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Saved by the Bell - Seasons 1 & 2
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Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 02/05/2008

As high school comedies for young viewers go, Saved by the Bell is as light as they come, yet there is something unusually addictive about it. No doubt that's because the series, set at Bayside High School in Pacific Palisades, California, balances fluffy stories with evolving relationships. It's no chore to watch every episode in this Saved by the Bell: Seasons 1 & 2 boxed set and feel satisfied with the touching, admirable growth and affection between key characters.

The show concerns teenager Zack Morris (Mark Paul Gosselaar) and his eclectic group of friends. Zack himself is a complicated fellow: he's a vain hound for the girls and a screw-up who sets attendance records for detention. But as the series progresses, he also demonstrates that he's a thoughtful kid, underneath it all, with insight and loyalty to others. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen plays Kelly Kapowski, a cheerleader and mall rat who gains seriousness of purpose and dignity over time, and who ends a rivalry between Zack and good-natured sexist jock A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) by choosing the former--after he cleans up his act a bit. Jessie Murtle Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) may be the most interesting character: smart and given to alternative-lifestyle values, an unabashed feminist yet self-conscious about her height. (She towers over most boys interested in her). Samuel "Screech" Powers (Dustin Diamond) is the show's token nerd, but he defies the stereotype in many ways: In "Dancing to the Max," Kelly develops a crush on Screech after he tutors her in science, while in other episodes he wins a beauty contest and comes to the heroic aid of a chum more than once. What's nice about Saved by the Bell is the way these sundry friends all get to know and accept each other, creating unexpected bonds and encouraging honest support when the chips are down. Highlights include "The Election," in which Zack, typically, runs for class president against Jessie on a lark, then has to face real responsibility when he wins. In "The Prom," Kelly gives up her dream of attending the school prom after her dad loses his job; she's rewarded with Zack's own sacrifice to make sure she's not alone. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Classic
    This is a classic 90s tv show that I adored when I was growing up. It is a good funny show with simple characters who get away with murder at bayside and I love it. I do agree with the other viewer that I did think it owuld have Miss bliss etc...more info
  • Sweet show
    Saved by the bell is a sweet show. Whenever I was young, I used to watch it. I think that for the stars was good. I would recomond buying this DVD....more info
  • A must for serious drama fans!--Not! but fun to watch
    Keep in mind I liked this DVD and the show when you read this... I am just telling it like it is!

    One of most cheaply produced shows of all time. Whenever there was a crowd scene there would be a grand total of about 20 students. Clothes are horrific. Most of the teachers and administrators in this school seem slightly retarded as they are easily fooled week after week by the popular "Saved by the Bell" crowd.

    The "Stevie" episode is fantastic!

    In the land of "Saved by the Bell" serious problems are wrapped up in 20 minutes

    The studio audience yells and howls as if they were at the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

    I honestly think Elizabeth Berkley poor acting has to been seen to be enjoyed.

    This is worth buying!...more info

  • my favorite TV sitcom from childhood!
    I bought this Saved BY THE Bell dvd set a few months ago for 38 dollars and I have mixed feelings. I was very happy because they have some of the best shows in the entire series (like Fatal Distraction, Save that Tiger and 1-900 crushed). However, this is a bare-boned dvd with absolutely nothing to offer except the show. THEIR ARE NOT EVEN CHAPTER SELECTIONS! If they make dvds for the third and fourth seasons, which have great episodes like Cut Day, Aftermath, and FAKE I.D's among many others, then they should give the customer their money's worth because most of these actors could have done interviews or commentary to make this dvd set more interesting. This set is strictly for Die-hard fans of the show like me....more info
  • not season 1
    they are all good that's why i bought it but this isn't season one They don't show when they were in jr. High or when Slater was first introduced the dvd's start with Mario Lopez's first full season im guessing but i was kind of expecting season one to be when zack screech and lisa the only original cast of saved by the bell were in jr. high. ...more info
  • The Things That You Remember
    It's Amazing how you remember a show after such a long time. Here in Peru Saved by the Bell started in 1992 or 1993, i don't remember well, but i do remember being in love with this show. And i was like, what, 7 or 8 at the time? Like most american pubers or teenagers from 1989-94, this show marked our generation. I remember the names very well... who doesn't remember Zack Morris?! Anyway, it was actually my brother who bought the dvd sets (he's older, so he has a better memory about this than me) and i was really oblivious at first. I thought it would be rather boring or dull, but i was delightfully surprised to find out it was really, really funny. Like someone once said to me, it's the teenager version of Friends. The characters al lovable, they work together really well, and the show does its teaching form justice without being to preachy about it. I love the way they could make a realistic and funny yet "educational" show. Tt is truly one of a kind.

