Apricorn EZ-UP-UNIVERSAL EZ Upgrade Universal Hard Drive Upgrade Kit
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Product Description

EZ Upgrade Universal kit makes upgrading your notebook your PATA/IDE or SATA hard drive as easy at 1-2-3. This innovative notebook hard drive upgrade kit includes universal USB 2.0 enclosure that will work with both PATA/IDE or SATA hard drives and the Apricorn Upgrade Suite software allowing you to painlessly transfer all the data from an old hard drive to a new hard drive in three easy steps.First, slide the new hard drive into the EZ Upgrade enclosure, using the included USB cable; connect the EZ Upgrade to the notebook's USB port. Next, run the Windows or Mac cloning software using the bootable CD and follow the prompts. Finally, install the new hard drive into the notebook, complete with operating system, favorites and all your files and folders just the way you like them.Once the new drive is installed, the old drive can be used in EZ Upgrade's Hi-Speed USB 2.0 enclosure for external storage. When used with Apricorn's Upgrade Suite EZ Gig II backup software, the external drive becomes a state-of-the-art backup solution.

  • USB 2.0 external hard drive enclosure for Windows 2000 and XP
  • Backup software compresses data to less than 1/2 its original size
  • Password protection for backup images
  • Includes data transfer utility for Windows, USB aux power cable, USB cable, and quick start guide
  • 3-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product!! No problems here!!
    Okay, just to give you some background...

    I had/have an Acer 5700 duo-core Laptop that had 1gb ram, 80GB hd 5400 rpms...

    I was running out of hard disk space on the laptop and wanted to enlarge it so I could have enough room to also put all my CD's on my computer (right now over 40GB of music and growing daily...LOL).

    First thing I did was upgrade my memory to 2GB... (My husband has an updated/newer laptop that I upgraded his to 4GB and took his two 1GB memory cards and put them in my laptop)...

    I bought a WD Scorpio 320GB, 16mb cache, 7200 rpm hard drive from here on Amazon to replace my OEM hard drive. I followed the directions that CAME WITH the Apricorn EZ upgrade and had absolutely no problems.

    I did NOT need the y-splitter or the alternate power source.

    I believe that the people that were/are having problems with needing those are because they have an older laptop, which I believe Apricorn has a different version of this Upgrade kit for older laptops that includes the power adapter.

    Needless to say, I think it took roughly 45 minutes total to do the cloning and swapping out of the hard drives. Took me physically longer to screw in the 5-6 miniscule screws for the hard drive enclosure in my laptop (one screw was a tight fit and I have big fingers, took a couple tries to get it in the hole to screw it in... :-)) when I replaced the new hard drive.

    This was a lot cheaper way to go than paying someone to mirror my hard drive for me, and I now have an 80GB external drive to use as a back-up if I need it!! Definitely happy with the product and would recommend!!!

    ...more info
  • Works like a Champ...
    I got the Apricorn EZ-UP "Clone Kit" to upgrade my laptop.
    Wow!! This product worked like a champ. It also saved my hide when I tried to mess with partitions on the laptop (went from 40GB to 320GB) to put up Ubuntu Linux (while saving the existing Rescue and Recovery partitions and the MBR) and blew up the O/S (Windoze XP pro). Re-partitioned, and reused the product and viola -- good disk.
    The product is extremely well documented. This was a totally painless upgrade, very straight forward and most importantly -- it worked first time out of the box!!! I would recommend this product for any laptop HD upgrade!!!!!!...more info
  • Saved me money
    I wanted to upgrade my very full 80gb laptop hard drive with a new 320gb that I also purchased from Amazon (at a savings of almost $50 from one of the local big box retailers). Local computer people were going to charge me between $75 and $100 just to clone my old hard drive onto my new one. Instead, I bought this EZ upgrade hard kit and saved myself a bunch of money. From the time I opened the box to the time I put my new hard drive into my laptop was about two hours, and most of that was just waiting for the data to transfer over (it transferred about 1gb per minute).

