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Garmin US TOPO! 24K Topographical Maps of Western United States National Parks (CD ROM)
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Product Description

The MapSource US TOPO 24K National Parks, West v2 includes extremely detailed topographic maps of Western U.S National Parks. This CD is ideal for hunters, hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts of all kind. Plan your outing on your PC, then download maps and data to your compatible Garmin GPS to guide you on your next trek. See the product compatibility table (right) for a list of products that Garmin recommends with this software. The topographic data is based on the 1:24,000 scale paper charts provided by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), which is the most detailed topographical data available. This vertical profiling feature provides a 3-D representation of an area that accounts for craters, etc., so you get a more accurate measurement of distance. Using your PC, you can select detailed maps tailored to your next trip and download map data directly to your compatible Garmin GPS. This screen shows what detailed map data from the Topo 24K National Parks, West CD looks like on a PC using MapSource. , Manufacturer: GARMIN USA INC, Model Number: 010-10448-00

  • Us Topo 24K National Parks West Region Cd
  • Digital topographic maps for the Western U.S., based on the 1:24,000 scale USGS maps
  • Park amenities include visitors centers, camping and picnic areas, wilderness campsites, ranger stations, restaurants and lodges
  • User selectable coverage by quad, including quad name for easy correlated reference
  • Object-oriented cartography--cursor movements reveal descriptions and other map data

Customer Reviews:

  • Does not provide enough detail
    While I am sure the detail for the parks that it does cover within in California is ok (haven't used it in real life). The overall coverage/offering the west coast product provides seems sparse. There are ZERO sections outside of national parks within California which are covered. For myself I was hoping that the West Coast Topo 24K CD would give me forest information as well.

    Please note, while package delivery was PERFECT and the dollar amount was better than any local store... I personal feel I just wasted some cash....more info
  • Inferior product
    I was forced to purchase this since it is the only product usable for hiking trails which can upload to my GPS unit. However my initial impression viewing the maps on the computer screen is very disappointing. At least in Big South Fork where I am planning a trip, the trails are very incomplete. The ones which are present are very difficult to see in dotted grey on a white back ground. They do not contrast well with the road (solid grey) and jeep trails (hatched grey) or the contour lines (brown). The only use of color is blue for streams.
    Unless you have to purchase this for use with a Garmin GPS unit, I recommend DeLorme's Topo USA which gives you the same level of detail for the whole US for the same price as this one region. Plus you get more up to date trail information, much better legibility, vertical profiling, and 3-D views!...more info
  • Did not work.
    Could not load into Garmin with either an XP or Vista system. Helps were very limited. Am returning for refund....more info
  • good for the parks only
    The detail for the parks is really good although not all parks are shown such as several state parks in my state are missing. But I suppose that is to be expected with a National Park edition. As usual with Garmin map products, if you look at other than the parks some streets will just not be there or only partially.
    Not all trails are shown either in the Parks.
    ...more info
  • GARMIN 010-10448-00 US Topo 24K National Parks West Region CD
    I was extremely disappointed with this product. It is advertised as WESTERN US and covers ONLY the National Parks and NONE of the surrounding areas. If it is ONLY the National Parks it should NOT mention "Western Region" as that is mis-leading. ...more info