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Product Description

The PC to Video EZ is a one-piece PC-to-TV converter recommended for presentations, computer gaming, and Internet browsing on TV.

  • 1-piece external VGA-to-video converter
  • Converts VGA resolutions up to 1024x768 into S-VHS, composite, or RF modulator required
  • Supports screen size overscan/underscan
  • Requires no software & no external power supply
  • Portable & easy to useSystem requirements:

Customer Reviews:

  • Bad time consumer and teaser!!!
    This device looks good but is a waste of time.Once you plug everything up,
    you think you're ready to have fun.
    You'll begin trying different avenues for a solution but will get nowhere.
    For me,the sound works crisp and clear but the images show up shaking as you watch them.I think the problem is the VGA cord....more info
  • EXTREMELY Blurry
    I hooked this product up to a projector after reading reviews that it was fine. It is impossible to read ANYTHING with this converter. You can watch a video, but you won't see any details. To make sure it wasn't the projector, I tried it on a standard tv, same problem.

    Also, it supports very few resolutions for a laptop, put in the money and buy something of better quality....more info
  • Great for handling Media chores
    Absolutely worth it! Running video from a Media Center computer to a projector is clearer AND easier. Switching is also much easier. Also, running S-Video from the E-Book PC to Video back to the Media Center makes screen captures better and easier....more info
  • Great product. Know what to expect.
    I got one of these around the first of '08. I am very happy with it.
    Computer monitors have much highwer resolution than Televisions, do not expect text to be clear on a TV, whether you use a video card with TV out or an external box like this.
    High resolution games might also suffer.
    An advantage is that this won't slow your computer, I have an old 350Mhz P2 and fancy video drivers were too much for it, they made video play all jerky, like a cellphone video, but with native VGA drivers it was smooth.
    The only weakness in the product is that you cannot resize the picture very much. I tried it on 2 TVs, on 1 the picture was a little too tall; On the other a little too wide, but it was only slightly off of full screen coverage.
    More expensive units have more control of picture size.
    They also have higher resolutions, but that will not make text clearer on a TV, in fact a higher res makes everything smaller, so text looks worse.
    A great product at a great price....more info
  • Not So Great
    going on reviews of this product..I purchased one.
    I have a Dell Vostro 1000......and have spent the last 3 and 1/2 hrs trying to get this to work. All Im getting is a BLACK screen. Ive called my Dell dealer twice..and still Nadda'...So I either take it in to get it to work or send it back....very disapointed
    So far its no more then a lesson in frustration....
    ...more info
  • Excelent and useful.
    This is a good equipment. Even when its design is not the best (because it seems pretty rought) it's so useful. I bought it because my laptop came without TV OUT, and it has been very useful. It gives you opportunity to TV/MONITOR OUT any PC equipment you could have and it's powered through the USB, just perfect!...more info
  • Works as expected
    used on an old laptop with VGA out. works as expected. fairly good image quality (on a poor 23' TV). Noticed some horizontal bands but not sure if that's a device, cable or TV problem.... there are a lot of other cables and potential interference around my TV!...more info
  • This adapter works so well that I couldn't help but write a review.
    Normally I don't bother to write reviews for electronics, but this adapter turned out to be so useful as to deserve my brief praise.

    As far as the standard package concerns, you'll actually get the VGA, RCA, and S-Video cables along with the adapter. I found that the S-Video cable produced scratchy imaging, but luckily the yellow RCA did a PERFECT job instead, so even when one didn't work, I was able to fall back on the other - 'still a five star adapter.

    Occasionally I do have to press the "Size" button twice to get the TV to produce desireable results, but this is a small issue, and it fails to outweigh the awesomeness of being able to operate a PC over my TV set at any time, 24/7.

    Once you plug the adapter in, expect to change the screen resolution from your PC - I recommend 640 x 480 resolution despite that it's not generous (any higher than that, and I have to put on glasses). You'll still be able to run software that demands a higher resolution. This is a sort of product that, even if you run into technical issues, there's probably a quick fix around them.

    Otherwise, this adapter does a perfect job of bringing the PC to the world of television. If you have a PC that you feel tempted to throw out, don't do it - get the adapter and make the most of your software.

    JOIN THIS MOVEMENT!!! YEEEEAH!!!...more info
  • Easy to Use, but Difficult to See
    I purchased this for use with the Netflix "Watch Now" feature. I figured I would watch movies on my regular TV using this device. I was able to get it up and running with no problems, and was watching a movie on my TV within minutes.

    However, I no longer use this device, and simply watch internet movies on my laptop screen or a PC monitor. Why? Because the screen is so dark that any scene that is not in broad daylight is difficult to see and follow. I tried every possible resolution and setting to see better, but nothing helped.

    It's a good idea, and a good design, but ultimately an unusable product.

    ...more info
  • Easy-to-use and works to use your computer with your TV with low resolution
    This is great if you want to just use your TV as your computer screen at fairly low resolution (800x600 is the highest I'd use for a 32" even though it supports greater). If you want to have fantasic resolution, this is not what you want (instead you should buy a media-center type computer or a graphics card that has tv-out). There is some definitely fuzzyness, but I don't mind, being a child of the 1970's and 80's - I have seen much worse. I had been searching for something cheap so I could hook a computer up to the TV and use it to play music and some games (note it doesn't do audio- you just have to plug the audio stuff up directly from your computer to your TV possibly through your VCR or in my case an RCA audio/video switch). I just had to plug it up and it worked without any configuration. It is powered by USB that hooks into the computer- so make sure your computer has a USB port. The device doesn't look like the picture shown here. It is a small silver box (roughly 5"x2"x1") that comes with all of the plugs you need.

    A word of warning, if you are trying to hook your computer up to your TV don't do what I did the first time and by a simple adapter of VGA to s-video/rca video output. It was $5 so I said what the heck, but learned later (by experience and reading on the web) that adapter won't work unless you hook it to a video card that already supports TV-out and have that card output at a TV resolution (and the whole point of getting it was because I didn't have a video card that had tv-out! So instead, just either buy a video card with tv-out or a device like this.

    Another note, if you go the video card route, be careful. I almost bought one, but saw that it needed at least a 250W power supply. I was using an old low profile PC with 90W power supply, so that wouldn't have worked....more info