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MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio
List Price: $79.99

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Product Description

Midland WR-300 Weather Radio with Civil Emergency Monitor. Get local weather reports when you need them most: Digital PLL tuning for clear reception; S.A.M.E. localized reception; 30 programmable county codes so you can receive alerts about one county or many counties... from your home, to your cabin and where your kids go to college; Full function alarm clock; Built-in AM / FM radio; 10 memory alerts... easily add, edit and remove unwanted ads Powered by included AC wall adapter and 4 AA batteries (not included). Order Now! Midland WR-300 Weather Radio with Civil Emergency Monitor

Stay alert to conditions that affect you with Midland's WR-300 weather/all-hazard radio. The unit offers S.A.M.E. technology (Specific Area Message Encoding), which preprograms the device to receive only those warnings that apply to your local area--you can choose state, county, and/or nearby counties. The single-speaker radio offers 30 programmable county codes, AM/FM tuning, date, time, alarm functions, and even auto switch from AM/FM to pertinent all-hazard alerts.

For tuning, the radio employs drift-free PLL (phase-lock loop) technology and an easy-to-read blue, backlit LCD. You get a convenient, 10-alert memory, and you can add, edit, and remove unwanted alerts at any time. The radio uses the supplied AC power adapter or four AA Batteries (not included).

What's in the Box
Radio, AC power adapter, and a user's manual.

  • Receives All NOAA Weather Channels
  • S.A.M.E. Technology
  • AM/FM Radio with Clock and Alarm
  • Memory system for 30 Counties
  • Ability to Add & Remove Alerts

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Option
    Bought this as a gift for my brother in law. He loves it. He is in an area where many tornadoes happen and it has served him well....more info
  • Great Safety Radio
    We live in Tornado country so I disabled the audio alert for almost all alerts with the exception of Tornado Warnings. It does exactly what it is supposed to do by displaying a light for watches and other alerts and when your sleeping and a loud audio alarm for Tornado Warnings's. We live in a rural area where we can't hear the sirens in town so in my opinion this is a mandatory safety item for my family....more info
  • Weather Radio
    The radio is excellent. The only negative comment I have is the lighting on the screen. It is too bright to leave it on all the time but hard to read in the night and it is on for 4 seconds when you are looking for glasses....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    We love this new weather radio. It is easy to set up and makes us feel more comfortable when bad weather is around us since it will let us know when we need to be concerned. One word of caution...don't choose too many counties because the alarm will sound for all of them. We live on the border of two counties and now only have those two listed. No need to over kill on the counties....more info
  • Blissful sleep
    I bought this radio after trying a much cheaper weather radio - you get what you pay for. The cheap one would go off in the middle of the night for a thunderstorm warning 3 counties away! The greatest feature of this weather radio is that you can program it to only respond to specific "alerts". So, if you're like me and you live at the top of a hill and don't want to be woken up in the middle of the night for a "flash flood warning" you can program this radio to ignore those warnings. Similarly, you can program it to respond only to specific counties and not every county in the broadcast area.

    My only complaint is the menus are a little difficult to navigate so programming is a bit time consuming. As an alarm clock it's just ok but as a weather radio I believe it's the best value out there....more info
  • Midland WR300
    Easy to set up for my specific area. Like that it is very clear and I like the warning sound. Good buy for the money....more info
  • weather radio
    The WR300 has performed as expected. It took a call to the National Weather Service to better understand what alerts our local office sends to the unit to sound the alarm for warnings & watches. The unit is user-friendly and settings are easily adjustable....more info
  • Midland Weather Radio
    Product just as described. Product was purchased as a gift, but I would purchase this product again. Delivery was speedy as well....more info
  • Warning This Radio is not reliable
    MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio I purchased this radio and believe the radio is either defective or impossible to program. I am skilled in electronics and cannot program this radio. The instructions are totally counter-intuitive.If you follow them to the letter you still can't get the radio to work. I asked help from a ham operator, skilled in radio repair, and he gave up on the entire thing, saying he could not program the radio, and suggested I return it, and buy something else. I am frustrated with the entire thing, disappointed and out nearly $50. Look at the other reviews and see how many speak of the difficulty of programing the radio and the exceptionally poor instructions. I highly recommend you NOT purchase this radio unless you want much difficulty and possibly a radio that will not work properly....more info
  • Best on the market
    This is the only weather radio where you can choose the type of alerts. Otherwise, I'd be woken up in the middle of the night for every watch/warning that is issued. ...more info
  • Great Unit!
    This is a very nice alarm clock/ weather radio. Here in Nebraska we have had the worst spring in years....Very bad weather. So, I purchased this to protect my family....
    Since purchasing it we have not had one storm....I made the weather change by this purchase.
    It really is a great unit.....Now I need some bad weather......more info
  • Midland WR-300 Weather Radio
    Purchased the WR-300 model for our office since we handle all crisis situations. This all weather radio is PERFECT for our needs. Super features: S.A.M.E.; you can choose which areas to receive notifications; it alerts you to multiple types of emergencies; has a AM/FM radio; battery backup; easy digital readout; set-up super simple; small enough to be easily placed on desk or carried; alert signal is loud enough but doesn't frighten you; has great volume control; and the one button on top and can listen to the weather anytime. ...more info
  • More than just a good product that works
    Not only does this product work well, Midlands customer service is top notch. I rate the radio 4.5 stars and the customer service a solid 5.

