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Quicken 2004 Deluxe [Old Version]
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MODEL- ITICD00755WI VENDOR- INTUIT, INC. FEATURES- Quicken 2004 Deluxe- for Windows Quicken 2004 Deluxe makes it effortless to manage your finances in minutes. New Express Account Setup instantly connects Quicken to your bank, credit card, brokerage and 401(k) accounts to download your transactions and balances, then sets up your accounts for you with your data already up to date. Youll find it easier to track your investments with new, simple-to-read screens that resemble brokerage statements or web sites. Get new insights into your net worth and find hidden tax deductions. Youll enjoy faster, easier access to your financial data. See Your Complete Financial Picture... Manage your personal finances in minutes-click, download and youre done! Use the new Express Account Setup to connect Quicken to all of your financial accounts instantly. Just enter each bank, brokerage or credit card user id and PIN into Quicken, and Quicken will automatically set up the account, connect it to your financial institution and download your financial transactions - all in one easy step! From then on, just click to automatically update all your financial data in Quicken. Stop typing and start downloading - and see your complete financial picture in minutes! Keep your information up to date by scheduling automatic downloads. Update your finances in Quicken anytime, without account statements! You can schedule regular, automatic downloads from your financial accounts into Quicken - as often as every day if you like - so youl

  • Easy-to-use software for managing your finances
  • Track spending, manage investments, plan for the future, and more
  • Easily download financial data directly into Quicken
  • Works with 2,000+ banks, credit card, brokerage, and 401(k) companies
  • View net worth by cash, property, or stocks; revealing charts and graphs

Customer Reviews:

    I have been using quicken since 1995. Never had any problems with the 2001 edition. But watchout for the 2004 version. It is by far the worst software I have ever purchased. Do not upgrade if you have older versions of quicken....more info
  • Disappointing....
    I can't believe I'm thinking of moving to a Microsoft product (Money). But this version has given me fits, problems with installation, converting, lack of customization, and poor, costly, and slow customer service to deal with these problems. PLUS backing up files are more complicated, and it leaves a little "gift" file on my desktop, something which Intuit says its aware of but can't do anything about right now. Capital Gains are impossible to track... next move... MS MONEY!...more info
  • Absolutely do not buy this product
    This product is pretty much despised by everyone who buys it -- just check all the other sites on the web for more scornful reviews. Intuit failed to do even basic tests for bugs.

    Biggest problem for me is that the "exclude internal transfers" setting does not work when you generate a report. So when you try to view your budget report, it's full of garbage lines that shouldn't be shown. Doesn't make it easy to manage your finances. Several months ago, Intuit told me that this is a known bug. But months go by, and they have no interest in fixing it....more info

  • very unhappy with Quicken and Quicken support
    I have used Quicken since the beginning and have always found it easy to use and install--until I upgraded to Quicken 2004. I purchased a downloaded upgrade, and then my computer died [operating system issue], and I had to reinstall it. You have to call to get a new key, a very frustrating experience. It took several phone calls and being on hold for at least 20 minutes. At one point they wanted to charge me [$24] for getting a new key! Earlier this year, I purchased a copy for my accountant to use, I thought I was getting Quicken Basic but I ended up with New User--which does not allow you to import data--totally useless! I do not need the multiplicity of junk they've thrown in--most of which doesn't work well anyway, so if you have to buy it, buy the cheapest version you can get away with.

    This will be the last time I buy it....more info
  • Switch to Money! I did.
    I switched to Microsoft Money 2 years ago, after a horrible experience with Intuit's tech support.

    At first I didn't like the interface as much as Quicken's, but I soon got used to it. In addition, every new version of Money has improved the interface and features to the point that I now prefer Money. Plus, you get a number of free offers with Money, including free bill pay for up to 2 years; that alone pays for more than the price of the software.

    And don't forget, Money has free tech support. You can download a free evaluation copy from Microsoft's web site.

