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NETGEAR WG311 Wireless-G PCI Adapter
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Product Description

Upgrade your desktop or tower computer to the highest level of wireless capability with the NETGEAR WG311, a PCI card that installs with the turn of a single screw! At 54 Mbps, this wireless 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g PCI card blows away existing 11 Mbps wireless networks, and will supercharge delivery of media-rich content to your desktop. Includes Resource CD, Installation Guide, Warranty Card 3 year warranty

The NETGEAR WG311 Wireless-G PCI Adapter offers:
  • 802.11g wireless networking capability.
  • Backwards compatibility with 802.11b wireless networks.
  • A built-in stub antenna for better reception.
The NETGEAR WG311 Wireless-G PCI Adapter makes it easy for you to provide wireless internet access to your desktop computer, letting you surf the web, check email, and chat online without the need for cables.

The built-in antenna provides excellent reception. View larger.
Easy Setup
The WG311 is a PCI adapter and requires a Pentium 3 class PC with an available PCI 2.2 slot for installation. It supports Windows Vista and is also compatible with Windows XP, 2000, 98SE, and Me. Setup is as simple as inserting the adapter into a PCI slot and installing the included software. A built-in stub antenna helps you receive as strong a signal as possible for the fastest possible speeds.

Fast and Secure
The NETGEAR WG311 supports the 802.11g protocol standard for speeds up to 54 Mbps and a longer range than previous-generation 802.11b adapters. With a good connection, you'll notice the difference right away as you'll be able to stream high-quality music without any hiccups and load videos much faster. Downloading files is up to five times faster than it was with 802.11b. Since 802.11g is also interoperable with 802.11b, you don't have to worry about whether or not you'll get a connection elsewhere if you move your computer around; the WG311 will automatically detect the network and allow you to connect to it at the highest speed possible.

The adapter supports 40/64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption for security so you don't have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your emails or stealing your passwords. The included software makes managing different WEP passwords a breeze as you can set up different profiles for each wireless network you connect to, saving yourself the trouble of having to type in encryption keys each time.

The NETGEAR WG311 Wireless-G PCI Adapter is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
WG311 Wireless-G PCI adapter, installation guide, resource CD, warranty/support information card

  • PCI card provides 802.11g wireless capability
  • Delivers up to 54 Mbps of wireless throughput
  • Supports 128-bit WEP for enhanced security
  • Backwards compatible with 802.11b wireless networks
  • Device measures 5.23 x 0.86 x 4.76 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Dell does not support this product
    I am having exactly the same issue as some others with a dell dimension and a wg311 Netgear card. I get the same "NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error", hardware malfunction blue screen on shutdown. When I remove the card the computer shuts down normally. With the card installed, I always get the blue screen on shut down. This is completely reproducible and consistent.
    I just got off the phone with Dell technical support and spoke to "Dhocz".
    I was told that Dell Dimension is not compatible with this Netgear card.
    I don't know what else to say, but I'm P.O.ed. She said to call Dell sales department and they would be happy to sell me a compatible card.
    If I were Netgear, I'd be a little worried or at least offended since Dell has such a large market share....more info
  • Works but has issues
    I got this Netgear PCI adapter because i already had Netgear G router. Well, I placed PCI adapter into my brand new Dell running XP home edition with SP2. My PCs are about 30ft apart but i have no problem with wireless connection. HOWEVER, I get blue screen with Hardware Misfunction: Parity check/memory error every time I reboot my PC that has PCI adapter. If i disable my wireless connection before turning off my PC, i get no error, so I know for certain that it has to do with the card. I spoke to their customer support several times and we even tried a different PCI slot, no luck. I also tried what people sudgested here by installing only drivers and uninstalled Netgear utility software but that did not help me either. It very frastrating to remember to disable network before turning off PC and getting this error is very annoing. It offsets the fact that the network is working. My only hope is that their new driver version will fix this in some near future.
    I would not get this product....more info
  • Get a Linksys
    I installed this unit on a brand new Dell machine. After having problems with the BSOD on shutdown, I downloaded the new drivers and the old drivers -nothing helped. I called Dell support (I didn't even want to call Netgear) and they thought the Blue Screens were coming from a bad motherboard. Dell sent out a technician to replace it. They ran some diagnostics and they came to the same conclusion. It was the wireless card. Like others have said, don't be cheap~ get the Linksys card instead....more info
  • What's with the "shoveling", guys?
    I have been using this adapter for some time now with no problems. First of all, I should mention that my adapter is fully compatible with my copy of Windows XP Pro with SP2. I encountered no problems with the installation of the card. As soon as I installed it, I installed the drivers from the Resource CD, played around with the settings of the connection using NetGear's utility and there you go.. everything worked fine! A wireless router that my neighbour is housing downstairs connects four (or five, I'm not sure) computers in the same building including mine. The adapter immediately detected 2 access points (my neighbour's house, downstairs) and I connected to the one with the strongest signal. No trouble with this piece of equipment. I suspect that a few disappointed customers who wrote previous reviews got their hands on a "faulty" card. It happens.. Another thing.. I am not sure about the reliablility of the adapters previously released as v1 and v2, but mine is WG311 v3....more info
  • not to shabby
    this is a great pci card. i read the reviews on here and made my decision by them. its very simple people have complained about installing it and what not, but the only problem seems to be with the utility software that it comes with, which has a compatibility issue with sp2. but dont worry about it, just follow what i have below which is what i followed from another reviewer.

