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The Simpsons: Hit and Run
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Product Description

The Simpsons Hit & Run is a hilarious mission-based driving that feels like an episode of the TV show!

  • Mission-based driving game featuring the cast of the Simpsons
  • New story and dialogue crafted by writers from The Simpsons television show
  • All character voices supplied by the cast of The Simpsons television show
  • Over 56 missions in 7 huge levels
  • For one or more players

Customer Reviews:

    -before played-

    I have been waiting ever since july for this game to come out on pc. i do not have a game consol, so i could not get it for anything until today. and then circuit city doesn't even have it. nor does best buy, target or wall mart. i got really anoyed, so i just ordered it in hopes that i would get it from amazon. ivesurfed the webs for hours, and i never found damn demo for it. i know u probably think im a pin head because im reviewing this and i havent even played it yet, but i realy think that after hour upon hour of looking at screen shots, watching previews and reading reviews of this game i have a right to review it. ill review the game after i get it so, cya later

    -after played-

    ok now ive played the game and im on the last level. the game is suprisingly fun and pretty realistic (cartoonwise) driving is cool, cause you can make the car spin around. most of the missions are verry easy though. also the bonus game really sux

    you are watching from about 300 feet in the air. one thing that is anoying is that there are really only 3 levels even thought it says 7 they just repeat the same levels and add a few things. it hasn't once crashed on my computer(knock on wood) any way i think its really fun

    p.s. thanx u 3 who said this was a good review before. even i think my review sucked

    by the way i cant type worth crap so don't complain...more info

  • Love The Simpsons, hate this game!
    I'm a diehard Simpsons fan, but this game is just so tedious. My brother in law has this game on XBox, and it played really well, so I bought it for my PC, and it's just bad. The handling is bad, the movements are really jerky, and the missions are impossible! I'm at level 2 and I've already had to skip 80% of the missions just to make it this far! I wish there was the option of choosing a difficulty level and a wider variety of missions. They just seem to repeat, and I get frusterated very easy. If I could, I would return the game and just play it on XBox at my brother in law's house....more info
  • Great game for all Simpsons fans
    Hit and Run is a very fun game for its connection to the simpsons TV show. Some of the cool aspects are the voiceovers. They are done by the actual cast of the showfrom Bart all the way to Hans Moleman. This is a great game that acts like Grand Theft Auto but more cartoonish so children can play as well. Basically you go from Point A to Point B in many missions. You also pick up many coins and cards to progress with the story. coins help you buy the cars and clothing to advance the story along.

    Problems are that in the story, many of the missions become repetitive. You do the same things in every mission. Like follow a truck or get from point a to point b. POlus it gets really dificult after the 4th level. You find yourself not completing the mission and have to keep retrying. what they should have done was make difficulty levels for people. You will find yourself getting angry a lot.

