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Delonghi EMK6 Esclusivo Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker
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Product Description

The style of this sleek, ultramodern 3- to 6-cup espresso maker will complement any contemporary kitchen. Just fill the aluminum boiler with water and the filter with ground coffee, and in just a few minutes you'll have authentic Italian espresso. Simply remove the transparent container from the base to serve. It's durable and easy to clean. The warm function keeps espresso hot for 30 minutes. Other features include a filter adapter that lets you choose between three or six cups, an on/off switch with indicator light, a pressurized safety valve and a cool-touch handle. Cordless operation. Model EMK6.

A compact way to get your daily shot, the DeLonghi Alicia Electric Moka espresso maker satisfies the dueling needs for convenience and caffeine. Italian in origin and engineering, DeLonghi is well respected for its small appliance innovations, and this unit boasts several, from durable construction to safety features. Because it is outfitted with a cool-touch base, the Alicia goes anywhere you can plug it in. The sturdy aluminum boiler is built for frequent use, and the container is transparent to let you track the brewing progress. The boiler automatically shuts off to prevent overheating and, in the case of inopportune phone calls, keeps your coffee warm for up to 30 minutes. The Alicia also automatically switches off when you remove the coffee-maker from the base. Additional helpful features include an indicator light, a cool-touch handle, and a swiveling base. Measuring 5.12 by 8.27 by 10.63 inches, the Alicia churns out 3 to 6 cups of espresso. The 3-cup adaptor is available separately. --Emily Bedard

From the Manufacturer

Moka is the Italian Way to Make Espresso

Authentic espresso is the heritage of the Italian culture and tradition, and the great Italian tradition of coffee making began with moka. Found in most Italian kitchens for more than half a century, moka produces an inherently aromatic espresso. It is more intense in flavor, and more pure in coffee taste. That is why generations of Italians have sworn by stovetop moka espresso makers.

In fact, in Italy every family owns at least two mokas. Used on the stovetop, the heat from the burner boils the water and directs it up through the ground coffee and into the receptacle, producing a perfect espresso every time.

Why an Electric Moka Espresso Maker? Although the traditional stovetop moka makes great espresso, people have been searching for a safe, convenient and easy-to-use alternative. The new six-cup machine embodies DeLonghi¡¯s commitment to its Italian heritage and innovative kitchen design. The Electric Moka Espresso Maker is a modern-day, convenience-minded adaptation of a beloved Italian staple.

Electric Moka Espresso Maker Features:

  • 3- to 6-cup espresso capacity
  • Transparent Coffee Container lets you easily monitor the entire brewing process. And the durable container is easy-to-clean.
  • Filter Adapter allows you to choose 3 or 6 cups of espresso, so you can select the amount of espresso to make depending on the number of people you¡¯re serving.
  • Automatic Shut-Off With Keep Warm Function keeps espresso hot for up to 30 minutes. And with automatic safety shut-off, your espresso will never burn or overflow.
  • Two-Level Safety System will automatically shut-off the machine when the unit is finished brewing and when the body is lifted from the base.
  • Cordless Operation with Detachable Base makes serving convenient and simple. You can bring your espresso right to the table.
  • On/Off Switch with Indicator Light Easy-to-use illuminated push-button control lets you know when the unit is in operation.
  • Pressurized Safety Valve ensures safe operation.
  • Aluminum Boiler is made of durable, high-quality aluminum. Count on getting great espresso for years to come.

How to Make the Perfect Italian Espresso in Just a Few Simple Steps:

  1. Fill the aluminum boiler with water.

  2. Fill the filter with ground coffee.

  3. Attach the transparent coffee container to the base.

  4. Plug in and switch the push button to the ON position.

Technical Specs:

  • Dimension: 5.12 by 8.27 by 10.63 inches
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • 120 volts

The DeLonghi Devotion to Living Innovation

DeLonghi is committed to creating products that enhance and benefit the lives of our consumers. Consistently high standards, innovation, and design are what have made DeLonghi a leader in household appliances around the world. Family, tradition, passion, style, taste are qualities that all Italians embrace, and are the embodiment of every product we create. Our Italian heritage is reflected in every product, every feature and every design. Once you¡¯ve discovered us, we think you¡¯ll agree that every DeLonghi appliance is truly a "Living Innovation".

