Lorex SG6231 2.4 GHz Wireless B/W Video Security System
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Product Description

This system is simple and easy to use because there are no wires to run. Comes complete with a B&W camera and 5" B&W high resolution monitor. System has four channels so other cameras can be added and will automatically sequence through them. Built-in microphone and speaker allows communication between camera and monitor. Outputs on monitor allow camera picture to be recorded to any VCR. Flexible enough to move camera and monitor from room to room making it perfect for watching the kids while in another area of the house or outside. Wireless transmission up to 300 ft. (open field). AC or battery operated comes with dual cigarette lighter adapter plug, metal mounting bracket and power supply. For outdoor viewing use the weatherproof camera part #335-742.

  • B/W CMOS image sensor in camera, 5.5-inch B/W picture-tube screen in monitor
  • Wireless camera can transmit to receiver up to 300-feet away
  • Built-in audio on camera, monitor has A/V-out for VCR recording or TV monitoring
  • Camera achieves 240 horizontal TV lines resolution, monitor capable of 280 TV lines at center
  • Camera can run on eight AA batteries for 4-5 hours, monitor on 10 C batteries, making unit totally portable