    Hit and Run is a great game for fans of the show, but gameplay needs to be improved. ...more info
    The Simpsons Hit 'n' run is the greatest game ever made! Those people who hate it don't know what their talking about! But their probably just boring, no-brained non-understanding wierdos. The game delivers more laughs per second than the funniest joke in the universe! You go around as your favorite Simpsons character exploring Springfield while trying to save Springfield from a diabolical plot involving strange, camera-using bees thats making the whole town go nuts! And with the original voices of the Simpsons cast you can't go wrong! I wish I could give the game 9(...) stars!!!!...more info
  • Might like it- if it would work
    I can get as far as installing it. Then whenever I try to start it I get DirectX 3D errors. Don't get the PC version if you have a laptop- and even with a desktop, make sure all your audio/video card drivers are up to date- or this game is essentially a $30 coaster. I've uninstalled it and am waiting for Vivendi to release a patch(if they ever will, that is). My brother has a Gamecube, so I bought that version of the game, and It was good. But I never could get this one to work on my laptop....more info
  • Good Game With Only A Couple Of Problems
    This game is by far probably the best video game to be based on The Simpsons, however it does have a few problem areas. The positive aspects include the use of the actual cast members in doing the voices of the characters, this allows the player to feel even more intergrated into the game and the Simpsons universe. The game is actually pretty funny and the gameplay will keep players entertained for hours, even after finishing the main storyline. Despite the several good things about the game, there are some bad points. First and foremost, the cammera can become a player's worst nightmare at points in the game. I have had the cammera turn to face my character several times, when I needed to see what was in front of my character in order to complete the mission. Also, the controls don't always fit the keyboard in the eaisest manner and I might recomend trying the game with a plug-in controller. Finally, my last major qalm with the game is that several of the missions did seem to be of the same basic type, which basically consited of following, smashing, or escaping from some other car/truck/ect. Overall, this is a great game and would find a welcome in the library of any Simpsons fan....more info
  • Simpsony fun, but REALLY cheap level design
    I enjoyed the Simpson-ness of the game, but if it didn't
    have the Simpsons factor the game would not be worth-
    while. The missions are fun at first but become
    tedious and annoying after the 80th time you have to
    try them because you car flies out of control for no
    reason just before you cross the finish line.

    There are some glitches with controlling your character
    on the PC, especially when you are on foot. Also, if
    you take certain shortcuts (which you HAVE to do in
    order to finish some of the missions) all the objects
    around you disappear! This is a pretty cool effect,
    but it makes it impossible to drive if you can't see
    the road beneath you or the buildings beside the road!
    (This might be a PC-only glitch.)

    However, the worst part of the game is the level design.
    Come on! THREE unique levels?!?!?! The other 4 levels
    are just repeats of the first three with slightly
    different missions. OK, the last level is pretty
    cool looking, but it's still just a repeat (and a
    truncated one at that) of level 1.

    The levels are also annoyingly designed; each one is
    essentially a big loop. Most missions require you to
    drive from one end of the loop to the opposite end.
    This gets old really quickly.

    The music, sound effects and voiceover acting are all
    really good. I guess they spent all their money on
    the actors so they didn't have enough left over for
    level design and gameplay....more info

  • A good game for the console lover and Simpsons fan
    Although many attempts to make a Simpsons game have produced merely a mediocre showing, The Simpsons - Hit & Run appears to break the losing streak. A driving game--a la Grand Theft Auto 3--TSH&R requires the player to explore the world of Springfield via a number of vehicles and on foot. Again, just like GTA3, TSH&R is mission-based, requiring the completion of linear goals to advance the gameplay, but an element of freedom is added through non-linear "optional" missions and races, and free-driving between missions. The player may use the free-drive mode to collect coins--scattered about the levels in various forms and which may be required by the missions or simply used to purchase new vehicles and clothing for the characters--to collect repair power-ups to save a damaged car, to find bonus items and unlock secret levels, and to destroy the strange wasp-like cameras central to the game's story. Characters are well-rendered, with the original voice talent providing sound for cut-scenes and in-game quips. It's not exactly high comedy, and the quips become repetitious quickly, but it's not too tiresome for the Simpsons fan. The game's levels are three maps of Springfield, with a few extra bits added for the duplicate levels 4, 5, 6, and 7. A suburban scene, downtown Springfield, and the docks-turned-tourist-trap warehouse district are the primary locales, and each has plenty of Springfield flavor--signs and gags that add to the feel of immersion in a Simpsons episode.

    Gameplay is straight out of a console: typical movement keys with Jump, Kick, and "Action" (to handle things that are NOT a jump nor a kick). Keyboard and mouse work well enough, but the use of a gamepad makes the game much easier and far more natural to play. In-game views are handled by a moving 3rd-person camera which follows the player's character at various distances. Like many new 3-D run and jumps, TSH&R's camera can pan around the character during abrupt changes in direction. You'll find that the camera is often just in the wrong place (things in between your character and the camera, rendering you invisible), and plenty of clipping errors occur in tight spots. Luckily, the camera is moderately adjustable for just those circumstances, though you'll find the camera will stop if it runs into a wall--very frustrating indeed until you get the hang of setting the camera before you enter certain spots.

