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Tony Hawk Underground
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Product Description

Tony Hawk's Underground takes the action of Tony Hawk Pro Skater and brings it to the underground, where skateboarding started!

  • explore 9 expansive levels on foot or jump on a motorcycle, BMX bike or go kart and go for a joy ride
  • design and naming your own original tricks through the all new Create a Trick
  • Or create bigger parks and include your own goals in the expanded Skate Park Editor
  • Go online and share your new tricks & parks with friends -- or get new games, stats and online rankings
  • The advanced gameplay of Tony Hawk games, combined with the freedom & originality of real street skating!

Customer Reviews:

  • By Far The Best Tony Hawk Game~~!!!
    Tony Hawk's Underground is in my opinion, the very best Tony Hawk game so far!

    Gameplay - You can start off as a pre-made skater such as Tony Hawk himself, Bob Burnquist and others.. or you can use the famous Create-A-Skater mode. I always loved using the create-a-skater mode to make my totally awesome skater that looked just the way I wanted. You can costumize anything about the skater including tatoos, height, and weight. You can even import your own image of your face and paste it right onto your skater's! Another customization thing I love about this game is that you're able to customize your board too. Choose what images you want from a list. Have up to 4 layers of stuff on there. Even letters! After you've finished with your character..start the game! They've incorporated a great story mode in this version where the game actually has a storyline, unlike thps 1-4 where you just complete stuff on a list. And guess what? NO MORE FINDING "SKATE" LETTERS! YAY!! You can also FINALLY get off your board and walk/run around..and even drive some cars. Anway,you start off in New Jersey with your best friend, and you're fixing up your board. You friend shows up and tells you that Chad Muska is doin' a demo right in your town and you 2 are gonna go watch. The actual story starts here.
    Other levels inlcude Hawaii, Moscow, and Hotter Than Hell w/ the band KISS.

    Graphics - Great. Definitely what is expected of the PS2 console. Everything is realistic, from character movements to the interactive environment around you. Although the faces of the other skaters could have been's stll very nice.

    Sound - AWESOME SOUNDTRACK, PERIOD. Everything from NOFX to In Flames to Rap. Character voices are awesome too. REAL voices from Tony Hawk, Chad Muska..etc.

    Replay Value - Decent. 3 different difficulty levels to choose from (Too Easy, Normal, Sick), and as each different diff. level is chosen, some goals change to become harder/easier. And the create-a-skater never gets old. My friend's guy had a green paper bag on his head. :-)

    This game gets a definite 2 thumbs up from me! Well worth the money!...more info

  • An awesome skate adventure
    The coolest skating game yet,you start playing and stop until you beat some levels.Superb,fantastic,great,cool,awesome....more info
  • Too glitchy
    This game sucks!! Too many glitches in moon gravity and the game is too easy even in Sick mode!! And since when does Bam Margera have his hat on forever!!
    And how can Eric trick all those people that he did the McTwist when your skater can be a female?!!
    Overall not a bad game but needs improvement. ...more info
    I've been reading through these game reviews and people are talkin about this game as if it was the same old thing. But I have played this game to the max. every one thinks its about being a no good no gooder. but i think people are misjudjing it. like even i thought it was gonna be a bad person thing. but i was proved wrong. i think this game teches wannabes the good times and hard things it takes to become a pro skater. so get yo lazy self off the net and go buy this game and sit yo lazy self on the couch and pop this game in and enjoi!...more info
  • This game is siick.
    This game is by far the siickest skating game out there. I was impressed when THPS came out, and have been more and more impressed with each THPS as they come out. I absolutely love the new multiplayer games like Firefight & features, including getting off your deck, driving cars and of course, Story Mode. This game is (in my opinion) easier than the others in the THPS series, but I still enjoyed playing every minute of it....more info
    T.H.U.G is a good game. Heres the reasons you should buy it.