    The hardest part of the whole process was putting the screws into the hard drive enclosure, since the screws are so small (this isn't a complaint, as the screws have to be small enough to fit into the threads, so it's not the manufacturer's fault, but just an observation). Also, it seems the hard drive enclosure won't work unless the screws are in the hard drive, so don't try and take a shortcut like I did.

    The software was easy to use and did all of the work for me, including the partitioning of the drive.

    So between the savings on the hard drive and the savings by doing the cloning myself, I estimate that I saved about $70-$100 by buying this piece of software.

    I was a little anxious about this, but in the end it really was 'EZ'....more info
  • Did the job-Just a little tricky...
    I just got the Apricorn EZ-UP-UNIVERSAL EZ Upgrade Universal Hard Drive Upgrade Kit as a Christmas present. I used it to upgrade a 30GB Hitachi drive in my Dell Latitude C640 to a 160GB Seagate. I was glad I read the reviews for some of the feedback because I had a couple of issues, but a day later, it's like I have a new computer. My laptop has only a 1.1 USB port, so it was slow going (6 hours) as others mentioned, but I didn't have to use an external power supply. I do strongly recommend that you go to the Apricorn website and read the detailed documentation. I used the boot from CD method. I did have the error message afterwards when removing a flash drive. Here's how to fix it:
    1. Go to Device Manager
    2. Under View, select Show hidden devices
    3. Scroll down to Storage Volumes and expand
    4. For all Generic volumes listed, right-click and select Update driver
    5. Let Windows find the driver, you may or may not need to reboot

    When you're done, the error goes away. Not too complex, but I wouldn't attempt this whole thing unless you're somewhat savvy with computers.

    Overall, I still gave a rating of 5 stars because the process worked very well, and I read that other cloning software had the same issue with the error message afterward, so I'm thinking that's a general quirk with cloning a drive with XP. After it's all said and done, I've got a lot more storage and a blazing fast (comparitively) laptop. Good product....more info
  • Simply amazing
    There's the old adage about, "If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is." This product defies that logic. It seems too good to be true, but it is.

    I just changed out my Dell laptop Inspiron 60GB original drive with a 160 WD using the EZ GIG software. It went flawlessly. I cloned the original drive in a little over an hour. Another 10 minutes to replace the existing with the cloned, and voila!!

    EZ Gig software as an added feature also allows you to image a disk (as opposed to simply cloning), and offers the ability to create a bootable restore CD. I can't find anything about this software that isn't superb. ...more info
  • Works great!
    I bought this kit to copy over my 30gig notebook hard drive to a new 80gig hard drive. I pretty much followed the instructions, copied the drive, installed the new copy - and viola my laptop now runs the same as it used to except I've got an 80 gig hard drive with lots of room!

    Plus, I reformatted my old drive and used it in the enclosure as a 30gig storage device.

    The enclosure is a nice machined aluminum - a class act. The software is pretty straight forward. I actually called support (I hadn't plugged in the hard drive into it's socket with enough force) and I spoke with a real person fairly quickly.

    So, this is really a nice tool to use to upgrade your hard drive. You can use it on a MAC or PC if you have a laptop hard drive to upgrade. ...more info
  • Excellent unit, great disk cloning software, highly recommended
    Bought this to swap a 250GB Western Digital Scorpio PATA/IDE disk into my wife's HP DV1000 notebook. The existing 60GB disk was struggling under the burden of digital content that a 10MPixel digicam can produce!

    As the defacto IT department for my household I'm reasonably technical and there were a few options for transferring the partitions between the two disks, but I value my time and wanted a quick and easy solution.

    Total time invested in the disk upgrade was 20 - 30 minutes, including reading the documentation. This product really lives up to its name. Cloning the contents of the old disk to the new one took less than 1.5 hours, but once it set off I walked away and left it so I can't be too precise.

