I Spy Spooky Mansion (Ages 6-10) (Win & Mac)
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Product Description

I Spy Spooky Mansion invites you on a journey through a mysterious, old house filled with lots of fun activities. You'll discover ten creepy rooms to explore in search of hidden picture riddles, games and other thrills. When you find and complete all the riddles and games, you're in for a spooky surprise.

Solve 26 picture riddles. Create seven ghosts and play fast-paced games. Make your own picture riddles. Play independently or team up with a friend. Multi-leveled games encourage replayability. Scenes are personalized with your name.

With brain-teasing graphics and puzzling riddles to solve, this spooky addition to the I Spy series will keep elementary-age students occupied for hours at a time. A skeleton host rewards players with a secret message puzzle piece upon successful completion of each riddle. Those clever enough to collect all the pieces can solve the bigger fun house mystery.

With ten different rooms ranging from an inventor's laboratory to a library--and text that is written entirely in rhyme--the world created here is utterly absorbing. No matter how many times you explore a room, there's always new details and creepy clickables you hadn't seen before. Particularly well done is the attic, where you can explore in the dark with only a flashlight to light your way. In the study, you can even create your own riddles to send to your printer!

This software concentrates on critical-thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and acute observational techniques that are centered around a mansion. This software takes a well-loved series to a whole new level--it's perfect for the die-hard fan or as the first member of what we're sure will become a large I Spy collection. --Jill Lightner

This CD-ROM game is based on the award-winning I Spy book series. The game engages children with clever and colorful spooky scenarios and builds learning skills through riddles, puzzles, and games.

  • Solve 26 picture riddles, create seven ghosts, play fast-paced games, and make your own picture riddles.
  • Play independently or team up with a friend.
  • Multi-leveled games encourage replayability.
  • Amusing sound effects, fun animations, and musical surprises.
  • Instructional guide for parents.

Customer Reviews:

  • Play it once and that's it - you're finished.
    Based on the reviews here, I purchased this game for my 7 year old for Christmas. She got through it in a few hours and that's it. Finished. No more levels to play, nothing new to do. I won't purchase another "I Spy" game....more info
  • I Spy Spooky Mansion - a great computer game
    My 5 year old son absolutely loves this game. He can play for hours if we do not limit his computer time. If you love the I Spy series of books, you will love this game. Some of the hidden pictures are very tricky and the "spooky" effects are lots of fun. ...more info
  • Learning fun...
    ...a wonderful learning experience for my grandson. The I SPY series first got his attention at the library, and became his favorite, so I ordered him his own copy!...more info
  • High Quality Product that Keeps Them Thinking!
    I bought this product for my son when he was five and a half. He already owned all the I Spy books at the time, & the software seemed like a natural compliment to that interest. Plus, the Halloween theme was timely, and the price was right. He loved it right away & was continuously challenged at the varying levels of difficulty & wide variety of activities in the program. A full year later, he is still enjoying it at the highest levels & never gets bored with it--he is great at these types of computer activities (like all 6 1/2 yr. olds now!) and still finds that this program challenges & entertains him! Highly recommend it, great value, excellent thinking & reading skills development....more info
  • Best Game !
    I really liked this game because it takes time,it's fun ,and entertaining!I play this game a lot because i love it!it is great!I would definetly buy it i i were you !...more info
  • Just as GREAT as the books!
    The I Spy computer games are a fantastic concept. They are every bit as entertaining and educational as the books. The game is easy enough for the little ones who can not yet read but CAN click the mouse. The clues are read to you with the click of the mouse... My daughter who is 6 now was a little bit afraid of the "SPOOKY MANSION" theme in the beginning, however she really enjoys playing the game, and plays this one often... We are planning on purchasing the other I Spy games as soon as possible. I definately recommend this game....more info
  • I Spy Spooky Mansion
    Spooky but not scary - just the way little ones like it to be. Fun for kids and educational at the same time - teaches them to observe and teaches new words as they hunt for unfamiliar, perhaps, objects. Even my 3 year old grandson enjoys this....more info
  • excellent fun
    My daughter absolutely loves this software. Admittedly, I got it in French, to get her to work on her French and not forget it, and it has worked exceptionally well for that. But for general users, it is also good to motivate children to read and work on a very very complex puzzle that is visually fascinating and downright, well, spooky. They will want to do it over and over and over.

