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Cuisinart CEC-7 Egg Cooker
List Price: $55.00

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Product Description

Cooking eggs has never been easier! The Cuisinart Egg Cooker precisely cooks up to 7 eggs in shells -- hard, medium or soft -- or perfectly poaches up to 3 eggs at once. The amount of water you add precisely controls cooking time, while indicator lights, an audible signal, and auto-shutoff prevent overcooking. Cuisinart signature stainless looks great, and the results are always exactly what you ordered! Limited 3 year warranty

Keep your burners free and your eggs from overcooking with this countertop egg cooker. The cooker poaches up to three large eggs and soft-boils or hard-boils up to seven at a time. A built-in timer adjusts automatically to soft or hard settings and buzzes loudly enough to draw you in from the garden when the eggs are done. Soft-boiled eggs come out with a perfectly half-cooked center, while the white is cooked solid. The automatic shut-off feature adds an extra measure of safety to this sleek appliance. --Shannon Borg

  • Smooth, brushed stainless steel lid; on/off switch
  • Cooks poached and medium or hard-boiled eggs; cooks up to 7 eggs at once
  • Poaching tray holds up to 3 eggs; 2 egg holders included for hard-boiled eggs
  • Beaker with water-fill lines and piercing pin--piercing egg prevents shell from cracking while cooking
  • Indicator light and audible signal; automatic shut off

Customer Reviews:

  • no eggs
    This egg cooker didn't work when I purchased it, so I had to return it....more info
  • Perfect hard-cooked eggs & easy to peel -- every time!
    My Cuisinart Egg Cooker is so very easy to use, and does a perfect job, every time: no "green" around the yolk, and the eggs are so easy to peel! Who wouldn't want this product? The supplied measuring cup specifies exactly how much water to use for the desired result, and voila! perfection. Clean-up is a breeze, and then my cooker is ready for the next use!...more info
  • works great but broke after 1 year of use
    The egg cooker worked great, see other reviews. But after just over 1 year of use, it broke down (it smells that the power supply or the wire has been fried). Well, it cookied 1000+ eggs in a year....more info
  • Perfect every time...
    I love this little egg cooker. There is no worry of cracking and eggs are pefectly "hardboiled". I had less success with poaching, though. I find that moisture from the lid ends up in the poached egg cup leaving it a little watery and underdone in the center.

    It cleans easily and takes up little space. Worth the money in my book. If you eat a lot of hard boiled eggs--this is great!...more info
  • Second time buyer
    I previously bought this item four years ago. When it started to leak water I researched on-line for a replacement. Guess what I purchased the same one again. Loved it then and love it now. The item gets used by the whole family. The design is easy to use, clean up and store. The only thing you must do is not have it under a cabinet when cooking since the steam comes out the top. We do hard boiled and soft boiled and even Easter eggs....more info
  • Poor design
    We have used many egg cookers over the years that served us well and were very dissapointed in the Cuisinart CEC-7. We purchased it because of its physical appearance and that it had the Cuisinart name. It has two basic flaws:

    1. Water from the condensed steam leaks all over the counter when cooking eggs.

    2. While it cooks hardboiled eggs just fine, the consistancy of softer boiled or poached eggs is problematic. We have experimented with the amount of water used and there doesn't appear to be any exact amount that produces consistant "cook levels".

    All of the other egg cookers we have owned, while not as attractive (or durable) cooked the eggs consistantly well....more info
  • It does what it does perfectly
    I love this thing. I've had mine now for 2 months. I bought it as a replacement for the toaster/egg poacher combo unit that never did work right. This works perfectly every time. I use it most often for 1 soft boiled egg. I use a whiskey jigger (that I just keep under the dome when not in use) that holds the exact amount of water. I use this thing every day and it never fails me. ...more info
  • Good looks poor performance
    The design looks great. It does a wonderful job of hard boiling eggs. Don't even attempt to poach eggs, however. The plastic holder used for poaching eggs is so thick and heat resistant that the bottom of the eggs stay raw while the tops get overdone.