    Overall, TSH&R is an enjoyable game--a good use of a major license and fun for the Simpsons fan and arcade driver alike. It's not GTA3, but for the money, this game offers a plenty of challenge and fun....more info

  • serious simpson's freak game
    Always somthing new. A little tricky and great hidden items and fun. If you live to watch The Simpson's reruns 3 times a day, this is what you play the other 22.5 hours a day!...more info
  • Very fun
    Finally. You get to explore Springfield, which is reason enough to play this game. It's almost an added bonus that the game is quite fun to play, too. It runs quite smoothly on my machine (Athlon XP1600, 640DDR, GeForce4Ti4200 (128)) and the installation was a snap. I am extremely happy with this purchase....more info
  • Lots of fun
    Ok, imagine a Ned Flanders version of Grand Theft Auto. Well, maybe not that sedate. Go through many missions all tied to the Simpsons story line while driving around Springfield running amok. You destroy everything in your path and get coins redeemable for vehicles, or costumes (check out the Homer mumu!) Cause too much trouble and Springfield's finest will be in hot persuit. In all, a light-hearted, fun game for any Simpsons fan!...more info
  • A shame...
    At first, I could install the game, but I could not play it. I got a message that an error occurred in Simpsons.exe, which seemed utterly ridiculous.
    Then, I upgraded to XP, and I couldn't even install the game! I kept getting an error that I had the "wrong volume" of the CD in the drive. The readme file said that it was because my drives' drivers were out-of-date (even though I could install the game previously). Thus, the game is basically a coaster because thus far, nothing I have done has worked.
    I *have* actually played the game, and it is loads of fun, but I think it is almost criminal that software companies can sell games that do not work....more info
  • Crashes on startup
    The commercials look great; the clips on their site also look fun. It's just too bad I cannot play this game.

    My machine meets the requirements, but the game crashes when I try to start it. Wait for a patch before spending any money on it (assuming, of course, that one will be released)....more info

  • Lots More Fun in Springfield
    Prepare yourself for lots more fun in Springfield. This mission based adventure provides you with hours of fun and entertainment as you investigate missing people, strange hidden cameras and mysterious crops circles.
    The software gives you the opportunity to play as Homer, Bart, Marge etc.

    Get behind the wheel and begin to sort out all those problems.

    ...more info
  • Not Compatable
    I purchased this product for a brand new highest end Dell laptop on the market. When I tried to get this game to install on my computer, it would not work. I called customer support (which was very poor) they told me that there was no laptop on the market that has the video card needed to play this game.

    I can't comment on the game, but DONT BUY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU HAVE A DESKTOP WITH THE SPECIFIED VIDEO CARD. I am very dissapointed....more info

