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Alias - The Complete Second Season
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The action gets even hotter in ALIAS' sensational second season. Double agent Sydney Bristow faces the greatest challenge of her life when her mother, an enemy long thought dead, turns herself in to the CIA. As family relationships change and Sydney's friends take on new roles, her life becomes even more tangled and dangerous. It's "like watching a 2,000-piece puzzle assembled before your eyes," says Entertainment Weekly. Experience all 22 scintillating episodes of season two with exclusive bonus features that take you inside the world of ALIAS. Your favorite characters are back, joined by special guest stars, as Sydney fights to reclaim her life and the action builds to a spectacular climax. "Think Bond with feelings, Dostoyevsky with smart bombs," says GQ Magazine. This comprehensive six-disc collection will have you hooked from episode one's incredible start to the season's stunning final minute.

It was a family affair in the second season of J.J. Abrams's wonderfully inventive Alias, as super secret agent Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) came face-to-face with the mother of all super secret agents--her own mother, Irina Derevko (Lena Olin), a former KGB agent presumed dead but alive and more dangerous than ever. After shooting poor Syd, Irina later shows up at the doorstep of the CIA, offering to turn herself in and work for the good guys. But can she be trusted? Alias set up so much duplicity in its second season that it might have been hard to keep track of who was doing what to whom, but thanks to a great ensemble cast, fast-paced writing and direction, and some cannily cast guest stars, Alias rode a stunning emotional roller-coaster and never broke its momentum, even when halfway through the season, the show reinvented itself. With episode 13, "Phase One" (which aired after the Super Bowl to the show's biggest audience), Syd's original nemesis (and employer) SD-6 changes forever, yet the kick-butt agent still finds herself going up against the malevolent leader Sloane (Ron Rifkin) and his ever-changing set of henchmen. Action fans got plenty of fighting, while romantic Alias watchers swooned as Syd and the dashing Vaughn (Michael Vartan) finally consummated their unrequited love.

The critically acclaimed show owed a debt to Buffy the Vampire Slayer for its mix of action, romance, mystery, and moral quandaries, but in this season Alias truly came into its own--with a climax that came as a total shocker and prepped the show for an emotionally volatile third season. Guest stars included the phenomenal Amy Irving as Sloane's wife, Faye Dunaway as a nefarious bigwig, Christian Slater as a kidnapped scientist, and Ethan Hawke as a fellow CIA agent (or rather, two of them), but it was the dysfunctional nuclear family of Syd, Irina, and father Jack (Victor Garber) that gave Alias its heart and its strength, whether the three perfectly cast actors (all Emmy nominated) were just bickering or undertaking deadly hand-to-hand combat. And you thought your family had problems! --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • A great follow-up to an awesome first season!
    Alias Season 2 is a pretty perfect follow-up to the awesome first season of the show. Now, season one is still my favorite between the two seasons - however, season one (towards its ending) had become a little bit too formulaic - and to continue the tradition of season one into the second season would have been a mistake on the writer's part. Of course, season 2 had to bring something different to the table - and boy did they shake things up. Never before have I sat on the couch screaming at the TV like I have throughout my watching of Alias' second season. There are so many moments where you will be angered by the direction the writer's have made some of the characters take - but when you look back on it - you realize how (in the big scheme of things) perfect the decision was.
    I think that Sydney's relationship with her mother is the greatest storyline in this season. As an audience, you will find yourself gripping with the trust issue just as Sydney does - "Irina's good, she just wants a relationship with her daughter - no she's bad and she's deceitful and she's going to hurt Sydney." Oh, trust me, you'll go back and forth throughout the season.

    I consider "Phase One" to be the best episode of this season - followed very closely by the season finale - "The Telling." And unlike Season one, many of these episodes don't end in a cliff-hanger type fashion - but that's ok for season 2 because it resembles a much different style from that of season one. But like I said before - it's a good and very essential change that keeps the show number one in my book. All of the actors play their roles with such perfection it's hard not to believe these characters truly do exist.

