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SanDisk SDSDB-512-A10/A11-512 MB Secure Digital Card (Retail Package)
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $4.99

You Save: $45.00 (90%)


Product Description

Sandisk SDSDB512768 Secure Digital Memory Card - The SD Card can be used in a variety of compatible digital products; digital music players, cellular phones, handheld PCs. PDAs, digital cameras, digital video camcorders, smart phones, car navigation systems and electronic books. About as small as a postage stamp, this memory card is found in devices that are smaller than usual. User selectable mechanical write protect switch on the exterior card casing New devices with SD Card slots will accept existing MultiMediaCards Security level complies with both current and future Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) portable device requirements

  • 512 MB capacity
  • User selectable mechanical write protect switch on the exterior card casing
  • Works with all SD enabled devices
  • Low battery consumption to maximize battery life in small portable devices
  • Operating shock rating of 2,000Gs, equivalent to a 10-foot drop to the floor

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product
    This product was sent to me in a timely fashion.... An A++++ product for the price. Anyone who is looking for a quality product for the price should buy this one. Thanks again!...more info
  • This sucks
    I bought 2 of these because I purchased the sandisk player and its all garbage and I will not be ordering them or the sandisk ever again. I returned everything and they told me I didn't and couln't do anything for me so it was a total loss on my part for 4 sandisk and 2 sandisk players, which is unfair because I bought those as gifts and wound up having to purchase brand new ones from another company. Totally horrible!!...more info
  • This is crazy!
    This product costs $8.49,weighs almost nothing,and Amazon wants $7.99 for shipping charges! What the heck is going on here?...more info
  • Reliable media, does what it says.
    I've been using this card in my Nikon 5900 for two years and it has been great and reliable. This one is for my husband's new digital camera....more info
  • I'm gonna love
    this camera. It is a replacement for a seven year old camera and a WORLD of difference! I am NOT a techie, so am carefully reading instructive manuals as I go - very easy to follow. Pictures so far are remarkable.
    Amazon service (I chose "free shipping") is terrific - it arrived in four
    days!...more info
  • Memory Card
    As expected, the cards arrived promptly, well packaged. They are providing an easy method to view our Great Grandchildren's pictures on a viewable screen....more info
  • SD Card review
    I purchased this 512MB card because my Pentex camera will not function with the larger 1GB cards. So I am forced to use smaller capacity SD cards, this product was shipped quickly and functions as advertised....more info
  • Great!
    Works fine with my camera and is all the memory I need! (I have two of these disks to switch out just in case I have taken a lot of video with my camera. But you wouldn't need a back-up for just pics-- it holds a LOT.)...more info
  • Value for Money
    This is a basic SD card which is not expensive since it is not 1 gig or made by Sony and other companies with a lot of hype. Still holds more than 500 photos at the best resolution in a 5.1 Megapixel camera.

    I have the Canon SD450 and the highest resolution I take pictures is 1600x1200 which turn out as outstanding prints on photo paper.

    I take close to 200 photos every month. but since I download then to my computer (or IPod if I am on the road) I do not run out of memory space ever.

    I weighed out my options with 1gig cards but ultimately it only means that I can take more pictures at a stretch. Look at it this way if you buy 2 512 Mb cards you have the simple flexibility of keeping your photos separate, have a backup memory card rather than buying one 1 gig card which if it fails you are stuck with no memory at all.

    You can get this product for under $30 if you search well enough and find good deals. I have three of these at an avg cost of $32 each....more info
  • It's a 512mb SD card!
    Dude... it's a 512mb SD card! It's blue. I wish my Vistaquest camera took larger cards, cuz you can't buy less than a 1G card anywhere these days, but it doesn't, so I bought this fabulous 512mb SD card. It is totally a 512mb SD card. If you are looking for a 512mb SD card, I can unequivocably recommend that you get a 512mb SD card. I recommend a blue one....more info
  • Commendable customer support
    As the title suggest, this is not as much about the card. For what I used it (GPS receiver) when a card (any card) works, it works. So this review is about what happens when the card stops working like mine. It died most likely not because there was something at fault with the card but because of a power surge on my ancient Win98 machine I have connected to.

