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A Roman general is reduced to slavery as a gladiator when he suspects the new emperor of killing the beloved old emperor to gain power prematurely.
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Street Release Date: 01/17/2006

A big-budget summer epic with money to burn and a scale worthy of its golden Hollywood predecessors, Ridley Scott's Gladiator is a rousing, grisly, action-packed epic that takes moviemaking back to the Roman Empire via computer-generated visual effects. While not as fluid as the computer work done for, say, Titanic, it's an impressive achievement that will leave you marveling at the glory that was Rome, when you're not marveling at the glory that is Russell Crowe. Starring as the heroic general Maximus, Crowe firmly cements his star status both in terms of screen presence and acting chops, carrying the film on his decidedly non-computer-generated shoulders as he goes from brave general to wounded fugitive to stoic slave to gladiator hero. Gladiator's plot is a whirlwind of faux-Shakespearean machinations of death, betrayal, power plays, and secret identities (with lots of faux-Shakespearean dialogue ladled on to keep the proceedings appropriately "classical"), but it's all briskly shot, edited, and paced with a contemporary sensibility. Even the action scenes, somewhat muted but graphic in terms of implied violence and liberal bloodletting, are shot with a veracity that brings to mind--believe it or not--Saving Private Ryan, even if everyone is wearing a toga. As Crowe's nemesis, the evil emperor Commodus, Joaquin Phoenix chews scenery with authority, whether he's damning Maximus's popularity with the Roman mobs or lusting after his sister Lucilla (beautiful but distant Connie Nielsen); Oliver Reed, in his last role, hits the perfect notes of camp and gravitas as the slave owner who rescues Maximus from death and turns him into a coliseum star. Director Scott's visual flair is abundantly in evidence, with breathtaking shots and beautiful (albeit digital) landscapes, but it's Crowe's star power that will keep you in thrall--he's a true gladiator, worthy of his legendary status. Hail the conquering hero! --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • Powerful Movie That Just Takes You Out Of Your Seat!
    I think that this movie is by far one of the greatest movies Russel Crowe has done. His performance is excellent and the storyline just moved me. It was great how a man who was once a General leading the Roman Empire to victory could become a slave and forgotten. Then return as a Gladiator and steal the hearts of the Roman Empire once again.

    The ending is moving but he is home with his family! The Best!...more info
  • Gladiator
    I was pleased with the quality and promptness of my purchase. It was a good buy....more info
  • Greatly Overrated
    This movie got rave reviews for some reason that I can't quite figure out. Sure it's been too long since Hollywood produced an epic tale set in ancient Rome, but that doesn't mean when they finally do it's a great movie. This one was alright but nothing fantastic. The basic lesson of the film is that vengeance is sweet - at any cost. While such a theme, like real vengeance, seams satisfying, in the long run it leaves one empty and unfulfilled.

    The acting was excellent, the character development good, and the plot twists kept it interesting. Frankly though, I hated the ending. Not only for the reason previously stated, but because it missed the chance for a truly great and fitting ending.

    I like historical fiction. But one of the ground rules for historical fiction is that there is liberty for the fictional characters interact with history, but it's a major no-no to change history itself. The ending of the movie does just that. Anyone with a h.s. education can pick up a history book and see that the Emperor Commodus doesn't die in the arena, he dies in the "commode" where he was hiding from a palace coup. This was a more fitting end to one of history's true rascals than the one presented in the movie. ...more info
  • Zulus in the Teutoburger Wald?
    This movie lost all credibility, and me, after the first battle scene between the Romans and the Germans when the Germans were chanting in Zulu.

    I'm pretty sure that whoever did the sound editing on this film was high when they inserted that little gem.

    It sounded great at Rourkes Drift*, but really stupid in the German forest.

    I assumed that from that point onward the film would go downhill accordingly...and I was not disappointed.

    * The movie was "Zulu" with Michael Caine, Stanley Baker and Jack Hawkins....more info
  • Great Movie Better Characterization
    This is a great movie to watch, and the extra footage helps a lot to develop more character relationships, although the action is pretty much the same (I didn't notice any difference in the action secuencies from the original release). The extra features are a real jewel, they let you into the world of Ancient Rome and the world of the movie. It's a great addition to any collection. Highest possible recommendation....more info
  • Not as good as I remembered
    This movie is not as good as I remembered it being in the theater. Maybe I am just tired of Russell Crowe. ...more info
  • EASILY a top 10 movie favorite
    This is an amazing movie. All the actors did a stunning job of immersing you into the story. You feel so connected to the main character.