    The first season introduces us to the gang. Being all of them so different allows the series to show diferent kind of situations, although the always seem to follow the same structure: Zack has a "plan", everybody finds out, then they make another "plan" that makes him feel sorry and everybody is happy at the end. You will notice this trend eventually, but it won't bother you because it's really well executed. The magnet of the show has always been Zack. For girls it was an obvious reason, and for guys it was like "i wanna be like him" kind of thing.

    The DVDs each contain 8 or more episodes, depending on the season. Video is normal, this show is from 18 years ago, and the sound it's good, though not something to be proud of. (what do you spect from a sitcom anyway?)

    One thing that we can complaint about its the order of the episodes. I don't really know if they were broadcasted like this the first time through, but this is a complete desorder. And i'm really sorry to say that it is actually worst in the other two sets. One episode you see kelly and Zack together, and the next it's back to the competition between him and slater. The story that suffers the most it's the relationship between jesse and slater. You will know when it begins, but you won't be sure of where it ends.

    This isn't a total fault on the DVD sets. The show wasn't exactly an example of continuity, and there is one episode in season five that could've set up things for amazing situations.. they just made it as if never happened. And that's... well, bad.

    But this are just minor things compared to the amount of fun this show is. I watched the whole set in less than a week... and i also went to work! You will not be sorry that you bought it, you will not be sorry to have seen it. Believe me. ...more info
  • Good memories.
    Saved by the Bell - Season 1 & 2 brings back a lot of special and hilarious moments for me. The first time I watched this show was either 1989 or 1990, and I was hooked after the first episode. Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa were six great reasons to tune in every Saturday morning, their chemistry with one another was infectious. The show was very goody-goody but funny. I highly recommend this entertaining and wholesome show. Enjoy!...more info
  • Solid!
    Go ahead, take away my cable, my VCR, my computer, and cancel my magazine subscriptions. I won't be going anywhere for a while. I've got no need to! I have 15 hours of pure sitcom bliss right here in front of me!

    It's so much fun to see where a series began, and it's great to see this cast getting their feet wet in roles that would make them lifetime stars. While Season 3 has to be my true fave, Season 1 and 2 have plenty of gems: who can forget when Screech got struck by lightning (not me!)? Who doesn't crack up just thinking about Zack's subliminal message scheme (I know I do!)?

    If you're like me, you'll love this set (and by like me, I mean you say "Time out!" at least once a day; wear your very own custom-made Bayside High letter jacket (Go Tigers!); and plan on naming your children Kelly, Zack or Slater). My sides are still sore from my daily viewings of this show - a true comedy classic....more info

  • LOVED IT! Thank You Thank You!!!!
    When i first saw this in the store, I almost passed out, I had been wishing for ages for this show to come out on DVD, but nothing. I absoulutely loved watching this again, it was my favorite show & still is. Saved by the Bell wasn't just a funny show, but it also taught a lot of great life lessons about friendships etc. I highly recommend this, I can wait for the next DVD box set to come out, i'll get the day it's released. Thank you SOOOOO MUCH Lons Gate Home Entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • One of the classics!
    I was thrilled to find the saved by the bell collection on amazon! I used to watch this when i was younger, and then the repeats would come on Nickelodean and now i own them on DVD. Its a great show.. pretty much revolves around the lives of 6 students in High school - the charming, blonde Zack who loves the cute cheerleader Kelly who is also being chased by the gorgeous footballer Slater who later on goes steady with the intelligent & feminist Jessie who cant stand immature, silly Screech who cant stop bugging the fashionist & daddy's girl Lisa who absolutely hates him.

    Yes its confusing to read, but fabulous to watch on screen. Watch it from the beginning and you will grow to love these characters. Its funny, romantic and truly one of the classics....more info
  • missing the "real" season 1
    I expected, that season 1 & 2 would be this season with Miss Bliss and the following season. Sadly, this set skips what I think of as the first season.