    *Story Mode is awsome= Face map your face
    *Create a park=Brand new stuff. Buildings,docks,CARS
    *CReate a move
    *Online play
    *Get off your board
    *Choose time

    *Never found out how to change time sept in own park
    *Sick mode is hard.(for me atleast)
    *Too easy if not on sick mode(sept some)

    Gameplay 9/10

    Sound 10/10 100000000000000/0.0000000000000001 if you like KISS

    Graphics 9/10 Glitches

    Overall 1000000000000/1000000000000...more info

  • Hmmmm
    I don't know. The story mode is a good idea, but it's way too short. The create a skater is too limited (as always). Some of the missions when playing in 'sick' mode are impossible. I sat there for 3 hours trying to do one goal and couldnt do it. It gets really frustrating. Now the good things. More tricks, beter graphics, more pros, story mode, gameplay,soundtrack....more info
  • Much to short!
    I got this game as a three-day rental. During this period of time I managed to completely beat this game! There is something very wrong about that because if you ask anyone I know you will find out that I am not good at video games at all. I mean I own almost every Final Fantasy and I have not beaten any of them yet! I know I'll get around to eventually. Maybe its not that I suck, maybe its just that I don't try. Well, that's what I think and I'm sticking with that excuse! Half way through the game I felt, wow! This is the greatest Tony Hawk game yet, and for fun factor it is! But its way to short and I was sad to see it end! THPS 4 were much longer and much harder to get done 100% so no matter how fun this game was, it was an overall disappointment. Hey, short like most of my reviews! HAHAHA! But I like my reviews the way they are, maybe that's how Neversoft felt about this game. Or maybe they were short on time. You should rent it right away, but you probably won't want to buy it.

    You do get School 2 from THPS 2, that awesome!
    ...more info
  • Unbelieveable.
    This game truley is unbelieveable. That's coming from a non-gamer. I spend maybe 10 hours all together a month on video games. That is, until Underground. This game kicks major ass. I am not many games, but when my brother (THE NON SKATEBOARDER) got the game and was playing it, I picked up the controler too.

    My character is sponcered by Flip and I haven't even gotten that far, but I am still so in love with the game. Did I mention, I'm a GIRL!? Most females don't play the cool games, and truthfully they have no clue. While they are playing with their hair and makeup, I'm kicking major video game ass....more info

  • Best Skateboarding Game!
    In this game you start out as a kid in New Jersey who wants to become a pro skateboarder. You and your friend Eric meet Chad Muska at the beginning at a demo. You and Eric then escape the drug dealers by going to New York. You later go to many other places including: Tampa, Hawaii, Russia, and many other places.

    In this game, if you win at the Tampa Am Contest, you can get sponsored by one of the major skateboarding companies (Element, Zero, Birdhouse, Girl, Flip, etc...)
    Eric will join the same team as you. Later in the game you can get sponsored by a Shoe Company also.

    As you go through the game you try to teach Eric how skateboarding is all in the fun and not about money, but greedy Eric keeps blowing you off, you'll show him in the end lol.

    This game brings something new into the Tony Hawk series, in this one you can choose what type of gameplay you want (Too Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Sick) (I believe those are the types you can choose from.) You can also walk around, drive, and climb in this game.

    The gameplay in this game is very similar to THPS 4. You still ride up to people and press circle to do the objectives.

    If you find the secret floating logo (or something) you can unlock the level: "School 2" from THPS 2 Hint: It's in New Jersey on the wall of the Train Station.

    Just like in the other THPS games you can build your own skateparks as well.

    This was my favorite Tony Hawk game!

    A definite 5/5 for this one.....It was a little easy to beat though...(Beat it in 2 Days on Normal, and 6 hours on Too Easy)...more info
  • A new one but number 2 is out so...
    before i heard of red faction 2 this was the best game. now tis second best. well anyways i like the create a sk8-er stuff that they added. I like making an insanely weird guy and then tricking him out. But overall, i am the master of this game. No one could beat me. codes or no codes. i am the master.but i reccomend this. i have not tried #2 yet so i can't say which is better. but this is pretty fun....more info
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG!!!! Im in LOVE with this game!!!!! its sooooo much fun!!! The graphics could be better......its still sooooooo much fun!!! BUY IT!! ASAP1!!! (((coming from a 14 yr old))...more info
  • Best thing to happen to a Hawk game since... Hawk!
    When you first boot this game up, it seems like it will be just another one of the near-identical-yet-somehow-great-every-time Tony Hawk games. But if you delve deeper than the main menu (which you undoubtedly will),you will find many significant upgrades to the definitly-getting-old Tony Hawk series.

    The good:
    Some very bold acts have been taken in the newest rendition of the Hawk series, from the inclusion of many different controllable vehicles, to the ability to get off your skateboard and run around in the levels. But perhaps the biggest difference is the mega-fun Story Mode. It turns out to be very interesting, instead of a gimmick like I thought it would be, with much needed additions such as cut scenes, and actual characters.

