Sylvania VG1000 Digital Video Security System
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Product Description

The Sylvania VG1000 Digital Video Security System lets you easily turn your PC or laptop into an advanced video monitoring station. The VG1000 uses a single-port video-grabber that is compatible with existing analog observation systems to connect directly to your PC or laptop, and includes remote-monitoring software. With the VG1000 system, your PC can help you protect your home or business, record video evidence for security purposes, and more.

The Sylvania VG1000's video-grabber uses a standard RCA connector for video input, and a standard USB connector for output to PC, and uses the JPEG format for video compression. The remote-monitoring software allows digital recording of live video to your PC's HDD (hard disk drive), as well as remote viewing of live video streaming from over the Internet. Including a software-based, pixel motion detection capability, the VG1000's monitoring software features individual selection of security-alarm functions, digital freeze and zoom-in options, and password security protection. When the alarm feature is activated, the system will automatically dial the telephone number which you have selected and play a personalized alarm message, or send you an email notification. When used in conjunction with X10 wireless home automation devices (sold separately), you can also set alarm triggers to turn on external appliances such as a lamp or the TV.

Technical Features:

  • Video-grabber connection: RCA video input to USB output
  • Software application platform: Microsoft Windows
  • Minimum processor suggested: Pentium II 350 MHz processor or better
  • Minimum suggested memory: 64 MB RAM and 40 MB HDD (for application)
  • Operating temperatures: -14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
Designed as an upgrade to your analog surveillance system, the Sylvania VG1000 lets you view and record your camera-feed from a remote computer location so you can monitor and protect your business or home from across the hall or around the world. This system requires a PC or laptop as well as at least one camera in order to function. Users should note that to use the VG1000 application software and video-grabber it is suggested you have at least: a Pentium II or higher processor, 32 MB RAM, as well as a VGA compatible video card and 800 x 600 pixel display, at least a 28,000 bps modem connection, and Windows 98 or higher.

About Surveillance Camera Technical Features
Lux rating is the measurement used to indicate how sensitive a camera is to light. The lower the Lux level, the better the camera's ability to work in low-light conditions. The camera's resolution should be greater than, or equal to, the resolution supported by the system's recorder or monitor. The S/N, or signal-to-noise ratio, is an important measure of a camera's quality. A poor camera, low-light conditions or poor wiring causes "noise" which consumes processing power and disk space. A camera with a wide dynamic range is ideal, especially for recording areas in which both indoor and outdoor light are present. CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors provide high-quality images that are less susceptible to noise. CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors offer less image quality, but are usually more cost-effective and energy efficient.

What's in the Box
Video grabber, USB cable, CD-ROM (application software and video driver), and owner's manual.

  • Instantly turns your PC or laptop into a remote-surveillance station
  • Compatible with existing analog surveillance cameras
  • Allows access to live video from any network-connected PC or laptop
  • Features software-based, pixel-motion detection capability
  • Includes RCA to USB video-grabber, and remote-monitoring software