Panasonic EW1270AC Portable Oral Irrigator
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Product Description

With the high speed PANASONIC EW1270AC Portable Irrigator your mouth can feel clean and refreshed anywhere, anytime. Strengthens gums by massaging gumlines with just the right amount of pressure Folds down to nearly half its original size for easy cleaning and carrying Fits easily into your bag and packs away without any messy cords or awkward tanks, so you can take the irrigator wherever you go! Power Source - 3V DC or 2 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included) Dimensions (Tank Open) - 8.9H x 1.8W x 2.5D Dimensions (Tank Close) - 5.9H x 1.8W x 2.5D Weight - 7.4 ounces (without batteries)

  • Targets hard to reach parts of the mouth with an arc shaped design that cleans your teeth thoroughly and accurately
  • Removes debris that is hard to reach with a toothbrush or floss
  • Great for cleaning braces
  • 1600 pulses per minute - more power than many corded units, for precise, effective power
  • 165 ml tank capacity

Customer Reviews:

  • great for travelling
    I bought this unit because, in my 40s, I decided to get braces. I travel a lot for business, and wanted to make sure i can keep my braces clean. For those of you who have them, you know what i'm talking about...

    This unit worked well. It is lightweight and collapses to a convenient size, and causes no trouble in security lines at the airport.

    The unit holds enough water to do a full, but fast, pass through your teeth. For me, it is part of a complex brushing ritual, that also includes brushing, flossing, etc, so the amount in the tank works well. Fill, do a pass, go through the rest of the steps, fill again and do another pass.

    I don't know how long the batteries will last, but I've used it around 25 times so far and the batteries are still going strong.

    The water comes out with a good speed and pressure.

    Certainly, I prefer my non-portable water pick, but I am very glad I bought this unit for travel....more info
  • Disappointed
    I was convinced to purchase this item because of the good reviews Ive read about it. The first 2 weeks worked perfectly well but I was so disappointed that on the 3rd week it suddenly stopped working even on new batteries. I'm returning it and will probably get the Waterpik....more info
  • Good product
    Very good product; easy to fill and has good pressure. Time will tell if it's more dependable than the WaterPik portable dental jet. I've had 2 of those that didn't last a year, but I'm very pleased with the Panasonic so far....more info
  • compact oral care
    Perfect travel companion, lightweight and has good cleaning power. Highly recommended for use.Panasonic EW1270AC Portable Oral Irrigator...more info
  • Wonderful product, fast shipment! :)
    This is a quality product, and the sellers quality people! THanks for the smooth transaction! :)...more info
  • Love it
    This product works well and is so easy to use. If I need more water it is easy and quick to fill. This is so much better than my big old waterpik. And it's great for travel....more info
  • This is no "little squirt" -- It really works!
    Panasonic EW1270AC Portable Oral Irrigator

    We have had a few others in the past, but they were too weak to think about taking on a second trip. My wife, who uses a Waterpik electric unit at home at least once a day, just returned from a 4-week trip abroad, and she reported that: (1) this worked great--strong stream, and (2) she did not have to change the battery at all during the entire trip, even with daily use. Five stars to Panasonic on this model. I am leaving in a few days for a short trip, and I will certainly take mine along (I had ordered one for each of us). ...more info
  • Excellent product
    I am very happy with the water pyc. It has a lot of power and cleans really well . I recommend it highly...more info
  • Irrigator
    This is a good oral irrigator that you can take with you on vacation. I recomend though that you use lithium batteries otherwise the alkalines do not last long...more info
  • Been using them for years . . .
    An honest review, from 2 satisfied, long-term customers . . .

    Same as flossing, only different. MUCH better.

    My wife and I have used 5 of these over a 10+ year span (some were an earlier model, round & small). After about 2-3 years of use the motor brushes wear down, and after a few fits and starts a replacement is ordered. Amazon has always had them for $30, so, it costs around $1/month.

    If you have braces or any dental work, you should just flat-out get one.

    The "20 minutes" spec is how long a pair of AA batt's will run the pump at full strength. So, 40 seconds of use each day will run them low in a month or so. You can keep using them, they're just weaker. We recycle batteries.

    I cannot imagine going anywhere without it. I have another at work for use after lunch.

    You'll stand agog, watching 'fresh garbage' tumble into the sink. You don't want this gunk in your mouth; you know what it turns into (and smells like). You just never got to see it up close until now. Whether to refill it or not depends on whether it's still pulling chunks of food out of your mouth. Meat, bacon, popcorn, fish, seeds, nuts, candy, spices, veggies, etc., no longer held in limbo.

    Don't touch the plastic tip directly to your teeth to completely eliminate any scratches. It is considered a 'personal' device, but we both use the same one. 1-year warranty.

    Rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries at 1.2 volts have less 'oomph' -- an Akaline's voltage is 25-30% higher, so the pump works harder. Your choice.

