Far Cry
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Far Cry is an incredible detailed action-shooter with graphics and gameplay that will blow you away. Jack Carver runs a small charter boat business in Micronesia, when he's hired to escort a young journalist to the deserted island of Cabatu. There Jack discovers and incredibly deadly secret -- and he'll have to fight to get away with that secret alive.

  • Action shooter game set in South Pacific
  • Hugely detailed environments and action sequences
  • Cunning and complex AI tactics
  • Nonlinear gameplay
  • For one player

Customer Reviews:

  • war game
    fast delivery very pleased. My husband was not pleased with the game but he will try it again. He stated it was different in alot of areas that he was not use to playing........more info
    2004 was a good year for FPS games. Both HALF LIFE 2 and FAR CRY were released. Whereas DOOM III and QUAKE IV came and went - (not exactly unnoticed but does anyone play them today?), these two were here to stay. Nevertheless, whereas HL2 eventually got to my nerves with the whole STEAMed-permission-to-play-for-30-minutes blunder, FAR CRY was the game I loved the most and replayed again and again.

    The graphics are just amazing! HL2 may have crisp and clear textures too, however, FAR CRY's are also realistic and detailed even at maximum resolution. The controls are intuitive and remapable - and take the character (Jack Carver) precisely where you want him. Running is fast and crawling is effectively silent. When greater distances are to be covered, vehicles are available to commandeer.

    The weapons are beautiful: a mix of real and futuristic improvements. Ammo is never really a problem (well, with the exception of the Sniper rifle bullets and the RPG loads when they would really tip the balance in your favor) and, most importantly, the damage they inflict is TRULY BALANCED: both enemies and player go down with about the same amount of damage (you would be surprised on how many games this is not true - STALKLER for one...).

    The story is interesting, the locales truly breathtaking and the horizon the further you have ever seen in any game! True free roaming is not actually available (try to round an island with a speedboat to circumvent same stubborn enemies and a black helicopter will chop you to pieces), however the taste is at the tip of your tongue the whole time.

    The sounds and music have been worked on with care and they maximize the gaming experience.

    My only (minor) objection focuses on the battles with the mutants: FAR CRY features one of the best enemy AI ever encountered. I truly savored battling human AI - but was apprehensive when another mutant segment was coming up. Then again, the game never lets you get bored.

    I am not an easy costumer (feel free to browse through the rest of my reviews, you will see what I mean...); nevertheless,

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!...more info
  • Wow! After more than 2 years - still there is disbelief.
    I picked up this game quite late. Nearly two years after it's initial launch. And that is, according to me, the best time to pick up great games at a bargain and when all the kinks and bugs have been worked out and when the best recommended video card is available quite economically. On a Radeon X1300 video card this game looks amazing. I do not have a typical gaming rig but the performance of this game is simply amazing. The kind of textures, ambience, foliage, particle physics this game has to offer is stunning to say the least. Realism is what true gaming is all about and this game delivers. For example the scope on a sniper rifle, on full magnification of the target, shows the natural movement of the hand holding the rifle. This is the kind of stuff you can appreciate if you've used a telescope and looked at a distant object. This is a game that sets the bar for future games and two years later I see that FarCry is still world class. Perhaps the XBOX edition released recently could be a natural step up. This game should be a part of every game collection....more info
  • Dated but good
    Didn't actually buy the game, as I am a member of Gametap and this was added to their lineup several months ago (you can also get it from Fileplanet as a download for less than $10, and no doubt there are used copies going for that or less on Amazon). I enjoyed the game, even though the graphics are now a little dated. Not a great game, but if you can get it cheap, it's definitely worthwhile....more info
  • Best PC Shooter to date
    Definitely one of the best PC shooters ever - it's a shame the sequel sucks.
    Huge, wonderfully done maps, no set way to get through some of them (gone through one way the first time, another way the next, giving you nice replay ability), excellent AI, beautiful graphics.
    Even nicer, you don't need a monster machine to play this - I've actually managed on a P4 2.4 Ghz with just 64M of video... but to get the most out of the game you'll need something better, especially for video.
    Vehicles... loads of vehicles to drive in this, inculding an armed Dune Buggy, a heavily armed 4WD, an unarmed Big Truck, an inflatable boat and a heavily armed Patrol Boat. Not to mention a Hang Glider and a Forklift. Yeah, a Forklift - okay, it doesn't move fast, and it's unarmed, but it's fun. Even better, the vehicles move like the real thing - if you hit a bump, you'll bounce, and you can do your favorite spy movie jumps with them.
    The AI is some of the best I've ever seen - enemies not only outflank you and move in different directions, but they cooperate with each other, which can put you in trouble.
    The weapons are fairly standard, but they do have good physics to them - recoil, blast damage, etc.
    The maps are lush and beautiful - some of the biggest maps I've ever seen in a FPS. And unlike some, it's not all darkness that you can't see through - a lot of the levels take place during broad daylight in the beautiful south Pacific.
    The storyline is fairly standard spy stuff, but still fun - and the character interactions can be interesting.
    The graphics are just a hair below games like "F.E.A.R" or "Quake 4", but that's not to detract from them - they are quite vivid and beautiful.