    A very positive experience.

    Joe...more info
  • Works good when it works...
    We got this radio a year ago after we moved to an area without tornado siren. Initially the radio works really good.

    Unfortunately, it stop getting any signal from the weather station nor any alerts. Now it is just another FM radio that I do not need!

    I called Midland's technical support but did not get much help. I was asked to do simple things like change the weather station channel, check the local weather station to make sure it is operating, try the radio outside of house, etc. When asked what should I do if none of it works? I got a simple reply of get a new radio. Gee, thanks. I was hoping that they will take it back for repair. What was I thinking?

    Anyhow, I am shopping for a new weather radio now. Hopefully, I will get a better luck with this new one....more info
  • Great radio
    It's been useful and works well. The radio reception is incredible. Other reviewers have stated the case well here. My only beef is that the "alert" warning can only be set to HIGH or LOW - some sort of medium would have been really great....more info
  • Too Much Of A Weather Radio
    I never needed a weather radio until I moved to a state that doesn't use warning sirens. I just wanted a basic radio that would tell me when to duck. This is a great radio, I suppose, if you like a lot of options. I'm sure it does all that other stuff well, but it's much more than I wanted to have around the house. Lots of buttons, lots of options, which for me equals lots of headaches....more info
  • Nice radio
    The radio performs great and looks nice. Amazon's service is exceptionally good. Some "mix-up" caused a delay in filling my order but Amazon upgraded my delivery to two-day service with no extra charge to me.
    ...more info
  • Life Saver
    Great Radio, Loud enough to wake you up, Somewhat portable. Abilities to filter out advisories and watches not wanted. As good as you will get as for a SAMES radio. So far I have bought 3 of them because very satisfied with their performance....more info
  • Midland WR-300
    Hurricane Fay stuck around a long time in Volusia Couty, Florida. Glad I had the monitor. Not a piece of cake to set up, but not too difficult either. Got a few "flood" warnings at 2:00 a.m, (I am high and dry) but I took them out the next day and all is well. Live in Florida? Probably don't need snow storm warnings! Take the time to set up properly and it works wonderfully....more info
  • Midland WR300 Weather Radio
    I am very happy with the radio. It preforms as advertised. I would recommend this unit to my friends & family
    RIM...more info
  • So far, so good.
    I previously bought the radio without the am/fm option, but decided to return it and I bought the WR300. When i first got it, it woke me up at all hours of the night. The beauty of this radio, is that not only can you select certain counties, but you can deactivate any warnings you wish. This is a real advantage....i can sleep now unless thare is a tornado in the counties I select. ...more info
  • Harder than most to program
    I have previously used Radio Shack weather alert radios, which are amazingly simple to program to your area and your alerts. The Midland has better range, but is a pain to program....requiring you to look up your community/communities on the internet to obtain their ID numbers and input them into the unit. ...more info
  • Works Great - Easy To Setup
    This radio offers excellent performance and was very easy to set up. The instructions were clearly written and easy to follow. ...more info
  • Great weather radio
    we have had this weather radio for over a year now. Once you program in which area your in, it works great.

