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Terk Technologies Leapfrog LF-30S Wireless 2.4 GHz A/V Distribution System
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Product Description

The TERK WaveMaster LF30S is a wireless transmitter / receiver that lets you remotely control your A/V system throughout your home, minus the expense and hassle of wires. Can be used as a baby monitor, or a security system Can transmit signals from your CD or stereo system -- or you can even connect it to your computer to enjoy Internet content throughout the home! Includes 1 Year Parts - 90 Days Labor Warranty

The Leapfrog LF-30S from Terk Technologies is a wireless transmitter/receiver system that eliminates the need--and the expense--of running extra wires from room to room in order to enjoy your audio/video entertainment from multiple in-home locations. Using the system's IR blaster, you can even control your first-room components from your second-room locations. It's as good as having two or more of everything.

By transmitting across the 2.4 GHz frequency band, the LF-30S gives you the clearest possible signal with a range of up to a 150 feet. The Leapfrog's signals penetrate walls, doors, ceilings, and floors with no interference. Multiple channel selection lets you select the best possible signal from four different channels. The LF-30S is easy to install, requiring no tools for setup.

A built-in modulator ensures easy connections with any TV, either new or old. The LF-30S system is expandable, too: with the purchase of additional receivers, you can use it with multiple TVs or other components throughout your home.

What's in the Box
Transmitter, receiver, IR remote control transmitter, remote control receiver, 2 AC power adapters, and a user's manual.

  • Wirelessly transmits audio and video from any AV source (like a DVR, DVD player, or MP3 player) to another indoor device up to 150 feet away
  • Plug-and play-installation--connect your gear without running extra wires from room to room
  • Transmits via 2.4 GHz frequency for clear, stable signals; signals penetrate walls, doors, ceilings, and floors
  • Multiple channel selection lets you select the best possible signal from four different channels
  • Built-in modulator ensures easy connection to any TV, new or old, without special connections

Customer Reviews:

  • leapfrog is the best
    Easy to install, works flawlessly, no problems. A cost effective alternative to running cable to another room!!...more info
  • Nice product with some limitations
    Terk Technologies Leapfrog LF-30S Wireless 2.4 GHz A/V Distribution System

    1. Easy to setup.
    2. Works well in the correct situation.
    3. Picture is surprisingly good. It's obviously not HD digital. But it is good for the old school standard definition TV.
    4. Having four different frequencies to select from was helpful.

    1. Weak signal. Tried using it in adjacent rooms, but the signal kept dropping out. Moved it so the transmitter was on one side of the room and the receiver was on the other side - 25 feet apart. At first they were not in direct shot of each other. I had to move the transmitter forward on the shelf so it had a clear shot of the receiver. It works well this way. However, if I walk between them, I get some static. Seems like I am having more difficulties than most. However, there aren't any adjustments so I think this is the best I can expect. I don't think the phone is causing any problems. The microwave is near it and it goes crazy when I turn it on.
    2. I wish it transmitted a digital video signal for HDTV. However, for the money, I don't expect it.
    3. The cable box (Motorola/Verizon FIOS) remote causes a lot of interference with the Terk unit. The sound goes loud and static when you press the buttons on the remote. Also, this remote does not work through the Terk unit. I assume this is because the remote is RF instead of IF. You will probably have similar problems with other remotes.
    4. When the unit looses connection, the sound is very loud and static. It is very irritating to listen to.

    I actually bought it to transmit from the DVD player signal to a small LCD TV on a treadmill (across the room). It works great for this. I was worried about possible interference from the treadmill, but it works great. Again, it requires a strait visual shot. When I tried to put the transmitter behind the DVD player, it did not work.

    I've been using it for a couple of weeks now. It has worked well for us, but is not fantastic solution.
    ...more info
  • Works great, even with WiFi (instructions here)
    The comments on the Terk LF-30S seem to run in two distinct camps. It either works great, or won't work at all, usually due to WiFi interference. You can beat the WiFi problem, and I'll show you how.

