Remmington Security 00793 Additional 900 MHz Camera for 00790 B/W Monitor
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Product Description

The Remmington Security 00793 Additional 900 MHz Camera for 00790 B/W Monitor provides a high-quality image from a compact camera. Featuring IR (InfraRed) illuminators for nighttime applications and wireless technology for when you can't run cables, the Remmington Security 00793 is a great addition to your Remmington Security 00790 observation system.

The 00793's B/W wireless camera utilizes the 900 MHz signal band to wirelessly transmit video to your monitoring station. This unit can receive a picture at a minimum illumination of 0.5 Lux to infinity for low-light conditions, and includes built-in IR LEDs (light-emitting diodes) for no-light (0 Lux) night-vision up to a limited distance. The 00793's camera is battery powered, runs on eight AA batteries, requires virtually no installation.

About Surveillance Camera Technical Features
Lux rating is the measurement used to indicate how sensitive a camera is to light, and stands for the level of light reflected off a piece of paper by a candle from one meter away. Thus a sensitivity of three would mean a camera could generate an acceptable picture of a piece-of-paper-sized object that was illuminated by the equivalent of three candles from one meter away. The lower the level, the better the camera's ability to work in low-light conditions. The camera's resolution should be greater than or equal to the resolution supported by the system's recorder or monitor. The S/N, or signal to noise ratio, is an important measure of a camera's quality. A poor camera, low-light conditions or poor wiring causes "noise" which consumes processing power and disk space. A camera with a wide dynamic range is ideal, especially for recording areas in which both indoor and outdoor light are present. CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors provide high-quality images that are less susceptible to noise. CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors offer less image quality, but are usually more cost-effective and energy efficient.

  • Wireless camera operates on 900 MHz signal frequency
  • Camera features sensitivity of 0.5 lux to infinity
  • Camera can see in no-light 0 luxconditions within limited distance via IR LEDs
  • Cameras run on 8 AA batteries, monitor can be powered by ten C batteries for true portability
  • Designed for use with Remmington Security 00790 Observation System