    All in all if you're looking for a top of the line PC shooter with plenty of replay ability and terrific AI - and one that doesn't require selling your soul for a top of the line machine - then you'll definitely want to grab this. Just don't bother with "Far Cry 2".
    ...more info
  • First class FPS
    One of the best first-person shooter games I have played.
    Good graphics, the graphics engine is good for outdoor scenes and renders
    vegetation very nicely....more info
  • Outstanding PC Game
    FAR Cry PC Game is one of the best PC fps Games I have played till date. The CD rom product quality was acceptable and graphics were ok. Probably a DVD original would be better....more info
  • May be the best fps ever
    The only possible gripe with this game is that it takes a few moments to load up initially. It has a great story and best of all, great gameplay. It is the only game that, upon completing, I immediately started over at a higher level of difficulty. Challenging without becoming frustrating....more info
  • Great Game!!!
    Greta first person shooter! Wish I had gotten it years ago, it really adds to the genre with smart AI and a great 'sandbox' style game. I highly recommend!!!...more info
  • Better on PC than on Xbox 360- Still the Best There Is!
    This game plays better on my 2.3ghz, 1g, Radeon 9550 graphics card. This game is bad-2-the-bone. Graphics are still better than anything including call of duty 4 on my xbox 360. The game play is addictive. In fact after playing cod4 on my 360 I still have time for a couple minutes of Far Cry. Nothing beats the precision of using a mouse. I also have Far Cry "Instincts" and "Predator" for 360 but its no comparison. My 5 year old PC with the amped up Graphics card and and 7 year old 17" LCD is better.

    ...more info
  • Do you wanta have fun
    This game was rated as the best of it's game class for the year. It played very interesting with a lot of appeal. I liked all aspects of this game with a minor few exceptions. I am use to LOOT being gathered from my previous games as a minor feel good reward to me for doing good. There is no inventory section within Far Cry to store this loot, supplies and extra weapons. But this is only a minor detail that does not impact any the fun and challenge presented by this game. It is like "Location, Location, Location" = This game is "Buy, Buy, Buy".
    ...more info
  • Wanted To Like It....
    I played the demo of this game a while back and liked it from what I had played (which was very little). A few years later I was looking for a new game to play and I saw this on the shelf at Best Buy. It was only 20 bucks so I decided to give it a go. I didn't remember how to play really and I was shocked at how quickly you get thrown into the thick of the game. I don't really like fighting eagle-eyed mercs from 1000 yards away with a pistol when they have armor and assault rifles. I didn't much care for the voice acting in the game and I felt the main character was extremely cliche'. One issue that really bugged me was the way that talking competed with the game. It seemed like every time Doyle would talk to me I would be in the middle of a firefight or I wouldn't be able to hear a word he said without stopping what I was doing and turning up the volume. The story was rather mediocre and the idea of genetically altered something or others is so overdone. My biggest peeve about this game is the lack of save points. I felt like I could play Far Cry for an hour without finding a save point. Maybe it is just me, but I hate getting through a difficult part only to get killed by something stupid and having to redo that entire difficult part. There were some parts of the game where I would have to stop playing for a few days and gather my nerves after trying to the same part for hours straight.

    On the plus side, it has very good graphics and physics are good. The vehicles are fun to use as well. The weapon selection is pretty good too.

    I wouldn't pay much more for this game than $20. Also, don't play on the hardest setting like I did. It will let you reap the benefits of normal blood pressure after about a week....more info
    Horrendously slow shipping. Unacceptable!