    Just in case, I sent an email to Sandisk customer support. Just in case, cause I wasn't very hopeful. I knew it couldn't be repaired and I didn't even remember when and where I purchased it from. I got a prompt reply asking me to do couple of simple operations just to verify that the card is indeed dead. I did this and got another reply giving me RMA and instructions how to ship the dead card back to them at their cost. Within two weeks I got a new card back.

    I am really very impressed. All my past experience in dealing with various customer support companies left me with quite negative feelings. I think one should reward companies that treat customers in fair and respectable manner. So from now on, if anything I shop for, is made by Sandisk I will get the Sandisk brand rather than any other brand....more info
  • Very happy customer
    This card is not only very well priced for a 512mb card, it ships in a good amount of time too. It has a very large amount of memory and works as it should, no problems here. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. ...more info
  • Very Versatile
    As long as you have a computer at your disposal, this little trinket is excellent for storing all sorts of information. Not to mention, 512 MB is kind of a lot of storage capacity. Believe it or not, 512 MB is hard to fill up when you're taking movies--and especially when you're taking pictures.

    If you're looking for a handy dandy storage device, this is the one for you....more info
  • Fine card, too small for a camera
    The Mrs. got this card when I left her alone in BB to pay for our camera. It's fine quality, but waaaaay too small for any modern camera as it doesn't store much....more info
  • SD card
    Sandisk makes the best memory card products. If you use it for digital camera, try to get the higher speed cards like Ultra II or Extreme III from Sandisk. They are fast and works right away. I bought a high speed cards like 60X or higher speed cards from some other vendors, it doesn't work with my 3.2 MP Nikon camera. It takes very long to write to the memory and later gave me some error message. Stick with Sandisk....more info
  • It's great!
    I'm happy with my item. The price was great, & the item lets me go into new teritories....more info
  • Memory Card
    Works great! Fits directly into Gateway laptops which makes uploading pictures extremely easy....more info
  • Awesome
    I am really happy with this product; it has a lot of space for a lot of pictures!...more info
  • great buy
    use this card all the time and so far real good it is used fir pictures and video and it is great and the price was right!!...more info
  • Lots of space, works well.
    Great price for the space on a 5-7 mp camera....more info
  • Mo pictures
    Love it! has more than enough memory for me and I take a lotta pictures! I'm getting 2 more! One for my other camera & one for my niece's camera. ...more info
  • Great product - too much for shipping
    I was glad that I could find a memory card so cheap. However I was dissappointed in the fact that the shipping for this very small device was so much just because it was an electronic. ...more info
    Es increible que estas tarjetas hayan bajado tanto de precio. Hace dos a?os compr®¶ una similar por casi US$ 50 y ahora cuestan menos de US$ 20. No es precisamente la tarjeta m®Ęs r®Ępida del mercado pero por el precio vale la pena esperar un poco mientras graba las im®Ęgenes. Si tienen apuro pueden comprar una tarjeta m®Ęs r®Ępida a un precio mayor, si tienen paciencia y desean ahorrarse un buen dinero, esta es la mejor opcion. RECOMIENDO SU COMPRA...more info
  • It works...
    well not much to a memory card, but it works. and i got it for $20 which is a great price. i used it for my canon SD450 digital camera and it worked very well. no problems and i can take like 1600 photos......more info
  • Great deal on a great product
    The card has performed admirably, I trusted it with my photos on my recent trip to Greece. It was delivered promptly and has performed well. I am completely satisfied....more info
  • Good priced card for the Size
    For the price, the card is great for the size. Speed however is another issue. 512MB gets about 300+ Pics on my Kodak C330 on 4MP mode. However, the read write speeds aren't as fast as my Kingston card I own as well. It's not the slowest in the world, but you have have patience at times with this card, but if your not constantly taking pictures, this card will do you just fine. I'm happy with it...more info
  • SanDisk SDSDB-512-A10 512 MB Secure Digital Card
    I purchased two of these for use in my second camera, a Nikon Coolpix S1, and to display images on my Kodak Easyshare Image Viewer. They work perfectly for my intended use and were very inexpensive. What else can one ask for? ...more info