    First, my experience with the Terk has been positive. It was easy to set up and everything you need is included. We use it to send a signal from our Comcast DVR (hooked to our main big-screen TV) to a secondary TV in our kitchen / family room area. We use a secondary output on the DVR to hook up the Terk sending unit. The signal is sent between two floors of my house. I did a little measuring on the two floors, and with a little basic geometry, was able to aim the antennas acceptably on the first pass. Its not like a satellite antenna - aim in the correct general direction will be fine. It is a wood frame house. Your mileage may vary.

    The IR extender function works well. The IR emitter (at the sending unit to control the source Comcast DVR) is quite strong. I never figured out exactly where the IR "eye" is on the Comcast box, but no matter, the IR emitter works as long as I put it anywhere on the right side of the box. As with the antenna aim, close is good enough. The IR commands miss about 5% of the time, but I can't be sure that isn't just my poor aim with the remote (the Terk receiver is not right next to the TV).

    Picture and sound quality are excellent, as many others have noted. I was surprised. I am also impressed by the Terk's ability to handle wide-screen content coming off the cable box. It appropriately displays that content with black bars top and bottom on the secondary TV, which is the old style 4:3, even though the Comcast DVR is set up for a 16:9 widescreen format.

    Our large dog likes to sit in the signal path, which sometimes creates both audio and visual static. Better antenna aim helped, but usually we just ask her to move. Static also occurs when using a Bluetooth headset close to the receiver, which also uses the 2.4 GHz band, but this is an infrequent occurrence. But you are probably reading this to find out how to handle static from WiFi and other 2.4 GHz devices. So here's the story on how to handle this problem.

    First, some people have panned the product because its not 5.8 GHz. That is silly. You need to assess what 2.4 and 5.8 GHz products are already in your home, and then decide which frequency spectrum is less crowded given what you already have.

    Phones: In our home, we got rid of our old 2.4 GHz phones because they interfered with the WiFi. Most modern wireless phones automatically try to chose the clearest channel - you can't restrict this operation, and the problem is worse if you use a phone with Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) security. So we opted for 5.8 GHz phones. If you have 2.4 GHz phones, the Terk may not work well for you depending on the proximity of phones, base units, etc. to the receiving unit. (And if you have 5.8 GHz phones, then a 5.8 GHz version of the this product will have similar problems you won't be able to control. Note that Terk doesn't make a 5.8 GHz version, but other manufacturers do.)

    Microwave ovens: These interfere in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, and make a mess of the Terk product if the receiving unit is in the same room as the microwave. The microwave also made a mess of the our old 2.4 GHz phones, another reason we switched to 5.8 GHz phones. When we use the microwave, we turn of the TV momentarily due to extreme static, but remember that our microwave is close to the Terk receiver. If you want to cook and watch TV at the same time, the Terk may not be for you. Find a 5.8 GHz product instead.

    WiFi: Here is how to make the Terk work with your WiFi. First, understand your WiFi. Although there are 11 WiFi channels in the USA (more in Europe), these channels overlap. There are only 3 non-overlapping channels: 1, 6, and 11. You should choose one of these channels, based on what is in use by your neighbors. (Using only these 3 channels is also more polite to the neighbors too as it leaves more room for them.) Now, knowing what channel your WiFi uses, choose a Terk channel that won't interfere as follows:

    Terk channel A: Interferes with WiFi 1, OK with 6 and 11.
    Terk channel B: Interferes with WiFi 6, OK with 1 and 11.
    Terk channel C: Interferes with WiFi 6 and 11, OK with 1.
    Terk channel D: Interferes with WiFi 11, OK with 1 and 6.

    The information above was gleaned from the Terk manual and a website that listed the frequencies used by WiFi channels. (Google it or try

    This should get you where you need to go. The Terk doesn't reject signals as well as I would like. When using my laptop at the kitchen table, it sometimes causes interference with the Terk receiver in the same room, even though I'm not using an interfering channel. However, simply changing the orientation of the laptop usually does the trick. Our WiFi router isn't that far from the Terk receiver, but its far enough that there isn't a problem. Having the WiFi router in the same room as the Terk RECEIVER could be a problem. Having the router in close proximity to the Terk sender wouldn't cause a static problem (but it might cut the range of both the Terk and the WiFi).