    FYI, you have to tell it which alerts you want to monitor, because when we first bought it, we were getting woken up in the middle of the night, because of small craft advisory !

    Works great, we live in Florida, and have hurricanes, tornado's, and all kinda crazy weather, and its worked every time !...more info
  • Easy as all getout to setup and use.
    I was at a cabin this summer and a friend had one of these sitting in the corner. All of a sudden it started alarming because of a impending storm. we were just about to go out on the lake and it saved our bacon bigtime. So I bought one and it took me 5 minutes to set it up with my zones and what alarms I wanted and it stayed perfectly quiet until our first severe storm came along and it started alarming describing what was going on. For a simpleton like me, this thing works great and is easier than pie to set up and get working....more info
  • Some kind of complicated
    Nothing is designed for ease of use, not even the instruction book. You write information you need for setting the clock on one page but the instructions for entering that information is half a book away. Back lighted screen can only be easily seen from one angle. Wake up alarm switch is not easily reachable. My 9 dollar radio alarm has better radio reception. I am still trying to figure out how to wake up to music and not beep beep beep. ANd I giess I have not got the weather alarm set correctly because I received no warning for the icy roads.
    Oh well gives me something to do this weekend....more info
  • Love this product!
    I bought this product of its rating. The sound quality is great, and it alerts me of any bad sever thunderstorms we get. I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Disappointed in blocking feature
    Our first weather radio is the Midland S.A.M.E. Weather/All Hazards A, which will wake you up in the middle of the night even for a severe thunderstorm watch, and keep waking you up. We bought the Midland WR300 because it appeared we could block certain types of alerts. You can, but you cannot block Tornado watch nor several other types. Personally, we want to be routed out of bed in the middle of the night for a tornado WARNING only. We returned the radio and purchased a Reecom 1630 directly from mfr. which I *can* program to block severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watch alerts, and we can now sleep through the night unless danger is imminent....more info
  • We expected to pick up NOAA alerts.
    We purchased this weather radio to recieve NOAA alerts and S.A.M.E. coded messages. We did not recieve flood warnings, bad weather advisories, that were into affect for our area, or even the NOAA weekly test. Not to mention no S.A.M.E. messages. I don't know if this one was defective or not but if I were you I would definately check into the "Reecom R1650" weather alert radio, it rocks! And yes we did the Midland programmed properly. It would not receive on all counties, single county, or multiple with correct codes programmed in. And yes the alert was turned on. I will not buy another Midland product....more info
  • Great weather radio
    This weather radio is great. The best part is that I can program the unit to only ALERT for my county. I live in Florida, and we have allot of weather alerts this time of year, and it's nice to ONLY hear the ones that are for my county. The unit is well made and easy to program. It is also a clock radio with AM/FM. I do wish that the back light would stay on all the time, but Oh-Well......more info
  • Weather Radio, probably would work great if...
    If the antennae was stronger, this little device would probably work great. Easily programmable alerts, FM and AM radio stations, but for some reason it does not have a strong weather channel reception, which is what this device is really for. I don't live in the boonies and am 7-10 minutes from the city proper, but it does not receive the weather advisory signals....more info
  • Midland WR300 Weather Radio
    Great Radio!!! I live in the Texas Panhandle. We have all sorts of bad weather. Tornadoes (I live in the dead center of 'Tornado Alley'), hail, blizzards, prairie fires, high winds, flash floods and more. The National Weather Service broadcast 24 hours a day with current weather and gives emergency weather announcements. If you live within range of a NWS station or relay repeaters ( check for list of stations & repeaters and coverage areas) then this is the radio for you. It has all of the bells and whistles that you could want. The NWS has a large list of emergancy annoucments. You can choose in the program mode of the radio any of the warnings that you might need for your area. We really do not need high tide or tsunami warnings here in the high plains. So I left those and several others off for our area. We use the radio in the emergency mode. It sets silently until we have an emergency announcement for our area. In our area the NWS sends a test warning on wednesdays, if the weather is clear for that day. Nice to know that eveything is working OK. This radio works on AC/DC. Be sure to put batteries in the radio. That way you will get warnings if you lose power or if you grab the radio and head to shelter in the case of a tornado. Oh yeah it also is a AM/FM radio.

    Larry...more info