    It's too bad, but Intuit seems to have stopped caring about its customers. I wish Andrew Tobias's "Managing Your Money" was back....more info

  • Shallow bug!! (User Interface)
    Funny things happen with the User Interface when you close one window. I am now wondering what kind of testing is Intuit performing? Are there any types of Quality Assurance test? Is there a usablility test? If you want to try this software download it from Kaza!!! Not worth buying it. Sorry....more info
  • Used Quicken since 1980s - This is the Worst
    I usually don't write reviews that merely repeat others' writing, but this product deserves it. The advertising is intrusive and pervasive. It is not just spread out on the desktop at installation, which is easily deleted, but is disguised as "instructions" or as the "next step," and you can't delete it.
    The interface has a giant space for check number and a small space for a memo, and you can't change it. The "forced upgrade" is not just annoying but deserves a class action as a violation of consumer protection laws in our state (check with your attorney general's office or office of consumer affairs). Installation changes your data so if you use the product for a while with the thought that it might be customizable enough to be acceptable, you can't go back (other than to a backup of the old data) once you realize what a dud this is. The installation process requires going online, and sent us into endless loops.
    In short, I recommend avoiding this product. I would not use it even if it were free....more info
  • This is a TOTAL piece of garbage!!!
    I wanted to organize my finances, and friends have recommended using quicken. I have a degree in finance and work at a software company, and this has to be the most confusing program I have ever used. Entries are constantly being placed into the wrong categories, payments to credit cards are showing up as INCOME and EXPENSES at the same time. Transfers between checking and savings keep showing up as income on reports (by quicken's estimate, I am making 4x my salary in income just because I move money between accounts.)

    I think I am going to dump this program and use Excel instead ... I spend aboout 3 hours every week just trying to get everying to balance, and this program is taking a lot longer than it would do do things by hand. I've been trying to get ths software up and running for over 3 months, and it just doesn't work, period. Quicken: What are you doing?!? This was supposed to make my life easier ... ...more info
  • Don't upgrade!
    There are a lot of negative reviews here about Quicken 2004, and they're all true. I despise Microsoft for it's arrogant behavior, and it pains me greatly to thrash a product like Quicken knowing that the only alternative is Microsoft Money (which I have never used). But Quicken 2005 is a horrid piece of software. I have used and loved Quicken since 1995 and I would hope that Intuit could fix this. But Quicken 2004 and 2005 are wretched, dangerous programs that can lose all of your fiancial data and Intuit doesn't seem to care one cent.

    First, Quicken - which never used to have any problems whatsover - is now unstable. Numerous users report errors, crashes, and the like. Mine hasn't been able to backup the data file since a month after installing. I have reinstalled Quicken several times, copied my data files, etc... I have twice reformatted my HDD and started from scratch and this problem still reappears. Quicken tech support is no help at all. Not being able to trust your financial software and not being able to autoamtically make backups disqualifies this software from consideration by anyone but fools.

    On top of all this, every corner of this application seems to be a come-on for an Intuit service. I don't buy software to be barraged with ads or sales portending to be features.

    Finally, Quciken kept crashing every time I tried to exit the program. Scary. After tech support was no help, I figured out that it was conflicting with MS Office 2003's speech-to-text software engine (even though I never intended to install this). When I called Intuit support to tell them what I found they didn't care.

    I dislike Microsoft, but I don't see any choice. It has to be better than this.

    ...more info
  • Be afraid, be very afriad!
    I've been using Intuit products over 10 years, both at home and work. I was recently forced to upgrade Quicken because my bank no longer supported imports into my existing version. Ever since I have had nothing but trouble. I have lost hours, even days of my time working with customer support, I even spent $30 to pay for support for a "fix" that lasted all of 2 days. I am so frustrated with the software and support that I have sworn off purchasing an Inuit product again, ever.

