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Myst 10th Anniversary DVD Edition
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Product Description

Myst 10th Anniversary Edition - discover the grandeur contained in a strange new world. Unlock the power & legends behind each of the Ages of Myst, as you live the storylines of the classic game series. Your eyes will be dazzled and your brain will be puzzled by the mysteries you pursue here. This collection includes Myst Masterpiece, Riven, and Myst III: Exile. Special digital guide with multiple levels of help, making the Myst games more accessible Now fully compatible with Windows XP, or Mac OSX

  • Collection includes Myst Masterpiece, Riven, and Myst III: Exile
  • Explore new ages, dramatic storylines, and incredible sights and sounds
  • Engineered to be fully compatible with Windows XP
  • Exclusive interview with Rand Miller
  • Footage from the making of Myst III: Exile and Riven

Customer Reviews:

  • XP Compatibility Issues
    There is also a patch for Riven version 1.02 at Ubisoft's website. I was having similar errors with Myst 1, though not as severe, so I would recommend following the instructions below for all 3 games.

    From Ubisoft Solution Center -
    Answer ID: 9461
    Products: PC
    Myst: 10th Anniversary DVD Collection - Riven
    Category: Errors / Freezes / Crashes, any
    Last Updated: 11/15/2004 04:08 PM
    I have Windows XP and the copy of Riven I got in my Myst 10th Anniversary DVD collection won't work. The other games work, how can I make Riven work.

    The copy of Riven that you received can sometimes have issues with XP. This can be solved 100% of the time by changing the Riven executable to run in compatibility mode. To set compatibility mode do the following:

    1. Navigate to the main game directory (where the game was installed).
    2. Find the main game executable file (ending in .exe if you have extensions turned on) and right click on it.
    3. Choose "Properties" and then click on "Compatibility". Check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" box,
    then select Windows 98/ME and click Apply.
    4. Run Riven...more info
  • Buyers Beware!!!
    Will not run on my computer; have a new top of the line Dell XPS chassis, and everything else works fine. Myst locks up computer every time I try to run it, have to Ctl-Alt-Del to force the machine to shut down in order to unlock it, always in the middle of a game. Very frustrating!! Threw the CD away....more info
  • Read before buying.
    Myst simply does not work. Riven and the third one work ok, but the original myst is unplayable unless you want to screw up itunes to play it. The problem that i have (and also many many others have) is that the game myst needs to run on an outdated quicktime player. so unfortunately if you get the old quicktime player you will be unable to have itunes play correctly if at all. Please please do a little research online to see just how many people are having trouble getting myst to work. google "how to get myst to work" and you will see many posts on boards and unfortunately there is no answer on how to get it to work. just people who say "I give up." So if you dont really want to play the first myst this shouldnt stop you from buying this product. otherwise you should probably spend money on something else that works....more info
  • Not compatible with current MAC OS at all!
    MYST is a wonderful game, and I was so looking forward to playing it again after many years, and experiencing II and III for the first time on a brand new ibook, but the claim of being compatible with Mac os X is patently false, in fact on new ibooks, this entire package, even III is useless. Do not bother. ...more info
  • Classics
    I previously owned Myst and Riven but had long since lost the discs, so when I was reminded that I wanted to play them again, I had to purchase them anew. This package allowed me to get both of those games as well as Exile for a reasonable price on three discs. Myst and Riven both worked fine on Windows XP in a virtual machine. There isn't anything new here as far as I can tell though, so if you've still got your original copies I don't see any reason to get this set. The resolution and color depth are less than spectacular, but that should probably be expected in a game after this many years....more info
  • AMAZING!!!!
    First of all, less than $15!!! I got mine for $11 used. Any way you slice it, that's an amazing deal for three entire games, plus extras!

    Myst was pretty good, I have to say. It got me a bit confused at first because there's so much on Myst Island to look at initially, I didn't know what to start on. Once I found the holo-message (look EVERYWHERE!) things became clear, and I began my journey easily. Music, graphics, and forms of interaction are all top-notch. Puzzles are pretty difficult in at least two of the ages, nothing a quick hint guide or using the built-in Helper won't fix. The plot is good, but since everything can be accessible at one time, it can be difficult to make a sequential order of events. Get used to this in other Myst games as well.

    Riven was just beautiful! I found myself using a walkthrough multiple times in this one, though. I loved that you got to meet one of the crude civilizations living there, and that even because you don't understand their speech, it draws you in all the more. Music and puzzles are still quite interesting. The video is better quality, and some of the CG stuff (you'll be slinging around in inter-island trams a lot of the game) will just blow you away.

    Myst III: Exile was great as well. Music featured cavernous orchestral music as you ventured around many strange islands, and even deep inside the interior of an inverted tree. If that doesn't make you want to check it out, then you might as well get hooked on the plot, which is sad and whose main role is played by the same actor who played Grima Wormtoungue in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And man can he act! Puzzles are neat, of course, featuring different aspects of physics for each island you visit.

