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ACOUSTIC RESEARCH AP-16100W 100' White 16 Gauge Oxygen-Free Speaker Wire
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Product Description

Main Features Manufacturer: Audiovox Corporation Manufacturer Part Number: AP-16100W Manufacturer Website Address: Audiovox dot com Product Type: Cable External Cable Length: 100ft

  • 100' , White sheath

Customer Reviews:

  • no real problems....recommended
    What can I say, there good speaker wires. Good quality sleeves, good audio. I ran these all around my living room for my new Onkyo 7.1 home theater system and theres no distortion or humming of any kind the longest length I used was about 75 ft and it still sounds perfect. I actually ended up using two roles of this for my relatively small living room. I was amazed at how much wire I needed. I actually had to attach a little extension piece for one of the wires and it's still perfect. I just used two of those "crimp butt" connectors (I have no idea what they're really called). The only reason I'm giving this 4 stars is because the shielding is pretty thick and it's hard to run 4 of these all around the living room. It ended up costing me about $30-$50 just to mount them nicely and it took many trips to the hardware store just to find the right size wire staples and raceways that would fit the wire. I guess it was worth the hassle because they're much better than the ones I got with the system. I figure if you're going to spend a bunch of money on a fancy TV and a bunch more on your home theater system you might as well do it right the first time....more info
  • Good
    I bought this wire for a long run over 100 feet. It did the job and is a very solid choice. Woudl purchase again....more info
  • Fine wire
    This cable is a very good product at a good price. Acoustic research speaker wlre 16 gague is all you need for your home theater system,I garuntee....more info
  • outstanding customer support
    this is a great product and a great retailer. i would highly recomend this seller for prompt shipping and great customer service....more info
  • Very good value, BUT
    It is what it is, and is a good price. BUT you always need more than you think you do, so save time and buy two now!...more info
  • amazing speaker wire! and reasonably priced
    AMAZING Wire!

    i want to be honest as i review this wire and the Irwin 2078305 Vise-Grip 5-Inch Wire Stripper and Cutter wire cutters together. I have not installed a custom system in about 10 years! Back in Denver and in Jeddah i used to get into meticulous details of how these things should be cut and installed etc. Frankly middle age has caught up with me! and i take things much easier now without making a big fuss.

    I am aware that any thick shielded wire will always do a good job of total sound imaging; this is especially true when you are working with a semi-highend A/V Receiver like Yamaha RX-V1800BL 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver (Black). This wire upgrade was about 5 years late! i have been just putting it off till i eventually get a mid-range amp. I had forgotten how this stuff works and it took me a while to get into it again.

    Let me talk about my setup for a second before i dwell into the wire itself:

    Yamaha RX-V1800BL 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver (Black)
    Polk Audio Monitor Series CS2 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Cherry)
    Yamaha YST-SW325 8-Inch Advanced YST II and QD-Bass Subwoofer, Black
    Front and rear channels are still stock Panasonic speakers
    Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD - Blu-Ray disc player - upscaling
    Venturer HD DVD Player - SHD7000
    OPPO DV-980H 1080p Up-Converting Universal DVD Player with HDMI and 7.1CH Audio
    Apple MA711LL/A TV with 40GB Hard Drive

    I was running some twisted pair cables on the entire grid of speakers and when i bought the amp, i was advised to upgrade the cables. For the center speaker cable explicitly i got the Monster Cable XPMS-30 Monster XP Clear Jacket (Compact Speaker Cable 30 ft. piece) (since i realized that center channel output has to be the best possible) The rest of the Polk/Panasonic stock speakers i got the ACOUSTIC RESEARCH AP-16100W 100' White 16 Gauge Oxygen-Free Speaker Wire. Plus i needed a propper cutter.

    The Irwin 2078305 Vise-Grip 5-Inch Wire Stripper and Cutter took care of that process. This is very good tool for novices who did not cut wires before! or in my case haven't touched this in about 10 years! After a few tries, i felt i was cutting perfect wires again! It took me a while (sadly i lost allot of the Monster wire learning to cut again!) until i got the wires together.

    But i can tell the sound definitely has changed from even those low end Panasonic speakers! u can tell how much a good speaker wire can change the total sound output. Plus not to mention that i am using a good AV receiver which needs good wires! They were easy to cut too; much easier than the Monster cables.

    I ordered another set of these wires once more since i liked them so much! i may need them for the next 7.1 upgrades. They are reasonably priced too! ...more info
  • Not white. Dark Ivory.
    I recently received this product from Amazon and was surprised to see that the color is "antique white", which is really a slightly brownish ivory color. Kind of like the color you'd get if you combined a quarter cup of coffee with 3/4 cup of milk. The photo on the website has been brightened and does not represent the actual color.

    I'm pleased because this is close to the color of my off-white walls (it's actually a little darker than my walls, but it's close enough).

    If you are expecting a pure white color though, this product will not match....more info
  • Does the job
    Used this to wire a 5 speaker surround in my apartment. This was exactly enought wire (with some slack to each speaker) for a 5.1 setup in a 15x20 room. What can I say..the wire works and the off white color doesn't stand out....more info
  • Can't go wrong here
    Great product, great price, nice white color blends well with basic white walls in most rooms of most houses so it's unintrusive. When stripping the plastic from the wire for the speaker/amp connection it's really hard to pull off. That must be the oxygen free aspect?...more info
  • This good speakerwire
    A little spendy but ya get what you pay for as the copper is purer than other wires I've used and the white plastic/rubber jacket is of the highest quality and has a most discrete look on the walls of my house.....more info
  • Awsome Speaker Wire
    This speaker wire is awesome. I hooked up my HTS with the stock wires and it sounded O.k, but after reading i decided to go with this speaker wire... all i can say is it was a great decision. I like to hear everything just right so you can say i am an audiophile and this makes the experience even better. Go for it you wont regret it....more info
  • Good product
    I bought this for my new Home Theater system in our finished basement. It does the job. The product is good and the price is much better than many stores. ...more info
  • Good deal, but antique white
    A minor thing, but the wire I received is "antique white" -- slightly off white, which doesn't go against true white baseboard or doorframe as I'd hoped....more info
  • Nice wires
    I like it because it is soft and flexible that I can run it along the edges of the door. Does what it should and the sound seems fine to me. I guess you may want to get some of those tips for the ends to make it easier to connect to the speakers....more info
  • A Good Buy
    I bought this wire because it was a great price for the product. I've used Acoustic Research cabling in the past and their products are solid.

    I actually bought this specifically after reading other reviewers received "antique white" colored wire. At the time of this writing, you can actually see the label "antique white" in the large picture description. Our walls and trim are an off-white, so this cable matched perfectly. It bends around doors and corners wonderfully. Definitely a good buy. ...more info
  • Good product
    Good 16 gauge speaker wire. Looks much better than my old black and clear speaker wires on the wall....more info
    This is just right for your house speakers it is heavy and well made. One role is alot of wire. I used it for my outside and inside speakers and it looks and sounds fine great deal....more info