    i followed what this guy wrote in his review and i didnt have any problems along with a buddy of mine who also bought one.

    Reviewer: urbangrid "urbangrid" (Pasadena, CA)

    "The compatibility issue originates from the utility software provided by Netgear, but not from the PCI adapter itself. However, the problem is easy to fix.
    Follow step 1-7 if you have already plugged-in the hardware and receive a bluescreen after restarting Windows XP.
    Follow step 3-7 is you have not begun the installation process.

    1. turn off your computer and unplug the PCI adapter
    2. start your computer and uninstall the Netgear utility software from Control Panel
    3. insert the installation CD but do NOT install the utility and driver from the CD
    4. turn off your computer and plug-in the PCI adapter again
    5. start your computer and Windows XP will tell you "new hardware found"
    6. follow the instruction and let Windows XP search your computer for the appropriate driver (include your CD-ROM drive). DO NOT INSTALL THE UTILITY SOFTWARE.
    7. in just a few minutes, your wireless PCI adapter will be working smoothly with no problems!

    Note: Windows XP's default Wireless Connection Manager is a good program, therefore, there is no need to use Netgear's utility program which has serious conflict with XP SP2....more info
  • Had to replace this thing...
    I'd like to start off by saying this is the only Netgear product I ever had a problem with.

    I actually have the older WG311v2 edition of this product and it seemed to work for a while. The problem occured when I started getting constant dropping after a few minutes of being connected. I investigated and found that of every 10-15 pings I sent to the router (both a Netgear MR814 802.11b and the WGR614 I decided to upgrade to), it would lag once for up to 1 whole second which is bad when it comes to network connectivity between a system and the router. I tried disconnecting 2.4GHz phones, switching channels, moving the router, moving the computer, replacing the router, changing the PCI slot the card sat in, using Wireless Zero Config, using the latest Netgear util. Nothing worked. To top it off ping testing with other computers wireless on the network showed no dropping. The WG311v2 would drop/lag and I would have to manually make it work again with enable/disabling of the card and reboots of the machine.

    I did some research into the card and read that a possible hotfix might have caused an issue. Nope, the Hotfix wasn't installed on my system. I later learned that the WG311v2 card just plain has major problems when it comes to reliable connectivity.

    I picked up a D-Link DWL-G510L the next day for cheap and plugged it in and installed the latest drivers. No problems at all AND the drivers supported WPA-PSK, WPA, WPA2-PSK, and WPA2. The WG311v2 only supports WPA and WPA-PSK.

    Netgear might have fixed the issues with the WG311v2 with the release of the current WG311v3 but they also might not have. I would take a closer look at the D-Link. It works, is usually cheaper, and it supports the latest wireless security protocols and works great with Wireless Zero Config....more info
  • Try the D-Link DWL-G122 instead.
    I was given this PCI adapter (version 1) by someone who had it for a while but couldn't get it to work.

    I downloaded the drivers from Netgear's website and installed them, then install the adapter. Windows XP (with SP2) detected it, loaded the drivers and prompted for my router's (Linksys WRT54G) WEP code. It has worked consistently for a week now without any dropped signals - that's the good part.

    Unfortunately, the signal strength is always low in spite of being just one room away from the router - that's the bad part. This could be due to the antenna being located on the back of the PC and obstructed by the PC case. If your PC is located far from the router (or you hate to open up your PC), I wouldn't recommend buying this unit. I have a second PC in the same room hooked up to a D-Link DWL-G122 wireless USB adapter and it consistently gets good to excellent signal strength.