    I bought mine a few weeks ago and just threw it away....more info
  • Leaky but nice eggs
    I have owned this product for 2 years. It cooks eggs splendidly--nothing like a warm, fresh hard-boiled egg. Agree with set it and forget it, bug advantage over pot and boiling water method, and uses a fraction of the water of pot method. This egg cooker, however, really does leak all over. It is the stainless steel top--it lifts up during cooking slightly, and allows steam and condensation to escape and gett all over the countertop. I have to put 2 paper towels under it each time I use it. I think I will try the Krups, which seems to get rave reviews. I give this Cuisinart a middling report. ...more info
  • Cuisinart Egg Cooker
    WOW - My husband and I love it. We can get up in the morning crack three eggs into the poaching cups, put in necessary water, and then turn it on. By the time we are ready so is our quick breakfast. Hard boiling eggs is wonderful. Don't you hate when you peel an egg and it pulls all of the whites apart. Well with this you take the measuring cup and under it it has a poking tool and you poke the bottom fat part of the egg. You place 7 eggs upright and they are hard boiled perfectly. When they are done or even after chilled they peel perfectly. The only time this wouldn't be good is when you are decorating Easter eggs because of the hole that is poked in it....more info
  • great product!
    Best and most practical kitchen appliance I have ever bought. Egg's taste much better when steamed vs. boiled. perfectly cooked every time. Just bought one for my mom to bring to work....more info
  • Great Eggs
    I have owned my egg cooker for about a year and it was actually a replacement for one that I used so much I finally wore it out. I have read a few reviews from people who said it makes a mess inside and out (egg exploding & water leaking). First of all, the piercer that comes with it on the end of the water measuring cup is to actually PIERCE the egg on one end so the pressure inside does not cause it to burst and leak out all over the inside of the cooker. Didn't you ever wonder what the needle was for? Or read about it? Second of all, the water leakage is more than likely due to a factory defect. Mine has been working leak free for a year, but my old one did start to leak after many years of usage.

    I highly recommend this egg cooker. Not only will you eat more eggs, but you will enjoy cooking them too! I boil a batch on the weekend and have them to snack on all week. Enjoy those eggs!...more info
  • Perfect eggs for the first time in my life!
    My husband adores hard boiled eggs and egg salad, but I rarely make it, as no matter what I do, the eggs never come out of the shells in one piece. I have tried every trick (use older eggs, add vinegar, etc) and still a big mess. Now that I have this little wonder, my Cuisinart Egg maker, I am making boiled eggs all the time. It's great for our low carb lifestyle. I found the poacher worked fine, but not worth using, as it's easy to poach a perfect egg without using this egg cooker. You can't go wrong with this machine. Plus, it is adorable and looks great on the counter. You don't even need to hide it away, and it takes up very little space. It's very easy to keep clean, a little wipe on the bottom pan with some white vinegar to remove the sediment that forms and you are done. I religiously read the directions, and I think that is why I found the machine does a perfect job. Bye, bye, wasted and failed hard boiled eggs. ...more info
  • Suck Eggs
    Gee whiz, you need a college education to put this cheesy product together.......a million pieces.........I know, and do have a college education (Engineeering)........Pass on this thing...more info
  • Worst Egg Cooker on the Planet
    I'm sorry, I just purchased this and it's a nightmare. Water leaks all over the place, I've burned myself 2x with the steam coming out the top, inside gets all nasty and disgusting, 'poacher' is useless because it's so flimsy. The water leaking is the worst - we have to either wrap it in paper towels or put the thing in a pie pan to catch the water. I'm throwing it out as soon as I can buy a different one. It's awkward to store -- the cord system is awful. Much chintzier in reality than it looks online. A waste of money....more info
  • Not Suitable for Poaching
    This review applies only to the poaching feature of this egg "cooker". The plastic poaching tray insulates the bottom of the egg to the extent that the bottom is undercooked even while the steam overcooks the top. Too bad the design engineers do not understand basic laws of physics... try a metal poaching tray (like the Oster product)!...more info
  • Hard boil, fine. Poach forget it!
    Looks good and works good for hard or soft boiling eggs. Don't even think about poaching eggs. The thick plastic poaching tray is so insulating that the top of the eggs overcook while the bottoms remain almost raw.

    I bought one and threw it away. If you like poached eggs select a different poacher....more info