    Bring on the third season set!! ...more info
  • Alias Season Two
    When Sydney Bristow learned her mother was a KGB agent, her life was shattered. Season Two picks up right where Season One left off. When Irina Derevko turns herself into CIA custody, Syd's world is turned upside down, filling with betrayal and mystery. Throughout the season, fans are left wondering if Irina has finally turned, or if she is evil. The season starts with a bang and never lets up until the last second of the cataclysmic season finale when everything changes for Sydney Bristow and leaves everyone with their jaw dropped and gasping for breath. This season focuses heavily on Milo Rambaldi, a ancient prophet who created an unknown endgame that threatens the world. This is the season you CAN'T MISS!...more info
  • Hurry up !!
    As a christmas present last year I got Alias - Season 2 and of course you can not just start watching 2 before 1, so we had to buy Season 1 to start. We had seen Season 1 when it was on TV, but since we dont have any channels to watch, we have decided to buy DVD's instead. My mom was here and she got hooked after the first episode and now we all have finished Season 2 and are eagerly waiting for Season 3 to arrive. Arggggggggg.........more info
  • Season 2 was Great!
    Season Two of Alias was fantastic. Clearly most you agree with me but for those of you who don't, clearly it's not the show for you. For those Alias fans out there, this just might be my favorite season. Well done JJ Abrams and Jennifer Garner!...more info
  • Alias is AMAZING
    I would just have to say that this season is great. I picked up Alias during the second season, which was a bit rough trying to keep up with things that I had no clue about, but it is a great season. It is full of things that keep you thinking through each episode....more info
  • superb collection
    this was my first season collection. i have watched and loved first season and i predicted that second one should be fantastic. as i predicted, that was awesome. each episode took me to the adventure of two sided agent sydney and her complicated family :D
    ...more info
  • Sydney Bristow is so fabulous.
    LOVE ALIAS. Great season...probably the best of the 5. Love her the season. ...more info
  • The Best
    This Season of Alias is even better than the original. The plot is better the action is better and Jennifer Gardner is better. This is one of the best shows of television. This show is addictive....more info
  • The Perfect Dysfunctional Family
    When season begins, it picks off right where season 1 ended, w/ syney staring at her mom, who she just learned is the head of a terrorist organization. She manages to escape, even after her mother shoots her in the shoulder, and makes it back to her father and will, whose story about SD-6 has just made news. Vaughn is still missing, but that soon changes withing the first half of the premiere. Will is forced to "become" a drug addict to avoid death at the hand of the Alliance. Sydney barely escapes death also, after Dixon confesses to her belief of being a double agent. Lucky her dad is friends w/ sloane. at premiere's end, sydney speaks at arvin sloanes' wife, emily, funeral, where she learns that Irina Derevko aka Laura Bristow has turned herself into the CIA. END FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON 2. Once the season kicked off after that, Sydney was forced to go back to her mom to get intel for important missions,against her fathers wishes. Sydney cannot help beginning to like, even love, her mother, as the season progresses, and the same goes for her and vaughn. Halfway through the season they risk exposure to go to a meal together only to be-(well, i'll just let you buy it and see!). In what was known as one of the best-if not the best ep of season 2- "Phase One" in which everything that everybody knew about alias is literally thrown into a box, shuffled around, and coming out w/ a entirely new direction to the show. Irina's true reason for infiltrating the CIA is revealed, as is Sark's (he infiltrated SD-6 through a proposal from irina to sloane). Rambaldi's secrets have never been this close to being revealed. By finale's end, Sydney's entire co-star cast has had something changed about them-ultimately leading to what many consider the best fight scene in the show. and one that leaves sydney in a strange place-and a startling discover that will have to wait until season 3 to be answered. In closing alias season 2 is a great continuation w/ minor continuity errors (mainly after phase one) which only hardcore fans will catch. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!...more info
  • Great Buy
    Got my Season set of DVDs new in box at a fairly fast speed. I would definately buy from this seller again. Thanks....more info
  • Love it; Hate it; I've just got to have more Alias
    Last Year...on a very special "Alias":