    Sorry if I got too geeky. Hopefully your WiFi router and/or computers are far enough away from the Terk receiver that you won't have this problem, but if you do, there is a way around it. I'd also be sure to get the Terk from somewhere that has a good return policy. That way, if you can't resolve the RF interference problems, you can return it for a 5.8 GHz version from another manufacturer....more info
  • Frustrated, frustrated, resolved.
    I purchased this for an early x-mas present......first, from Best Buy.....After days and hours of testing and working with Audiovox, it was determined that the IR extender was the wrong IR extender, and had to be returned....It is unknown as to whether or not this was Audiovox's wrong IR extender, which was subsequently re-marketed by Audiovox with a new IR extender using the same model number or whether or not a Best Buy customer or employee was playing a swap game with the packaged IR extender.....It is hard to tell, because Audiovox does not put a true factory seal on their packaged products.

    Next (second), I purchased this from Amazon....After days and hours of testing and working with Audiovox, it was determined that the transmitter was either damaged or defective and was returned. It is unknown as to whether or not this was Audiovox's defective transmitter or an Amazon used re-packaged/returned unit/transmitter .....It is hard to tell, because Audiovox does not put a true factory seal on their packaged products.

    Next (third), I purchased this from another Amazon seller....No problems this time with some qualifications - because of my previous experience and the new transmitter was pre-set to channel "D" (vs. "A"), I remain skeptical that this might have also been a re-packaged unit or how long it may last before there are additional problems. The microwave oven does cause some interference. I am disapointed that there does not appear to be a similar type wireless system that can transmit/receive HD....even if such unit were more expensive. Compared to other similar products, it is nice to have the coax jack option on the receiver (for older TVs). Loved-ones of mine are, now, happy that they can finally get their cable stations in their kitchen without having to have drilled a whole in their wall..........but, what a frustrating experience it was to get there. ...more info
  • Works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This saved me from crawling all over the attic to run wires.

    Picture is just as good as wired....more info
  • Did everything I needed
    We used this product in our church to send a video signal to the pulpit so the pastor can see what is on the screen without having to turn around. We don't use any of the audio connection so I can't speak to that but it works great for this simple application. Best part: wireless!...more info
  • Did not work as planned
    Created interference with the uhf remote controls from Dish Network. Had to disconnect to get remote controls to work again....more info
  • Not worth it.
    I bought these so that I would not have to have a cord going from my receiver to my TV and it worked out okay. There were three problems however. The receivers are kind of big, need to be plugged in and whenever we turned on the microwave the screen would go blank....more info
  • Good product, not perfect, but satisfactory
    I purchased this product to wirelessly connect my satellite to my tv in another room. It works on the 2.4 GHZ band, which apparently my bluetooth headset does as well and you can see and hear the interferense in the signal when using bluetooth. Other than that, its works well, as long as u keep the transmitter at least 3 feet off the ground. From my experience, the higher, the better....more info
  • As long as this is the most high-tech gadget it works good
    I bought this at my local Best Buy because I was worried about RF interference after reading all the review on here and didn't want the hassle or cost of doing a return via mail if it didn't work.

    I got it home and hooked it up. The goal was to be able to watch TV in one of our rooms that is difficult to get cable to, using our Tivo in another room as the video source. This way while lounging we could get access to our pre-recorded shows. So, I hooked up the Terk and the video was choppy at first but after aiming the antenna's better the video was crystal clear. I used the tivo remote and it was working as expected. I then turned the sound on and it was horrible. Static and background noise, unaccceptable. I tried many adjustments to get better reception and nothing worked.... I then read the troubleshooting steps in the guide and it recommended unplugging things that might cause interference. So I unplugged my cordless phones. Then the sound got better. I then had to power off wireless network and the sound got better, still not clear. I didn't go as far as unplugging everythign else in my house, it wouldn't make sense since I wouldn't leave that stuff unplugged anyways.

