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Kensington 62232 SaddleBag Sport Backpack for 15- to 17-Inch Notebooks
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $31.19

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Product Description

Rugged yet lightweight, the SaddleBag Sport offers excellent computer protection, along with exceptional comfort! Single zipper gives immediate access to your laptop for quick removal at security checkpoints Water resistant headphone port lets you use your MP3 player under all conditions Waterproof bottom helps keep your computer and files safe and dry Dimensions - 19.0H x 8.0W x 13.0L Backed by Kensington Lifetime Warranty

The Kensington 62232 Saddle Bag Sport Notebook Backpack is rugged and lightweight, and offers excellent computer protection with outstanding comfort. The Kensington 62232 has ergonomically designed side panels that efficiently bring weight in towards your center of gravity, and thick TouchPoint comfort padding with cooling foam on the back for exceptional, trip-long comfort. This backpack is constructed with heavily-padded contoured shoulder straps that ease neck and shoulder strain, and a waterproof bottom that keeps you notebook and files safe and dry, while a SnugFit sleeve suspends and wraps your notebook in snug protection. The bag features on-the-go access to your water bottle, MP3 player, and cell phone, and a water-resistant headphone port for all-weather MP3 listening. The Kensington 62232 also features one-zip, flap-free access to the laptop compartment for quick removal at security check points, and reflective zippers to boost nighttime visibility for safety. It fits most notebooks that are 17-inches or smaller, and is backed by a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. This backpack has exterior dimensions that are 8 x 13 x 19 inches (WxDxH), and interior dimensions of 2 x 12 x 16.4 inches (WxDxH).

  • Thick TouchPoint comfort padding with cooling foam on the back provides exceptional, trip-long comfort
  • Features waterproof bottom, a SnugFit sleeve, and easy access to water bottle, MP3 player, and cell phone
  • One-zip, flap-free access to the laptop compartment makes security check points easy, and reflective zippers boost nighttime visibility
  • Fits most notebooks that are 17-inches or smaller, and is backed by a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomically designed side panels efficiently bring weight in towards your center of gravity

Customer Reviews:

  • The only backpack you will ever need
    One thing that is very important baout caring a notebook around is to know that it is safe. This backpack not only holds my 17" notebook saftly but it also looks like an every day backpack so it is less likely to get stolen. The backpack is also very comfortible on my back. I also like the fact that it holds all my school stuff and computer games in it and still has room to spair. Trust me this backpack is well worth getting....more info
  • Like it, but not perfect.
    I ordered this backpack so I could easily carry around my new 17" Dell Inspiron 9300 - It fits fine, and the backpack is comfy and roomy. Not many useful external pockets. "Cell phone" pocket is just another zippered pocket, nothing special. Reflective lining strips are starting to crack and peel off (after 2 months use). It fits my stuff though (I always have an ac power cord, mouse, headphones, mousepad, folders, notebooks, etc). Only the bottom is waterproof, some rain did get inside the top of my backpack but no real damage was done. It does the job....more info
  • Great carrier for your 17''
    This back pack is great! Comfortable straps and a good fit for the laptop. I really like it. Other bags are too cushiony (if I can make up a word. But...this one fits snugly and with solid padding....more info
  • Best bag for a 17" laptop!
    I have searched MANY webites and stores for a bag big enough to carry a heavy 17" screen laptop and all I can find are huge backpacks, huge messenger bags, or huge rolling casses - and all are very expensive. I happened upon this one on Amazon, couldn't believe the price, and ordered it. Not only is it big enough for my 17" (which is rare), it also can hold a few books and other things without being too big or too expensive. This backpack is sleek, attractive, and affordable. Unless you need to carry tons of stuff (in which case maybe you need a rolling bag), you'll love this bag! ...more info
  • Excellent laptop bag
    Wasn't sure about a backpack carrier purchase online. But now I have no regrets. Perfect. Wouldn't buy another....more info
  • It;'s just right for what I need it for!!
    I use this backpack just for my laptop and its accessories. It is very cushioned making my laptop feel lighter than it is. I don't know how I'm supposed to use that strap they say is meant for the cell phone but overall I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • could be a bit deeper
    I have a laptop from [...], the NP 9880. This thing is huge, and weighs about 12 pounds, but I can safely say it is one of the most powerful notebooks on earth.