    Sydney Bristow, a young woman working on her PHd while working part-time at Credit Dauphine, leads a double life as a secret agent for SD-6 - purportedly a deep-cover branch of the CIA, but really a faction of "The Alliance", a global-network of arch-criminals who make hundreds of millions in arms sales, extortion and murder. Warned by her father when SD-6 murders her fianc¨¦ and then marks her for death, Sydney "defects" to the CIA, and becomes their double-agent. Now Sydney conducts compound missions - operations for SD-6 which are really counter-missions for the CIA intended to bring SD-6 down. Her only ally in SD-6 is her father, Jack Bristow, one of the few who knows the truth about the organization and its chief - the evil Arvin Sloane. Sydney must navigate the tight channels between SD-6 and its rivals (other evil organizations, security operatives of the alliance obsessed with uncovering moles, etc.) and not infrequently other functionaries of the US Government. In season 1, Syd faced several complications: the workings of a renaissance-era inventor named Rambaldi whose writings and inventions border on the prophetic and the apocalyptic, the shifting (and often selfish) loyalties of her homicidal father, the meddling of her reporter-friend Will Tippen and the truth about her mother, Laura Bristow (AKA KGB agent Irina Derevko, AKA "the Man"). (MadTV spoofed this show with a rapid fire skit that parodied the many tangled webs of Sydney Bristow's life - the biggest joke is how much of the material was accurate.)

    If that sounds like a lot, it is, especially since many of the episodes resolve around the same basic idea: a mission that involves Sydney sneaking into a highly-secured location in disguise, break into a secure vault or hack a computer using exotic technology, grab the goods, kick-box her way out. Rinse and repeat. Nevertheless, the show manages to work its plot twists in how these missions connect - a mission goes bad, and somebody's captured, is he worth the risk?; a mission goes too well, and SD-6 gets the goods before Sydney can get them to the CIA; and just how good is this intel anyway? Brisk action keeps each episode going - also keeping us from wondering how SD-6's agents (presumably about as competent as Sydney, multilingual, combat-trained, techno-savvy and just so generally brilliant in so many other areas) never learn of SD-6's true nature while out in the field.

    Tonight, on ALIAS!!
    Everybody's loyalties are strained to the breaking point. It begins with mom - Laura Bristow (referred almost all the time as "Derevko") revealing herself as "The Man", the shadowy head of an organization with a murderous efficiency rivaling that of SD-6. Surrendering herself to the CIA ("The Enemy Walks In") she proves in every way the perfect match for Jack Bristow. Can she be trusted? Sydney is torn, but her father is not - making us wonder how far he'll go to discredit her. And what will happen when the Bristows take a family trip (hunting for WMD's in Kashmir)? Meanwhile, Will Tippen's investigation into last season's murder of Sydney's fianc¨¦ causes him to be sucked into the world of international espionage. In order to ensure his promotion into the Alliance, the evil Arvin Sloane must execute his wife, Emily. (Dying of cancer, Emily blabs what she knows about SD-6 to Syd, and then inconveniently goes into remission.) When Sloane receives hints that Emily may be alive, he slowly goes off his hinges - or is it something else? Season 2 gives more attention & action to characters given the side-order treatment last year, including Dixon, Marshall and even Asst. Director Kendall (Terry O'Quinn - YES!!!).

    "Alias" is a lot of fun even though it's also dated - having less in common with shows like "Lost", "Heroes" and the new BSG than the shows replaced by them (any of the reincarnations of "Star Trek"). "Alias" isn't about ordinary people in extraordinary situations; nor will we find Syd in a situation where her only hope is a tenacity she's not supposed to have. And most graying of all, we never doubt that Syd's targets have it coming - they're all bad-guys, and the only bad consequences of Sydney's actions are further missions. For all the murkiness about SD-6 or any pretension about how we're too modern to simplify the world into goodguys and badguys, once Syd's stilettos go into action, we need not worry that she's going after a totally innocent dude, or that the measures (or wardrobe) taken aren't overly extreme. "Alias" is about as obsolete as a show can be, but it gives the spy-fi genre a great treatment, with larger-than-life (and meaner) characters, enigmatic loyalties and some beguiling questions.