    Amazon has dropped the ball again...
    ...more info
  • Excellent graphics, excellent game play. Highly recommend
    I didn't know what this game was when I first got it, but I installed it out of curiosity (it had RAVE reviews). After several hours of "tip-toeing through it and getting killed over and over again, before FINALLY finding "THE SOLUTION" to each problem, I was hooked!
    WOW! This game was well-thought out.
    My ONLY complaint is that the game is so tough (< not a bad thing), that I finally (after a week of frustration), had to find and download some CHEATS just to make the game PLAYABLE. But WARNING: The CHEATS only make it marginally "more playable."...more info
  • Still the best FPS imo
    What can I say, 5 years later this game is still classy. The graphics are still great, and the action is the best I've seen since the original doom.

    The one thing that stands out is just how hard it is and just how many ways you can tackle any given situation.

    And it's actually long! The game takes a LONG time to beat, unlike many of the other pitiful 6-8 hour FPS's out there. You get involved, and you get pwnt MANY times and STILL come back for more.

    This game leaves Doom 3, Quake 4, Far Cry 2, and others in the dust. Crysis comes close, but if you want top notch FPS, this is your game. ...more info
  • Most Overrated, Over-hyped Game Ever!
    This game is so famous and people have made such a big deal about it. I am half-way through the game so far. This not the tour-de-force that people claim it is. I don't know how all these people could think this game is so great. The graphics are crude and cheap compared to more recent games, like Doom III and Halo 3, Halo 2, and Halo 1. Even some other games from 2003/2004 (such as No One Lives Forever 2) had nicer graphics. I have a great computer with an Athlon X2 5600+ cpu and an EVGA 8800 GTX graphics card. I set the all the video settings to very high, and it still didn't look that good. A reviewer said Far Cry is very polished, but it is nowhere near as polished as Halo 1, 2, or 3, which are the most thoroughly polished games I've ever played. The enemies in Far Cry just have a small number of lines that they say over and over. You can play Halo 1 several times over and still hear new dialogue once in a while. The shadows in Far Cry are handled very badly. Sometimes the vehicles just start floating off uncontrollably while you are driving them, forcing you to quit the game and restart. Also the lighting is really bad. Oftentimes the interior areas are blindingly bright. I don't like excessive darkness in games but I don't like blinding brightness either! And oftentimes the colors are off-looking and the textures are cheap and crude. Although Far Cry has much better gameplay than Doom III, it still could use more polish and improvement. People act like this game has amazing AI, but it doesn't. It seems pretty ordinary to me! I played this game on "challenging," the middle difficulty level out of five levels of difficulty. I heard this game is very hard, so I decided just to play on the middle level. I usually play on the hardest or second hardest level in FPS games. For me, sometimes this game was rather easy, and other times I had to try over and over to beat a segment. This game uses the checkpoint system instead of letting you save anywhere. I didn't mind that in Halo, but in Far Cry it gets frustrating sometimes. Sometimes you have to win several difficult battles in a row beafore you can make it to the next checkpoint. One little mistake or surprise attack and you die and have to start over. So it's often a big relief in Far Cry to get the next checkpoint. This is a very long game. It gets a little monotonous sometimes. There's not that much variety in the gameplay. However it does have a few excellent puzzles. People have said this is an extremely smart game, but I found it to be nowhere near as smartly developed as people say it is. I think Far Cry goes in the right direction, but it needs a HUGE amount of improvement in graphics, polish, gameplay, etc. I hope they put that into the sequel. I guess I recommend Far Cry if you have an older computer. I want to find some newer games with better graphics and more polish for my new computer. Far Cry is very out of date now.
    ...more info
  • Pretty Lousy Game
    This game was supposed to be the 2004 Game of the Year?? It was difficult to load, difficult to play, and difficult to uninstall. My system meets or exceeds all the system requirements listed on the box. When I finally got this game installed, Which took about 3 tries and two hours...( it always hung up on the fifth disk during install )I got to play it for about 5 minutes before my firewall blocked the game from connecting to the internet, now mind you I was in single player mode...no reason for the game to try to access the internet....at this point I was frustrated to the point of uninstalling the game.( which was also a headache ) if you want a GOOD First Person Shooter, get Deus EX or Fallout, both games beat this game hands down!!!!! I was Very Very Unimpressed with this game, fortunately I didn't pay much for it !!!...more info
  • better late than never, right?
    Well, Far Cry certainly lives up to the hype. I was amazed at the level of visual detail available, and the environments are very impressive. Gameplay was relatively straight-forward, and the variety of weapons made each mission require different tactics. All in all, a good game that was worth the price (and the wait!)....more info
  • Far Cry
    The difficulty of this game is something that I was not expecting. After a couple of levels I managed to get the hang of it. Normally I start a game at the medium level but this game I had to start it at easy. ...more info
  • Great Game
    you can't beat this game when it comes down to it, a great selection of weapons, very large maps, multiple vehichles, and smart AI, the only problem i had with this game was having to restart levels over and over again, the checkpoint system for saving shouldnt have been on this, its a PC game, and even on easy, some places were almost impossible to get through, i can only imagine how hard it is to finish on Very Hard...more info
  • Checkpoint save BLOWS!!!
    I agree with the previous reviewer on this point. It completely ruined the experience for me...there's no excuse for not allowing you to save when and where you want.