    Save yourself some time, money and frustration by staying away from this product!...more info
    I've been using quicken for over 10 years. I recently tried to upgrade from the 2003 version. My data was corrupted and I had to reinstall the 2003 version to get my data back. If you have more than 7 years of data the coversion may be lost with the upgrade. Stick to the 2003 version and save your money. Intuit has absolutely no tech support so good luck trying to get help from them....more info
  • Quicken 2004 is BAD!
    Since Intuit has stopped providing stock updates and online account downloads for Quicken 2000, which I have been using for quite some time now, I was forced to upgrade to Quicken 2004. It is TERRIBLE! I use the X-Mouse settings of Tweakui - Quicken 2004 doesn't work well in that environment - it likes to pop-up lots of different windows and when my mouse would leave the window it would automatically minimize - very annoying. Intuit's only recommended solution is to not use the x-mouse setting. The Quicken 2004 budget screens are awful compared to the nice simple budget "spreadsheet" in Quicken 2000. The "Financial Summary" Net Worth is incorrect because it does not include hidden accounts. Their recommended solution - don't hide accounts - that's fine, except I have many years of data and many old, currently unused accounts. Quicken 2004 is so bad that I tried a demo of MS Money, it also wasn't that good so I ended up going back to Quicken 2000 - I'd rather manually enter all of my stock/bank transactions than deal with the terrible Quicken 2004 interface... ...more info
  • Don't believe the others
    The makers of Quicken software may be playing dirty by MAKING their users, who download information from their banks, upgrade to Quicken 2004, but the product is good and up to the quality of past versions. I upgraded from Quicken 2001 with no difficulties. The first look is quite foreign, but by doing usual fuctions, I see ways to adjust things to my old way of doing things. Already, (less than 24hrs)I'm liking some of the new features. By bad-mouthing a good product, people who have to upgrade, are hesitant to buy. I didn't like being forced to upgrade, but perhaps it was necessary because of internet or banking upgrades. Sometimes change is good....more info
    Poor programming. Importing feature make errors repeatedly. Have to reinstall several times to get working with errors caused by quicken. Error messages blame financial institution but turns out to be quicken error. Overall I do not recommend quicken and wish I had read the rest of these comments before buying in the first place....more info
  • Solid, nice improvements over 1998
    I do not normally write reviews but I believe the Quicken reviews on Amazon are unfair and I am compelled to respond.

    I have been using Quicken since I started with Quicken 1998. After reading the reviews of the Quicken products on Amazon, I was turned off and waited until support expired on my current version to buy the latest release.

    I finally broke down and purchased Quicken 2004 in March.

    I must say I think Quicken 2004 is great piece of software. I loved Quicken 1998 and the newer version is even better. The integration with the internet is excellent. I am able to keep track of a ton of financial details with little effort. I do not leverage the full suite of Quicken functionality, but it has been able to handle everything I want to do.

    There are some annoyances: There is some built-in Intuit marketing (Note: it is not nearly as bad as other reviews lead you to believe). Also, reporting could be improved, and I have had some problems with data downloads. These are minor drawbacks, however, taken in the context of the overall product's quality.

    I question the validity of the negative reviews of Quicken products in this forum. I will not speculate as to why they are so negative, but I recommend that any prospective buyers take these reviews with a grain of salt....more info
  • No Problems Here
    I've used Quicken and TurboTax for several years and have never experienced a problem installing, using or updating their products. The Quicken software also syncs with PocketQuicken very nicely. I was surprised to see the bad ratings from other buyers about the 2004 version so I purchased it and it has worked very well, so far. I've never known Intuit to have satisfactory customer service so if you are lacking in PC experience, you might end up being somewhat frustrated with them....more info
  • Works fine but why is the upgrade necessary?
    I upgraded from Quicken Deluxe 2001 on a one-year-old Dell laptop running Win XP Professional. All of my data, from 1996, and settings were converted with no problems, including existing saved reports. The program appears to run about as fast as the 2001 version on my laptop.