    Anyway, when I slip my notebook into this backpack, the zippers can barely zip over the corners of my laptop... it's a struggle to pull this thing in and out of the backpack, especially while i have books in it as well. After I have my notebook, school books, power supply, mouse, a few CDs, and my school supplies (calculator, pens, pencils) packed into the backpack, there is hardly any room, which makes pulling things out / putting things in very cumbersome.

    I'm almost considering selling off this backpack and buying a Targus XL, which I've heard is taller and will accomodate the monstrosity of a laptop computer i carry around.

    However, if you were to have a slightly smaller laptop, this backpack is terrific. It is very VERY comfortable to wear, and seems very sturdy. Also keeps the laptop (apart from the two top corners) very secure and safe from bumps. The only problem would be is if you were to drop the backpack upside down with the laptop in it, it may be damaged... but those are some odd circumstances and are not likely to happen....more info
  • Great Backpack for 17" Laptop!!!
    I just got this laptop bag and I love it! I knew the company made quality bags because my boyfriend has another model and it's well built. I decided to go for this model because it can fit my 17" Powerbook + my school books. The pack is super comfortable on your back, it kind of molds itself to your back. Even with a lot of weight it's still solid. I think I will have it for a long time! Highly recommend this companies products.....more info
  • Great Backpack!
    I go to a very large school and nothing is close! At the end of the day my back was so tired with my old backpack. This one is a God-send! Has the perfect amount of pockets. The laptop pocket is perfect for my 15.4" widescreen laptop and it'll still fit my books with the laptop in there!! I also like the fact that there are no flaps of material over the zippers. It makes for no-snag, one handed zipping (which is important when you're in a hurry!)....more info
  • Wonderful Bag for my 17" Laptop
    A really good looking comfortable bag for a good price.

    I have a Dell E1705 and this bag fits the Dell perfectly. I wont ask for any more space for the laptop to slide in because i want it to be fit in tight and not move around causing any damage. It has tons of pockets to carry all ur laptop accessories and books at the same time.

    And i think in addition to all that this is a very comfortable laptop bag to carry around. 17" laptops are huge/heavy, but with this bag on the shoulders, u dont feel the weight....more info
  • Nice enough
    It fits my 17" notebook, that's good. It seems a little small at first in that you have to really work to get it back out of the bag, but it gets better. I was a little disappointed with the actual space in the bag though. Can't really fit more than 2 textbooks in with the laptop....more info
  • Great For a While But Jumps Zipper Track Often
    If one is willing to shell out a fair amount of moola for a laptop computer, then one, it reasons, should also be willing to do the same for the carrying case that will be housing it while being transported, yes? The main question that arises is whether that case should be one that looks like a carrying case or a casual backpack. Myself, I've seen two drawbacks to the former: one, with either its handles or its inadequately padded over-the-shoulder strap, it concentrates all the weight onto one side of the body; two, it looks like a notebook case, thus alerting any potential thief that it contains a computer. So, for me, a non-professional who doesn't have an office job and who doesn't meet clients in office-like settings, the backpack-case route seemed the best route to go. So at a local Circuit City I opted for the Kensington 62232 SaddleBag Sport Computer Carrying Case, with a cost of $39.99 plus tax. There are more expensive backpack cases out there, and also slightly cheaper ones, so preferring more often than not to purchase products in the middle-of-the-road price range, the SaddleBag Sport fit the bill for me. And it's been a pleasure for the most part, especially in light of a previous unpleasant experience with a carrying case a year and a half ago, which, coupled with a 9 lb. Hewlett Packard laptop (both of which I returned to Best Buy after a mere week), made for some serious shoulder-aching days. There are a couple of drawbacks to this particular backpack case, it must be noted, but thus far after a three-month period the pros have decidedly outweighed the cons.

    Not looking like some kaleidoscope-colored eyesore from Gadzooks or a drab, nondescript JanSport, the SaddleBag Sport is comfortable yet classy- and sporty-looking. It's made out of black waterproof nylon and contains numerous pouches and pockets for numerous needs. On both bottom sides there's an open pocket for a water bottle, which serves its function well enough and is even accommodating for small umbrellas (though if you try toting either by using just one of the straps on your shoulder, the objects will rub up against your side and fall out); and right above each one is a small zip pocket designed for easy access to a cell phone or MP3 device (though I can't aver that this design equates into a success since I own neither such device). On the bottom of the front side, there's a small leather pouch that contains pockets for writing supplies and business cards, along with a gray metal clasp for keys; and attached to the open flap there's a nylon zipper net for storing small loose items, like paper clips and staples and the like. Above that is a compartment more than double the pouch's size that extends all the way to the bottom of the case; ideal for medium to large cupped headphones and paperback books, this. And opening up from the top is the main compartment, which splits into two sections. The first one has several non-zippered mini nets lining the exterior wall, which can be bothersome in that objects, like paper notebooks, can get snagged on them; aside from these needless things (I've no idea the purpose of them), the allotted space is adequate.

