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Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder
List Price: $55.00

Our Price: $24.99

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Product Description

The CUISINART DCG-12BC Grind Central features a stainless steel grinding bowl that holds 90 grams of whole beans -- enough for 18 cups of coffee! The removable bowl, with blade assembly, is dishwasher safe, and a the included lid lets you store leftover coffee right in the grinding bowl. A single On/Off button controls grind consistency, and a built-in safety interlock makes the perfect grind safe and easy. Cord storage Limited 18-month warranty

Operating at low heat to preserve flavor and aroma, this big, sleek coffee grinder can handle a whopping 90 grams of beans at once, enough for 18 cups, and it grinds spices at well. State of the art from its safety shutoff to its stainless-steel blade to its wraparound power cord, the grinder lends a modern look to any countertop. --Fred Brack

  • Brushed stainless-steel housing; 90-gram gapacity--enough for 18 cups
  • Heavy-duty motor and stainless steel blade assembly; On/Off switch with safety interlock
  • Measurement markings; transparent cover
  • Storage lid; cord storage; dishwasher-safe stainless-steel bowl
  • Lid allows for extra coffee to be stored in grinding bowl

Customer Reviews:

  • I broke 2 of these and it wasn't hard to do
    I won't go into the story of why I got another one of these after the first one broke but let's just say this thing is very cheaply made. I broke 2 of them trying to grind a lot of coffee beans at once. The motor just died completely. I guess it was sort of my fault but other coffee grinders would just not break this easily. ...more info
  • Nice looking prodcut, but has design flaw!!!
    I used this grinder about a dozen times before the cup became fused to hte base. I can not get the cup off the base no matter how hard I try. The grinder still works, but it is much more difficult to clean the grinding bowl now.

    Not recommended!!!...more info
  • Bowl won't release
    What a disappointment!! On the very first grinding session, the bowl will not release from the base. We are turning it correctly- counterclockwise- and cannot get it to release. I had tried the release before grinding the first, and only batch, of coffee, and it easily released. Then we ground one measure of beans, and it won't release. I wish I had checked out this website before buying this product....more info
  • Cuisinart DCG-12BC - shockingly poor performance
    I am blown away by the crappiness of this product. Mom should have done her homework before buying me this lemon for Christmas. I've been reading the other reviews, and it makes me relatively angry at Cuisinart for putting out what they SURELY must have known was a bad product. Motor burned out within 2 pounds of beans being run through it, and I never got a decent grind in the first place. Produced coffee "gravel" of all grades and sizes, making for a mediocre cup of joe, at best. dropped the lid from a height of about 2 1/2 feet and shattered the little black operational button. This, just before the motor fried trying to grind roughly half a cup of beans. Guess I'll chalk it up as a loss and go back to bed - so sleepy......more info
  • So so
    Large size was the initial appeal, and low price comparable to other larger models. But only OK...and only if: you ignore the directions re capacity. Hopper more than half full will produce very uneven grind, and filling it more than half full (to max. indicated by mfg.'s marking) will require a long, slow process. Pulsing, rather than continuous grind helps, but a tedious process. Overheats easily. Lasted maybe a year, using it every couple of days (one half-full hopper lasts me a couple of days. Probably would last even less if I used it daily, let alone several times a day. Removable, washable hopper with separate snap-on lid is handy. Will replace with another model. No sense wasting money on repair, though I hate to discard anything when repairs are practical....more info
  • A few tips for optimal use.
    I used this grinder for less than a month when the bowl got stuck in the machine. I called Cuisinart up and after some technical assistance over the phone, was unable to get the bowl out of the machine. I was able to send it back to Cuisinart for repair/new machine (paid for shipping costs - approx. $4) and have been using the new one for over a year now.

    I had another close call with the bowl getting stuck again a couple months after I received the new one but luckily was able to twist it out, which was not easy. Now after each grind, I twist the bowl off immediately, which for some reason, seems to be helping with the bowl not getting stuck. Also, because the grinds tend to fall through the bowl at the attachment part, make sure that it's clean before grinding another batch.

