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Reel Deal Slots Nickel Alley
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $12.09

You Save: $7.90 (40%)


Product Description

In Reel Deal Slots: Nickel Alley you'll discover the world of excitement behind every nickel slot!

  • Slot machines galore, each featuring fun and exciting bonus games
  • Offers 25+ bonus game slots, including 3 successful Shuffle Master slots
  • Winning prizes from the Prize Vault takes you ever deeper into more secure vaults
  • Includes the casino favorite Hollywood machine
  • For 1 player

Customer Reviews:

  • slotqueen
    I loved this game of all the casino slot games on the market. At least you win - you can play from nickel to 100.00; the best part is trying to get into the prize vault. Still working on that. This slot game is the best of all the phantomefx games. Love it....more info
  • Loads of fun.
    This game runs easily on my Dell notebook. I also own the Masque CDs with Bally slots and the other Phantom CDs. This is by far the best of all. If you like to play the nine-line slot machines at the casino, I highly recommend this program. The graphics are terrific; the background noise is fitting; the bonus rounds are entertaining and profitable. Several of the slots are recognizably similar to real machines at the casino, and it's just plain fun to play them for max coin....more info
  • Just like the real thing
    I'm really enjoying this software. I get to enjoy gambling without spending any real money-last night I even made $50,000!!! The games are realistic and fun (some more exciting than others).I like being able to change the currency denominations. My only complaint (if you can call it that)...the games are alittle "loose." In live casinos, I don't think (no, I know) I would be hitting as many jackpots and getting to as many bonus rounds as these games allow me. It's beginning to lead me into a false sense of security when I actually do go to a casino.
    If you enjoy casino nickel slots, you will enjoy this software. It's definitely fun and exciting without emptying your purse.
    P.S. I haven't made it all the way through the Prize Vault yet, but I'm on my way. Some of the requirements to pass through are alittle steep-might get there in a year or two....more info
  • Great Game
    Nickel Alley once again shows how superior Phantom EFX is in the PC Slot game market. Each machine has beautiful graphics and slot play is very realistic. I've had this game for a year and never get bored. If you think the reels spin too slow, fret not, just go to their website and download the latest patch. Favorite games of mine include: Hollywood; Periscope (both from Shufflemaster); Longest Drive; Shady Acres; Bartender Olympics. Check it out. For the price, I'm sure there are a few machines that will quickly become your favorites....more info
  • Good game
    I have quite a few slot games for the computer and I am always looking for ones that contain some of the actual games from the casinos. This one has one and it is hard to get the bonus, just like the casino. It is a good game. I have windows XP and was given a warning about downloading it. I did and so far nothing but every once in awhile my screen, no matter if I am playing the game or not, will wiggle. It wasn't doing this before, so I am assuming it has something to do with the game. Good game, hours of fun. Enjoy!...more info
  • No money slots
    See my review for Reel Deal Slots Bonus Mania. I feel the same way about this game as that one. Each game you purchase has different slots and different extras. Some are just off line....more info
  • BUY, BUY, BUY!
    Excellent game! I gave this game four stars, because there are a few things I would have added to the games, such as a description of each, number of lines, max amount to play each game, and a brief description of each game. I don't like the poker games and the bingo game. Overall this edition is super. The graphics are excellent, realistic like casino slot machines, and the added suprise bonuses makes this game more fun. It is an excellent product for the cost. Anyone who likes video slots will not be diappointed. EFX beats their competition hands down. I can't wait for the next edition. BUY, BUY, BUY!...more info
  • Too Much Fun!
    I bought this game as a Christmas gift for my mom this year. Lucky for all of us we had it with us over the New Year's Weekend because it was snowing like crazy outside but no one seemed to mine because er all were waiting for our turn at this game. It kept us all, ages 14 to 70, busy for hours and hours!

    The graphics are just like Vegas and there are lots of games so you don't get bored....more info

  • Warning for Windows XP owners
    I tried to install this application on my Windows XP system. At the end of the install, I received a Windows warning (!) message that this application "has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP."
    It continues on to say that "Continuing your installation of this software may impair or destabilize the correct operation of your system either immediately or in the future."
    I aborted the installation and then looked on other web sites for fixes and possible new drivers. What I found was that other users who had gone ahead and installed the package anyway were having system instability problems, even when the package was not running. Hopefully they had a checkpoint to restore their system back to.
    I heartily recommend that you do not install this package on Windows XP until the vendor provides you with an updated driver THAT PASSES THE WINDOWS LOGO CERTIFICATION TEST. If you really insist, make sure that you have a full system backup and a recent checkpoint written....more info
  • Almost Perfect
    After discovering the PhantomEFX line of slots we haven't even bothered with any other publisher. Our first was Mystic Forest, and Nickel Alley, while older, provides every bit as much fun as the newer titles do. We're strictly offline slot players, so the lack of an online option in this title isn't a big deal to us.

    I have installed on both 32 and 64 bit versions of XP, including Virtual versions. There is one glitch on the 64 bit platform, if you leave the game up without playing it you will occasionally encounter an exception error, but it has never occured during actual game play. So if you are going to step away for a bit, exit the game or you stand a chance of losing whatever you won during the session. Phantom has a patch on their website ([...]) be sure to grab it before you start playing. There are also numerous patches available elsewhere (Google is your friend) that allow the game to be played without having the CD in the tray. I haven't a clue as to why the other reviewer had installation issues, or invoked the dreaded "System Instability" warning - this puppy has played just fine on 4 different physical systems and three virtual ones. Not a sign of problems on any of them.

    The games and bonus rounds offer plenty of variety, and you're sure to find a number of favorites that keep you coming back for more. Like most of the Real Deal Slots series, The ultimate prize is revealed after "extensive" game play. When you get to the point where all you need to do is purchase the remaining prizes, keep in mind that Orient doesn't have a bonus round so any object that can hold down the Enter key will let you rack up the VIP points unattended.

    You can buy other slot games for your PC, and likely spend a few dollars less, but you can't find a better overall value than those published by PhantomEFX; their "Real Deal Slots" titles are the standard by which all others are judged....more info