    It is a superb mix of play and reading exercise, in addition to some training in logic. One of the best I have seen....more info

  • A lot of Fun!
    This game was given to my son as a gift. Although it is directed towards older kids my two year old son loves it.

    This is not something he can play by himself, he sits on my lap and I help him when it gets to be too hard (the thing he's looking for is too small or a play on words). However, he can usually find the items and that is what the fun is for him. I don't let him play on the computer too much so when he gets to it's a real treat. He particularly likes how it uses his name in the pictures, he can pick his name out a mile away.

    I like that it really excercises the visual discrimination skills. Certainly this game also encourages reading, thinking, and pre reading skills.

    Although I would not have bought it for a child so young, it seems to be ok for a short amount of time for my son. I have to admit though that I have really enjoyed it....more info

  • treat it as an I Spy book
    I brought this for my children when they were keen on I spy books and was disappointed to find the lack of replayability.
    They all joined in with locating the clues and enjoyed seeing there name through out the puzzles. I also enjoyed the game.
    The disapointment was that when the game was completed that was it. There are only two riddles for each room and you get both when you play. The hidden message is always the same. The only part they play for now is making the ghosts.
    The only time the game sees the light of day is when we have visiting children. Mine almost never ask for it now.
    Treat it as you would one of the books. If your children enjoy the books and read them again and again never tiring of reading the same riddles and finding the same items then you may get value for money....more info
  • Nice Game, support issues on some Macs.
    We have both "I Spy Fantasy" and "I Spy Spooky Mansion" and the kids like both of them. I have run them an iMac (video chip: Radeon X1600), and MacBook (video: GMA 950 chipset), 2 MacMinis (GMA 950) and am TRYING TO RUN IT on a recent MacBook (video: GMA X3100). All systems are Intel Core 2 Duo's running Leopard. The problem seems to be with the current version of Leopard 10.5.4 and the X3100 does not support the "thousands of colors" option that this game will require. Until Apple corrects this problem with the driver, I don't think this game will work with the current generation of MacBooks or MacAir notebooks.

    I bought a new MacBook last week for my daughter to use and she really wants to run the "I Spy" games. Since I can't get them to run, I may have to return this notebook until Apple corrects the problem.

    But if you have the right hardware, I highly recommend these games. They keep our kids (ages 4 - 11) busy.

    ...more info
  • great for preschoolers too!
    My girls (ages 5 & 3) have enjoyed all of the 'I SPY' titles for the past 6 months. I thought it might be too difficult since the age range is alot higher, but they can get thru it without any problems. Occassionally they need help finding a single item but otherwise manage on their own. Even my 3 yr old can get it started and play alone with minimal help.

    My husband and I enjoy playing the games with the kids as well and some items can be very difficult to find, lol.

    It's a game for the whole family to enjoy....more info
  • Lots of fun!
    My 7 year old son got this game for Xmas and he loves it!!! It was the easiest way to get him away from the TV and he had loads of fun playing it. It's a great tool as the kids have to pay close attention to everything on the screen -- it's even more valuable to kids who need to focus on doing an activity for longer than they are used to....more info
  • It's Pretty Cool!
    My daughter is a big fan of the I Spy books & just received this CD for her 7th birthday. She couldn't wait to get started with this - and is NOT disappointed! Not only is it a challenge, but I feel it also helps with READING!

    Feel this is a game the whole family can enjoy....more info

  • Fun even for a 3 year old...
    I bought this game for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas along with the I Spy Junior edition. She also owns the I Spy Junior Puppet Playhouse. She had gotten so good at the Junior games, I thought we'd try something a little more advanced.

    Although some of the clues are difficult for her to find, we have had more fun playing it together. Sometimes she will surprise me and find something even I can't find. It's been a blast.

    I'm going to have to try the "Treasure Hunt" version....more info