    Here are my awards for:

    Easiest Puzzles: Myst ME
    Best Music: Myst III Exile
    Best Graphics: Riven
    Best Ending: Riven
    Best Acting: Riven
    Best Plot: Exile
    Best Good Character: Catherine
    Best Bad Character: Gehn
    Coolest Age: Riven

    In conclusion, DO buy Myst IV: Revelation. It's twice as amazing as Exile!...more info
  • Definitely worth the money!
    If you are impatient or only enjoy games with a lot of action, this is not the game for you. It is not uncommon to become completely stuck for a while, and unless you have a really good memory, you will most likely be taking some notes here and there to remember what you have done, especially in Riven and Exile, because a flipped switch, a valve turned, or a button pressed early in the game can have a major affect on what happens much later on. On the other hand, if you enjoy a game where you need to think things through, you will experience many hours of enjoyment from this game. One thing that I really like about the game is that someone watching someone else play can be just as involved as the person playing, as both people are working together to figure out the puzzles, so nobody gets bored while waiting for their turn. If you enjoy this type of game, you will get much more than your $20 worth for the amount of enjoyment you will get from these games....more info
  • 15$???
    When Exile came out, wasn't it 50$? And Riven was about the same. Now you get Myst, Riven, and Exile for 15$. Damn.

    For those of you that don't know much about the myst world, I'll tell you. It was a game designed for adults. You don't kill, you don't die. You just wander through the most beautifully designed game ever conceived and solve fascinating puzzles in order to achieve your objective (which is different in each of the three games). Be warned, the puzzles are difficult and will definitely test your ability to find creative and logical solutions.

    The biggest appeal of myst is how gorgeous everything is. Everything around you is so fascinating. Take a mine cart ride under the sea. Watch as an elevator rises up from a pool of gold. Explore the caverns and the forests and all the secret passageways. It's all very trippy.

    Anyway, if you have a DVD drive and appreciate the art of myst, this is a must buy....more info
  • What the hell is wrong with some people?!!
    If you look at majority of 1 star reviews for any of the myst games, you'll notice that they are from two types of (dumb) people:
    1) people complaning that the puzzles are too hard (dummies should really stick to playing Pong or something)
    2) people complaining that the games don't run on their systems. I must've seen at least 20 reviews stating that the game won't install, or will crash on Windows XP. It's a total B.S. - I've ran the game on both Windows XP Pro, and Windows XP Home edition, I used my laptop with a Radeon Video Card, and my PC with GeForce, the games NEVER CRASHED once, and I had no problems with installation whatsoever.

    Besides, if you're too dumb to update video drivers on your computer - you have no chance of going through even the easiest puzzles......more info
  • MYST 10th anniversary edition
    You really have to know how to play MYST to enjoy this....the original version that took the country by storm!! The best thing since "Dungeons and Dragons" in creating cult followers!!...more info
  • yet another rip-off
    Advertising says compatible with MAC systemt X. NOT SO. You get the package and it says that only Myst III is compatible. Additionally, installation seems to be impossible for Myst III making it useless also. ...more info
  • Great games
    Myst itself was awesome, although it probably only took about 10 hours to complete. Riven is even better, though, and with the not-as-good but still entertaining Myst III included, this is definitely a great purchase for those who like puzzle games....more info
  • May not run on XP systems !!
    The first two titles would install, but would NOT run on either of our current XPSP3 Pro systems. I'm an MCP, I know XP (and DX) backward and forward -- and I code mini-apps in my spare time ... so it's not like I don't understand compat mode, DX issues, or graphics issues.

    That said, from previous experience, the titles are great -- but this bundle disappoints in the extreme!...more info
  • Great Product
    Never thought I'd pick up Myst. One fine day, it struck me as odd that I've not yet played one of the best selling games in history and decided that it would be a shame if I didn't. These 3 Discs for Win XP really are well re-mastered and I highly recommend them for collectors and first-time players alike. ...more info
  • Eh, its ok
    Ok I will be the first to admit im not a big Myst fan. I got this pack for my partner, hes more of a Mysty than I am. Myst 1 and Myst 3 worked fine (minus a couple of mionor bugs that didnt effect gameplay). But i could not get Riven to work for the life of me. He even tried on his laptop and it didnt work. I use Windows XP home editiona and he uses NT on his laptop. Im not a hardware expert but we met all required requirements and it still did not work. So overall I say IF youre a big Myst fan than maybe this pack is worth it. The price is good but remember you get what you pay for. If you want this pack just to try it out than go for it but dont expect Riven to work. This was especialy frustrating because Riven was the only Myst game in teh pack I have never played.