    Two thumbs up!...more info
  • Apricorn EZ-UP-UNIVERSAL EZ Upgrade Universal Hard Drive Upgrade Kit
    Excellent product. Worked exactly as described. A great time saver to copy from old hard drive to new hard drive....more info
  • Worked perfectly, but enclosure is large and heavy
    This worked perfectly to upgrade my 80 GB PATA hard drive with a Western Digital Bulk (WD2500BEVE) Scorpio 250 GB, 5400 RPM Internal Hard Drive with 2.5in. diameter,. Although there are free disk imaging solutions out there ([...]) and I already owned a USB PATA enclosure, I decided to buy this based on positive reviews. Linux-based solutions still don't guarantee 100% NTFS support and I didn't want to screw up the upgrade. I chose to boot from the CD and manually resized the partitions, where I noted that the software was unable to resize my reiserfs and Linux swap partitions, but did a fine job making a 1:1 copy. I left some free space in front of the Linux partitions to be able to use that space later with Linux. The cloned drive worked perfectly out of the box, both with Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. It was not even necessary to update the GRUB configuration as Ubuntu addresses the partitions by UUID number. So I'm very satisfied with the performance of the upgrading kit. My one criticism is that external USB enclosure is larger than usual due to offering both PATA and SATA connectors, and is made of quite heavy metal. I have other external 2.5" USB hard drives which are considerably smaller and lighter, so I wouldn't choose to carry this one around. However, the product definitely did the job it was intended to do, so I give it 4 stars....more info
  • very easy to use
    This hard drive swap was
    easy and fast. The case is well built
    and the cloning software works great.
    This is money well spent....more info
  • Just what I needed
    Great solution--worked as promised, no glitches. I even only had USB1.0 and it still was great. Now used as an external usb drive. Software easy as well. Buy it.
    (This was to replace an old Thinkpad 16GB with a 160GB disk)...more info
  • WOW!
    What an amazing product this is. I was running out of space on my 80gb hdd so I decided to get the Western Digital Scorpio Black 320 GB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 2.5 Inch, 16 MB Cache, 7200 RPM SATA II WD3200BEKT to replace it. I read most of the reviews on this product and decided it would be worth the try. The cloning process was very easy and fast. It depends on how much stuff you have on your old drive but it still didn't take that much time. The software installation was easy too. Very easy for anyone to figure out. It copied both partitions of my laptop so now I have plenty of room to add more stuff to my computer. Absolutely recommended. ...more info
  • Wonderful Product..Very easy to use
    This product rocks!! It is so easy to use. I had upgraded my memory in no time at all. Very wonderful product. Worth the money....more info
  • Excellent Device and Software, Just Like Its Previous Version
    This product perfectly suits my needs. I rate this product 5 stars. The purpose for which I bought this product is to clone my notebook harddrive as I upgrade from a lower to a higher capacity. I may also use this to backup my harddrive. My trust at this product stems from my happy experience so long ago with its previous version, Apricorn's EZ Notebook Upgrade Kit which included the software EZ Gig II. It even allowed me cloning (instead of simply imaging) from a higher to a lower capacity harddrive which I would use as a backup (Windows 98 and Windows XP Media Center) for my laptops. I also bought an adapter, and so I was also able to use EZ Gig II to clone and backup my desktop pc. I never had any problems, and Apricorn's customer service was excellent. As the Serial ATA (SATA) port and Windows Vista operating system came about, I had to buy this new product. The old version only applied to parallel ATA (PATA) ports with operating systems prior to Windows Vista. SATA and Windows Vista did not yet exist at the time that I bought the old version. This new product now applies to both PATA and SATA ports (both from IDE or EIDE), and Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. Apricorn's literature indicates this product also applies to Apple's MAC....more info
  • Excellent Product
    The Apricorn EZ-UP-UNIVERSAL EZ Upgrade Universal Hard Drive Upgrade Kit performed flawlessly and easily. Highly recommended for all hard drive upgrades...more info
  • best $35 I spent
    this suppose to be a really complicated process and requires another computer with the right cable and connector to ghost the drive but with this upgrade kit, I was on a new hard drive an hour later. You can even re-use the kit as a portable USB hard drive. Simply genius....more info
  • Special Instructions for Thinkpads
    First of all, this product worked excellent, it was the fact that I have a Thinkpad that required a bit of tweaking of the instructions. It's also a great product because the enclosure can remain as a backup drive.