    So, if you want to use this to transimit video only, it works great. Possibly for a security system or baby cam.

    And if you don't have any other electrical stuff operating wirelessly, and your neighbors don't either then you should be able to use this without problems. But if you do have a lot of RF signals from your house or your neighbors then this won't work for you.

    I took it back to the store and got my money back....more info
  • Leapfrog video sender not work for me
    Terk Technologies Leapfrog LF-30S Wireless 2.4 GHz A/V Distribution System

    I ordered this product in hopes of bringing TV to my sewing room. I ended up returning it (Thanks, Amazon, for making the returns process such a breeze!)

    Although the Leapfrog was two floors away, (within 3 minutes of plugging it in) it completely killed my wireless computer network. I worked on various channel settings, getting the frequencies as far apart as possible. Alas, there was no solution.

    The product itself worked wonderfully, and if I never wanted to use my home network again, I would have been very happy with it. Buyer beware -- but on the flip side, if you not have any other 2.4 GHz products this may just be for you.
    ...more info
  • Easy to install, use, good quality
    I have been using this equipment for about 6 months. I use it to stream online videos on my Television. It works great, easy installation, no software needed, displays the videos of laptop on the TV (have to extend the laptop display). It does great.

    Only complaint, the signal is 2G signal which interferes with microwave. ...more info
  • Not Too Shabby
    The Terk Leapfrog LF30-S is best suited for wood frame structures, where transmission through metal studs is not a problem. Once you understand the instructions, the key to success with this gizmo is its positioning. It is also important to keep the receiver away from anything metal, like aluminum mini-blinds. These type of objects seem to pick up RF, which will reflect into the receiver (a popping noise) if too close. Recommend placing the receiver a minimum distance of 18 inches away from any metal framed furniture or large object. My transmitting unit is on the main level of my townhome, and the receiver is in my basement, under wooden floor boards and joists, with a transmission distance of about 17 ft., diagnonal, straight-line distance. For my set-up, I positioned the LF30-S receiver on top of its TV hutch and pointed the flat antenna up toward where I know the transmitter is on the floor above. The end result is a flawless picture and sound, although the receiver transmits a 'trilling' tone whenever I use the remote control to change channels (back up to the cable box upstairs); also to increase volume with the TV remote itself. I can live with that. All-in-all, for an $80.00 solution (with freight), I'm quite satisfied. It even brings and HD signal (in a smaller frame) into my old 27 inch TV downstairs. Interesting; and finally, without an additional cable box, I can now watch morning TV while working out on my eliptical in the basement....more info
  • Terk 2.4 Gigahertz
    Set up as extending Direct TV out to patio - Connected through VCR to transmitter in bedroom through two walls to receiver wired to TV on patio. Video and Audio quality excellent. Microwave nearby will definitely interfere while on. ...more info
  • Wrong Picture!
    Already own one of these - Excellent product. But Amazon shipped the "older" model. I have an issue with the occasional "picture doesn't match the actual product" Amazon problem. Not sure why there is a "give feedback on images" at the bottom of each item's page, since they did not correct the picture?!

    This is a fine device and does what it says. It would just be more honest of Amazon to replace the picture with the Correct Older Model since that is what I received. If they carry both the old and new models, then list them as TWO DIFFERENT ITEMS please. They were even sent the link with the proper pic! Amazon normally has outstanding customer service but slipped this time. Accuracy counts....more info
  • Terk Technologies Leapfrog LF-30S
    Great product!!!!! It saved my life! No I don't have to worry about trying to lay miles of cable through out my house just to watch TV!...more info
  • Great Design, Poor Performance
    i must say it looks great but didn't work as advertised. it says it'll work up to 150ft, line of sight. i installed it in straight line with no obstruction between the transmitter and receiver. video quality was ok with few interference, but audio quality was a killer. returned it and refund came through promptly. ...more info
  • Leapfrog LF-30S Wireless A/V Distrubution System
    The problem was a bad cable! Once I used a good cable, the system functioned as advertised! In fact I would give it at least a 4-star rating!