    Setting up the D-Link USB device was easy right out of the box. It costs less, comes with a cradle (attached to a USB cable) that can be moved around to locate the optimal spot where signal strength is strongest. Highly recommended if you have more than 1 PC/laptop and want to easily connect the wireless adapter to any one of them....more info
  • you get what you pay for
    I bought this card since I didn't want to pay the higher price for quality products like linksys and belkin. I purchased two of the cards, one of them is functioning fine. The other card stopped working after a couple months suddenly and for no reason.
    Their tech support is in India so they are very difficult to understand, and you can expect to spend two hours per phone call trying the same basic troubleshooting techniques over and over. They determined my card was defective and they agreed to send me a new card. However, DHL sent it to the wrong house and it sat outside in the rain for two solid days. The new card doesn't work and as of yet Netgear will not take it back!
    ...more info
  • Nice and Stable
    I have other Netgear products, so it was natural to go for another NEtgear. After I installed the software that came with the hardware, the computer was rebooting. I got a new firmware at NEtgear's website and that was it. It is running perfectly in a PC with WIndows XP2. Good signal strenght and fast connection.

    This product is cheap and works fine. The only caveat is you have to get the firmware first at Netgear's website. After downloading and unzipping the firmware, install the hardware, turn the computer on and do a manual install for the drivers. I also like NEtgear's proprietary control card and had it installed with no problems.

    In summary, an awesome cost-benefit ratio. At $25 after rebates, it is a very nice bang for the buck....more info
  • Worked well in other system, but WEP Key does not-flawed driver/utility
    I have v1 of the WG311. I had previously installed it in an older system running WinME in which it worked great. After recently installing in new system (WinXPSP2), with the supplied Netgear driver& utility (both installed together from the CD), I could not get a CONNECT using a WEP key, but can connect with security disabled (WGR614v4 router-Comcast BB). I still have not resolved this issue, but will try bypassing the NETGEAR driver and utility using the steps outlined in other reviews. (When connected, the WG311 works beautifully and is faster than my previous network). Thanks to all who have addressed these issues. ...more info
  • No problems
    I downloaded the latest drivers and software from Netgear and laoded those on my computer before installing the card. Set the security parameters to the same as on my netgear wireless router, and there were no problems. I have 30 years experience with corporate networks....more info
  • An Absolutely terrible product
    I have owned this card for a month and a half now and tried every possible thing to get it to work, but the conclusion is, it doesn't ! When you buy it, you CANNOT install it using the software it comes with. You MUST first go to the website and download NEW DRIVERS for Windows XP SP2 (which is difficult when youre trying to gain internet access in the first place). If you install the software that comes with the card, you will not be able to connect to the internet at all! Unfortunately, the NEW drivers have their own problems, including signal drop-outs and CPU spikes that temporarily freeze the computer every few minutes, which is especially noticeable when using winamp for music. Just scroll down the reviews for conformation of this.

    Now I have a Dell Dimension 2.8ghz with a whopping GIG of RAM. There is NO CONCEIVABLE reason for the problems that come with this card. The only possible reason I can think of is that the NETGEAR card is simply not compatable with DELL PC's. I am forced to seriously question the quality of the hardware in this card. I bought this card because it was cheaper, but spend the extra $10 and get a linksys. I guarantee the headaches you will save yourself are more than worth it....more info
  • good product, good vendor
    the netgear wireless adaptor is even better then what is shown on pics. it has a super antena....more info
  • Dont do it!
    I bought this card to give wireless access to my desktop which is downstairs. It often lost connection, and at its most effective level gained 1 bar of signal. Even when the computer was within 30 feet of the router it still registered a lousy 3 bars. I've just upgraded to a cheaper edimax pci card which has 5 bars of signal through 3 interior walls and a ceiling. I expected more from netgear......more info
  • Netgear Wireless G rocks
    I replaced wireless B external adapters with this installed wireless G adapter. The external adapters allowed me to put the antenna way up in the air on top of furniture the computer sits in to get the best connection. I was concerned because installing the netgear equipment meant that I was not going to be able to have the antenna sit up high, and since my computers and router are 1 floor apart and the complete opposite side of the house, I was concered I would not get a clean connection... BOY WAS I WRONG. The Netgear adapter offers higher speeds and gets much better signal than the external B wireless antennas I was using, even though the Netgear antenna is low to the ground behind the computer. I noticed the difference in the speed of my connection immediately. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great wireless G connection....more info
  • Cheap product, cheaply made.
    My card worked off and on for about 2 weeks. It would lose the connection and sometimes a router reset would help, sometimes it wouldn't. It doesn't support WPA as it is now shipping. Upgrading the drivers to to enable WPA-PSK resulted in my never being able to connect again. I have a dell axim x30 which does not experience these problems, so I'm pretty sure it's the card. I tried to adjust the antenna once, when it was still working, and the whole thing fell off. To be fair, I bought it in the marketplace, so it could have been an expertly repackaged refurb, but even when it was working it only got 50% signal 20 feet from the router, in the absence of interference. It has been suggested that heat may be a problem with these cards, especially under heavy use....more info
  • Works great, but you must pick the right way to install
    As detailed in many other reviews before this, the included software has a problem with XP2. In my case, the software installed fine, but would drop signal frequently, and it was all very frustrating. BTW, the CD had the latest version of the software. Here's the right way to install:
    1. Uninstall bundled software.
    2. Reboot
    3. At the 'Found new hardware, install driver' dialog, choose 'Have Disk' or equivalent, and point it to the 'drivers\XP' folder on the CD.
    4. Done.

