix this in a future release, maybe not.

    Overall, with those flaws noted, I'm very happy with this set. I'm even thinking about buying a second one so I can use it at work....more info

  • works great, laptop beware
    Most of everything has been said about this component. I can say I satisfied with the purchase. Laptop users should know this though! Some laptops (e.g. Dell Inspiron 8x00) have low power usb ports for the sake of saving battery power. This means the range will suffer horribly, possibly less than 1 foot. All is not lost, invest in a quality POWERED usb hub, and it will boost the range to the spec range of at least 6 feet....more info
  • Excellent Product!
    I have only had this keyboard/mice combo for 2 days but absolutely LOVE it so far. I read some reviews of people complaining about a few things such as use in games, difficulty setting up, and the new key set up. As far as gaming, I am an avid first-person-shooter gamer and have used it with Medal of Honor and Unreal Tournament 2004 (demo) and it is working flawlessly. The set up was almost painless. I say almost because the keyboard would not work at first, but one press of the button on the receiver and, voila, everything is perfect. The new key set up (larger delete key, F-keys different, no insert key, etc.) really don't bother me. Actually, for what I do, I haven't noticed a difference.

    The keyboard has a very nice feel and layout. VERY nice selection of programmable keys and I really like the scroll wheel on the keyboard. Same goes for the mouse, nice layout, good size, nice feel. The new tilt-wheel is a nice addition and I am finding myself using it more and more.

    I am not usually sold very quickly on items like this but this one has grown on me fast. In fact, this is one of the few online reviews I have ever written. I looked at some other products similar to this and I believe this is the best on the market. And at the price is selling it for, there really is no other competition. Hope this review helped you....more info

  • Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Elite
    The keyboard works fine but mouse that comes with it does not. I could not make mouse to work with the keyboard instead use the separate wireless mouse which works fine....more info
  • Great Keyboard
    This keyboard performs well, and actually from a long distence. I like the quiet keys. Batteries last a really long time,(using Energizer Rechargable batteries) unless you leave something heavy on the keys that press them down for a long period of time which drains the battery. The computer tells you the battery status of both the keyboard and mouse. I have not had any problems with this keyboard or mouse at all....more info
  • Life changing
    Believe it or not, I'm one of those persons who actually had carpal tunnel syndrome before it had a name. I almost had to give up teaching online classes because of the amount of index finger clicking. Yoga on a regular basis and this wireless keyboard prevented a bad situation from getting worse. The keyboard is programmable so there is far less clicking involved, there's a left hand mouse-type feature for when the right hand gets fatigued, and of course the wirelessness is indispensable for adjustable comfort....more info
  • Office Manager
    I like the keyboard and mouse real well. I was just purchasing another one like the one I had for my office....more info
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
    Finally, I've found a wireless keyboard and mouse that is both comfortable and works well. My office recently ordered a few of these sets and when I used one in our conference room, I decided I just had to have it.

    The keyboard is very comfortable and has lots of options that can be programmed. The mouse fits my hand perfectly and puts less stress on my wrist. I highly recommend this set....more info
  • somewhat disappointing
    I bought this product mainly because of many rave reviews on amazon, but I am a bit disappointed by it when I started using it. I will mostly point out its shortcomings since many others have already speak favorably of it.

    1. Th keyboard does not have indication lights for the traditional NumLock/CapsLock/ScrLock switches. This would make your life hard if you rely on it (and I occasionally rely on them) and do not want to type something only to find you are in the wrong mode and have to switch over later and change what you have already typed. I regard this one is a big flop of this keyboard design.

    2. There is no Insert key you would usually find in a normal PC keyboard (on the side). The huge Delete key occupy the position where Insert would usually reside. The key is useful in a number of applications, so losing it would be a big difficulty to these application users. I just don't know why Microsoft chooses to do so, maybe none of their applications use that.

    3. Range of the wireless keyboard is too short. If I move the keyboard over to the other side of my desk, I would not able to use the keyboard due to lost wireless signal. The mouse apparently is fine with that range. This is puzzling and strange.

    4. The initial setting of mouse sensitivity is quite high (almost doubling the sensitivity of my ball mouse) on Linux operation system. So I have to manually turn down sensitivity to effectively use it.

    Overall, I don't think it is worth the price. Logitech has some better models available.
    ...more info
  • We Love It!
    We use these in a 24 hour air-medical dispatch center. Everyone loves them and they help to keep our desktops a little less cluttered. They look very sleek next to the Dell LCD monitors.