    Grinds well but unevenly - doesn't grind small batches well. For a more even grind, I tilt the machine and give it a little shake while grinding.

    Purchased it because Cuisinart is known for quality and I like the look. Next grinder I purchase will probably not be made by Cuisinart. Too many tricks for basic usage.

    ...more info
  • slow and steady wins the race
    At $50 it is a bit much, but brought down to a price comparable to other one-speeds it has many advantages. The most obvious is the removable bowl, which means one does not jerk out the plug to move the ground coffee over to the filter. It is also much quieter than bare bones grinders, eliminating the need to wrap it in towels if you are the first one up. Third, the capacity is a bit larger. The drawbacks are first, that it somehow looks more inviting as a potential alternative place to pour the boiling water if you are very tired and not paying attention. Second, the beans on the top are deceptively well ground while ungainly chunks remain towards the bottom. One knows this, but always is surprised by how big they are.

    Finally, it is quieter than the standard cylinder grinders (no names!). As someone who used to have to wrap a set of towels around the grinder every morning to avoid waking my lady friend's young son before I went off to work, I really appreciate this. You feel less like you're doing something WRONG just by making a decent cup of coffee in the morning. That itself is worth a great deal. [26]
    ...more info
  • Stopped working after a few weeks
    So annoying because I also had a Cuisinart coffee maker quit on me after a few months too. I know I should box it up and return it for a new one, but we had to get another grinder, we're your typical addicts and couldn't wait, so this broken one sits on our counter awaiting disposal I guess. Argh....more info
  • My thoughts
    Quiet and easy to use the only thing that I don't like is that when you take the lid off coffee falls all over the counter..
    Nice product and I would recommend it....more info
  • Stuck Bowl
    After a few uses the bowl could not be released from the assembly. It absolutely could not release. It is the same problem reported by M. Bearden on June 17, 2007. This product is a real piece of junk and I threw mine in the garbage where it belongs. It's probably not worth the effort to get a new one. Don't waste your money. I am trying a different brand....more info
  • I managed to kill two in six months
    I'm not really sure why, but my free replacement (Bed, Bath, and Beyond) just died again. Completely lifeless, just like the first one. Each lasted 2-3 months. I am not replacing it again.

    I did notice that it's easy to overwhelm this grinder if you a) add too many beans, and b) use a fairly oily roast, such as Italian or French. I found that in general I probably ran it over a minute each time (and sometimes I could smell the motor). Could be that if you use whimpy beans and keep the level low -- no problems. My sister has had one for almost a year (she uses whimpy beans). Just a guess...

    Back to my noisy old Braun. It's been chugging along for years.