  • SImpsons Hit and Run is the Best Pc game ever!
    The Simpsons Hit and Run Is a INCREDIBLE game! There is so much to do and it's pretty hard to get bored from it no matter how much you play! You can play as Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge! Not much people know about this cheat butt this is what you do. Go to any level and press ESC on the keyboard. After that go to the options screen. After that press down on F1. While pressing F1 use the aroww keys: Down, Down, Left, Right. THis cheat will let you play as any character in the game!!!!!! Sometimes you have to repeat this cheat multiple times and FAST for it to work. Anyway the game is realy fun, it's basically GTA (Grand Theft Auto) only with the simpsons and NO VIOLENCE! THis game is also a special type of game because you can drive around all of Springfield, or walk around! Get in any car you want, go on missions, kick people, enter races, or just go on crazy rampages. In the game there is 7 levels with about 50 missions! There is the town where the Simpsons live, the city, and the dock area witch is like Florida. You should realy buy the Simpsons hit and run. IT is realy worth it!...more info
  • I didn't know before I bought it
    This game does not work with Vista! I have not been able to play it since I bought it! :( I wish someone had wrote about this before I bought it! And seeing that it was my fault I didn't try to return it. I have played the demo of this game and it was very fun!...more info
  • Frikin fun
    I bought the simpsons hit and run 6 years ago and couldnt use it on windows 98 because we did not have a direct x sound card then when we got xp it worked and it was fun the graphics are decent seeing how the tropical sene made me wish it was summer then the cd got destroyed and we got a new computer so i odered it and it has yet to come but it is a fun game and my brother and i went crazy without it over the summer i like the skip option exept for the fact you dont have it on the last 3 missions and i like in the begining menu homers costume coinsides with what holiday it is ex dec 25-27 he was in a santa costume...more info
  • Worst PC game ever!
    Do not, I repeat, do not purchse this game for the PC! You will have trouble installing it, and even if you succeed, the game will most likely lag horribly. After the second level, the game becomes extremely difficult and frustrating. The levels will provide missions with easy tasks but very very annoying obstacles-short time limits, uncontrollable car handling, pedestrians and other objects getting in the way, cops chasing & crashing into you, etc, etc. This game is the worst gaming experiences i have ever had. Wish I could choose zero stars!...more info
  • Quite impressive.
    I was a rabid fan of the Simpsons for about the first 7 years of the series. I have since become a passive viewer. The games released, that were based on the show ,were usually mediocre at best. While the show has always been ingenious, the games never really were. That aside, this game IS ingenious. The real cast voice-overs are incredible. The driving physics are realistic and clean. The various choice of vehicles is nice. The ability to use the mouse (in most situations) is also a very good pc feature. The graphics are also absolutely superb. The game is essentially mission-based, with homer (and others) being sent out to perform certain 'acts' for the family, with an occasionnal stop-off for a random,and mindless, race. The whole city of springfield is included here in a very immersive 3d map that has one surprise after another. Most everything is destructible. But, there are a few things i feel are negative. The 'randomly' placed comments that are thrown in by the characters begin to grate on you after a while. They have a nice supply of phrases to spout, but once they're all said, they lose their edge very quickly. Also, about the mouse controls. While control is very good overall, there are times that they make gameplay more difficult. When you get close to a wall, you tend to 'hug' the wall, rendering the mouse temporarily useless, until he gets 'away' from that wall. Then ,free look returns. That particular problem only raises its' ugly head whenever you're out of the car doing some minor platform gameplay. There is not much of the platform stuff in the game, so it shouldn't deter from anyone's reason to own this. This game is truly too good to pass up. For a simpsons' fan it is paradise. Even for a non-simpsons fan. Easy to learn controls. Very responsive controls. And a truly unique world created by lunatics, make this game a true success. Thank you, MATT GROENING! You are a master of human-tradgedy. ADDED INFO 11/27/03 : I just finished this. WOW! The entire game was fun, and what an interesting twist at the end! I won't give it away, but you get to expierience one of the most beloved episodes of the simpsons series. HINT : It happens only once a year! I love this game even more now, and i WILL be playing it again!...more info
    This is the best game ever invinted! This game is the meaning to life. You can never get bored from, there is always tons of thingfs to do! You can pretend that your in the Mafia, Cop, or robber. Go on missions, drive, walk, run, kick, runover, whatever! You should realy buy this game before it's gone! ...more info
  • Eeeeexcellent!!!
    Action packed easy fun. The game lets you wander through town even if you don't complete your mission. Great graphics and sound effects. Very user friendly....more info
  • A fair game that Simpsons fans will like
    A swarm of robotic bees has invaded Springfield, plus strange black surveillance vans are popping up everywhere. They're taking pictures of everything, from the air, through your windows, and even the girls' locker rooms; and Mayor Quimby demands to see the footage. This irreverent premise sets the stage. You start off as Homer Simpson, looking remarkably like the same Homer from the "Homer in 3D" episode, and perform various tasks usually involving a race against time or another character. For instance, you'll find yourself racing against time to collect all the items you borrowed from Ned Flanders (then loaned out to other people), or you may join Marge in a duel to damage a truck filled with mind-corrupting videogames before it makes it to the local shopping center.