    This has the net result of ditching Netgear's wireless manager in favor of the in built windows one, which is perfectly adequate. I'm getting 4 bars out of 5 with the router in the basement and the desktop in the 2nd floor.

    Good product, faulty software....more info
  • Cut the cord
    My friend gave me grief for picking this thing up. He'd bought one previously & had nothing but trouble. But for the price I got through Amazon (...), I thought I'd give it a try.

    It installed no problem, but as mentioned elsewhere, but sure to grab the latest drivers off the Netgear site or you might spend some time in Blue Screen Hell. I ended up not using the supplied software & instead used the stuff that came with Windows. The range seems decent, & it doesn't have any problems talking to my wireless router (also Netgear). I use the machine it's in for email & surfing, so I can't comment on latency for games.

    Overall, it seems to work great. Just get the latest drivers!...more info
  • Doesn't work with linux, uses the dreaded TI ACX111 chipset
    If you are a sucker like me, you'll buy this card. The card is based on the Texas Instruments ACX111 chipset, which due to TI's hostility towards open source software, is very hard to support in Linux/FreeBSD, in short anything but win and perhaps macs.
    The support is very spotty, and is the result of reverse engineering and hard work of many Linux developers. TI would provide absolutely no specs or details on the card.

    So stay away from this card....more info
  • They freeze the PC
    I bought two of these for my home office. I installed on two PCs, and both froze completely after about 10 minutes. I uninstalled, switched the cards between the PCs and re-installed, and the same thing happened. I tried again after using Windows update but they froze again. That's four different installs in total and none of them work.

    This is not a Windows XP issue - I have all sorts of equipment running on my PCs, including two ethernet cards (now uninstalled) and I have never, ever had this type of problem. It only happens with Netgear. What's that? Re-install Windows? You jest - I have work to do.

    I will never buy Netgear again. What a total waste of money.

    ...more info
  • Horrible product & customer service
    This wireless card causes my windows xp computer to crash non-stop. Uninstalling the Netgear supplied software solves the crashing problem, but the card can not stay connected to the Netgear router. The two laptops I have stay connected with no problem. Talking to customer service just resulted in additional hours of wasted time.

    Worse than wasting $40 on this card was the wasted hours of my life. Will not be buying any Netgear products any time in the near future. Apparently tech support must be so cheap, that it was worth wasting hours of everyone's time to avoid replacing an obviously defective product....more info
  • Horrible product with worse technical support
    After reading the reviews I bought this product thinking how bad could it be. Wow, I had no idea. I've got two computers, a laptop with a linksys pci card, and my desktop with this netgear pci card, both coming from my wireless router. My Linksys works perfect all the time, this netgear disconnects about 4 to 5 times an hour (both are running next to each other. The laptop has excellent reception; the desktop with this netgear card, always has low reception). Over the 5 times that I have called 'tech support' I've spent hours waiting for someone in India to help me. Their help? One word: WORTHLESS. Despite giving case numbers, which document exactly what the previous "tech support agent" has done, they repeat the same old 'remedies', which don't work. On one of my most recent calls I was told by a 'tech agent' that her boss was watching her and that I was taking too long, so she would have to hang up. Simply amazing.

    Instead of netgear, look at the Linksys products from Cisco, they seem to work very well.
    ...more info