    No show is perfect, though "Alias" has some quirks which nearly abuse the privilege. Needless celebrity guests (since they're stars, the show can't do that much to them or with them), too much important dialog spoken in quick and hushed tones, too much info spoken straight out ("subtext" anyone?), too much gratuitous footage of Jennifer Garner's bod or of Syd in suggestive clothing (Yes, we know she's mega-hot, but that doesn't mean we should be treated like we're a bunch of stalkers) and too many artificially-emotional scenes with extra-sappy music playing in the background (if you're wife is a bigger fan of "Grey's Anatomy" or "October Road" than you are, you know what I'm talking about).

    That aside, "Alias" is still a fun ride that sends the spy-thriller genre out with a bang. Lena Olin is coolly sexy as the evil/motherly Derevko, while Victor Garber and Terry O'Quinn vie for the title of "CIA's meanest", while Ron Rifkind chews up the scenery as an archvillain in an age where such men are thought extinct. The show is like one of Sydney's disguises, a sheath of artifice over a compelling and inescapable reality....more info
  • Better than the 1st!
    I didn't think Alias could get any better than it's intense first season but it did. I never watched the show on tv, but thanks to the dvds I was able to check out what all the hype was about. I watched Season 1 in 3 days, and immediately watched Season 2. I was blown away by the second season. It's even more exciting and dramatic, with almost every episode revealing something shocking. Most of this is thanks to the brilliant Lena Olin who joins the cast as Sydneys mother. The storyline is brilliant and there were plenty of Oh My God moments. This season also gave more for Francie (Merrin Dungey) and Will (Bradley Cooper) to do. Their storylines were just as exciting and intense, and cultivated in a fantastic final episode that could go down as one of the best cliffhanger episoded in television. All of this though could not be possible without the amazing Jennifer Garner. Proving once again she was one of the best actresses on television today. How she manages to pull off what she does every week is beyond me. Emmy voters need to honor her very soon. Alias continues to provide some of the best hours on television I have ever seen....more info
  • nice boxed edition
    I paid 49.00 when it was first released. Great to catch up on missed episodes. Too bad the show ended. ...more info
  • The Twists Just Keep On Coming...
    When "Alias: Season One" ended, fans found themselves in quite the dilemma, there was still 3 months at least until we find out just what will happen to Sydney (Jennifer Garner). "Alias: Season One" proved to both critics and ABC that a spy show that is mostly realistic yet sometimes deals with the supernatural can really work with audiences and produce solid ratings for ABC, something they were only getting from their other big-time drama, "NYPD Blue".

    "Alias: Season Two" picks up exactly where "Alias: Season One" left off. This new season would bring plenty of new surprises to Sydney and company. The addition of Sydney's traitorous mother proved to be a real source of trouble as no one knew whether or not Irina Derevko could ever be trusted or was she always working an angle. Sydney became increasingly torn between her loyalty to her work and the love a daughter has for her mother. This season would also shake things up in the world of "Alias" around the halfway point of the season, the dynamic of the show completely changes, and in a good way. The change launches the show in a new direction and propelled the show through to the action-packed season finale, with one whopper of a cliffhanger.

    "Alias: Season Two" continued the break-kneck speed of the first season and never let up. Audiences were constantly trying to keep up with just what Irina had planned for Jack and her daughter, Sydney. With even more twists and turns than season one, "Alias: Season Two" was an exhausting thrill ride that left everyone gasping as the credits rolled on the season finale.

    The quality of "Alias" continues as brilliant writing, directing, and acting continue to make this show one of the most successful on ABC. Just like the previous season, "Alias: Season Two" is a must-see!...more info
  • Alias: The Best show on TV
    Alias is the best show on TV for the sole reason that it keeps audiences entangled with the story, whether it being supposed dead mothers comming back and Rambaldi prophets and double agents this show has it all!...more info
  • !!Amazing!!
    I love Alias, in this season, every chapter is very interesting, and you always end up wanting to watch the next one, rather than wait one week to see the next one.

    This is the only show I want to watch, the whole five seasons of it.

    A must buy!!...more info
  • Season 2: Super Spies!
    Season 2 of Alias is aided by the addition of Lena Olin to the superb cast. Olin plays Sydney Bristow's KGB-agent mother, and delivers one superb performance after another. Jennifer Garner continues to radiate charisma and charm, while Ron Rifkin's sleezy turn as Sloane will make your skin crawl.

    An excellent season of a great show!...more info