    ...more info
  • Far Cry
    My brother had this game and let me play it and I was hooked. It is a great 1st Person Shooter game and is very challenging. After playing his game, I just had to have one for myself. Lots and Lots of Fun......more info
  • Great Game
    I bought this item for my Husband and he loves it. He got it for Christmas last year and is still playing it.He has finished it several times,but will go back and play it again.If you have a game player,they will love it.It is very graphic,so you might not want to get it for a kid,but it is great.We love the colors on it.Great game, you won't be sorry if you buy it...more info
  • i've had it "up to here" with far cry's technical issues.
    from what i've played of far cry, i think it's a great game and just the kind of game i like. unfortunately, i can't continue playing it because it won't let me!!!

    chapter 1: i start out playing the game but i noticed the sound is having problems cutting out for a little bit. some guy online says to avoid a later patch, so i use an earlier one. everything works fine until one point where the map tells me to go to a checkpoint. i go there. it's at the end of a dock. i look around EVERYWHERE for what i'm supposed to find there, all around the beach and underwater. nowhere to be found so i can't continue the game. i uninstall it.

    chapter 2: i reinstall it and install the latest patch (1.4). the sound problem still exists but it's not a big deal. i just want to have fun with this game. then i notice a strange quirk about the targetting icon.. when i aim at a person's head, it seems not to hit!!! now i play an online multiplayer FPS a lot and get a lot of headshots, but just to make sure i'm not just sucking badly, i go up to a person really close and find the same stupid problem: the bullets don't hit at all when i shoot his head or upper torso, but are fatal when i hit HIS STOMACH. good lord. i can't play a game like this. i have to stop, again, for another stupid technical problem.

    this is on top of 2 other problems.. the game detected my system as "very high" spec, yet obviously this was not the case because it crashed unless i played with the graphics on the "low" setting.

    other problem is, ironically, the freakin' AI. ok, let's say you play on normal difficulty like i would normally do on a game. well, the enemies are WAY TOO EASY. i stood there and literally watched as two men ran up to me and shot me over and over, missing and doing no damage. that's good AI? i don't think so. so i put it on challenging level - oops! too hard. someone kills me from long range through a window, which i doubt he could see me through. so i switch it back to normal with AI auto balance.. ahh, there we go. it's really easy at first but as you blow through the enemies, it makes them harder. then if you keep dying in the same place, it makes them easier. that's a pretty good idea. but i had to restart the game over and over to figure that out.. only to find it was aiming wrong. geez. i find it kind of strange other reviewers haven't mentioned all these technical issues with far cry. maybe if i REMOVE the patches i can get it to work. irony!

    as for the multiplayer, i can't comment on it because i signed up for it but it still won't work.