    The only reason I upgraded is that Quicken will stop supporting account downloads for my 2001 version this year, and I was able to get a copy of this 2004 version from a seller on Amazon for about $10. Compared to 2001 there is nothing new in this version that I need, and some elements (like the budget) are harder to use or require more mouse clicks to find and use. The bottom line is that Quicken is requiring an unnecessary upgrade to a good product just to make more money. This is a sleazy practice. If they had allowed me to continue using 2001 for account downloads by paying a reasonable fee (like Norton Antivirus) I would have paid it and kept using 2001.

    Note that Quicken tells you in its letters and on its website, when indicating you need to upgrade in order to continue downloading account information, that you need to upgrade to the latest version (2005). That is not true. Upgrading to an older version (2004 in this case) costs much less and allows you to continue downloading for a few more years. Also, by buying an older version you get the latest "fixes" the first time you download data, which should correct most of the bugs that other users have complained about....more info
  • Friday the 13th - Intuit Style
    One star only because I had to.
    Well Intuit has done it again. You don't really need my thoughts here since it is well documented, but I will spend the time because it seems a more valuable use than troubleshooting Intuit's software for them.
    I have been using, building, reparing, teaching PC's since early 1982 and using Intuit products since their inception. Around the turn of the century, I had two companies and an individual tax return to manage and file.
    I had Quickbooks, TurboTax and Quicken developed and integrated to help me perform this function in under an hour for each return. Load TTax, import last year's return, download from QB or Quicken, put in a couple of numbers and answer a few questions and you were done. Magnificent! But not anymore.
    In the first of a one/two knockout punch, Intuit introduced the cDilla disaster with Turbo Tax. So, with considerable effort, I switched tax programs two years ago. No data transfer, no importing, starting from scratch ... a giant leap backwards for computer users. Well, from all of the fallout, did Intuit learn anything, of course not. When they shouted, "mea culpa," I shouted too late, I'm not going back, even if it causes me more pain.
    I hoped others would follow suit. Then my bank told me that to continue operating online, I needed to upgrade my Quicken 2000, which has been working fine and has more functions than I require anyway. They even send me the program for free. I procrastinated as long as I could, but have become addicted to total automatic online functionality, so I bit. Dumb, dumber, dumbest. When will I learn.
    I urge you, if you are not an online junkie, NOT TO BUY INTUIT PRODUCTS, it only encourages them to do more of this BS....more info
  • It's terrible
    So Intuit sent me friendly mail saying they were going to stop stock updates in the Quicken I use, Q2000. In a wildly self-serving manner they suggested I upgrade. I did. And this version is simply horrific - the UI is a mash of popup windows, the account list is gone (or maybe not, but I can't find it) - and I used that list to navigate my accounts - and everything is hard to understand and use. It's terrible. Stay away. Now all I need is something to track my investments......more info
  • It works just fine
    I am a long-time Quicken 98 user. The old one worked just fine, but the downloads will no longer be supported. After 5 years, that's OK. So, despite all the bad reviews, I figured I would back up all my data and try out Quicken 2004 Deluxe. Lots of new features I don't really care about, so I just ignore most of them. It has a new interface, it is a bit of a pain, but it works just fine. I've now used it fairly extensively without any major problems - just a few things I don't much care for.

    The only things that scare me about this new version is that it wants to connect online to all kinds of servers, including and every institution. A little thinking about privacy and security makes this a bit worrysome....more info

  • Quicken 2004, save your money
    Each new version of Quicken seems to arrive with a screen more cluttered than the last. This is the last version that I will be buying.

    I updated to Quicken 2004 hoping that it would finally become easier to use but it definitely is not. The screen is a cobbled up maze that is very difficult to follow and trying to do file operations is next to impossible. Some operations that I need to perform will have to wait because their "help" appears to have been written by someone from another planet. The instructions they give just do not work and in many cases, are wrong.

    I would love to go back to Quicken 2000 or Quicken 2001 but they fix it so the data cannot be read by their older versions.