    **In the future I would REALLY LOVE for companies to put down the actual system requirements rather than what MIGHT get by. So many games now have 'hidden' requirements that not all of us have and I WILL NOT update my hardware just for a video game I may or may not like....more info
  • riven
    myst 10th anniversary edition did work on my computer for the first game, but did not work on "riven" the 2nd game. I looked up various links to find out why and ended up erasing some stuff on my computer I didn't want to. I am not computer smart, but I guess that's what I get for purchasing a out of date game. So far #3, "exile" is working, but Iam really disappointed, so if you have and XP computer I would not recomend this edition,(dvd)....more info
    Don't be afraid to buy this because others have said they can't get it to run on Windows XP, etc., etc. I didn't have a single issue downloading this or playing it on either my PC or my laptop. I have Windows XP on my PC and Windows Vista on my laptop. Both worked without a hitch. This is a great game! I've got Riven and Exile, and just bought End of Ages. If you haven't tried the Myst games, you should. They are different from the usual shoot-em-up, kill everything in sight games. You have to think, analyze, and be creative which are definitely missing from the other video games I've seen out there! This is truly one of the classics!...more info
  • Myst 10th anniversary
    The games are lots of fun for a new gamer who likes puzzles. I am having trouble saving Riven on my computer as there's no File>Menu screen. Still playing off and on. It's a good time!...more info
  • Myst Trilogy
    This is a nice way to be introduced into Myst, but the Myst "Masterpiece" is really just a label to increase sales. I have heard it said that there are upgraded graphics and such but these are not noticed and the only benefit is that it seems to move a little faster. However, the maps are helpful, and although there are hints at the bottom of the screen they are not always quite as helpful as they should be.
    Riven is an amazing game that shows how much Myst has come in 5 years. It is my personal favorite and I enjoy playing it for the videos (which I many times skip after seeing them once), the gameplay, the characters, and the great easter eggs, which can be found on any video game related web site.
    Exile is a great game, but I have seen many reviews that I agree with that say the puzzles have no real meaning. In Myst and Riven they were more of security issues or to run linking mechanisms. In Exile the puzzles are really just for a more exciting Myst like experience. The real problem is that Cyan did not publish Exile, so it loses their special touch to the game. Over all this series of games included in this DVD set has great graphics (for the time in Myst's case) and great realism. It deserves a ten, but the ratings would not go that high!...more info
  • Loads of fun
    I had a lot of fun playing the three games. It was a great bargin. 3 games for the price of one. ...more info
  • Doesn't Work On Vista
    Beware! Although Myst works on Vista (actually, it froze a couple of times,) Riven is a disaster. You cannot play Riven for more than 30 seconds without it freezing. So far, I have not been able to find a patch or other solution....more info
  • XP play experience
    As this product was listed as "XP" PC friendly, I would expect it to work without glitches. In "Riven", I kept getting pop up boxes stating "Writing to a write=protected area failed". I closed and kept going. Did not affect outcome of game. I didn't play "Myst", only "Exile" and "Riven". Could not adjust screen brightness/contrast per game instructions but overall viewing was good....more info
  • What Bugs? This is the best version of all 3 games!
    I read the low stars for this as saying MYST and Riven have errors, and won't run well on XP. I bought this, played them, and had 0 problems. Everything was beautiful, and the stress of popping in and out multiple CDs was a blessing.

    This never gave my DVD-Rom problems at now, no problems from XP, no problems from Quick Time, nothing!

    Then I have to say they are packaged nicely, and the making of videos are very nice. I just wish they could have included a poster or something to honor it, but you know what I love it.

    I don't know about all of you who got errors on XP, but I give this 5 stars, no questions asked....more info
  • Good but dated and flawed
    I loved this game (all 3 of them) when I first came out. It was ground breaking, and immersive. Watching my son play this morning, though, shows how "water-colored" my memories have become over the years. The graphics are quite dated by today's standards.

    The bigger issue was that it almost didn't work at all. The look of disappointment was building on my boy's face as daddy struggled to figure out why it kept crashing on launch. A check of the boards (not on the publisher's site) finally revealed that I should remove QuickTime and install the version that came with the disk. It's running, now. Phew.

    The gameplay in this series is still good, and the story engrossing. A better transfer to modern technology would have been appreciated but it not a bad purchase....more info
  • Myst on a Mac
    If you buy this for Myst only go for it.....the other 2 titles don't work well on a G5 Mac inspite of all the patches...fixes, etc....more info
  • Fooled me real good.
    Be warned if you think the games have actually been altered/rewritten to work with XP. Not at all -- they just rely on "compatibility mode" in XP. Also note that it says 98/XP. Not 2000. From the Ubisoft website:

    "Unfortunately, Windows NT and Windows 2000 are not supported Operating Systems for most Ubi Soft games."


    "We are looking into supporting all newer versions of Windows as they become available. At this time we do not have plans to change our older titles to make them Windows 2000 compatible for the reasons above. We realize this may be a problem for some users. If you have Windows 2000 on your machine, your best course of action may be to return the game to the place of purchase."

    To be honest, Myst and Myst III:Exile worked okay for me in Win2k, but it took some serious hoop-jumping to get Riven to run properly....more info
  • Thanks CYAN
    I have been wanting to play these games again on todays computers and this DVD version is great.
    No bugs or slow play. It's great to play these Video Greats again....more info