    ...more info
  • Don't get this hunk of junk
    This is so noisy my wife thought she heard a chain saw while still in bed trying to sleep. In addition it messy and doesn't grind evenly....more info
  • Terrible grinder
    I purchased this coffee grinder about six months ago. After the first couple of uses, the removable bowl fused to the base. I took it back to the store I had purchased it from for an exchange, figuring it was just an unlucky unit. My second grinder worked ok for about four months, but went from quiet to ridiculously loud. Something was definitely wrong either with the motor or the connection of the motor to the blade. The grinding itself was terrible too, with super fine coffee grinds at the bottom of the bowl and very coarse grinds at the top. Finally, I got so frustrated with this unit I took it back to the store again for a full refund. I do NOT recommend this product!...more info
  • Cuisinart Cioffee Mill
    This Coffee Mill is an excellent product. It does its job as expected, as with all Cuisinart products. The large capacity is a bonus. Definitely a "buy it" recommendation....more info
  • Works well, but how long?
    The overall concept of the grinder is good. The problems are with the stainless steel/plastic cover. Since purchasing it, the button on top feels cheap and has lost some of it's springback. Also the chrome screws on the underside of the lid have rusted. I hand wash and rinse it after using. Also grinds manage to slip out from under the grind cup and make a cleanup mess on the base. I think Cuisinart can do better than this! It does grind coffee VERY well though....more info
  • Tired of old grind
    I have had this grinder for 13 months and it stopped working this morning, Dont waste your money on this. My daughter liked the look of this machine. Don't let the looks deceive you. Poor quality....more info
  • Cuisinart DCG-12BC Stopped working after 4 uses
    I received this grinder for Christmas and unfortunately threw away the packaging. The grinder worked great for the first 4 times and then it just quit. I thought maybe the bowl wasn't secured or the blade had come loose. Don't waste your money on this product and I thought Cuisinart was a good product. If you do, save receipts and boxes for at least a month....more info
    I should have listened to the other reviews, so many of which said how quickly this alleged coffee grinder broke. I used mine ONCE, it worked fine, and when I then went to use it again for a second round of beans 10 minutes later, it died. Just flat out stopped working. I tried cleaning it, using different outlets on the walls, but trust me, it is dead. I own a Cuisinart food processor that is awesome, and that I'd highly recommend, but it's hard to believe that this poorly constructed piece of JUNK bears the same company name. Whatever you do, do not purchase this absolute piece of garbage. ...more info
  • Enjoyin' my new grinder
    I bought this style with the silver retro look as it perfectly matches my Cuisinart coffee maker. The grinder is cute and small, doesn't take up much cabinet space at all! I am happy with my purchase. Giving it a 4 star as I don't understand why plastic lid which fits the grinder cup (and is intended for storage of coffee) couldn't have been made smaller so it could snap on the top and sit under the plastic dome top and on top of the grinder for storage of coffee for the next day.

    To store the coffee, you have to take the cup out and then snap lid on and leave it sitting outside the grinder. So for that reason I give it 4 stars, a bit of a design flaw; the plastic lid is worthless to me and I'll probably never use it. Secondly, the cord isn't easy to push underneath the grinder for storing and hiding it. That doesn't bother me so much but it may bother others.

    Other than these two notations, I am grinding beans daily and enjoying it! ...more info
  • stay away
    grinder #1 died the first time we used it to grind 12 cups worth of beans, returned it and received grinder #2 which worked for 11 batches of beans then died.....grinder #2 is in the trash and will avoid Cuisinart coffee related products....more info
  • reserving final judgement on this grinder
    This coffee grinder was purchased to replace an older Cuisinart dcg-12c grinder. The older grinder was not inoperative, we just felt a new one should be on hand in case of failure. The new grinder sometimes sounds as though it is grinding its own gears instead of the coffee beans. There appears to be some uncertainty as to proper seating of the grinding bowl. Not sure we'll be keeping this grinder so an update of this review may be required. ...more info
  • Good Compromise Between Cheapies and the Next Level
    I bought this grinder after reading reviews here on Amazon. I've had the product almost exactly a year.

    The main thing I like about this grinder is that it grinds consistently. It always comes out the same, for better or for worse. It does grind evenly, but you have to stand there for a minute to let it do its work. You can hear the motor speed change when it is done grinding. The stainless steel styling is also eye pleasing and matches my Cuisinart coffee maker that is the same style.

    The consistent grind is also the major weakness of this grinder. If you don't like the grind (fairly rough, definitely for a drip style coffee maker) you can't change it. You will not be able to make an espresso type grind (powdery) with this grinder.

    Overall, this is not a bad grinder for the price. It offers consistency but you can't adjust how much it grinds. Models that are both adjustable and consistent tend to be a different style of grinder and I'm not quite ready to move up to that price point.

    I found out the other day that if you put too many beans in it (and I mean really packed full) it won't grind at all and burns up the motor. I probably should have backed off it when I noticed the blade wasn't turning, but I figured it would speed up. Instead I smoked it. I did buy a cheap one at the grocery store due to the emergency situation. It grinds the beans into a powder almost instantly (espresso style) and results in burnt tasting coffee. So the true test of the Cuisinart coffee bean grinder has come to light. I'll keep the cheap grocery store one around somewhere in case I'm in a pinch again. However, I will be purchasing another Cuisinart DCG-12BC to replace the dead one. That is how I came up with 4 stars.

