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The Holy Bible - Complete King James Version - Old & New Testament- DVD
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Product Description

Experience all of the historical drama and view a complete library filled with beautiful images of the Holy Land with KJV Bibles on DVD, narrated by Emmy winner Stephen Johnston. * Dramatized Narration of The Old and New Testament in the Complete KJV Bible (72 Hours) * Dolby Digital Stereo Audio * Synchronized Graphics & Text showing every verse * Widescreen (16x9) and Full Frame (4x3) Display * Interactive Menus that allow direct access to any book or chapter * Optional Playback modes including: play a single Chapter, play a single Book and continuous Play of the bible.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Item
    This DVD set is a winner. Listen and learn at your own pace. The sound effects add a special touch. I would recommend this if you want to increase your knowledge of the bible. ...more info
  • Near Perfect
    The menu for this DVD is easy to operate. You can go to books and chapters. It would be nice if you could go to specific verses but that does not lessen my enjoyment. You can easily read the DVD which can be clearly heard as read by the narrator. It is a great gift for anyone of any age who slightly knows how to use a DVD player. The DVD has other great features and would be a great addition to any library. ...more info
  • Holy Bible
    Very helpful to an old man with weak eyes ... which is primarily why I bought the dvd....more info
  • Excellent Idea
    Johnston's reading the scriptures as you read along is an excellent idea. There is a section of nice Bible pictures. There are pictures in the text that are entertaining, but I really appreciate the plain Bible reading.

    Johnston reads fast and well. The scripture passages are there on screen for you to read along or not. I really really enjoy these discs. I use them when I am tired at night and I can read longer and faster along with Johnston. Now even my husband doesn't mind joining me as we substitute a silly sitcom with the Word of God. A TRUE BLESSING. GREAT FOR TRIPS WITH A PORTABLE DVD PLAYER....more info

  • Good to have
    I like the series and it has some very beautiful parts to it. There is also some music which usually works nicely with the passages but sometimes I did not think that it was a good match up. I prefer to read the Holy Bible but sometimes it is nice to watch and listen:)...more info
  • If this is the kind of stuff you like then you'll love this
    I actually bought this for my father as a Christmas present and he loved it.He said that it is accurate to the Kind James version.He loves it.We are so happy we bought it for him.He is at home on diability and this had given him a whole lot to do with his time.Great purchase.Worth it....more info
  • Gift For My Mother
    She loves it , watches it daily . If it made her happy it was a good purchase....more info
  • Great Item
    This DVD set is a winner. Listen and learn at your own pace. The sound effects add a special touch. I would recommend this if you want to increase your knowledge of the bible. ...more info
  • Read This Book!
    In my opinion, it doesn't matter what the translation is, this is a book that everyone needs to help them throughout life. You can better your understanding of relationships with your parents, siblings, and mates. It's all in this book. You can find purpose and drive just by discovering the truths that lie within this book. I would recommend this book to anyone young or older;because we all need understanding and love from somewhere. You might as well find out where real love comes from. ...more info
    Worth the money. Works great. Easy to use. Nice that you can read it or listen to it. I am very happy with this DVD. This is a regular DVD (not a DVD-ROM), which is what I was looking for. ...more info
  • It's okay--but don't let it replace your bible book
    The entire bible is narrated over two discs--one disc for the Old Testament, and another for the New Testament.

    The only feature besides the reading and showing of biblical passages are several pictures that one might read about in the scriptures; the pictures are the same on both discs.

    The reading is fine. However, LEVITICUS 18 sounds like it was read by a different narrator--the reading was a little faster.

    If you're planning to buy the DVD, don't throw away your bibles to replace them with this DVD. The best way to learn is to read each verse and let it absorb in your head before continuing on to another verse; the DVD won't stop for you after the reading of each verse--thus, no time to reflect and absorb the verse....more info

  • No Excuse now for not reading the Bible
    People who don't like to read or who can't see very well can now have the Bible read to them. It's a priceless treasure. By the chapter or by the book this allows you to concentrate on the words without turning pages or headaches from tired eyes. I've enjoyed my purchase very much....more info
  • Good narration but not perfect !!!
    It's for the first time that the entire scriptures have been made available on DVDs making it a whole new experience for everyone to listen to the scriptures. The DVD set has two DVDs - One for the Old Testament and other for New Testament. Stephen Johnston, with his clear, expressive baritone voice, is one of the foremost narrators of the Bible and he delievers excellent word-for-word rendition of the popular New King James Version Bible over a soft instrumental background. However, there are some shortcomings too. The pace with which the scriptures are narrated is not consistent throughout. Though most chapters of the Bible have been read quite nicely, some have been narrated in quite a hurry. Chapters like Revelation 13 and 17 have been read at such a lightening pace as if the DVD storage space was running short. The Gospels however, have been read beautifully by Stephen Johnston. In the Old Testament DVD also, some chapters have been read speedily. It may be due to the fact that some chapters like those in Revelation are not read much by the christians and hence the narrator took the liberty of reading them hurriedly.

