Tripp Lite TMC-6 Protect It! Under Monitor Surge Protector/Suppressor w/ Modem/Fax 6 outlets 6ft Cord 1850 Joules
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Product Description

Tripp Lite's Touchmaster Compact surge suppressor offers complete AC and phone line surge suppression for comprehensive protection of workstations, desktop PCs, telecom systems and other sensitive electronics. Heavy grade AC surge suppression shields connected equipment from damage and performance problems due to transient surges. RJ11 telephone line suppression jacks protect dialup and DSL modem lines, fax machines, cordless phones and more. Touchmaster Compact offers 6 total outlets, 6 foot cord and LEDs to warn of power and wiring problems. Heavy grade AC suppression rated at 1850 joules shields equipment from surges and line noise. Attractive, slim design is perfect for use under desktop computer monitors or notebook computers. Individual switches offer power control over connected equipment.

  • Six-foot cord and with space-saving, right-angle plug
  • Built-in RJ11 jacks prevent surges from damaging your modem/fax equipment
  • Surge suppression rating up to 1850 joules
  • 15 amp resettable circuit breaker
  • Diagnostic LEDs confirm suppressor "protection present" (green), "grounded" (red) status, and "power on" (green)

Customer Reviews:

  • Trip-Lite
    Excellent product. Provides four switchable outlets, plus one outlet that is always on. In addition, it is a surge protector for the power line and telephone. ...more info
  • Wonderful....
    As I type this review the surge protector is setting underneath my monitor. It is much smaller than my previous unit and thus gives me more space on my desk. I like to use one of these to cut my electrical usage and since I live in a rural area to control the electrical current. Actually to be super safe and probably a little bit of overkill I have it hooked to another surge protector. The delivery was in 3 business days and the unit was well sealed. I am happy and will order another unit for my other computer. Good company with good products.......more info
  • Only under monitor surge supressor I could find
    I've had one of these units for three years and never had a problem with any of the switches breaking. I use it to turn on/off my wireless router since it doesn't have its own power switch. I recently bought another one for my mom's bedroom so that she can turn on/off all of her TV items such as RF modulator, which doesn't have its own power switch either.

    The case is made of plastic and it would be nicer if it was metal. But, this is the only slim surge suppressor I could find in black....more info
  • Does the job
    Even tho the seller shipped me a used one instead of new - it still does the job just fine. Not too keen on the buttons (prefer toggle style switches). No problems so far. ...more info
  • Tripp Lite TMC-6 Protect It
    This is a great product. One switch allows you turn on your computer, monitor, and other accessories at one time. Plus, it's a surge protector. I'm very pleased with it....more info
  • Tripp Lite Compact Surge Supressor
    I have other Tripp Lite product so my expectations for this Compact Surge Suppressor were high. I was not disappointed. Its compact dimensions of 11 1/4" square by 1 3/4" thick are the perfect size for the pedestal footprint of my new 22" Samsung LCD monitor. The push buttons directly below the LED lights make it simple to turn on or off the various switches in a darkened room. The large equipment burn-out policy Tripp Lite supplies with this suppressor is a welcome perk.

    Amazon got this suppressor to me rapidly and well packaged. I was using it within minutes of receipt and expect it to last for years....more info
  • one of the hard to find item
    In this day is hard to find this type of surge suppressor in retail store, as soon as I saw it on amazon, I grasp it without think twice, been looking for one to use with all my external enclosure, so I don't have to reach to the back to turn those thing on & off. everything works fine....more info
  • Another Winner from Tripp-Lite!
    This is my 2nd such device from Tripp-Lite, and the first one is still working after more than 10 years! I've been using the Tripp-Lite TMC-6 for 6 months now and it's been working perfectly.

    Here's why you need one of these:
    * Protection from power surges - important!
    * Wiring continuity (it tells you if your power wiring is screwy)
    * Raises up your monitor a few inches for more comfortable viewing
    * Easy access to power switches for PC, screen, printer, and 2 auxiliary devices (i.e. cable modem, speakers)
    * One of the 6 AC outlets on the back is 'always-on' (un-switched) for something like your desk lamp.