    So, if using alkaline batteries makes it too strong for you to take, switch to rechargeables or some weak alkalines (and NEVER mix battery types). Later, when your gums are healthier, you can step up to a stronger stream. The purpose of the EW1270AC is to clean and strengthen your gums, and I find it does a super job.

    If you'll take my advice for a terrific toothbrush, I prefer the Cybersonic 2 (or #3) Oralcare System Toothbrush ($30 or $50, 110V charging stand, Amazon). We've had 5 of these things over 10+ years (we have a #2 and a #3 right now). Got our first one as a birthday present. I was amazed the first time I used it - got a funky taste in my mouth that got stronger and stronger after 2 minutes of brushing as it pulled off crud that my old toothbrush had left behind. Been using Cybersonics ever since.
    Imagine a powerful tuning fork with an ordinary brush humming on the end. Two fresh snap-on brushes arrive in the mail every 3 months (for $5, which also pays for the warranty coverage). You'll find that ordinary electric toothbrushes cost a lot of $$$ for complicated replacement brushes, so they don't get changed.
    After about 5 years, the internal batteries won't hold much charge, it's sealed watertight so you can't replace them. Your warranty buys you a new one; you pay $10 S&H. For fresh brushes and the cleanest mouth I could possibly have, the two together cost 10 cents/day (with high power Ni-Mh). Cheap. I hope they make both of these for a long, long time.

    We can not imagine going anywhere without both of them (read, they both travel very well on vacations). And my hygenist isn't flirting with me -- my mouth really is very clean. She always hands me a complimentary toothbrush and travel toothpaste, and I always hand the toothbrush back....more info
  • panasonic water pic
    This is a good unit for stay-overs or vacations. The only problem I had was that the water feed tube came off inside the top section. This was easy to fix. I just pushed it back on the nipple. I never had a problem with it again. Well worth the money. ...more info
  • Best oral irrigator bar none
    Not only is this product very well conceived/designed, compact & sturdy, but it works perfectly & can be taken anywhere because it runs on batteries. Bravo Panasonic!...more info
  • Panasonic EW1270AC Portable Oral Irrigator
    I waterpik daily so I use it every time I travel. Note, the picture is of a different (newer?) model but I'm happy with the one they sent me as it is identical to my previous one (left in some hotel bathroom...). Bring extra AA batteries on a long trip....more info
  • Great for a Portable
    As a portable, it's great. Only complaint is that it's not as strong as I'd like it to be. Maybe because I'm using rechargeable NiMH Duracell batteries. From what I understand, they carry a lower voltage (1.2v?) as opposed to disposable alkaline batteries (1.5v)....more info
  • Great travel oral irrigator
    Don't think this will replace your countertop waterpik, but this machine's perfect for travel. I have braces and can't stand the feeling of food stuck in them between meals. This portable irrigator went a full week on a single pair of batteries and a single filling cleaned my braces out quickly. It's not tiny, but well designed to minimize space while not in use.

    I'd highly recommend it for anyone needing this type of travel companion....more info
  • All Benefits, No Problems
    Pefect replacement for standard electric. All you need are rechargeable batteries. Strong pluse, more than adaquet water capacity. Mechanically very sound. Uses minimal battery capacity with each use. Recommend rechargeable batteries, regular batteries are some times weak off shelf....more info
  • Terrific!

    Love it! Appreciate that it runs on batteries instead of having to be recharged. Easy to fill, easy to use, very effective....more info
  • Great product
    This is the second type of oral irrigator I have purchased. The first one was an Oral B, had to be plugged in, and was inoperable after five months. I had a design flaw with the plug-in charge system which allowed the electrical connection to get wet and it became inoperable. The Panasonic is much more user friendly, and since it operates on batteries, is not a pain to have on the sink top. Most importantly, it works very well, has lots of energy to pulsate the water, and I love it!...more info
  • Won't ruin the taste of wine and food after a thorough cleaning!
    This product cleans teeth, gumline and any details in the mouth by strong jet flow of plain water. In terms of cleaning performance, this product is excellent and I have little complaints. It's a simple device with a power on/off switch and no pressure control, but this is adequate. The water jet is strong enough to break and blow away the debris stuck between teeth or, without going to any detail, anywhere for that matter.

    In the way I use it, the strength of this product is that I can thoroughly clean my mouth and teeth with plain water, without using toothpaste or mouthwash. People who are very acute to the flavor of food, wine, beer, tea and other beverages are very much aware that, for full appreciation of the flavor of food and drinks, the mouth has to be absolutely clean, but you can't use toothpaste or mouthwash because these products just ruin the sense of taste so badly for a few hours! But then brushing without toothpaste is not as effective. I always wanted an effective flavorless toothpaste and mouthwash but this product is actually better! Plain water has never before made my mouth this clean and fresh.