    It's the second compartment, though (with the dimensions 12.0"L x 16.4"H x 2.0"W) -- the one designed for the laptop -- that's the bee's knees, so to speak. With Kensington's SnugFit(tm) sleeve, your computer will be amid some reassuring surroundings. The lining of the interior back wall and the sides is soft but durable and exceptionally well-padded; and the exterior backside boasts not only good padding for added reinforcement of that inner compartment, but three padded contours -- on the top left and right and bottom center -- for added comfort while carrying the case on the shoulder or back. A couple of possible negatives, however: while the exterior bottom has been superbly designed for water resistance (it's made out of rubber), the interior bottom relies too much on it -- it lacks the generous padding of the back and sides, so if the case were dropped and landed straight down, either side of the laptop could be susceptible to damage; and the top is also a problem in that its interior padding is just as mediocre, and it doesn't have the benefit of the exterior bottom's notched rubber as a contingency. Yet, as bothersome as these vulnerabilities are (why not splurge for just a wee bit more padding in these two spots?), the chances of sustaining damage to your laptop are quite minimal in that the case, when dropped with the rest of its compartments adequately filled, tends to fall in a face-first direction, thus leaving the compartments containing the less-expensive items absorbing the majority of the impact. That leaves the vulnerable top portion, but the likelihood of dropping the case upside down is, as you'll probably agree, low.

    As for the carrying comfort, the SaddleBag Sport is quite a wonder. Compared to my Hewlett laptop/carrying case experience, which felt much like a toilful chore, this one with my 7.9 lb. Toshiba 15.4" and this case isn't even in the same ballpark. The contoured (and easily adjustable) shoulder straps, which have been designed to ease neck and shoulder strain, make carrying this on one's shoulder perfectly feasible; and, as aforementioned, the generous padding on the back and its snug (but not tight) fit to your body occasionally make you forget you're toting the case around, believe it or not. Another praiseworthy notable is the zippers. They move back and forth with ease, the material surrounding them is not only reflective, which improves nighttime visibility, but protective in their complete covering and sealing of the zipper, which vastly decreases the chance of water seeping in. Throw in a water-resistant headphone port located at the very top of the case, along with a design that makes it super-easy to gain access to your laptop at a moment's notice with just one zip (for a case that's this protective, it's hard to believe you don't have to wade through two or more zippers to get to it), and you have yourself quite the stylish alternative to those run-of-the-mill satchel cases. Oh, perhaps there could be a bit more room in the main compartment being that with a regular-size laptop, its AC power adapter, a couple of DVDs, and a 3-subject notebook there isn't much in the way of spare room left (of course, a Centrino notebook without the AC adapter would alleviate this), but overall the SaddleBag Sport does its intended job and does it well.
    ...more info
  • Great Bag
    I purchased this bag after much deliberation and i am very happy with it. I have a Dell 5100. 15" screen, etc etc... it fits with enough room for ALL of my stuff. I would recommend this bag to anyone. the straps are ultra comfortable too. wears nice and i have had no problems.

    great bag....more info
  • Note book bag
    Great bag to hold your lap top. Enough room to carry all the equipment that goes with it, and more......more info
  • Good, but needs chest-strap
    Overall, I am happy with this pack. The only problem I have is that the shoulder straps are designed to lay flat on the chest, but without a clip for across the chest they don't lay properly. Because of this, with a heavy full load the straps start to hurt the arm-pit and shoulders a bit after wearing the pack for a long period. I am happy with my purchase, but am trying to figure out a way to attach the straps across my chest....more info
  • Great bag
    it is amazingly comforable considering how much all my stuff weighs and are pockets to spare....more info
  • Nice case but!!
    THis case will not hold a dell e1705 17inch wide screen. If you try you can get it in, but the velcro flap won't cover, and it really distorts the bag. get the targus 17inch instead...more info