    I'm providing this review in hopes that it saves someone else some time and hassle.

    I ran into a problem following the regular directions, as my laptop wouldn't recognize the usb enclosure.

    I called customer service and received excellent assistance.

    Here are the steps which I was told to take:

    (First ask for newest build for the software since it's likely that the cd you get isn't the most recent version.)

    1. Download the latest build of the software from the link that the technical support will email you.

    2. Burn (not just copy) the .iso image onto a cd.

    (Optional step) Run software and backup your hard drive before proceeding

    3. Open the cd drive and shut off your computer

    4. Once the computer is off, insert the cd into the drive

    5. Then reverse the procedure in the instructions and place the NEW drive in your computer and the OLD drive in the usb enclosure

    6. Plug in the USB cables.

    7. Turn on the computer and press F12 to access BIOS.

    8. Enter the BIOS Setup

    9. Go to the Security page and disable the Security Chip and Pre-Desktop Area (if enabled).

    10. Change the Boot Order to the CD drive.

    11. Save changes by pressing F10 and exit.

    12. Boot to the EZ Gig cd.

    13. Select Disk Clone option and clone the external drive (with the OLD DRIVE inside) to the internal drive (the NEW DRIVE). Remember this is opposite the instructions included with the guide.

    14. If you wish to keep the Rescue and Recovery portion of your Thinkpad, select manual sizing for partitions.

    15. Size the Rescue and Recovery partition as close as you can get it to your original drive and make sure it is in the first portion of the hard drive. (Otherwise the Thinkpad can not recognize that portion if it is sized differently or in a different area of the hard drive)

    16. If you are upgrading to a larger hard drive, then select the other partition and move the slider to set it back to back with the Rescue and Recovery portion. This will result in two partitions: the Rescue and Recovery and the other partition for your data

    17. The hardest parts are over, now just let Apricorn do it's thing!

    18. When complete reboot again (F12) and change your settings back.

    Voila! Enjoy your new Hard Drive!...more info
  • No Support
    Ordered despite seeing reviews cautioning about poor documentation and situations where product does not work. Attempts to contact Apricorn via phone (800# on product for example) or email were waste of time.

    One review found via Google suggested a situation similar to my experience and possible solution/workaround. Cannot find the article again. Have to wonder why Apricorn cannot provide same info.

    The reviews noting poor support were correct....more info
  • A Godsend
    My hard drive was about dead, and I couldn't boot into windows. I bought a new drive, under the assumption (duh!) that my Dell laptop had 2 hard drive slots...like most. My plan was to slave the new one and use freeware to clone. Couldn't do that. So, I bought this and it made the whole process unbelievably simple, and fast. Completely worth the money. I highly recommend it....more info
  • easy upgrade for Dell Inspiron 600m
    The Apricon EZ Upgrade kit worked flawlessly to upgrade the disk in a Dell Inspiron 600m with Windows XP. Cloning the Dell's 60GB disk to a new 250GB Western Digital WD2500BEVE took about an hour for copying, and a few more minutes to swap the drives. If you upgrade this or similar Dells, you will need to remove the pin adapter from the old drive and put it onto the new drive before inserting the new drive in the Dell drive caddy....more info
  • Laptop hard drive upgrade kit
    This worked well. I used it to upgrade a ThinkPad laptop and it worked as advertised....more info
  • Great product, highly recommended
    It was really simple as they said it would be.
    The instructions where clear and after a short while I was done replacing my old, low capacity, internal hard drive. I thought I'll keep it as a backup for a while till I'm confident everything is working as well as it was before the switch. Now, I'm using my old hard drive as an additional external storage which is really great.
    Saved me lots of time, didn't costs much, I can reuse it if needed in the future and I'm still using the old hard drive....more info
  • handy unit
    This is a useful device. Without a hitch, I upgraded the HD (IDE) on an older HP laptop. I also used it on a 2008 X61 Thinkpad (SATA); although the process differed, Apricorn had documentation regarding the alternate installation. I certainly recommend this product and appreciate the previous reviewers of this product as they ultimately swayed my purchase. ...more info
  • It really is easy!
    I just used this to upgrade my Dell Inspiron's hard drive. I used it to clone my old hard drive into the new one before replacing it. It was really a breeze to use! Very user friendly software. It made the process of replacing a hard drive a lot smoother than I thought it would be! I certainly recommend this kit....more info
  • Drive enclosure doesn't work.
    The title says it all. Loaded the new drive in it, plugged it in and nada, zip, zero, nyet. Not DOA: the light comes on so power is getting to the unit; and I could feel the disk drive running. Tried all the usual ways (ie disk management, etc) and still nothing. Pulled the drive from an older laptop -- I know that drive works -- and got the exact same results.