    ...more info
  • Great Grinder with a strong motor
    My wife and I have always prefered to grind our own coffee beans. The problem was that most coffee grinders had small motors or were over priced. This grinder works great, has the stong motor for which Cuisinart is famous and was low priced to boot....more info
  • Excellent at grinding a variety of spices, grains, etc.
    I do not own a home coffee maker (aside from a stovetop cappucino maker) so I actually bought this to grind spices and seeds, not coffee. I have had it for several months now and have been impressed with how well it works.

    One of the things I appreciate most about this grinder is how powerful and quick it is. I can put some flax seeds or spices in and in under a minute (probably much less) it is perfectly finely ground and ready for use. It is MUCH quieter than putting the same items in my food processor and gives me a much finer and more consistent texture.

    I also find it very easy to clean whether by hand or in the dishwasher. It does have some nooks and crannies to it but if you rinse it right away even fatter grains wash out quite easily. Because it is so easy to clean I find myself using it regularly because if makes it more convenient than using a food processor.

    I have also been impressed for how many applications I have found for it. I grind oatmeal to make oat flour, use it to make nut flours/powders for recipes that require it, and grind all kinds of spices. No matter what I put in it I find that it works quickly and does not seem to dull the blades or the motor.

    Overall I have been very pleased with this product and feel that it has lived up to the price I paid and exceeded my expectations of what I could do with it....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    This was a Christmas gift from my daughter who knew that I wanted a grinder that I could use for both coffee and spices and clean between uses. I used it once to grind coffee before it quit working. For the few brief moments that it worked, it ground the coffee unevenly. I am back to looking for a spice grinder that can be washed between uses and trying to figure out how to tell my daughter that her thoughtful gift was a complete flop!...more info
  • All looks no function
    This coffee grinder looks great. The problem is the coffee is never ground evenly. There are always big chunks left even after grinding over 30 seconds. If you grind more then that the friction causes the coffee to heat up, so it is not really functional at all. Pre-ground coffee tastes better then anything ground with this machine....more info
  • Absolute junk
    Motor burned out. Didn't last a month under light use. Didn't grind evenly. An awful product....more info
  • An attractive but worthless grinder
    I have to add my voice to the other negative reviews of this product. I've gone through several other small blade-type grinders from other maufacturers. The two best were made by Braun and each lasted about 10 years, at which time the blades self-destructed. I thought perhaps a slightly better grade of grinder would be preferable, and wanted one I could clean more thoroughly. A friend has the KitchenAid grinder with the removable bowl. I liked it, but couldn't find one locally. This Cuisinart was the closest I could get.

    I grind coffee & spices. First, the spices. Although the description on this site states you can grind spices with it, the instructions specifically warn against doing so. It does a lousy job with them in any event, not getting them down to a fairly even powder, or even a reasonably even size. It does its primary job, grinding coffee, equally poorly. It takes twice as long (roughly 30 seconds) to grind 12 cups worth of beans to the same degree of fineness than did my old Braun grinder. Although the cup can hold 18 cups worth of beans, don't even try grinding them. They spill over the top as they are ground, leaving bits of ground coffee all over the outside of the cup, stuck to the plastic lid, exploding out of the container when you open it. As others have commented, the grind is uneven. Even at 30 seconds, while I end up with some coffee ground almost fine enough for Turkish coffee, I've got a lot of big (1/8 bean) chunks in the mix. Adding insult to injury, at least 80 percent of the time the grind chamber won't come off, so I'm left first to pour the ground coffee awkwardly from the grinder into my coffee container, then wipe it out as best I can without washing it, since the chamber is stuck. As a last straw, I have to put it away with the cord loosely wrapped around, because the opening into which one is instructed to push the cord is too small to accommodate it and the grinder is too bulky and big around for wrapping the cord around to work well.

    In short, don't buy this product. Go buy the KitchenAid. It works beautifully, grinds evenly, comes apart with only a little pressure but never actually sticks. It lacks any way to stow the cord, but it's _round_, so it's easy to wrap the cord around it....more info
  • Fantastic Grinder
    After really searching around for a nice BASIC grinder that wouldn't be a mess, I stumbled across this grinder in a local store. There are some fantastic attributes of this grinder:

    1. Large grinding cup - it even has idiotproof measurements in the cup. I won't ever have to guess again if I have put enough beans in the grinder cup.