    I am going to try an older version Microsoft Money soon if I can find one and if it will convert Quicken 2004 data....more info

  • Disappointing is an overstatement
    Do yourself a favor and save money by not buying this version of Quicken. Buy an older version instead if you are a loyal Quicken user. I have been upgrading my Quicken to newer versions every time there is a new release to Quicken since 1995. This is the first time that I truly can say I HATE IT. It put transactions into wrong accounts. I couldn't move the transactions to correct them. To say nothing of the awkward way to manually enter stock transactions. Heaven help you if you aren't doing an automatic download. After 2 months I had had enough and switched back to my older version of Quicken. I had to reload the transactions from those two months but it was worth it to avoid the continuing hassles. Granted my tax estimater is off but that is really the only drawback. And I won't even bother to address the spyware issues since everyone else reviewing that has gone on to great length about it. Buy this version at your own risk....more info
  • Makes a pen and notebook seem like a great idea
    Like others, I was also asked to upgrade (from 2002) and I did. What a mistake. Random bits of my brokerage data was lost and it has taken many months to get it back in order. Reconcilation is a pain with lots of screen delays on my PIII 500. The bugs keep popping up. For example, my security list can not remember the Vanguard S&P500 Index (VFINX). I have to enter it as a new security each time I want to use it. Do I sound frustrated? You bet I am. Watching this once great program turn into what is today will do that....more info
  • Easy to use and Install.
    Here's the scoop:

    Installation was quick and easy. It unistalled my old version and converted data without a single problem.

    Registration did force me to create a account (at least I didn't find a way to bypass it) but it does not force you to upload data or account information there. Just create a dummy account and forget about it if you don't want to access your accounts from

    It did put a couple of Icons on my desktop that are links to quicken websites and services. Just right click and delete. gone. period. Most software packages put some icons on the desktop. Annoying and common but easily taken care of.

    The interface is clean and easy to read and use. I was using Quicken 2001 previously and it only took a few minutes to get used to the new interface. There are no banner ads or advertising on the interface and it's easy to customize and resize.

    There are no hidden folders or spyware installed. I've run several spyware programs, searched for suspicious services and folders and found none.

    Not sure why there are so many negative reviews. Maybe some people are still upset with the copyright protection fiasco with Turbo Tax last year....more info

  • Baffling How Bad This Is
    I have used Quicken since 1990, upgrading along the way. Well, they fixed it until it broke with no warning whatsoever. Quicken 2003 was very good - then this!!! I don't understand how this version made it to the shelf.

    The interface is horrible - cluttered and non-intuitive. The historically wonderful investment management portion of the software has been rendered useless by eliminated any register views of investment accounts. Embedded solicitations for Intuit products make it easier to get a loan, sign up for a credit card or enroll is some other financial service with Intuit than it is to reconcile your check book.

    If you are a Quicken 2003 or earlier user, I cannot emphasise enough at how bad this version really is. Not only should you not even consider 2004, but you had better start getting your information ready to move to another piece of software. If you are still maintaing your financial information in manilla folders and check book registers, I suggest you look elsewhere or stick with good old-fashioned paper....more info
  • Hate Quicken 2004
    For years I have entered at least 10 hours worth of data per month, and 2004 Quicken makes it MUCH more tedious. The interface is very non-intuitive and clunky, for example the shortcuts make no sense - press "Alt G" for "Securities Bought," or "Alt R" for Securities Sold. The hard to see cursor moves slowly through fields and gets stuck in awkward places making it difficult to enter data. Quicken 2004 is a huge step back....more info
  • long time quicken user very disappointed
    as a quicken user since the early 90's i was excited to pick-up 2004 deluxe. i was disappointed with this version to say the least. it converted much of my data incorrectly, the investment register was modified by someone who appeared to have never used it to actually track & update investments, the interface was clunky, etc. it's unbelievable that a company who used to be passionate about utilizing user feedback on their products could release such a product. i ended up taking my data backup and re-installing the 02 version. 04 is terrible....more info