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Taylor 9842 Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer
List Price: $18.99

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Product Description

Digital Thermometers Probes - Temperature Instruments Type: Pocket Digital Thermometer Display Type: LCD Minimum Temperature (F): -60 Maximum Temperature (F): 300

  • Waterproof digital thermometer ensures foods are cooked
  • Stainless-steel stem; antibacterial storage and carrying sleeve
  • Readout measures roast temperatures instantly
  • Temperature range of -40 to 450 degrees F
  • 5-3/4 inches long; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Living Well Kitchens
    I have had dozens of thermometers, this one out performs them all. Durable, easy to store, clean and use. One button push and it is ready to read accurately within a few seconds. No calibration like the dial analog ones! ...more info
  • Not Accurate & Cannot Calibrate
    First of all, it arrived with a dead battery. I replaced the battery and it seems to work. I tested the temperature in crushed ice water and it says the temperature is 40.9 degrees F, about 9 degrees F too high (or 5 degrees C too high). I tried to use the calibration screw on the front and it does absolutely nothing to offset the temperature reading. I haven't tried in boiling water yet, but I have already lost confidence in the readings. My microwave oven has a temperature monitoring capability and when I tested the water set at 70 degrees C from the microwave oven, the Taylor unit says 90 degrees C - which I know is incorrect. The Taylor model is cheap, and mine could be a defect - or they could all be hit or miss. Should I risk buying another one? I just don't know....more info
  • It just works...
    I bought this thermometer to replace an aging analog variant. Right out of the packaging it read 212 degrees F in a pot of boiling water. I've used it successfully on a variety of meats (beef, poultry & pork) and each one has come out exactly as I wanted. The antibacterial shield provides an extra layer of comfort. I have not had any of the moisture problems other reviewers have mentioned....more info
  • Terrible Taylor Thermometer
    For nearly 30 years, I've used Taylor and other brand thermometers for checking the temperature of baby bird food, which must not be too hot or it will burn their delicate crop tissue - and not too cool to where they won't eat enough. I've only had this waterproof thermometer for about a month and it is already not "dead", but constantly "live" and won't shut off. It's going back on the slow boat to China. It might still be ON if the battery holds out.

    As others have noted, it is slow compared to other products and other Taylor digital thermometers.

    The on button was always hard to depress. The readout was better than any other. I liked the length of it since it fit good inside a mug that is half full. I pray that we can get back to good quality controlled USA made products. I'm so tired of out-of-country JUNK. I try very hard not to buy Chinese or Mexican products, but it's almost unavoidable. If I can do without them, I do. I thought Taylor was US made. Not so!...more info
  • Life's short, don't use cheap thermometers
    I've owned this thermometer for 2.5 years now. I have 2 of them and each one is working perfectly. I would definitely buy again if something happened to them. I have never gotten water on the electronics.

    -Digital and easy to read the exact temp.! (I.e. 79.5 degrees)
    -Electronics update temperature FAST.
    -Small size
    -Comes with protective case
    -Easy to clean (I simply scrub metal part keeping water off electronics)
    -Super accurate unlike those analog ones.
    -Good brand.
    -Works well for aquarium water monitoring.

    -Does take a while to get to true end reading. I think it's 20+ seconds which feels like eternity near a hot oven.
    -Can not be left in oven (like in a turkey). For that use, I have a super cheap, all-metal, analog one.

    In summary, life is short, use a quality thermometer. ...more info
  • Doesn't work!
    How wonderful I was invited to review this item. I tried it YESTERDAY for the first time. Doesn't work. Won't even turn on. Battery? who knows but I hesitate to invest in a battery since I am already out the cost of the item. I plan to check with amazon to see if they will make this right....more info
  • Only way to cook!
    This is a great thermometer at a great price. Never have to guess if your food is over or under cooked. Cook your chicken to 160F and it will always be juicy! ...more info
  • Still the best
    I've tried fancier thermometers than this, but this type still works the best for me. Best value too....more info
  • First one a lemon
    First one said our Christmas turkey was at 222 degrees! Tried ice water . Read LLL . At Taylor website no error code listed. Calibration screw did nothing.It said ambient air temp was 37 degrees and kept searching. Sent it back -Amazon paid for the mail back. Another sent within a day. This one was ok out of the box . Haven't used it long enough to report on reliability or accuracy.Our old CDN non digital still functions and has one feature sorely lacking on the Taylor-a scale for what temperature Beef or Poultry should be cooked to , i.e. 120, 175. Amazon had me worrying about whether this item would get here for the holiday. I ordered it well within their arrival guidlines for free shipping. It was not mailed for a full 4 days after I orederd and was slated for arrival on Christmas eve. Well when it was mailed it got here in a day (from Seattle to Portland, two days early , and perhaps they knew it would get here that fast, but it felt like a roll of the dice to me , not exactly what you need for Christmas ....more info
  • simple and accurate
    This does exactly what it is supposed to do and I found nothing I did not like..The battery life also seems to be very long lived....more info
  • so far so good
    I measured the temp of all kinds of foods while I'm cooking them, seems pretty accurate and reasonably fast....more info
  • Taylor Digital Thermometer Review
    Product exceeded expectations. Great Handy Kitchen Tool. This was a gift, now I need to buy one for myself. Compact and easy to understand. Every kitchen should have this product....more info
  • Good Product, Good Price
    After the complaints about accuracy, I tested this with other thermometers. I found it as accurate as others. Not much else to say, but I view this as a successful purchase. Good product, good price!...more info
  • A bit slow, but accurate and waterproof. Excellent for a commercial kitchen
    Although it is not as instant as you would expect "Instant" to mean, (10 seconds for an accurate reading), the readings are accurate, especially for a thermocouple with such a large temperature range. Plus there is the added benefit of being able to calibrate the readings using an ice bath if the reading is off.

    The feature that I like the best however is its durability and that it is waterproof. Working in a commercial kitchen, during cleanup I saw something yellow drop into my sanitation bucket. I quickly pulled it out completely wet in cleaning chemicals. I pushed the on button and it turned on with no condensation as shown in other reviews and pictures. To clean the thermometer simply wipe the probe end. I don't know why you would wash the whole unit.

    Another benefit, the sheave is supposed to prevent microbial growth, which is a plus! Most likely it is lined with copper or something.

    Anyways great product, a bit pricey here online, but works as intended....more info
  • Love it!
    I purchased this for a Culinary Arts class. It is indestructible! I have dropped it several times and am amazed it still works. Would defiantly buy it again....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I could not be happier with this product. It is waterproof, easy to wash, accurate, and convenient. No more guessing if your steak is ready. The accuracy guarantees a perfect piece of meat....more info
  • Works for me!!!
    I purchased this item out of necessity -- my prior digital thermometer had 'lost its mind' (indicated 175 degrees when at room temperature, even with a fresh battery!).
    The new one is great. I especially appreciate the auto-shutoff feature as I repeatedly forgot to shut the prior one off, thus shortening its battery life. I agree with other reviewers in that it seems a bit slower than others I've used to 'finalize' on the temperature, but then maybe it's just being anal about accuracy - not a bad thing :). Despite the fact that it is claimed waterproof by the manufacturer, I won't submerge it in dishwater or put it in the dishwasher - but that's just me. The construction of the item does look to be more commercial-grade/rugged than others I've seen or used. And it's nice to know that I can ensure accuracy by calibrating/recalibrating now and then (or if the reading looks a bit suspicious). Overall I am very satisfied with the item and would recommend it..
    ...more info