Halo: Combat Evolved
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Halo takes you deep into the far future, with the fate of humanity hanging on your shooting skills!

  • A group of alien races called the Covenant is wiping out human bases and colonies across the galaxy. You and a few fellow soldiers are all that's left of a devastated colony-world called Halo. Built for combat, trained for war, you'll do the only thing you can -- wage guerilla war on the Covenant and help other humans escape!
  • Incredible graphics bring the alien world of Halo to life, as you explore it and unravel its many mysteries
  • Control your Character during massive firefights as you eliminate as many Covenant soldiers as possible
  • Use your tactics skills to command squads and eliminate the enemy as you engage in guerilla warfare, using whatever weapons you can find
  • Incredible all-new multiplayer maps for up to 16 people, with brand new armaments you've never seen before

Customer Reviews:

  • Multiplayer has good potential, dies with bad community
    Aside from the instant impression that may be put on the reader of this review that I'm reviewing this game only because of it's multiplayer, singleplayer is actually what I look for in a game. Multiplayer is just an extra to me, however, Halo was ported to the PC with online multiplayer in front of the mind (Halo for the XBOX was originally intended to have XBOX Live multiplayer abilities, but this feature never made it into the game). Halo's amazing singleplayer campaign remains untouched (which is a good thing).

    If you are new to the Halo craze, the story takes place between humanity and an alliance of alien races known as the Covenant. After a narrow escape from an enemy fleet, the USNC (human alliance) ship named The Piller of Autumn finds itself at a strange ring world that the Covenant call Halo. When the ship is boarded by Covenant forces, escape pods are launched and the ships surviving crew find themselves on Halo, attempting to learn about it and uncover it's dark secrets while franticly fighting through armies of Covenant all the while.

    You play as Spartan 117, known simpily as Master Chief. You are a breed of super soldier, created to turn the tide of a losing battle against the Covenant. Stronger, taller and better equiped than average marines, you are a savior on the battlefield.

    The game has 10 massive levels, many with vehicles that are easy and fun to use, while at the same time, not forcing you to use them. You can jump in and out of vehicles at will. You can pick up any weapon lying around, be it human or Covenant. However, you can only carry 2 weapons at a time (not counting grenades).

    You will encounter a few different species of enemy troops along the way, such as...

    Grunts- Chunky little guys who don't do much damage, even if they're in groups. They do however use plasma grenades, which will kill you 100% if it sticks to you. If their forces are thinned or if the stronger unit that is leading them into battle is killed, they will usually panic which sends them running around screaming.

    Elites- The backbone of Covenant forces, elites carry plasma rifles (higher ranking elites carry energy swords) and deal out a powerful melee attack. They also use an energy shield similar to yours, making them equally difficult to kill. They usually work in pairs or larger groups and can often be seen leading teams of grunts into battle

    Jackels- These are back-line troops. They hide behind hand-held energy shields and fire plasma pistols at you. They can be dangerous in groups, but they tend to shoot at you while you're fighting with other enemies, and their shields are difficult to take down.

    Hunters- These are huge enemies with an extreamly powerful fule-rod cannon (the only weapon you can't pick up) mounted to their arm and dish out a melee attack that sends marines flying. Their armor is impossible to penetrate, so you'll have to shoot them in their small exposed areas in between the armor plates. They are always deployed in pairs as well.

    You will also encouunter another race of alien spices later in the game that even the Covenant fear.

    The graphics are now better than the XBOX version (provided that your computer can run it at maximum quality). If anything, I just miss the XBOX controler... Which is why I like the XBOX version of Halo better than the PC version. With that, Halo is still everything the XBOX version was only with online multiplayer battles.

    Thanks to the people who play Halo's multiplayer, however, it's not very enjoyable. I don't know what it is about Halo that causes it's online community to be mainly populated by 10 year olds who have never learned how NOT to swear in all caps every time someone kills them. That's not the worst of it though... Teamkillers. Halo's multiplayer is COMPLETLY infested with them. Every time you turn around in a team oriented battle, a teammate is shooting you in the face. If you're headed for a vehicle, you should be on the lookout for a teammate who doesn't think that you are worthy of using it... All the time. If it wasn't for this, it would be a great multiplayer game. Another problem is that they didn't add campaign 2 player co-op, which was practicly the best part of Halo (XBOX)!