    Another plus is it's overhauled Create-A-Park Mode. While it remains nearly the same as it was in previous Hawk games, it also has plenty of new items and additions to keep it interesting, and its so easy to create a goal, that this Create-A-Park mode makes it into my favorite-things-to-do list in this game.

    The bad:
    Oh, but this game is not all wonderful. As you will see in this section, there are also many flaws in this game.
    The first one is the cars. Just because you can drive cars doesn't mean you'll have a great time doing it. You see, since this game was developed as a skateboarding game, it's physics just aren't suited for driving cars. As your car leaves the ramp when going off a jump, it seems as though it has just entered a zero-gravity zone, which is fine if you're catching big air on a skateboard, but isn't OK if you happen to be driving a car, since it slows you down a lot. It also seems like kind of a gimmick, because the steering is stiff, and in many instances it just doesn't turn quick enough or sharp enough.
    Another annoying plague is the camera while in walk mode. You have to constantly keep readjusting it to be able to see in front of you.

    And the ugly:
    The ugly would be the people that you place around parks in Create-A-Goal mode so you can talk to them to activate a goal. The game randomly selects 1 of 2 dudes that look like rejects for the default character design selected when you enter story mode.

    All things considered, this is still a great game even with the minor faults, and deserves a place in any Plastation 2 owners' library of games.

    +Great graphics
    +You can walk!...
    -...With a bad camera
    +There are vehicles...
    -That control as though you're driving in pudding...
    -...And feel gimmicky
    +Story Mode Rocks!
    +Hard not to like the Create-
    A-Park and Create-A-Goal editors
    -Hard to like the characters Create-A-Goal gives you
    +Same old Hawk formula
    -Same old Hawk formula
    +Great trick system...more info
  • THUG review
    Tony Hawk Underground is definately a game that will keep your interest. With many levels, and an adventurous story, it is far from dull. Help Tony Hawk go from the life of living on the streets with dangerous dealers, to becoming the most famous skateboarder known. So create a player, and begin your adventure....more info
  • dude this game is awsome
  • Tony
    This game when you first start it is awsome how your guy works with the story moded is awsome. But after 4 times playing the entire story it gets boring. But still it is an awsome game while it lasts!...more info
  • TYTE
    dis game is tyte, but it is easy even in impossible mode. I beat it in 2 weeks. Better than the 2,3, and 4 THPS. 1 is a classic and my favorit. THug is great wit tons of head 2 head games. Also it has gene simmons, Iron Man, and That thing that etes the skater. THUG 2 should be harder!...more info
  • The story of my life!
    When i first started playing this game it was awesome, you've this friend that skates with you, just a "true" friendship, after a while you can see that this so called "friend" only wants to compete with you and well... you've to play the game 'cause i won't spoil it for you, but the thing is that it just like my life, just without the skateboard, careful kids there is people in real life like the so called friend in this game.

    The game is simply awesome, great graphics, great music (as ever has been in any TH game), an incredibly rich and attracting story line, it's like you cannot stop playing this game when you start. The only thing is that after you finish the story mode, well, that's it, you can replay the game in sick mode and unlock another character, but the thing is that if like the TH series you have to play this game and to fully enjoy the TH underground 2 is good that you've beated this game so you can really enjoy the australian escenario.

    You like TH games? this is it, another step on the ladder.

    You've never played a Tony Hawk game before, this is a great starting point, 'cause you'll learn from zero and the story pushes you to go on. This game doesn't have the impossible tasks that has THPS 3 or 4 and it can take a while before you beat it if you aren't a master of the skateboard (Well there is no impossible task in these games after you've mastered your techniche, oh well, i found and impossible task to beat one or two guys that play over the net and make 6 to 8 million points in a trick attack game).

    And of course you can play over the net without paying a monthly fee....more info
  • Not the best, but 1 of the games I play most often.
    Good camera angles, but some of the stunts are impossible. Great customs for a created character. One thing I like about this game is if you get an online adapter you can host, and join in games. You can also put your own face in the game by taking a picture of yourself with a Digital Camera. I would rent the game before buying it....more info
  • Tony Hawk Undergound - As good as they claim?
    My first opinion after recieving the game for Christmas was "Oooh, look at the pretty graphics". The graphics are much better in this game than all of the previous versions.