    update: i tried again and found out why a guy shot me through a window - because of YET ANOTHER BUG!!!!!!! that's right folks, i got everything to work right in this game except for ENEMIES SHOOTING ME THROUGH SOLID BUILDING WALLS. that's with the latest patch! how's that for buggy? also i'm still not overly impressed with the AI. i have seen amazing AI before, and this ain't it. it's decent, but i've seen better. ...more info
  • FarCry Rocks.......... Until FarCry 2 comes out!!!
    If you haven't tried FarCry yet, do yourself a favor and order it or buy NOW... The graphics, details, missions, weapons, are all first rate. Its no wonder it was the Game of the Year in 2004! I started with the easiest level and worked my way up to the most difficult level, I now only play the most difficult level and Never get tired of the missions,landscape,and vehicle operation and it is also Great that it is not so linear, You make the choices, and there are plenty of them, sneak in/around with stealth or go in- guns blazing, its all up to you.You can operate gunships,hang-gliders,and many types of armed vehicles, enough to satisfy anyone. Unlike Doom3 (dark and mostly takes place inside, I also love Doom 3/Quake4) FarCry takes you from beautiful tropical islands, to many structures with challenging competition from above average AI. I continue to play and replay this game and Never tire of it. See and play for yourself, but, be prepared to get addicted... The good news, FarCry2 is on the way... the bad news... not until late Oct/2008... Reload and play!!! If you crave action, excitement, and a first person shooter, say no more!...more info
  • Wow. (Crazy) tough at times, but simply awesome.
    This was one of the best games I have purchased to date. The environments are simply stunning and wide open. The majority of the game can be conquered from various approaches and even after 20 large (some huge!) areas, you're still left hungry for more. I could go on and on, but this game is definitely worth grabbing. Considering the deeply discounted price, it's more than worth the money spent....more info
  • After two years, I still install this during the summer...
    This is a fun summer game or anytime of the year game really. I bought this game two yrs ago and I must say it still is my favorite fps game. Ofcourse Medal of Honor series is my favorite aswell. There's not much to add to what past reviewers have already said about this amazing game. It's just flat out a good solid game. ...more info
  • Ok, but way too hard.
    I purchased this game about 2 months ago. Initially I was very happy with it but about midway through it becomes ridiculously hard, even on the easy setting. There are 5 different difficulty levels and even on the easiest I was being killed in 2-3 hits sometimes. To progress through some of the areas you need to rely solely on luck. I don't know where this mentality of making games so realistic came from, but if I'm dying several hundred times in the course of the game, constantly having to fight through the same areas over and over again just to get to the next auto-save point, it is not a good game in my opinion. I was relieved when I finally beat it, I'll never play it again because of the constant frustration of dying in this game. I'm no novice to FPS games either, I've been playing them since Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.

    This game does have it's good points though, the graphics are great, the setting (a chain of tropical islands) is expansive and scenic and the AI is very good.

    So in conclusion, if you don't mind having to die hundreds of times and fight through the same groups of enemies dozens of times hoping to get lucky enough to progress, then this game is for you. ...more info
  • Great til you get so far
    The game is really cool until you get to these things that have cannons on their arms, then everything gets impossibly hard. ...more info
  • Good Game
    Far Cry is an excellent game wich i dont mind playing over and over even though i've beaten it. I find that there are ne areas I can explore and different way to go about accomplishing the missions every time.

    I like the beginnig of the game alot. Around the middle it gets a little muddled down with the Monsters. I know that is an important part of the game but I think they could have been toned down a little. I enjoyed fighting the Mercs much better. I would rather there be fewer monsters and the Merc difficulty level raised and new kinds of mercs to defeat.
    I liked that there were parts where it was more focused on the Mercs after the monsters were introduced.

    The environment is great. I love the tropical island setting and exploing the different areas. That was a big part of what made this game good for me. The environment in Half-Life 2, which I compared to this game mostly as I played them at the same time, was alot more depressing and dull. I supposed they wanted t to look scary but it was ut kind of tiersome after a while. But Far Cry had a great lush environment and it was vibrant. I liked it alot. I can't wait to play Crysis....more info
  • Far Cry--Another Great Shooter
    Hello Everybody!

    Ive heard so much about Far Cry, that I finally had to give it a shot. I was a bit skeptical, and I thought it might be another Half-Life or Chronicles of Riddick: That is, it might be a decent game but not everything it was cracked up to be.

    Well for once, the pundits were right! Far Cry is a real piece of work. The levels are amazing, and its the shooter thats the next best thing to being there. Theyre not just for show either because the different parts of these levels can be effectively used to battle and sneak your way through your missions. It features one suspenseful firefight after another, and when youre not gunning youre using stealth to nail your next victim. I believe this is the only shooter I know of that actually gets stealth right. Theres a seamless blend of action and stealth, and you can easily switch from one to the other to finish the mission.

    Like anything else, Far Cry is by no means perfect. For one thing its HARD! On many of the missions Im loading in the last save point again and again. The fact that you cant save anywhere doesnt help either, and youll probably end up replaying much of these tougher levels ad infinitum. Interestingly enough, the difficulty actually seems rather reasonable, though, and in some sense it actually adds to the games enjoyment because you feel a real high of triumph once youve finally made it through.

    Far Cry also has some technical glitches, and the sound of a weapon sometimes keeps going off after you have killed its former possessor. For some reason I cannot control the sound volume with the control on my keyboard, and even the sliders in the sound options menu wont work properly. Also, the game often locks up when Im in the process of shooting my first grunt which is a real problem when Im in the thick of combat.

