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Midway Arcade Treasures
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Product Description

Midway Arcade Treasures brings classic arcade gaming to the latest generation of hot game consoles! Hundreds of hours of gameplay without ever having to go to the arcade!

  • Over 20 classic video games that defined the arcades of the 70s and 80s are collected in one pack
  • Fast-paced action with Spy Hunter, Joust, Paperboy, Marble Madness, RoadBlasters
  • Multi-player fun with Gauntlet, Rampage, Smash TV, 720,
  • Space-age and fantasy adventure with Defender, Joust, Robotron 2084, Stargate
  • Also contains fun bonus DVD content - game histories, creator interviews and top gaming secrets

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Compilation Game!!!
    This game has older games on it than midway arcade treasures 1 and 2 and the graphics are not as good but they are still just as fun. This game features some of the greatest classics like Rampage, Joust, Defender 1 and 2, and gauntlet. There are other fun to play games on here like, Sinistar, 720, Ramparts, Smash T.V., and vindicators. Some lame games that were just thrown in for the heck of it are, bubbles, Rootbeer Tapper, Tube It, and Marble Madness. There are interviews on this game that tell you about the game game and that is a good thing to do if your feeling board, just do a little brushing up on your old school gaming facts. I would pay $10 to get this game. If you are looking for other old school games look at my reviews on the following... Midway Arcade Treasures 2 and 3, Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1 and 2, Taito Legends 1, Atari Anthology and Intellivision Lives. Some reviews of mine coming soon are Taito Legends 2, Namco museum (Not sure which one to get yet.), Sega Genesis Collection and/or Sega Classics Collection....more info
  • Old school fun!
    Somewhere between 15 and 20 years ago, I loved these games in the arcade! Spy Hunter was always my favorite game and the main reason I bought this disc. The cool thing is all the games are 100% exactly like they were in the arcade. Same graphics and same bad sound effects! The bad thing is, some of the games are hard to play with the controls set the way they are which can make things frustrating! It's still a pretty good investment, though, if for no other reason than to show your kids what video games were like "back in my day!"...more info
  • Great Game, Great Price!
    If you happened to grow up during the video game boom in the 1980's, this collection is for you. I put it in my PS2 and was instantly taken back to my teenage days of arcade influenced ill-repute. Not only does this disc contain over twenty classics, but it also includes some games--such as Sinistar--that I never had the chance to play the first time around because their distribution was limited. The sights and sounds hold true to the originals. Interviews with game developers as well as miscellaneous documents and production notes/art have been included to give insight to the creative process. To be fair, games like Spy Hunter, Robotron 2084, Joust, and Defender are as much fun to play now as they were then, losing nothing in their original intuitive game play. Others, like Paperboy, seem a little awkward when compared to the original. Root Beer Tapper and Bubbles are still induce laughter, while Klax is an entertaining puzzle that will appeal to those who like Tetris. My personal favorite is Smash TV, a game that I never seemed to have enough change to complete back in the day. I had forgotten just how brutally graphic it was for its time.

    Even if you didn't ride that first wave of quarter induced madness, you should give this one a shot--for the history, for the simple fun of straightforward game play, for the chance to trace the foundation and origins of the modern games many of us now enjoy....more info

  • Serious Treat for Classic Gamers like myself
    You get 24 popular Arcade classics from Midway, Williams, and Atari. I don't mean the same old 4 or 5 games they keep releasing over and over again. Not at all! You do get the usual 5 classics that Midway has been puting out for the last few years, but this package also brings your about 15 more classics that havn't been released commercialy for any system since their original coin-op debut. I'm talking games like Smash TV, Gauntlet, Roadblasters, and more. I just can't believe there only charging $19.95 for this collection. It's incredible. It really doesn't take a genius to figure out that you need to go get in your car right now and drive to the nearest video game dealer and buy this. In case you were wondering, the gameplay is excellent. I assume this is emulation and if so, the guys at Midway did one heck of a job on this emulator. I was expecting Roadblasters to be sluggish, but it was true to the arcade version. Smash TV uses both of the sticks on the PS2 controller and it makes it pretty true to the arcade. If you love Arcade games the way I do, then there is no way you can pass this DVD up. The videos are interesting. I really expected all these original arcade programmers to be old men, but they were quite young. Blew my mind. I am loving this DVD and will for some time to come....more info
  • Cool games from the past !
    I've been trying to find Paperboy for playstation and it's only on this game ! If you like the classics, you'll love this !...more info
  • Paperboy, Marble Madness, and other classics
    This collection of games is fun if you want to be taken back to the days when video games were only a quarter! Several classic titles in this set. is the only place I have seen this for sale. Pick it up. Great price performer. Fun for younger kids too....more info
  • Perfect translations, culutre shock and no quarters
    My youth has returned!

    Many of the games I had to stand in line at the arcade to play and then was slaughtered by in 60 seconds flat are contained on this 20+ game compilation of old arcade hits (and misses): Robotorn 2084, Rampage, Joust (1 & 2), Defender (1 & 2), Smash TV...just great stuff abounds. Of course, there are some clunkers, but hey: it was the 80s.