    Though the graphics are nicer, it comes at a cost. The Tony Hawk game that took hours and hours to beat before can now be completed beaten within the first hour and a half - two hours after opening the game. The challenges are fun, don't get me wrong, but they are far too easy. I was expecting this one to be just as dificult..if not more than all of the other version, but it's easier than Tony Hawk 1 and it takes a fraction of the time to complete.

    If you're looking for a game that takes time and skill, this is not the game for you. I would get the earlier versions if you haven't got them, but don't waste your money on this one....more info

  • WOW.....GET IT
    wow.....tony hawk underground is an awesome game for the ps2 for skateboarding fans..its alot better than the first 4 and now you have the element to get off your board unlike the rest of the go from a nobody to a somebody...this actually has a story line to even has a create-a-trick mode...i would definetly reccomend T.H.U.G.(Tony Hawk Underground) to any who wants some good skateboarding video game time.......more info
  • This is a really good game
    Review done by Hunter (8 years old): I like it because I'm into skateboarding and because I like to see all of the tricks. I think it is cool when blood shoots out. I like it when he grinds. I like getting lots of points grinding....more info
  • T.H.U.G= DA BOMB
    T.H.U.G takes skateboarding to a whole new level.I was syched by the story mode,it's as if you were in the game.I bought all the other Tony Hawk games, but nothing compares to this.I thought it was tight how they added cars,that u can drive and not get ran over by,and how your skater can get off their board.Actavision and Neversoft rocks!!!Peace Out!!!...more info
  • this game is a 3.5 Fair game
    i know everyone's first thought about this game:anotherrr tony hawkk game. IT is. But this 1 is better than th4. ThUg is one of those games you can't put down at first, but you may only play it 1 or 2 more times after you beat it.

    Descripition:You make a customized character[a punk] from the streets of NJ. You start off by doing small tasks like walking the dog to collecting garbage. But as the game progresses you could find your self doin mactwists off buildings. Where you end up is your decison

    this game also adds a multiplayer mode: fire in this mode you fire fireballs at your opponent[vis-versa] until one of you dies

    1-5 scale 5 being best-1 being worst
    Replay value:2
    Overall:3.5...more info

  • This Is the BEST Video Game I've Played thus far!
    I LOVE T.H.U.G! It starts out when you are a lying skate rat, but later you turn superstar. If you like the T.H. franchise, you will love this game. You can get off your skateboard, chat with peds, make your own tricks, levels, decks and goals. It's your game. You have a pal named Eric. (Spoiler: He later becomes your enemy and there is a goal where you have to beat him.) The story campaign is fun. I beat the whole thing in a few days. You can also drive cars! I like the car in the New York level. You learn special tricks from pros like Muska and Mike V. Now I'll rate the levels.

    New Jersey
    This level is fun. The car makes THUG look a little like Ridge Racer, but that's a good thing. I like the Train Station the most. 3/5

    New York
    This level is is great! The car is thrashed but I like it. This level has some tight spots like the Brooklyn Banks and 78 Water St. 4/5

    This level is the most illegal of the lot. Complete with a strip club and a Police Car to jack. 3/5

    San Diego
    This level is plain. The gardener's kart is cool, but San Diego is the only level I do not like. :-( 2/5

    I like the insane hotel jump and the old pickup. The scary tiki heads are pretty cool. 4/5

    Vancouver, Canada
    I like the limo you can drive. Also the hotel is pretty awesome. 4/5

    The Russian sedan is OK, and I like Saint Basil's but everthing else is a little plain. 2/5

    Bonus Level: KISS Concert
    I like the prked airplanes and the baja kart. This Level is cool. But I especially like the KISS concert. 4/5

    Ok, if you liked my review, you will love Tony Hawk Underground. Bye!

    ...more info
  • Tony Hawk ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love this game. THe goals are very cool. THe only bad thing is Story Mode is very short. But it has a lot of replay value because when you beat the game you can go back to like Manhatten and climb on top of buildings. This is the first TOny Hawk when you can do 2-player FIreFight mode. I love Firefight.Overall this game is one of the favorite games I own.{I own a lot of games by the way}....more info
  • T.H.U.G
    This game is similar to the first few ones but with much more tricks,levels and skaters you can create or choose its no wonder this game is going fast. In this game you go from being a unknown skater in your home town of New Jersey to making it big in the future level to Hawaii or Moscow. Meet the pros along the way including Chad Muska and of course Tony Hawk. Along side you best friend Eric and duck tape skateboard you'll start to make it big in no time but only if you can pull the big tricks under pressure...more info
  • Tony Hawk Rules!
    This is a great game! if you are wondering in the story mode,
    what levels will this have then well, today is your lucky day!