    Another improvement in the DVD could be the enlargement of the text of the scriptures being displayed on the screen so that one can read it also quite comfortably even from a distance. Presently, the verses are shown on both pages of the Bible in a open book layout and are not easily discernible. One option could be that only one page containing scriptures is displayed on the screen. The page may look like a scroll used in the older times.

    The images stored in the DVD though beautiful, are not enough as they do not show many of the important places in the Holy Land mentioned in the Bible. To experience the Holy Land of Israel, I strongly recommend the beautiful book "Images of the Holy Land" by Israeli Photographer Hanan Isachar as well as the DVD "The Holy Land Revealed", both available on Amazon. Despite above shortcomings, the Holy Bible DVD set is definitely worth buying for the bliss it provides while listening to the scriptures. Be refreshed and encouraged by God's Word at any time of the day when you listen to the beloved and time-trusted King James Version of the Bible. I hope the points raised above shall be considered by the narrator and the studio before producing its next improved release....more info
  • Owner Sally Recording Sudios Memphis TN
    This is a very good DVD. It is very easy to use and along with the Bible it has some very nice photo presentations. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys The word....more info
  • Has great potential
    This item would make a great gift if it were not for the mistakes in the narration versus text. Genesis 24:18 replaces the word "she" with "he" and Genesis 29:15 leaves out "And Labon said unto Jacob". Other errors in Genesis are in verses 36:15, 37:27, 42:5, 43:18, 43:23, and 49:30. I also found 4 errors in the narration of Exodus, 2:2, 17:7, 25:19 and 29:15.
    I would loved to have handed out many of these DVDs last Christmas but glad I only gave a few out before finding the errors. The content is too important to allow me to give the rest of the DVDs out that I purchased.
    ...more info
  • Holy Bible - Complete King James Version - Old & New Testament-DVD
    This is a great DVD! I can read along with the narrator right from the tv screen. This DVD makes the bible easier to understand. It also keeps my 8 year old's attention. ...more info
    Way to go when you want to know the KJV Bible.
    I first bought this DVD in "2005" and started from Genesis and did not skip a page and was able to stay with it all the way to Revelation. Though I still don't understand the entire bible , I comprehend over 85%more than when I was just reading the paper/hand bible. Well, a few months ago it was damaged in transit and I had to skip the effected books and chapters on the disc and read those books from my regular hand Bible. Not only was my enthusiasm diminished; comprehension decreased, and anxiety surfaced in me. So I ordered 2 new Holy Bible Complete King James Version - Old & New Testament DVD from where might I add the DVD was at least $12. less than where I first looked to replaced it. I saved almost $25. 00 and got FREE shipping. This is one of the BEST DEALS I EVER MADE. I LOVE THIS DVD. Thank You Steven Johnson! Thank You Thank You GOD!!...more info
  • ooooh shiny
    well i couldnt really understand it much, cuz them words were too weird. they say its the best story ever told, but i think its been done before. they could have at least improved it a little, y'know? the plot was kind of weak, and characters lacked depth, i thought. except for that one. what was his name? oh yeah. the holy son. and his dad. they were pretty great. awsome even. also, the cover was real pretty. way better than the old one. ...more info
  • get this set
    i own this dvd set and it is great. check out my other review on the holy bible cd set king james version complete with james earl jones and jon sherberg ,for an in depth way to study the bible.enjoy and god bless....more info
  • Bringing the Word to a new medium
    We all know he content. So why do I only give this four stars? I felt that the DVD format could've been used for extra features, such as deleted scenes (books) that were left out of the Bible. What about on site filming? ...more info
  • King James Bible on DVD
    Such an awesome way to read and listen to the word of our lord. Anyone who has difficulty reading God's word can benefit from this wonderful product. ...more info
  • Bible on DVD
    It's worth buying, especially if you're someone who isn't sure how all of the names, etc. are pronounced. It surely doesn't replace your Bible, but it's nice to play in the background, whether you're cleaning the house, or trying to relax and refocus after a rough day.

    However, some of the chapters are read too hastily! ...more info