    The translations here are frighteningly faithful: the graphics, sound and general play of the controls is dead-on (except for maybe "Marble Madness", but if you have a ball controller instead of buttons and joysticks, you're back in action). There was some element of culture shock once I got started playing these on the PS2 (it boggles the mind how few buttons you need to play any of these games as opposed to the thumb-wracking madness of today's offerings), and the game overall feels like a big cheat code since you don't have to stop playing just because you ran out of quarters. Just hit the start button and you're back where you were, fighting the big bosses...indefinitely.

    A classic made up of classics. And at the price, you really can't go wrong, period....more info

  • A Great Collection Of The Early Games Of YesterYear
    I'm sure many of us who grew up in the late 70's through the 80's remember most of these games from the old arcade rooms or pizza parlors and seeing them again on this disk brings back those memories fondly. This holds a great deal of games which of of course is understandable since unlike most of the late 90's to recent games these didn't have the incredible sound or visual quality we're use to seeing today. The games are numerous and as much fun to play now as they were from my childhood days. The most famous games I remember most fondly are Paperboy, Skate or Die, Spy Hunter, and of course Joust and as you're playing these games it really seems to bring back the times you first played them and for that I'm very thankful. For the newer generation they might not get as much fun or entertainment from this product but for those who again grew up in those bygone years this product will bring back both the fun and enjoyment we had when these games first came out.... ...more info
  • Great classic combination
    This disc is loaded chuck full of classic arcade games from the 80's and 90's. Stuff that brought all those over 30 are sure to remember. Also, the cool 80's music that many of us enjoyed is playing on the menu screen (nice touch). Enjoy!...more info
  • great value!
    This is an absalute must have for any die hard old school gamer like myself. All of these game are arcade perfect 100%!!! And the dvd content is awsome, although a bit grainy but who cares I suggest buying this right away!!!...more info
  • battledorks to your station.
    midway arcade classics is not a total waste of $. im tough when i rate a product...therefore u can avoid all the others here+i will gv u the skinny. like banging into walls with uncontrollable sprint car? s ur game. marblemadness? impossible to control. you get the idea. howevr, i hv given this 1 star because defender is barely playable+joust is ok,+ that retarded tank game atari 2600 is retarded bt playable+certainly set the standard for pickin up fuel and life pods +armour upgrades for all the present games of today. i ll let my young son loose on tht tank game as it teaches a little math as u buy stuff for your tank. just remember, the chink who transferred this to this platform is now sippin martinis on his own island with a paper umbrella in it...while u will wonder why u cant get ur car into the weapons van...and ur sprint car keeps blowin a hole in the wall on sprint. so to sum it up...if ur a major geek+ youre recovering from prostate ll b mildly amusing til the oxycotin wears off. ...more info
  • Good fun for us old arcade geeks
    I'm a big fan of the old games. Give me Pac Man, Asteroids, or Pole Position anyday. These games are like a time machine into my youth. This compilation includes some classics, which ate many of my quarters when I was young. I highly recommend it for those who spent too much money at the arcade playing these games.

    A note to those reading the game description on there's a couple inaccuracies. First the compilation doesn't include Moon Patrol. Not a big deal, but for some (like me) that was a favorite game which I was looking forward to playing. Second, this compilation doesn't include any 80's music. Again, not a big deal, but if you were expecting some 80's tunes while playing these classics, you'll have to put on your own cd....more info

  • Xbox Meets The Quarter Arcade
    This was a Christmas Gift for me this year... purchased for me primarily because Robotron is on there. Well, when I popped the disc into the XBox, I found a surprise within greater than I could ever imagine!

    This disc is chock full o' games that you know and love from the days of old... Defender, Robotron, Joust, Paperboy, Stargate, Super Sprint, Smash TV... oh, indeed, just some great titles.

    As mentioned at the start, this was bought primarily since it had Robotron. And it rules. It plays just like the arcade game (no translation issues) and is way too fun. My wife and I also enjoy Klax, and I like to play Defender, but the game never will translate into controllability similar due to lack of controls.

    This is also true of Sprint... much too difficult to play compared to the old standup version.

    The games all have options and a bit of history about them, and I think it is really a most splendid disc.

    If only somebody (hey Nintendo!) would bring the original Donkey Kong to XBox.... ...more info

    read the subject. I like this game but only because of the nostalgia. The games on here are boring. the control consists of button mashing, and pinpoint accuracy and perfect hand eye coordination. I think maybe someone with a robotic targeting system in their eyes may enjoy this. Hey no offense to midway, I mean they just HAD to bring these to the console. But the game is too hard for someone using a PS12 controller. The 3 lives thing really makes me mad, when i get so far in a game but then lose all my lives just makes me want to slide this disc on the driveway. But don't let me influence you, try it for yourself....more info