    2. The whole grinder cup assembly twists off the base so that you can pour the grinds into your coffee maker without the mess of a conventional push button grinder. It even has a little plastic lid so that you can grind in the evening, cover for freshness, and then open in the morning. It's really what sold me on the product.

    3. My grinds are even, but I don't grind nuts, spices, or anything else in the grinder. I'll buy one of those cheapies for that purpose. I wouldn't advocate that a person who wants a specialty grind buy this product. Buy the burr grinder if you really want a very specific grind. But for normal drip coffee, I ground my beans for the recommended time and got great results.

    Overall the product does exactly what it states, it has a great feature in the dishwasher proof, removable grinding bowl, and it was at the RIGHT price!

    Hope this helps you!...more info
  • Terrible product (Made in China)
    I bought this at William Sonoma store without going on here to look at the review. I used it exactly 4 times. The fifth time, the motor stopped working. Why can't they make a good product like they used to do it in the good old US of A. Do not buy this product!...more info
  • Not a Happy Grinder
    Used it twice, third time ran a couple seconds and died. Need I say more....more info
  • The BEST
    This is the best Coffee Grinder we have ever had.

    I'm surprised at all the bad reviews!
    We have always used a Krups, but I saw this at our local thrift
    shop for $8.00, and grabed it.
    I have never bought a used grinder but this was very clean.

    This is quiet, it grinds the beans perfect. Never leaving any peices.
    Our other new Grinders have always been noisy, and hurt your ears, but not this one.

    Even our Company has remarked how quiet it is.

    I would buy another one anytime when this does not work any longer, or we just got lucky!!

    ...more info
  • Not a good product
    I bought this grinder @ Bed Bath & Beyond because I had a $10 off coupon and my old grinder that I had for a few years finally gave out. I liked the fact that you could wash the grinding part in the dishwasher. It worked great for about 2 weeks. However, after that, I could not twist off the grinder part anymore to clean it. No matter what I did, it just wouldn't come off. I took it back and exchanged it for another. Well, the second one was bad for another reason. The coffee would spill out around the base part of the grinder. Two defective machines in a row? I took it back and got my money back. I got a Mr. Coffee grinder @ Wal-Mart. We'll see how that works. Hopefully better than the Cuisenart....more info
  • Very disappointed in this product
    I bought this grinder for my son for Christmas and it was broken within a month. I purposely spent more money on this product thinking it would last longer. I don't have the receipt so I guess I'm just out the money. Would have thought Cuisinart would have been a better product....more info
    This little unit does everything it is advertised to do. It is not automatic. You need to measure the coffee beans yourself. You have to time the grind to get the texture you want. If you want automatic, you pay much more. It is reasonably quiet, doesn't take up much space and clean up could not be easier....more info
  • DCG-12BC fused cup solution
    I had the same problem of a fused cup after about 3 months of using this product. I solved my problem as follows. Take my advice at your own risk, but the process worked like a charm for me.

    1) remove cup, apply force if needed (mine was very difficult to remove)
    2) get a pen/pencil and some medium coarse sand paper (i used 150 grit)
    3) plug in the grinder
    4) use the pen to hold down the depressed button to spin the base blade knob
    5) apply LIGHT even pressure to one side of the protruding knob. DO NOT SAND THE CIRCULAR GROOVES!!! ONLY THE TOP PORTION OF THE KNOB THAT IS SHAPED LIKE A SMALL ROD.
    6) try very light and even sanding for short periods of time (4-5 seconds) and keep trying to put the bowl on. If the bowl attaches with no friction, then you should be good to go.

    *the reason i think this happens is that the plastic rod heats up and melts to the metal on the underside of the blade. I recommend that you try this as soon as you feel problems getting the bowl off. Make sure to be very neat and clean with your sanding so that you can still return if needed*

    good luck!...more info