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Jakks / Namco Arcade Classics Plug and Play TV Games
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Product Description

Now you can relive some of the classic video games of the 80s with the Namco TV Games Video Game System. It's so easy to use -- just plug the handheld joystick into your TV or VCR and you're ready to play Pac-Man, Galaxian, Rally-X, DigDug or Bosconian. Requires 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included).

  • Simply plug in your Namco unit, select a game from the menu and hit the fire button
  • Twin RCA cables connect it to your TV - the easiest hookup of any game system
  • Includes the following games - Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Rally-X, and Bosconian

Customer Reviews:

  • Namco comes back with the OLD games.
    I really think that it is one of top 20 or something like that.There are 5 games.
    1.Pac Man is a game that everyone should know.One of namcos smash hits in the 80's.In this game you controll a yellow circle and try to collect all the pellets on the stage without geeting hit by a ghost. There are 4 big pellets which make the ghosts destroyable.
    2.Galaxian is where you controll a ship and have to shoot all the aliens.Be careful the aliens come down at you to shoot you.So you have to dodge them.If one lands on you,you die as well as the alien who attacked you.
    3.Rally-X is where you controll your blue car and get all 10 flags.You have to avoid red cars and rocks.If a red car is on your tail just press the fire button to let out fuel to make them slip.But be aware of your fuel.Letting out fuel to make the red cars slip makes you lose fuel.Running out of fuel makes you lose a life.
    4.Dig Dug is where you controll a little red guy to blow up all the enemies. But if the enemies touch you first you lose.
    5.Bosconian is where you have to controll a ship and fly in space to destroy all green circled ships.But other enemies try to stop you by running in to you.You have to shoot them first.

    SO have fun ya all!!!!...more info

  • Fun but dont be fooled!
    I was looking forward to this for a long time, these games are still great time killers and very addictive, however if youre a true namco fan you will be upst to know that the original sound effects that made these games so famous are not true reproductions. the box says Namco but if you read the fine print on the package they are not offical licensed games. But if you dont care about Authentic sound effects and dont mind generic blips you will enjoy this product....more info
  • Junk!!
    Save your money and do not buy this junk-The stick is poorly designed, and hard to hold..Get a real gaming system...more info
  • Disappointment
    I received my MsPacman 5in1 game yesterday, and decided to play pole position first. After about 2 races and no harsh treatment at all, the whole game went squiggley and then didn't work when you would turn the yellow knob left or right(kinda like a steering wheel for the racing game). the controller seems to work for the other games, but it's really not even worth 20 bucks. The mspacman game is a cheap knockoff, nothing like the original. The sounds are terrible. I'm going to shop for an original old atari, that would be a lot better than this piece of garbage. I even bought the other 10 in 1 atari-style controller, and that is garbage too. what a waste. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANY OF THESE. TRUST ME! They need to be built better. I'm not even a little kid who might be rough on it, I was just trying to see if they'd be like originals from when I was growing up....more info
  • It's not the same, you won't relive your past
    The version of Pac Man on this little unit isn't the good one you might remember. If you'll hark back to the Pat Benatar days, you'll recall there was a "fake Pac Man" that was released in the 80s. (The Pac Man itself was a little too round, the sound was off...something was amiss, yet many didn't notice. If you were a true afficianado, you noticed). Well, this fake one is the one that's shipped with this unit. And it's just as disappointing as it used to be. It's not the real pac man.

    Also, the Rally X "radar screen" that was in the lower right in the real game is overlayed on top of the actual driving screen. Not good.

