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I Spy Fantasy [Old Version]
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $3.45

You Save: $16.54 (83%)


Product Description

In I Spy Fantasy, kids will explore three fantastic worlds filled with unique characters, fun games, and challenging I SPY riddles!

  • Explore fantasy worlds and engage your brain
  • Three fantasy worlds: Undersea, Outer Space, and Dragon's Lair
  • Nine different adventures with 54 I SPY riddles
  • Designed for kids age 6-10; For 1 player
  • Technical Support no longer provided by Manufacturer

Customer Reviews:

  • Boring for grown-ups, too hard for 5 years old kids
    I thought this is a very good game. Considering the price, it is not worthy....more info
  • I Spy
    Fun for all Space adventure in the I Spy series. Easy to use; good for ages 4 to 9....more info
  • Awesome game for kids and adults!
    This game challenges the entire family! What a great game! My son and I have had hours of fun! Worth the money %100!...more info
  • The Best I Spy Computer Game
    I have played almost all of the I Spy computer games with my 3-year-old son (with the exception of I Spy: Spooky Mansion) and I Spy: Fantasy is the best one, in my opinion. While all the games have puzzles of comparable quality, this one has the best graphics and overall gameplay.

    I Spy: Fantasy features several adventures that you can play (underwater, moonbase, dragon adventure). The length of each adventure is just right, unlike the one big adventure in I Spy: Treasure Hunt, which I felt was too long. After you solve all the riddles, you have to go back and perform a few tasks to solve the overall mission. These extra tasks delay gratification, but not for too long: they are easy and increase the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing the adventure.

    If you're new to the series, I Spy: Fantasy is a great first one to try. My son started playing these games with me when he was two-and-a-half years old. They have been a great way for him to learn new words and to develop his visual-observation skills. Sometimes he finds the objects by himself; other times I tell him where to look or explain to him the word that goes with a particular object. He points to the object and he clicks the left button on my laptop.

    For 2-4 year olds, I also recommend I Spy Junior: Puppet Playhouse, probably my second favorite in the series. The objects in Puppet Playhouse are easier for a preschooler to find, and the game is obviously geared a bit more for that age range, though the general gameplay is basically the same....more info
  • clueless
    It looks good and runs fine under XP. However, there are no helps or hints. You have to find every object to move on. We can't find one of the hidden things, and without even a guess of where it is, the game is now worthless....more info
  • Constant playability
    My kids constantly play this and they've had it for years!! They'll stop playing for a few months, then come back to it and play it again. They have a blast!...more info
  • Great for kids and for groups
    My boys (4 & 6) play this as a twosome and I"ve come home to find a crowd of kids gathered around the computer all playing it together. These games are also a great way for family time. Like this one. Like Treasure Hunt too....more info
  • A favorite in our house
    This game has quickly become my son's favorite (and he is only 3.5 years old). We (parents) have to play it with him, because there are some items that he does not recognize (a chess horse for example), but then he can sometimes find things that we can't!! He is getting much better at it after having played it quite a bit, but my husband and I have noticed that there appear to only be 3 levels in each of the three games, and after that it repeats itself. Even if this is true, I think it is a great game. It makes you pay seriously close attention to a screen full of stuff, my son is learning item recognition really well, and he just loves to defeat the dragon in the knights game (though he did ask us why when the rocket ship took off in the rocket game, we did not go with it... too much Zathura I think). I have already bought him another I Spy (Treasure Island) for his birthday (since he loves pirates!). A definite keeper!...more info
  • Not happy
    This game has not worked well since it was loaded on the computer. We own two other versions and do not have trouble with those two....more info
    i have a 8 year old boy and a 5 yr. old girl and the 2 of them could do this for HOURS! it's educational, requires them to use their noggins and they enjoy playing it together. my biggest fear is that we will go through all the I SPY games too quickly.
    ...more info
  • I Spy Fantasy
    Both my kids (4 and 7 yrs old) love this game. I like the fact that there is some educational value and it's not just a fun game....more info
  • Not completely Windows 2000 compliant
    Amazon, and the box indicate that this software works under Windows 2000. Well, it only works for administrators, and the tech support won't fix the issue...

    I installed it as administrator, and tested that it worked.

    I tried running it as a restricted user. After all I don't really want my children installing software, or otherwise messing up my computer.

    I ran into my first problem... it couldn't write a file. So I did what I needed to... and gave users full permissions over all files under the I Spy install directory.

    Then I hit problem two... It refuses to run if it can't modify the system registry. Why is it trying to modify the system registry after it is installed?

    In any case, I don't know how the game plays - as I don't like running software as administrator. For now the disk is as useful as a coaster....more info