    I realize from other reviews that what I thought was season 1, was actually another show. I'm not surprised, as this season was different, but in the re-runs of Saved By the Bell, it is included, referred to as Saved By the Bell, and has an opening theme song to the show and everything.

    To whomever is releasing this series, please release the season preceding these....more info

  • saved by the bell season 1 and 2
    AND 4



  • Addictive, Easy Watching Television (4.5)
    This release captures Saved by the Bell's first two seasons, and ultimately their true glory years. The characters are still young and these episodes mark the many plots of Zack Morris and Screech Powers. With 33 episodes on 5 discs, I would say this set is a pretty good value despite lacking extras. In my opinion, the first season is the best of all, and mainly focuses on Zack and AC Slater's battle to get Kelly Kapowski. A standout is definitely "Fatal Distraction" where Kelly has to choose between Zach and Slater on who to take to a dance at the Max. Zack cannot wait for her decision so he decides to spy on Kelly during an all girls slumber party. "The Gift" is in my opinion the best episode of all, and is centered around Screech's character. He obtains a gift, the ability to see into the future. "Cream For A Day" is another good one, when Zack and Screech stumble upon a cream that removes blemishes immediately but has a bad sideffect of cream burn. Meanwhile Kelly is competing for homecoming Queen. "The Lisa Card" is probably the only episode that focuses on Lisa Turtle when she spends too much on her father's credit card. "Dancing to the Max" is memorable as Slater and Zack take witness to Screech bonding with Kelly as her science tutor. Season 2 represents more drama and serious conflicts, translating into less comedy. Examples of this are when Jessie gets hooked on sleeping pills, Kelly's father loses his job, and Kelly faces a difficult choice of going to Paris to do modelling. The highpoints of this season in my opinion are "Beauty and the Screech" when Screech squares off to compete in the Miss Bayside pageant, and "Rent-A-Pop" when Zack tries to fool Mr. Belding by getting an actor to play the role of his Dad.

    Overall, this is a great buy for any fan of the TV show and you will watch the episodes over and over again. I definitely think these were their two best seasons, and these 33 episodes are all well worth watching. With Zack, Kelly, Slater, Screech, Lisa and Jessie, it is bound to bring entertainment. Recommended. ...more info
  • Now I want all the seasons !!!
    This was well worth my $40, the "Prom" episode the first in season 2was worth the $40 right there ! There are several reasons why I gave it 4 stars and not 5. First, when you open it you that I bought the wrong one because theres an insert in there for like a booklet (but dont be fooled its just an empty insert), but the 2 major reasons are NO SPECIAL FEATURES, no cast/ production interviews, NADA !! and 2nd wheres the rest of season 2 ?!?! Season 1 took 3 dvds, season 2 is only on 2 and the 2nd disk is very lacking .. so its basically season 1 and most of season 2.n

    1 thing i did find annoying was the opening credits, on season 1, you have the credits with footage from like later seasons ? and on some they have a retro music n actual footage from that season? Also, i know who the actors are, i have to fwd the opening credits all the time

    But despite all this, i loved it.. when it started airing on TBS i was dissapointed because it wasnt as good as i remembered as a child, but then watching it again n again .. i forget all that n im like a lil kid... theres a lot of bad lines and cooky scenerios but I love it.

    So my wish list is the rest of Season 2, Season 3&4, The College Years, Wedding in Las Vegas, Hawaiian Style to be on DVD and then I can rest in peace !!! .. and ofcoure actual SPECIAL FEATURES with interviews and all that good stuff.. deleted scenes, outtakes c'mon you know you still have them !!...more info

  • I love it!
    Saved By the Bell is the best show for kids who are going into high school, are in high school, or even people like me, looking back on their high school years. I grew up with Saved by the Bell and I am SO excited I can get it on TV and show it to my kids someday! I love it!!...more info
  • Loved the show, but ...
    Extras were missing. Where are the actors talking about their characters? Where are deleted scenes and stuff like that? Missed that stuff, but still LOVE the show as much as ever....more info
  • This is such a fun show!
    The first two seasons of SBTB epitomize the late 80's and early 90s perfectly, in clothing, hairstyles, and comedy. To have 33 episodes of the adventures of Slater, Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, and Screech is wonderful. It is such a blast from the past, and the shows are still as entertaining as they were almost 15 years ago. The DVD quality is good, but there are no extra features at all. There is even an empty sleeve inside the front cover of the looks like they had planned on including a booklet, which would have been really nice. Unfortunately the powers that be must have decided to nix it at the last minute, making this release completely bare-bones. At least there are English and Spanish subtitles.