    Some say this game borrows from Grand Theft Auto, but it feels more like Mario Kart. Gold coins are all around and collecting them allows you to purchase different vehicles or outfits. It feels very "console-ish" with only a basic action button and kick button and you're definitely better off driving with a gamepad in hand. Even the mouse provides little use other than to look around. As you progress through the different missions, various sub-missions and bonus missions pop up. Completing these will unlock additional cars which can prove useful, but more likely necessary, later in the game.

    I found the missions themselves to be fun, but some required expert level knowledge of the areas in advance, such as shortcuts or secret paths, in order to be completed in time. What this means is you are frequently subjected to playing a mission, failing it, then retracing your steps to learn the area before starting over, which can get annoying. In addition, the camera tends to get stuck at times, forcing you to step away from a wall or building before your character can be seen again. Finally, while a Simpsons spin is put on each mission, most are simply the same old point A to point B mission over and over again.

    That said, it's not a particularly bad game. All of the original voice actors make the universe faithful to the show, plus it'll run decent on a midrange computer system. Simpsons fans in particular will enjoy the varied cast and landmarks, from Moe's Tavern, to Fat Tony's Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club, to the Jedidiah Smith and Lard Lad statues. In addition, there's 49 collector cards scattered among the levels which will supposedly unlock an Itchy and Scratchy episode once they are all found.

    Hit and Run is not particularly innovative in any area, but it's a good looking game and a quick, escapist diversion with plenty of gags that fans of the series will appreciate.

    Hope the review helped....more info

    This game is very bad when installing it on a laptop. I tried to install it but got error messages and damaged my system. Soon called customer Support , which is a phone number u have to pay for because i live in NY but its in CA, then they couldnt help me and made everything worse. My computer is one month old and has a very very high quality , but this game damaged my laptop and I advise you never buy games from this company....more info
  • Great game!
    I read a lot of reviews here saying that the game was hard, but it really isn't. If anything, true gamers will complain that it's too easy: I only spend about 30 minutes to an hour for each mission instead of 3-5 days for GTA III/Vice City!

    For a grown-up like me, that's perfect: I can do a mission a night without having to stay up 'til dawn! I like the variety of characters and settings, and the non-violent tone throughout the game. However, I'm not quite sure I'd feel comfortable with younger kids playing: you're still driving around like a maniac and running into pedestrians and sometimes trying to ram other cars into oblivion, albeit the gore of many other games, or even Itchy & Scratchy cartoons!...more info

  • Outstanding value.
    Normally, I shy away from new games that only cost $30, but, being a Simpson's fan, I figured at least my 8 year old son might enjoy it. Well, he hasn't gotten a chance to play it yet, becasue it's MINE, all MINE. Seriously, I was just going to try it out yesterday evening. Come 1A.M., I was still playing and loving every minute.

    Great graphics, great character voices, great music, and plenty of fun stuff to interact with. All the characters from the show are here, although you only get to directly control 5 - Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Apu. Most missions are driving based and either earn you money to buy stuff (clothes, cars) or unlock other vehicles to use. In the tradition of GTA3, between missions, you're free to explore Springfield at your leisure - on foot or in your vehicle. Ultimately, as you wreak havoc and mayhem, the police will take notice. The worst they can do to you, however, is take $50 of your money. The areas you have to explore are not as vast as Mafia or GTA3 (what do you expect for $30?), but there's TONS of detail and humorous touches to keep you and your kids entertained for hours.

    Bottom line: Simpson's Hit and Run is a superb game for the money that can truly be enjoyed by all ages....more info