    It doesn't work at all! I intend to give it one more try!

    I couldn't submit my review until I rated the item. I thought zero stars was a proper value for a rating!...more info
  • item could use some improvement
    I am sending it back today. If you have a cordless phone, chances are strong that you will not be happy with this product. After 2 hours of trying everything, I did get a clear picture, but needed to be standing away from the unit.

    The signal is adequate for rooms that are in close proximity, but even testing the unit out 6 feet away, I experienced a loss of picture quality. If you don't mind lines of static, or have a phone that is not on this frequency, maybe it will work for you.

    For me...I will find a way to install a wire.

    ...more info
  • Super
    Super little product. Don't let the size fool you. It is great. Easy to install and operate. ...more info
  • Works fine for me even with wireless internet.
    I have an 802.11b wireless network router in my house, and I get good video quality from the Leapfrog receiver in my spare bedroom. I get a couple thin bars across the picture or a little noise in the audio from time to time, but that doesn't bother me too much.

    I should also mention that the spare bedroom is pretty far from the router, so if you put the receiver in the same room as your router, you might have a problem. But you can choose from four channels, which I think in most cases would let you avoid interference....more info
  • Works like a charm
    This is probably my first review on Amazon and I am usually very lazy about writing reviews but do spend a lot of time reading reviews, especially the negative ones. I purchased this product to hook up my TV in the bedroom to my dish receiver in the living room. The distance between them being about 30 ft apart on separate floors. The instructions were simple and it worked on my first attempt. The picture and audio were really sharp and works with the bedroom door closed.
    I also liked the feature where you can use the remote control of the AV source and change channels from my bedroom. I am really thrilled that I was able achieve all this without extra wiring. This is was just the product I was looking for and price was just right....more info
  • Not affected by my wireless network
    I wasn't sure if this would work, but it was a lot cheaper than buying an extra Tivo and paying an extra monthly fee for it. It turned out to work very well and not be affected by my wireless network, despite what some other reviews have said. Oddly, the signal seems to be clearest when it's set to the same frequency as the wirless network...counterintuitive I know, but as long as it works I'm happy. When I upgraded to an HD Tivo I was pretty sure this thing would turn into a paperweight, but lo and behold, it even transmits the HD Tivo signal very well. Since it's over a composite connection, it doesn't look HD-quality on the receiving end--but considering this, it looks pretty darn good.

    I didn't give it five stars because it did take a lot of fiddling to get the pancake antenna positioned right to eliminate all the static, and because it goes haywire when I--or my neighbor--turn on the microwave. Even so, this is a great little device and well worth the cheap price tag for what it does.

    Here's an additional tip for anyone using this with a Tivo. If you're using the IR extender, position the pickup over only about half of the infrared port on the Tivo itself--this way you won't completely block the signal when you're trying to point the remote at the Tivo box....more info
  • Longevety is not part of this product
    I bought one. It worked great,...for quite a while. Don't know if it was a fluke that it stopped working, or if any one else had the same problem. I liked the concept, so I did purchase another brand....more info
  • Terk lf-30 a/v transmission
    Good for the price. Works on 2.4 Ghz which can cause interference with phones, 802.11b/g networks, etc. Also has 4 selectable channels for transmission to help alleviate said interference. Put it my Grandmother's house as a solution for her bedroom. Only $15 more than the convertor boxes, and she gets all her channels. Only two slight complaints. The little ir blaster that you put over the sensor on your video device needs better adhesive, fixed that problem with electrical tape. Get a very mild interference when the microwave is on(2.4Ghz), but again not a huge deal, best not to shoot it right past the microwave, but I had no choice. Not enough of a problem to warrant the more expensive RF-Link 5.8 Ghz system....more info
  • Excellant Product
    has worked flawlessly. I have a wireless router and wireless phones in my home and no interference....more info