    I think that Dig Dug fans will rejoice, however. It seems to look and work like the old one....more info
  • Fun as hell
    Alot of people gave this guy bad reviews on it's shoddy quality. I don't know if I just got a good unit or not, but I've been playing this thing almost everyday since I got it a month ago and have had 0 problems. Not only have I not had to replace the batteries once (I guess these old games don't suck up much), but it's held up through my various slams and harsh playing styles. So, I guess I'd where you can return it (i.e. not on ebay), but don't hesitate purchasing it based on the bad reviews....more info
    This toy is everything in one. Fun, entertaining, easy for you to bring it along everywhere!!! Plus it is a blast from the past. One day my child went to his friends house and the other child showed it to him, and he immediatly sort of frowned (he didn't think they would be fun) he sat down and started to play. I came back 4 hours later and they were still playing. It may seem awful how you have to sort of pass it along to the next person but it is sharing, it is teaching your child to share and to wait his or hers turn so in total I give it straight 5s and I think everybody should try it out at least once .It has always made me laugh how trends like these come and go, and these games are one of those trends....more info
  • fun for the family
    These five original games keep me and my brother playing all day and my mom and dad all night. Each and every games fits atleast one of or personalitys. We love this convienent toy and for such a wonderful price it is perfect....more info
  • namco tv game
    I have had this game in the past and it went up. I tried to buy it again from a seller on Although is very reliable and cooperative, the seller that I tried to buy from is definitely not. I had to get a refund through Amazon....more info
  • Lots of fun for the 20/30-somethings out there
    I received this game as a gift a little over a week ago and haven't tired of it yet. Pac-man is the only game on this joystick that I played a lot as a kid and from what I remember this version is identical. It requires 4 AA batteries and does not come with them so be sure to have some fresh batteries on hand. When I first hooked this up it didn't work because I didn't have a new set of batteries. I give this 4 stars instead of 5 because of the location of the reset button (it's very easy to accidentally reset your game) and because there is not a two player option. Other than that it's great!...more info
  • Needs More Reliabilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This Namco TV Games by Toymax is pretty fun, but very irreliable!! It was fun but in an estimation of 20hrs it broke!! Now, I must hit the machine to work like it was a 1920's radio. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! IT MAY LOOK CUTE ON THE OUTSIDE BUT, ON THE INSIDE IT IS A CHEAP PLASTIC MACHINE!!...more info
    If you grew up in the 80s, this is a must-have. Easy to hook up, compact for traveling, simple operation. Only reason I didn't give it five stars is that it doesn't have Galaga, the greatest video game ever, and the reset button is awkwardly placed on the console, making it easy to accidentally reset in mid-game. Even so, it's a great product, especially for the cost. ...more info
  • Needs More Reliabilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This Namco TV Games by Toymax is pretty fun, but very irreliable!! It was fun but in an estimation of 20hrs it broke!! Now, I must hit the machine to work like it was a 1920's radio. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! IT MAY LOOK CUTE ON THE OUTSIDE BUT, ON THE INSIDE IT IS A CHEAP PLASTIC MACHINE!!...more info
  • Broke after 2 days!!!
    Just got this for Christmas. The kids have been playing with it for the last two days and now the picture is messed up. It has all sorts of noise on it and you can't even see what you are doing. Total play time before it broke was probably about 12 hours. Will be trying to get a replacement since the kids love it. Hopefully, that one will last longer....more info
  • Almost like the arcade
    For such a low price, something has to give. Yes, the games play pretty much like the arcade, but there are some annoying differences which may only matter to die-hard gamers like myself. For a casual or younger gamer, they are probably too minor to matter.

    Here are my gripes:

    The sound seemes to be off -- the music is not as good as I remember. My guess is that they are using fewer simultaneous notes, but that's just a guess.

    The case is shaped very uncomfortably.

    The joystick does not do diagonals. This is good for games like Pac Man, but if you look at the photos on the box, you're supposed to be able to go diagonal in Bosconian, but if you can't, it makes the game artificially harder.

    The video quality is poor.

    An alternative would be to purchase classic game compilations for the normal game consoles (Playstation, etc.). However, if you want to play Pac Man on a system that's easy to put away or take to a friend's house, it's hard to argue against this all-in-one unit, especially for the price....more info

  • Great Classic Games
    I bought this out of sheer curiousity --- for $20, I figured if I don't like it, it's not a big loss. I was pleasantly surprised. The joystick feels solid in my hand, and the game is a piece of cake to set up (plug into your TV, insert 4 AA batteries, and go). Once you turn on the unit, you can pick from 5 classic games --- Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Rally-X and Bosconian. All games play identically to their arcade counterparts and are a lot of fun. 4 AA batteries last a decent amount of time. I've played maybe 6 hours of games and the batteries are still going.

    I found this unit to be a more faithful reproduction than the Atari 2600 games, the sound and graphics were identical to the arcade, where the Atari 2600 joystick has incorrect sound and the graphics are a bit off.

    The only thing that frustrates me is because I'm left-handed it's a bit awkward to use the joystick with my left hand. The reason is the TV connector wires get in the way and the one fire button is positioned for right-handed people.

    If you want simple, fun games to play when you have a few minutes to kill, this joystick is ideal....more info

  • Hooray--the real Pac Man Lives!
    This is the best thing since sliced bread--we can't wait for Ms Pac Man to be released--now mom and dad get to fight over whose turn is next....more info