    This movie is on my top 10 favorite movies.

    if you havn't seen this movie, BUY IT !...more info
  • Will never be released
    Paramount is now releasing only on HD DVD, therefore this release will never be available. Get the HD DVD Version if you wan't Gladiator in High Definition....more info
  • Historically Amusing
    Great tale of a Roman general, Maximus, who under dire circumstances is forced to become a gladiator. He antagonizes emperor Commodus and there is a kind of rivalry between the two throughout the whole movie. It is a heart wrenching tale of one man's struggle to survive against all odds with the only thing keeping him going is his hope for revenge against the one man that destroyed his life. The historical accuracy of the movie is amazingly good in reference to how the Colosseum was composed and some of the methods of fighting. Of course as in all other movies everything is dramatized to fit entertainment value but even with that Gladiator is a striking example of ancient Roman construct. ...more info
  • Great Everything
    I cannot fault this transaction in any way.
    Prompt delivery, Good Quality, Good follow up.
    A pleasure to business with.
    We particularly liked the great detail the producers explained in how they achieved such realism in this EPIC production.
    This is a ONE of a KIND movie.
    They even show you how they did it!
    Amazing and true dedication to their art.
    Five Stars all the way....more info
  • Two tumbs up!
    Gladiator is an amazing movie. We really enjoyed watching it from beginning to the end. We would recommend it to anyone who likes this genre of films. Enjoy!...more info
  • Great Movie - But Very Sad
    Though this is an OUTSTANDING movie it is a tragedy; and will leave you with that tragic feeling. You definitely root for Russell Crowe's character and you want to know what happens to him; which keeps you glued to the story. There are "highs" in the movie. You really want Russell to succeed and be redeemed. There is "Justice". I give it 4 stars even though its a five star movie because it leaves you with that down feeling....more info
  • Great product!
    Great DVD!!! Best movie ever! I also loved all the special features!!! They were two discs that were loaded with special features!!! Overall, it was one of the best purchases I ever made!!!...more info
  • Ridley Scott's Vision Is Realized In This Epic!!
    I am fascinated by the history of the Roman Empire. That being said I think that Ridley Scott is a genius and that this is by far his best film. In scope alone it leaves an impression. Everything else about this film is perfect from the sets and costumes to the academy award winning performance that Russell Crowe gave as Maximus. This film asks questions that we as a society face every day the questions of right and wrong and what happens after you die. Overall this film is one of my favorites and definitley worth watching. This DVD is loaded with making of documentaries and has a commentary on the extended cut of the film definitley worth a buy!!...more info
  • Heroic, Ethical, Inspiring

    I am dug in deep within Fort Bragg, home to Delta and many other good things that we call "special" and this is playing on TV. I own it, but it occured to me that it merits a special salute.

    Below are some of the other great DVDs that old spies and infantry officers like me respect:

    The Last Samurai (Full Screen Edition)
    The Patriot (Extended Cut) [Blu-ray]
    We Were Soldiers (Widescreen Edition)
    The Road Warrior
    Mad Max (Special Edition)

    See a pattern here? The star of Gladiator is totally awesome, but Mel Gibson has more work along the same lines, than anyone. Both are great, I would like to see both of them with Tom Cruise is something spectacular....more info
  • Gladiator
    Well I watched this at home after having seen it at the movies when it first came out and I enjoyed the second viewing. I'm not a fan of big block-buster type movies but Gladiator was shot to good effect and screened well on my low tech home system. Couldn't take advantage of the wide-screen feature but perhaps I'll upgrade systems in the future and enjoy the full effect. I must admit to having the flu when I watched it and got a bit teary over the 'family scenes' which I wasn't expecting. Nice to not have the Hollywood ending but to have the full cinematic adventure....more info
  • One of the best EVER
    Gladiator is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I loved it from start to finish....more info
  • I am Gladiator!
    One of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. Russell Crowe's performance was riviting. This is a period movie well felt very authentic and wisks you away to another time where one gets totally caught up in the moment as movie making should be. A visual Masterpiece!...more info
  • one of the best movies ever made
    i think this movie is diffeniately of epic porportions and is the epitome of great movie making with a colidoscope of emotions. great movie!!...more info
  • A Gladiator Review
    Amazingly, interestingly, and surprisingly, the movie Gladiator received 5 Academy Awards because of its rich quality and Russell Crowe's perfect, pleasing, polished, prized performance. The movie Gladiator is a Ridley Scott film which is a Dreamworks and Universal production, and stars Russell Crowe as Maximus: the general who became a slave, who became a gladiator. Although Gladiator is rated R for intense, graphic combat, it is an excellent movie lasting a highly refreshing two hours and thirty-five minutes, and is a movie that most teenagers are permitted to watch along with their parents.