    New Jersey, The house are great for jumping! your hometown. 8/10
    Manhattan, the so-called city that never sleeps! great spots 9/10
    Tampa, The illegal level in story mode! it has a strip club 7/10
    San Diego, this is two times larger than your normal levels 10/10
    Hawaii, No Info available
    Vancouver, saw good pictures of it on internet! 10/10
    Moscow, Sorry!
    Hotter than Hades, no idea!

    While constructing his face, I put a Russia hat and Night Vision
    Goggles and I got past the hardest level! Tampa,try it but this
    is a must buy but you probalby need to be 9/20 years of ages be-
    cause the half-naked ladies and strong language!...more info
  • T.H.U.G.
    BEST GAME EVER!!!....WORTH THE $ TO BUY IT!!!......more info
  • 4.5 stars if I could
    I love this game it has some tight elements to it yknow, it is different to the others in the series well cause there is some new things; like being able to get off your board, run, climb and walk around the levels.

    There is the usual characters with the exception of Caballero and Steamer and the addition of Arto saari and Paul Rodriguez who are new. I'll just tell you who there is:Hawk, Burnquist, campbell, mullen, rowley, rodrigiuez, saari, thomas, reynolds, muska, bam & Ironman and some other unlockables.

    The story mode is easy even on hard. It starts in NJ your Hometown where you learn basic stuff and get to create a skater for the mode. You have a friend called Eric who you become enemies with later. You run from the dealers who capture Eric and go to the next level Manhattan in NYC where you have to get sponsored then to Tampa where you do the Tampa AM if you and when you win you go to Diego to meet the team leader a fat guy called Todd, no matter what team you pick it don't make no difference after that you go to Hawaai where you do a crazy stunt off the hotle top. Then to Vancouver for Slam City jam when you win off to Moscow for some reason. Then after you go back to NJ where you face off with Eric (your rival now) and have to do his line which is mega hard, oh and before that you have to make a team of pros and make a video. You have finished.

    The levels now

    new Jersey:Not much to skate except the Train station and the pool 3/5
    Manhattan: great level with many tight spots to skate 5/5
    tampa: some good spots but not many 4/5
    san diego; not much in this level 2/5
    Hawaai: Good for jumping off the hotel and doing mad tricks
    Vancouver: My Favorite level for some reason it really good 5/5
    Slam City jam: A big skate park good 4/5
    Moscow: soem good spots 3.5/5#
    Bonus level: Hotter than hell: a kiss concert 1.5/5-it is a boring level

    Thats the game- but check da tricks and movies. Buy if ya liek skate games...more info
    Well....were to start. First I will give you an overview of the game.
    Your a punk skater. What to do? BECOME A STAR BABY. In this game your a no body skater trying to make it to the big time with people like Tony Hawk and Bam Margera. Drive, walk, wall plant, MicTwist over a chopper. This is what is ready for you with this game. Next I will go through the pros and cons!

    Well theres some many. First, YOU CAN GET OFF YOUR BOARD! Unlike any Tony Hawk game before you can walk around the massive levels. Tap L1+R1 to hop off your board. You can now walk up ramps, steps and what not. This is usefull for getting longer lines and for getting to those hard to reach spots.

    Next...story mode. You map your face in the game to take your self from no body to some body. There a real story here. Its kinda corny some times but thats rare. Im not going to give any thing away. Play it your self.

    Finnaly...YOU MAKE THE GAME! You can create you own skaters, parks, trickes, goals and decks. Do like the stuff in the game? Make your own. Were does the skate letters go? You chose. Were should the combo letters be done at? You pick. Hate the tricks? Make your own. Put spins, flips and more ito your own trick.

    You knew thse were coming! Well letts get it over with.(Dont worry not many of these)

    Some of the goals are HARD! Im not really complaing though. Just really hard for new people. Also not all of the pros do voice work for the game. I would have like to meet them all in the game...:(
    Well thats all of them(for me at least)

    Fun factor------10/10
    Replay Value----9/10
    Music/sound-----7/10(1000000000/10 if you like KISS)
    Learning curve--Hard(kinda)...more info

  • A Great game, but lacks things
    I like that you can do your own career, but you can't choose yes or no, good or evil! It is pretty cool that you can create a park, but the create a trick is not so good. The career is good, but disapointingly short. Yet I do recommend you get this game....more info