    The keyboard and mouse are very comfortable to use for long periods and time. The keyboard has a slight step-down from the top to the bottom that took me a little getting used to, but I think its part of what makes it so comfortable. There is also a huge key and a myriad of quick launch buttons, including a calculator button aboce the number keypad. I never have to search in the desk drawer for a calculator now. My only real complaint is having to press the F lock button every time I log in. The keyboard has set to f1-f12 keys as MS Office apps features and you have to push the F Lock key to turn them back to regular f1-f12. Shouldn't be a big deal to the average person, but our programs here require the use of the function keys, so its a pain. The mouse wheel scrolls very smoothly, but I occasionally have problems with the left mouse button not working on the first try. Battery life has been awesome, we've had these things for 6 months, and no low battery warning yet. We use these things 24 hours with computer dispatch systems, and we've really had no problems....more info
  • A plus for Microsoft
    I've just bought my second keyboard after having worn out the first one. Microsoft's Wireless Optical Desktop Elite keyboard has a scoll wheel and back and forward buttons which are excellent for Internet browsing. The scroll wheel also works on regular documents which makes it easy to head to the bottom or top of the page. Keys are sturdy and easy to locate. The volume buttons, pause and track selectors are neatly placed at the top of the keyboard and the hot buttons allow you to program up to 5 frequently visited websites. There are hot buttons to enter My Docments, My Pictures and My music, features I have not used up to this point. There's also a hot key to enter calculator mode and two to access your mail and messenger buttons. All in all, this is the best keyboard I've ever used and the pricing on Amazon was excellent - half of what Microsoft charges, so search carefully!...more info
  • Has it all maybe too much
    Let me first say simply I hate wires, I am the type that can orginize all my wired componants at night and by morning the wire elf has tangled them into a hopeless mess. I was delighted when I recieved this keyboard and mouse combo for Christmas.

    A wired reciever for input from both the Mouse and Keyboard, a 4 button plus a tilt wheel optical mouse and a keyboard with more buttons then I had ever imagined plus another tilt wheel.

    The Mouse itself has lost it's roller ball and that saves time and durability as there are less moving parts to clean and break. All buttons are customizable using the Intellipoint 5.0 included software. Some of the features are the normal open, shortcut and scroll. You can also apply back and forward which I chose not to use. The wheel can also zoom which is great for tired eyes. My issue with the mouse is it changes itsel on it's own one minute it's open and close then next it's back and forward The tilt wheel feature I have not found it's usefullness as of yet.

    The Keyboard:
    Buttons, buttons and more buttons.....One touch for everything but cooking your food! This may sound like a dream come truwe but don't forget the more it has the more resources it can use! Most if not all can be found within your Winmdows desktop including Media Player Controls (waste of time for me)Favorites, Email, and believe or not Messenger. Yes MS has given it's software a cameo apperance and the stage is crowded. I am impressed with the concept but it's like putting all your reletives in your studio apartmant, they all just crowd each other out. The tilt wheel is in my opinion the most useless thing and doesn't belong on a keyboard That makes 2 tilt features I don't use. (Mouse has one)

    Great reception exceeding the maximum stated of 6 feet, style is awesome and matches my PC

    More features I don't use then I do, Resource hog, bulky keyboard

    I recommend this for those searching for a wireless combo...more info

  • Two small problems... great otherwise
    This fancy keyboard and mouse set came with my PC a few months ago. Right away I noticed it was slick looking, and overall made my desk look much more professional and impressive. However, I can't give this product my full recomendation based on looks alone.

    Firstly, I want to say that the MOUSE is just wonderful. Smooth, lasts very long and not a single problem. The best mouse I have ever owned. It even works well directly on the table, which is more than I can say for most wireless mice.

    The Keyboard, however, has two problems.
    1) There are no lights to indicate 'Caps Lock' or 'Num Lock', which is slightly annoying when typing passwords.
    2) While the batteries last long, my keys frequently stop working and I need to give the thing a shake before they start working again. Maybe its because it's because I've spilt my fair share of food and beverage on the keyboard, but never have I had this problem before. Its not a big deal. Just a little shake and it works fine.

    Overall, its a pretty, professional looking set and I recomend it....more info

  • Elite 5
    I love this product. I wish I had one, but it is much to expensive. This product has a scroll on th keyboard to make it look cool. The fingerprint reader model is also cool, but I like to eat while on the computer so i might smudge the reader and mess it up. The zoom-in one is also cool, but I dont really put pictures on my com. So I like the scroll model much bettter than the other models and I hope I get one of those....more info