    Called the Apricorn tech support and they said, given what I had done, to return it for a replacement. Alas, Amazon does NOT allow return of this item. So I'm either I'm out the $45 or so the package costs, or I shell out another $20 to $35 for a new enclosure at Circuit City. OH, and I have a nice new, expensive, drive I can't use....more info
  • a must have item
    It saved me tons of hours by cloning my old drive to the new drive in less than 2 hours, super fast and easy to use, installation is simple and user friendly, I would highly recommned this to everyone, this is one of the must have items....more info
  • Incredibly Easy! With one stumble
    The upgrade kit was extremely easy to set-up, install and use. I could not believe it! I booted from the CD on my HP Pavilion Laptop running Vista and it booted up like a charm. I ran the disk copy and after nearly 8 hours of transferring, it failed!!! I retried and three hours later, it worked like a charm. I swapped the 120GB laptop HD with a new 500GB HD and I was up and running. It couldn't be easier.

    Visit CNET to get a good overview on how to do the swap, it helped me feel confident enough to do it....more info
  • Leap of faith
    This product does work, but there are absolutely no instructions (except the 1-2-3 printed on the package), and even Apricorn's website takes you to a blank page for instructions.
    As others have noted, it does not come with a power cord, but when I got it hooked up with only the USB cord provided I could feel the drive running when I put my hand on it. However, since my computer couldn't 'see' the drive, I too hooked up an old cell-phone charger. Still no changes, I could feel it running but could not locate it. I was about to call the support number when I decided to give it a shot. And it worked. A couple reboots and two hours later I had a cloned drive installed.
    I would rate this 5-stars were it not for the total lack of instructions. Still, I would highly recommend this product. And for anyone who purchases this in the future, before you buy or hook up an external power source, see if it runs without it first, and if so, post a review so we all know......more info
  • This Product ROCKS!!!
    This is the BEST, COOLEST product I have used in a long time. Worked exactly as described. Put the new hard drvie in the supplied enclosure (the one I received is very solid aluminum). Plugged into my laptop and booted from the supplied disk. Followed the simple onscreen instructions. It took 90 minutes to clone 70 GB of data to the new hard drive. The congratulations screen came up, I shut down the laptop, switched hard drives, and like magic the laptop booted up with everything exactly as on the old drive except for an extra 100GB of space. Software also give the ability to make a recovery disk. I haven't tried that yet.

    Read all the instructions first. The only problem I encountered was that in some documentation it states the best way to clone is to install the software and run from windows, and in other documentation it states the best way is to boot from the disk and clone from there. I tried cloning from windows (XP) and got a write error about 30 minutes into the process. I shut everything down and then booted from the disk. The clone went perfectly.
    I highly recommend this product. [...]
    ...more info
  • It works.
    The cloning software works and is easy to use. The drive enclosure is very well made and can be used as a nice external drive enclosure when not cloning hard drives. I saved a lot of money by swapping hard drives myself rather than using a shop. Highly recommended....more info