    Another way this product is great is when small inflammation breaks out in mouth, especially during the period of high stress or irregular schedules. It leaves unpleasant sense in my mouth, even after prolonged brushing using an electric toothbrush and strong toothpaste. But this irrigator thoroughly jet cleans the inflammatory areas even if it's under the gumline or other hard-to-brush area. It's more thorough than toothpicks and brushing, and takes much less time.

    So far, I've described the performance aspects, and in this regard, this product deserves 5 stars. But the reason why I took one away is because the product design is not quite polished; this product has some inconveniences. It uses 2 AA batteries. I use rechargeable NiMH batteries, but every time I charge, I have to remove the batteries and put them in a charger, while placing a freshly charged pair in the irrigator. This is not as easy as putting the device on a charger like electric toothbrushes. I use this product several times a day, so built-in battery and an induction type charger would make it much easier.

    This irrigator is a bit large in my hand, although making it any smaller would also reduce the capacity of the water reservoir, requiring more water fills during a single cleaning. I might like to see a small countertop design (like Waterpik WP-100) but using rechargeable batteries, so that it is easy to use when traveling or in bathrooms at work.

    Another is that the power on switch is placed in a rather inconvenient location. I would prefer to have a push-on switch rather than a slide switch for the power, because I aim and use bursts of water jet, although user opinion may vary on this one. Another inconvenience is that this device must be held upright in order to make full use of the reservoir capacity. This is because water can't be pumped up when the remaining level is low, unless the irrigator is held upright. These are relatively minor inconveniences, but I believe they are fixable ones.

    Overall, this product is heavier and bulkier than an electric toothbrush, and it's not very ideal for carrying. Perhaps irrigator is much smaller market compared to electric toothbrush, and the product design hasn't been perfected and matched to the user preference yet, but I do hope Panasonic and others continue to improve their products....more info
  • Good product, but a rechargeable battery would have been nice
    Got this after having two waterpics - the large canister w/hose AC driven one, and the portable type. The canister unit finally leaked too badly to use any more, and the portable has loose heads that prevent you from controling the spray effectively. This unit works great and the heads are stable so you can aim at a specific area or tooth. The only downside is it's consumption of batteries. You can buy rechargeables but then you need to pack a charger when you travel. The irrigator breaks down to a nice compact unit for packing....more info
  • Oral Irrigator
    Unit arrived in excellent condition & functions as advertised, however, will upgrade in the future to a unit that develops higher stream pressure....more info
  • Great Product
    I love this little Handi-Dandi Oral Cleaner
    Fast and easy to use!
    Would recommend this product to all who
    like a fresh, clean, relaxing way to finish the day.
    Just enough power to do the job.
    I could never get my Water-pik at the
    right speed it was always to slow or
    to fast..........more info
  • Excellent, but lack of a bigger water reservoir
    The product is excellent but should have a bigge water reservoir.... It's compact and has a very good water pressure....more info
  • New Model Even Better
    I bought my first Panasonic oral irrigator over 5 years ago. It and a replacement I bought served well, but over time were prone to water leakage into the battery compartment. This new model seems to have solved that problem as well as being easier to keep clean and providing a large enough tank capacity to require only one filling per use. It's a winner in my book....more info
  • Battery tooth brush
    This is the best for eithor at home or travel. I will buy another if needed....more info
  • Good Travel Product
    Very good for travel purposes. Water pulsation is strong enough (not quite as strong as Water Pik at full strength, but fine for travel). Need to fill with water twice to do a good job, but that only takes a couple seconds....more info
  • Not too bad - hope someone makes a better one someday!
    I had this for about a year and it finaly broke. One of the troubling things I discovered was that after a while it started to build up mold or alge inside the tank. I discovered this when the pick-up tube fell off and I had to take it apart to re-attach it. I was fairly grossed out at this black ooze but I cleaned it well and put it back together.

    Be aware that taking it apart is not something you can do often as I broke it the next time I tried to clean it. I am however buying another of this same one as it is, sad to say, the only good one on the market. All the other brands are about as cheap and shoddy as they can get...more info
    The device fell off the sink onto the bathroom floor AND BROKE!!!!! The plastic is so brittle it can't take a simple spill. I am very disappointed. My suggestion: KEEP AWAY from this product....more info
  • More then I expected
    I travel frequently and this unit does everything that my larger counter type unit does..........mainly an irragation flossing of my teeth. It contains enough water in its resevoir to do a complete one time flossing without having to refill. The batteries being used twice a day lasts about 10 days. Compact and easy to travel with....more info
  • I Love It!
    This is the handiest little irrigator around. It does a good enough job and is compact and light weight. Easy to fold up and take along on a trip. I've considered getting a second one to keep in my suitcase....more info