    The movie Gladiator is about the Roman army's general by the name of Maximus who becomes a slave, and then is made a gladiator. When Rome's Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, begins to grow old and weak, he decides to crown Maximus as Emperor before he dies, because he had realized that his only son, Commodus, was unfit to become the next Emperor of Rome. Unfortunatly, Commodus was informed of his father's astute decision. Commodus brutally murdered his father. He became Rome's Emperor. Maximus fled for his life. Tragically, Commodus tried to have Maximus secretly slaughtered by his men in the wilderness. Escaping the Emperor and his men's wrath, Maximus hurries to his home to try and save his family before they can be killed. Across the rural terrain, Maximus rides his horse, treads the path on foot, and rests on the rocky ground until he reaches the outskirts of Rome.

    Maximus faced his worst nightmare. Arriving at his home out in the wilderness, Maximus finds that he came too late, since the Emperor's men showed up before he did and they killed his wife and son, who were not warned of their fate. Hopelessly, Maximus trudged away from his beloved home and the life he used to have because there was nothing left for him there. While Maximus buried his beloved family near his homestead, he was slowly lossing his strength and losing the will to live. Along the edge of the road, he plodded on until he collapsed on the ground, unconscious. He laid there, motionless. Maximus was soon spotted by an ignominous slave caravan, was captured by the slave caravan, and was displayed for sale as a slave when he awoke. After a man came along seeking to purchase some slaves to become gladiators, Maximus was immediately and wisely chosen as one of the men. Maximus' life becomes a nightmare.

    Since Maximus had plenty of experience in battle, because he was an army general, he fought surprisingly well in the arena. Defeating every opponent in the arena as easily as if he were swatting a fly, Maximus was prolific as a gladiator, and so he gained a wide reputation. Because of Maximus' great reputation, Commodus, (who is) now Emperor of Rome, not knowing that the great well-known gladiator is Maximus, decides one day to watch him fight. Angrily, Emperor Commodus realizes that Maximus had evaded the wrath of his men, that Maximus had survived all these years, and that Maximus was standing in front of him at that moment as the idolized and famous warrior himself. Commodus plots an evil scheme. Maximus is challenged to fight the Emperor for his freedom, and when they fight, the outcome is utterly shocking.
    After reviewing the movie Gladiator, Jonathan Foreman of the New York Post stated, "Russell Crowe is simply magnificent!" Personally, I love the movie! Viewing, reviewing, and critiquing Gladiator, Andrew Johnston, who works for US Weekly, rates the movie as "****" because he, too, thinks that Gladiator is a wonderful movie.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Movie
    I saw this movie several times and now I wanted to buy it. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Much more comprehensive than original DVD
    I already owned the original signature series DVD of Gladiator and was completely satisfied with it. A friend of mine, who is very much into deleted scenes, director's commentary and other extras had purchased the Extended Edition and said that it was very good. I was never curious about it until I learned that my younger sister did not have the movie Gladiator and was having a difficult time finding it for herself. I purchsed the Extended Edition for her because I wanted her to have the best version of the movie available and I wanted the one I gave her to be more than what she was expecting to find. She was very excited to receive it and was surprised by all the additional content. It was worth the money I spent (over what the 2 disc version cost) and I am certain I will experience the same success/satisfaction with my future Amazon purchases. Gladiator - Extended Edition (Three-Disc Extended Edition) ...more info
  • great DVD
    I bought this for my dad for Christmas. It is a great movie and he enjoys watching it....more info
  • Rome uncensored
    Ah the good old days were not always so good and the virtuous did not always survive. Very exciting and very realistic and the extended version adds so much good detail....more info
  • Gladiator - Widescreen Edition review
    Ridley Scott did an amazing job here, with an equally amazing effort from cast members Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix. If you do not know what it is about maybe you are living under a rock, this was the movie of the year when it was released. Gladiator is a phenomenal film that portrays the Gladiators in all their guts and glory. Within the walls of the coliseum, the final scene plays out with superb, hard-hitting drama. This movie is not just about fighting it has other aspects to enjoy. There is family and loyalty, and also a love interest within the story. Epic, Surreal and Amazing eye candy for any viewer, this film is a modern day classic! Considering how many movies cannot be in that category for judgment to begin with, that is saying something in this day and age. ...more info
  • My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius...
    "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next." --Best quote from any movie I've seen to date!