    The top can support a monitor base that is 9.5" deep and 10" wide. It can also support the weight of a 19" CRT.

    Highly recommended!!...more info
  • Was sent a used item
    The item I was sent arrived in an open box and appears to have been used previously. There are scratches along the sides, especially near the outlets. ...more info
  • Tripp Lite can take a Lightening strike
    Tripp Lite is a line that goes back to the 80's. It is one of the few that can take a lightening strike. In the past, I and 2 friends had our equipment saved by Tripp Lite when we were hit by lightening. Tripp Lite is the only brand to buy.

    Greg...more info
  • Missing screws, delivered to wrong house
    Ok this was my first buy on amazon.. I bought 2 of the Tripp Lite TMC-6 TouchMaster Compact Surge Suppressor.. My nabor came to me and Gave me the box that was shipped. She found it at her front door, 2 houses up the street!(UPS can't read an address) When I took out the 2 switch boxes, 1 didn't have any screws in it (a friday special?)
    I needed them bad so I put my own screws in it.. so far they are working fine.. Not very pleased with my first buy from here..Oh and a week Later there 20 bucks now insted of 30....more info
  • Computer Surge Protector
    Purchased the unit to turn off my computer system. Which consists of a computer, monitor, printer, camera, & audio sound amplifier.
    Unit worked as planned for a short time then the main shutoff push on-off master switch stopped working. Previously I had a surge protector for 25 years with no problems then I purchased this one as an replacement. This one fits nicely under my viewing monitor but the master push button does not shut down my system as it was designed to do. I bought two units one still works and one doesn't....more info
  • Power Strip & More
    Great power manager, looks good too. It has all the features you will need and in my case it also matches the black on my monitor & PC. It will look great no matter what the color of your equipment. The ability to turn all of your equipment off is important and the always on outlet is a blessing. I liked the first one I bought for my wife's computer equipment so much that I also replaced my old power unit with one of these. My old unit didn't have an "always hot" outlet and I really needed one to make my set up complete. It's slim and has a fairly small footprint for what it does....more info
  • Reliable Product
    This purchase was a replacement for another brand that finally died. It's easy to connect and integrates the power functions of many devices, allowing you to control these devices (power only) from this unit. We have experienced several power surges in our area and the unit has protected the devices attached to it. I would recommend the unit to anyone considering desktop-type surge protection or a power center. It also includes modem-fax protection with six (6) outlet power connections and is rated 1850 Joules. ...more info
  • Fine if you don't use much power...
    Convenient, small and easy to use. Fine if you don't use too much power or have a LCD monitor.

    Too bad Tripp-Lite is too cheap to make them out of metal. The amount of power that my laser printer uses causes my top of the line Sony monitor and my cheap Dell rebrand to shimmer. The flow of electricity causes a magnetic field to interfere with the electron gun. If they still made these things out of metal it would reduce or stop the interference. I am now trying to get my old APC metal one repaired....more info

    GOOD BUY FOR THE MONEY...more info
  • Surge protector review
    The product was defective but it would have cost too much to ship back. This is a real negative of buying over the internet and I will hesitate to do it again....more info
  • Nice and It Works!
    I bought this to replace an old beige one I had. This works perfectly and looks much better than my old one. I am using all available outlets without a problem....more info
  • Tripp Lite SP
    I have been using this product now for about a month, and it more than lives up to my expectations. It is easy to use and a real pleasure,...more info
  • Good power base
    I got this to replace a very old (and dying) under-monitor power box. This one was really the only one that fit my needs. Black, built-in surge suppressor, etc. Works like a charm.

    Only complaint is that the master switch controls both the entire unit, and it's own plug (would have liked a seperate button).

    Good buy though! Looks good too....more info