    Other than the lack of special features, this is a wonderful box set with a ton of fun episodes and hours of good times. The video and audio quality is perfect which is good because there are quite a few episodes crammed onto each disc. Overall, a good buy and a good deal....more info

  • TRIPE!
    This show was and still is one of the worst pieces of tripe to ever hit the airwaves.

    If you're a fan of this show, then you're undoubtedly a victim of inbreeding.

    Instead of spending your money on this DVD set, why not just feed dollar bills into a paper shredder....more info

  • Zach Morris- Not a real prep?
    The cast of Saved by the Bell was an almost Star Trek like example of diversity in action. The Popular group of kids in school, the cast, had a representative from every subculture of the school including: the jocks-A.C. Slater, the cheerleaders-Kelly Kapowski, the nerds- Screech, the blacks- Lisa Turtle, the overachievers-Jessie, and the preps...Zach. But a close scrutiny of Zach Morris' lifestyle reveals he is an imposter! Not a real prep!

    Left to our own devices, the public probably would have never discovered the shocking truth about Zach Morris. However, the pop-punk group The Preps, forever changed punk music and culture with their hit album and single Punk's Gone Prep. Who can forget the lyrics of that immortal song:

    "In olden days we spiked our hair
    Now it's Sak's Fifth Avenue we wear.
    If you dress in black, covered with tattoos
    It only proves you haven't got a clue
    It's sad you haven't realized yet
    You've missed the bus: punk's gone prep!"

    Even more shocking to the casual listener is the B side to that classic track: Zack is a Poseur.

    "He struts around the school
    Acting like he's suave and cool
    But underneath he's an empty fool.
    No class, no cash, no style, no pep,
    Zach's a poseur; he's not a real prep"

    Saturday morning would never be the same and Saved by the Bell's ratings hit an all time low. Network attempts to save the show included The College Years and The New class, but proved fruitless. Once Zach's secret was divulged it was too difficult to overlook.

    The proof is in the putting. First of all, if Zach was a prep wouldn't he have had to gone to Prep school? He would if he was a true prep. Also, Zach was always in need of money in the show, if he was a prep his family would have been rich. Finally, look at Zach's wardrobe, he dressed like any other kid his age would. Sure he wore polos, but so what? Where were the cardigans, the sweater vests, the scarves, the letterman jackets, the ties, and the ascots?

    Conspiracy theories abound that the truth of the matter was Lisa was the true prep of the group. But was America ready for an afro-American prep? Afraid not, network execs threw Zach in as an after thought and spent much of the show's duration trying to cover up the truth.

    Even with the horrible truth come to light, I still love Saved by the Bell and hope a new generation can come to appreciate and enjoy the show without the preformed biases ...more info
  • Great show, but DVD lacking and missing some episodes
    I LOVE Saved By the Bell, and I'm VERY glad to finally have it on DVD, but where's the rest of Season 2? I KNOW there were more episodes in that season than were on this DVD. Also, this was quite a bare-bones collection. The video is barely average, the sound quality is nothing to write home about, and there are NO SPECIAL FEATURES (couldn't they have at least included the E! True Hollywood Story?). Still, because the show is so completely awesome (not to mention nostalgic), I give this package 5 stars.

    My only hope is that Lion's Gate and NBC will go all the way with this and release not only the rest of season 2 and seasons 3-4 (including the Malibu Sands and Tori episodes), but also the "Good Morning Miss Bliss" (8th grade) and College Years episodes, Hawaiian Style, and Wedding in Las Vegas. I'd pay a pretty penny for each of these. DON'T LET ME DOWN LION'S GATE!! I WANT THEM ALL!...more info