    Nevertheless, I must call Far Cry a great game, warts and all. Its good parts are so good that they overshadow the games imperfections. Its been a long time coming for me because the last time I found shooters I thought were great was way back in 2002 when I discovered Aliens v. Predator II and Soldier of Fortune II. Doom III was good, and Half-Life II was very good, but Far Cry really sets a precedent. So move over Unreal and Unreal Tournament, Quake II and Wolfenstein 3Dtheres a new inductee into my personal computer game hall of fame. Far Cry is a great shooter, and someday I might need to say that its the best ever. If I do, then I wont be surprised....more info
  • One of the Best 1st Person Shooters Ever!!
    I remember seeing the game maxed out back in '05, a year after it came out and I had never seen anything like it. The graphics were jaw dropping! I thought that Call of Duty was cool then, but Far Cry totally blew it away with an amazing feel and realistic graphics back then, that are still great today. I got this game 1/2 year ago and I am still playing it!!! Every thing about it is awesome: the graphics are still great today with amazing water effects and jungle environments.The story is a very interesting story with about 5 main characters which are all developed very well with great voice acting. The Enemy AI consists of mercenarys and trigents.There are many different mercs along with scientists, mechanics, and special ops, and the trigents are mutants developed by one of the main characters, Kreager, a scientist with high ambitions and dreams. There is a good selection of weapons to use in the game; you can carry 4 weapons at a time which can get unrealistic when you're carrying the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, M249, and the IOCW, but a good load is the M4 carbine, P90, D-eagle, and the machette. All the guns sound great and realistic. There are also several different granades to use. There are many vehicals that you can use like boats, a buggy, and trucks. There are also helicopters in the game which are usually used by the mercs. The single player Campaign is very long, like 20 hours worth of Game play! with a great variety of missions that take you all over the islands.
    The soundtrack is one of the strong points of the game, as it really immerses you in the game play. For example, you are going through some complex later in the game and the music is very creepy to the point were u sometimes shiver and just wait for a trigent to jump out at you! and then when u are on the beach early in the game the music is calm and relaxing.
    The game is quite challenging. I first beat it on medium and it was pretty hard but I kept playing it and soon I started to get better. I wanted to beat it again. Thankfully, there are 5 different difficulty settings, so I decided to beat it on realistic (the hardest setting) and it was excruciatingly hard! The game is very challenging even for the most experienced gamers. (I would not recommend playing the game on realistic unless u want to beat ur head on a wall through the whole game!)
    I probably got the best experience out of Far Cry that I have gotten out of almost any game I have ever played!
    The only thing I didn't like about the game was its "check point save feature" which was different for me because I was used to the quicksave feature that comes with most games.But the game saves quite regularly so usually when u die it takes just a few minutes or less to get to where u were before u got killed.
    In the end I would have to say that this is definately one of the best FPS Games out there, and if u want a great FPS experience I would definitely recommend this 5 star baby to you. But be warned, this game is M rated for blood, gore, some language and scary images (my little brother had nightmares from it) So if u like FPS games you'll love Far Cry! 5 Stars, Baby!...more info
  • can't save games but it is fun
    Biggest draw back, you cannot save your game, you have to finish a check point. I don't mind so much as some of the other reviewers (and I am a time strapped parent too).
    The graphics are cool BUT the shades and color are unrealistic in many areas (the inside of the carrier, and the caves look fake).

    The AI is neat but the dialogue is stupid!

    I enjoy the weapons and vehicles. I am not finished playing but like the game.
    ...more info
  • New era of First Person Shoters
    Far Cry opened a new era in FPS gaming, with plenty of open spaces vs. the small tunnels we were used to play on in Quake and Unreal clones over the years. It brought a graphic to die for, and amazingly it was running OK on a machine that wasn't your yearly salary. I was playing Quake for years, and didn't want to accept the fact that somebody else can make a FPS that can beat all the competition like Far Cry did to all the games that came on the market in the last few years. Very, very nice, I highly recommend it to everybody. ...more info
    I bought this to blow off steam and, you know, kill a bunch of bad guys on the computer. HOWEVER, this is a checkpoint save game. Cannot play, cannot save when my son wakes up, totally worthless.

    It is obviously a good game, but there is an entire demographic (time-crunched parents) that considers it worthless....more info