  • Compact countertop espresso maker for home or workspace
  • Cordless operation with detachable base and transparent container
  • Also features automatic shut-off, keep warm function, and cool-touch handle
  • Makes 3-6 cups of espresso; 3-cup adaptor available separately
  • Measures 5.12 by 8.27 by 10.63 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice idea but poorly manufactured
    I had the same problem as Balou--the upper chamber cracked and leaks coffee. It was a design flaw that I worried about from the beginning but decided to give it a chance nonetheless. I was a little better off in that mine made it a year and two weeks before doing so. Of course, the warranty is good for a year...
    The product doesn't get one star because I did like the ability to make coffee in my office without a burner. I also liked the ability to remove the coffee maker from the power base and leave the cord behind. My recommendation, though, is to wait until a company with better engineering skills offers a product....more info
  • A great little coffee maker
    I was tired of using a big burner to heat the little stove top espresso seemed so inefficient and made the whole kitchen heat up (and I live in a warm climate), so I was happy to find this unit. As long as you don't use the handle to screw the top on and off of the base, you'll be fine (the plastic can crack, although I haven't had that problem)....more info
  • Poor quality, terrible customer service
    This was great for about a week, then is started leaking from a crack in the plastic upper chamber. When I called customer service, they told me that it wasn't covered by warrenty and it would cost $40 to replace. This is within the first month of owning the machine. Apparently the top half of the machine isn't covered by warrenty, because they know it is cheaply made. I'm planning to spend the $40 on an old fashioned all metal stove top model. ...more info
  • Delonghi Espresso Coffee Maker does the job well but...
    It does the job well, the coffee is hot and tasty, it is easy to clean but the looks can be improved. I am used to the italian coffee makers which are stylish so when I first received Delonghi I wanted to send it back - it looks cheap and honestly, homely... but after trying it I really like it... I recommend!...more info
  • Effective, compact
    What I initially liked about this machine is the fact that I could use it off the stovetop and it really is not a counter hog--I bought it for my office, actually. I was surprised at how piping hot the coffee can get in it. All in all, it works well. Realize, too, this moka brew is definately a step down in flavor from traditionally brewed espresso (from a pump-driven machine). I recommend it....more info
  • Good quality, no problems.
    These are great for traveling, asides from the fact that we use it daily. If you enjoy espresso and want the convenience of plug it in anywhere you go, this is ideal! Highly recommend it. Durable and well made. ...more info
  • Wish it would have lasted longer
    I loved this coffee maker for about 10 months. It used to make excellent european style coffee until the upper (plastic) part of it cracked. I did NOT drop it! First the crack was purely esthetical but few months later it become more apparent and started to leak. I wanted to get the exact same model again cause it made such good coffee, but then I realized that all the reviews complain about the same problem, so I guess its time to say goodbye. ...more info
  • It has a big flaw, but I love it anyway
    I'm on my 2nd Electric Moka machine. The first one died when the plastic piece on top cracked near the handle and it began to leak. I realize now that it cracked from tightening the top piece by rotating the plastic handle rather than grabbing the metal mid-section. I also realize that I began tightening it extra tight when the rubber washer inside started to wear out. So that's the deal. Replace the washer when it gets ragged and don't screw the pot together with the plastic handle. Do these two things and the machine will last ages. BTW, it makes FANTASTIC espresso, is easy to clean, is compact and very cute. I love it!!!...more info
  • Great machine, you just need to know how to use it
    This machine is definetly better than any pump machine in the sub-$500 class. The coffee is better. There are two things you need to know.

    1) Espresso can easily be overcooked. You need to take it off the heat when it finishs it's brew. DONT leave it in for 30-min like it says.
    2) For the crema that really is needed you have to "work" the first drip. Then take the sugar (real sugar not sugar sub) and pour a little espresso on it. Then work it with the back of a spoon. Another word. It really does need to be the first drip. I don't know why but the later, thinner espresso doesn't work. It'll take a few tries before you get it right, but the crema will be better than any pump.

    The only reason I take off a star is the price. Stovetop models can be had locally for $10 (I live near Miami) and online for $20. This adds a little convience, but not much for $50 more....more info
  • Excellent coffee -- read update ;-)
    1/20/06 First reviewed: I received this as a gift and had about twenty wonderful cups of moka from this cute little electric machine, but then one day in the third week of ownership, steam went a'flyin outside of the moka maker instead of into the top chamber. I called customer service and was given a run-around, ugh. I was told that without a receipt I could buy the replacement unit for around $40 plus shipping. She said that most of their products have a 30 or 60 day warranty, which surprised me greatly. Since I'd owned the product for less than 30 days, I figured I was still in the warranty time any way one looked at it, but I was wrong. With no receipt, no exchange from DeLonghi. Well, I tried to use the unit after really tightening the top and bottom together and the escaping steam abated. The next week, the shut off valve on the heating unit started making a terrible noise and the unit wouldn't even start. It would be triggered within a few seconds to shut off, so I had nothing at all brewing. Aha, I regained my smartness finally, and took the item to Bed Bath and Beyond, and they were extremely gracious in having another sent to me because the store didn't have it in stock. I hope that when this replacement arrives in a week or two I'll love it again, but I hope this time it's a more long lasting relationship. I'll recommend that you buy this from Amazon because the price is substantially less but be sure to keep your receipt even if you register the warranty!
    UPDATE 2/21/07 The replacement unit has been working flawlessly for a year now and it's used on a daily basis. I'd give it another star!
    UPDATE 1/16/09 Another year has almost passed and this is still working great. With proper care, I think it will outlive us all!...more info