    Believe it or not the first time I watched this movie I didn't like it. It didn't turn out how I expected or had hoped. You know, the typical Hollywood ending where Maximus would ride into Rome with his armies at his back to conquer Commodus in an epic battle of good vs. evil. Instead Commodus cheats and kills our hero. After watching it a second time, however, it became my favorite movie of all time and that still holds true today almost 10 years removed. The real story is Maximus' enduring honor, pride, and devotion to family, country and his morals. I could go into greater detail, but there are better wordsmiths who have gone to great lengths to write some awesome reviews. I just thought I'd throw my two cents out there.

    If you haven't seen the movie, buy it! You won't regret it!

    ...more info
  • Sign up and demand it.....
    Don't buy it on HD-DVD because it will fold in a year... Buy it on DVD with a upscaled DVD Player and wait out the storm.......more info
  • Great movie!
    This is a great movie about battle, courage, and honor. It incorporates both tremendous victory and dire loss. Russell Crowe does a fabulous job portraying a Roman gladiator and a husband/father who wants nothing more than to return home to his family. The film work and special effects are great and the acting is spectacular. With an R rating, this movie is obviously not OK for kids, but for adult, my husband and I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up!...more info
  • Gladiator
    There is a fight scene in this film where Russell Crowe takes on about 6 opponents. Dispatches them easily until he gets to the last one who he disarms and impales with two swords either side of his victims chest, who stands there stunned mortally wounded but not dead yet. Crowe stops, looks at him,his head cocked to one side with a slightly rye expression on his face quickly pulls out both swords and decapitated his victim to the roar of approval from the crowd. Incensed he throws one of the swords narrowly missing a high ranking member of the audience and screams at the populace in the amphitheatre " Are you entertained"? Well yes, for all the wrong reasons. And for the same reasons why this genre was rightly discontinued about four decades ago it fails to engage outside of the fight scenes and cannot be taken seriously. Good fun though. Average aged pitched at for content I would put slightly below 15. (One performance to watch this film for is the characteristically over the top Arab slave trader and ex-champion gladiator played by the late Oliver Reed. At one point he accuses an inn landlord of selling him " queer giraffes" because he couldn't get them to mate. Only laugh out loud joke of the film though.)...more info
  • Russel crow's best film
    This is my favorite movie of all time and I can't rate this movie high enough because it's just that good,written,and produced. but you should go full screen special edition if your going to buy it. plus Ridley Scott got his A Game back with this movie....more info
  • Cool
    Pretty good movie I am a sucker for special features so getting this over the regular version was a no brainier to me....more info
  • Excellent DVD!
    This is an excellent DVD with a great quality picture! I highly recommend this DVD to others....more info
    I had to watch this movie again before making any comments. This time in my home theater and I must say,size does make a difference. This is a "Hollywood" movie for sure! I usually don't care for some of these kinds of films as they seem to get a little tedious, but this film is very engrossing and filled with great action. Crowe proves himself to be one of the finest actors today. I'm a big fan of Richard Harris after his Oscar worthy performance in Wrestling Ernest Hemingway and he adds credibility to this picture. The DVD transfer is great and the extras on the single disc edition are good....more info
  • Shadows and Dust
    Where do I begin? This was impressive all around.
    Excellent special effects
    Gripping story and drama
    Intense action
    Beautiful score
    Excellent acting.
    Chemistry between characters was perfect. Especially between Crowe and Phoenix.
    This is one of the best movies of the past decade. This is a must and a treasure for any film collection....more info
  • Great film, with slight apologies to history
    Gladiator is a great film, a must for anyone's library if they call themselves a student of film, history and/or entertainment in general.

    The film is a beautiful representation of the Rome of our dreams and a brief period, the age of Commodus, within that grand vista. The film did take several liberties from the truth:
    1-Commodus was not a scheming adult but a bit of a lad when he became emperor; there is no evidence he did or could eliminate his father.
    2-The man that killed Commodus was not an erudite military general but instead a crude brute wrestler, hired by conspirators to do the job.
    3-His sister was not a victim of Commodus; indeed, she conspired to have him killed; he caught her 1st and had her exiled from Rome.
    4-Far from being treacherous, Commodus was a relative "babe in the woods" who was assailed by conspiratorial senators who "missed" several times until that "wrestler" ended his reign, in a hot tub of all places....more info