  • Buyer Beware!
    I gave this DVD set 3 stars because only 3 of the DVDS worked! Disc 1 & 4 froze after the NBC logo. A quick email to had a replacement in the mailbox 3 days later. Guess what? Discs 1 & 4 from the replacement froze! Great job by Amazon but apparently a shoddy manufacturing job by Lion's Gate!...more info
  • The question surrounding SBTB
    The DVD set has the story line totally out of chronogical order and there is a problem with the age of characters as well- older then younger. This is fact and not fiction ye cocky members of Gen. Y who always think you are right. Slater should be shown coming to school for the first time before anything else. So NBC and the DVD set screwed it up. Great to see the subtle gay references put back in though- very cool. I love it when Slater pats Screech on the butt and then looks around to make sure he is not caught. And after Dustin's latest career move who can blame him?...more info
  • saved by the dvd
    People don't want to admit it, but Saved By the Bell is a very good and addictive show. Sure, people constantly call the show cheesy or silly, but the reality is, these are the same people who like the show. Why? Because the show is a lot of fun and the characters of Zack, Screech and the Principal are REALLY funny! The show delivers interesting stories about the students at Bayside High School. That's the best thing about the show- every episode is a new adventure. You will be glued to it, believe me.

    The DVD set is really good because now you can watch the first two seasons all over again, any time you want. A must buy. ...more info
  • A Gen X comfort product
    Ah Saved By the Bell.I was in grades 9-12 when Saved by the Bell originally aired so I can say I grew up with the show.I remembered it as being funny and enjoyable.I have received the DVD for X-mas from a friend who knew I was a fan.I'm amazed at how mature and clever much of the writing and jokes were for a teen show.Its alot better than I remembered and I appreciate it more now. I agree that the show is a perfect representation of young people (Gen X) in the late 80's-early 90's. From Zachs big clunky cell phone to freindship bracelets to references to George Bush (the daddy) and Gorbechev -I dare any Gen X'er to watch this DVD and not be transported down memory lane.It was a fun trip and for that I will overlook the flaws like no extras,no booklet and security tape that will rip the package if your not careful-4 out of 5-Keep them coming and improve with the next 1!-Michael E Johnson...more info
  • Where are the REAL first episodes
    What happened to the first episodes; the pre-Slater days? This set starts when they are already already grown up. I'm really upset about this. Can anyone tell me if I missed them? NBC, you should be ashamed of yourself....more info
  • Seasons 3 & 4!!!
    Seasons 3 & 4 will be released on April 27, 2004! I can't wait!! :-)

    *Just a side note that I'm adding: These DVDs are edited!! I was watching an old VHS tape with the episode "The Mamas and the Papas" and there was a scene at the very beginning of the episode that was cut from the DVDs! Why are we spending money if they are not going include everything?! I love SBTB, but these DVDs don't do the show justice. Does anyone else know of any other scenes that have been edited?...more info

  • saved by the bell hits dvd!!
    Hi people in da world. THis is a wkd dvd and only came out last month. It shows you all the episodes from the tv series 1 and 2. It is shown on the order that it was aired on nbc so some of your fav episodes might not be on it> I also recommend saved by the bell: the soundtrack which has songs like friends forever and did we ever have a chance and of corse the oringinal theme tune. This is a must have for saved by the bell fans!!!...more info
  • Saved by the bell rules!
    I got this dvd yesterday, and its awsome! I just started watching the show a month ago, and im addicted to it. Get this dvd-it's worth the money!...more info
  • saved by the bell
    i loved saved by the bell the show is funny and cool also saved by the bell airs on the-n at either 6pm or 7pm two epsoides a night channel 124 if you have io cable slater screech kelly and zack are my favorties jessie and lisa are cool two but not as funny as the other 4 my favortie eposides are the the fight gradation jessie's song screech's bday and more ...more info
  • I can't believe they were ever this young!
    Saved By The Bell is the classic 90s teen TV show and this first volume in the DVD series is pretty good. They all look really young, particularly Screech! That aside, it's great to watch the characters and storylines develop and grow as the episodes progress. This is generally pretty lame in terms of its comedy factor but is occasionally laugh out loud funny and it provides a great example for kids. It may be from the 90s but I don't think it's had its day yet. ...more info
  • Saved by the bell
    is a must-have for your DVD collection. Who hasn't watched this? I remember coming home from school and turning on the television just to watch this. I loved Zach Morris. LOL! And Screech.... that's just classic. Zach is always getting into trouble and trying to worm his way out of it. Sometimes if not all the time, pulling Screech along with him. Who can forget the beauty Kelly Kapowski? The fave among competing Zach and AC Slater. ...more info