    So, your reasons to get this are

    A) You don't have an XBOX but want to play Halo without having to spend an extra $150

    B) You prefer PC FPS games to console

    C) You want good multiplayer, but aren't bothered by the bad community

    D) You can't stand to play a game unless it has the best possible graphical quality

    Overall, Halo is hands down the best game I have every experianced (I was a huge fan when it first came out on XBOX). Though I still prefer the XBOX version, PC is still great. Compared to Call of Duty, however, the multiplayer fallsa little short, mainly because of the people who infest it's online servers.

    ...more info
  • Can't touch this one,... but I want to!
    What else needs to be said. Even with a low-end Graphics card this Masterpiece is FUN! Perfect combination for a laptop/notebook. Too bad Sir William Gates won't allow a PC version of Halo 2. Well anyways seeya in Halo 3 Deathmatch...more info
  • Creative but too long, repetitious, and difficult
    Halo has a creative plot, some interesting sets, cool weapons and aliens.

    But this game is way too long and repetitious. It's one of the few shooters I've ever played where I was hoping the game would end sooner. I made the mistake of playing the game at the "difficult" level rather than "normal". Some of the chapters are extremely difficult where you have to kill hundreds of aliens before you get to save the game at a checkpoint. If you get killed, you have to do it all over again, and again, and again, ...

    I recommend playing this game at the "normal" setting the first time - perhaps then it would have been more fun....more info
    Halo CE is awesome!Six years after it's release and hundreds of people still play online!...more info
  • Very overrated game
    This game has a ridiculous amount of fanbase, which is why I can't figure out? Halo is not the greatest FPS ever people! Sure, some of the gameplay is great but their are a lot of flaws in this game. here's some:

    1. For cheaters (like myself), there is NO Console cheats. for those who don't know what this is, you have a menu come down from the screen and it tells what you have reached in the game, but you can type in words that are cheats, like for instance "GOD" as in god mode. I was really mad at this because.....

    2. this game is tough. there aren't a lot of med packs and recharging your shield sure likes to take it's sweet time.

    3. You only can carry 2 weapons! I understand that this game is trying to be realistic in a real world sense (you can't expect to carry a shotgun, a handgun, hand grenades, a bazooka, a rifle and so forth with you as that would carry a lot of weight around), but this is a game and in games you can be as unrealistic or realistic as you can be, but there's even a limit of both, which is why Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell sucked balls, because it was way too realistic for a spy game and in Metal gear you can be seen and fight back but in that game you can't.

    4. Driving. Driving sequences are tough and very pointless. I always fall over cliffs or whatever and die.

    So overall, this game may have some great things to it but it's not really worth spending 20 or higher dollars on. ...more info
  • Microsoft Halo
    Excellent! Son loves it and it arrived really quick. Thank you....more info
  • Halo
    I'm a big fan of shooters, But I wouldn't recommend this game the game play sucks the animation looks like a 3rd grader drew it with crayons. If you want a good shooter go with Battlefield 2, Delta Force Xtreme, or even Call of Duty...more info
  • Fun Fun Fun
    I played this on the Xbox when it first came out, and have now decided to buy it for my pc and play it again. Master Chief is a true video game hero, and this is one of the best ever FPS games....more info
  • Halo didn't fulfill my expectations
    I remember the big hype about Halo, when it was released. I would have bought it right away if my machine had fufilled the minimum requirements. Lucky me, I had to wait until now and could get the game for a low price. Here is why:
    The graphics are not great. Even for the time Halo was released, the textures are not too detailed and the landscape looks like cut from cardboard. Unreal did almost as well in 1998. The story is good enough with three parties, each stiving to achieve their own goals. Also, the use of vehicles makes the game some fun. But the rather lame and very linear construction of the levels don't live up to the possibilities.
    Multiplayer might be great with MODs, otherwise it is just slow and boring.
    It was ok for 10 bucks, but I recommend to get something better (e.g. Far Cry, Max Payne)....more info
  • Great Game, PC Platform adds a lot
    This game is just as fantastic as it was on XBOX, except even better. The PC allows you to customize so much more, and this version adds some better graphics particles....more info
  • Halo is an ausome game no matter what the other reviews say!
    Halo combat evolved is one of the best games I have played. I haven't played multiplayer yet. This game has good graphics and a great storyline. You start out on the human ship the pillar of autumn. The covenent (sorry if i spelled this wrong) ship has cought up with the pillar of autumn and has boarded it. The covenent are aliens fighting to destroy the human race. Your only choice is to take cortana the main information program and try to escape the damaged pillar of autumn. You escape onto a giant ring floating in space. The outside of the ring is metal. But the inside is a world much like earth. The covenent believe Halo(the ring) is a weapon. The covenent do not know how to use Halo yet. You find Halo's main control system and find out what Halo really is. It is a prison for the flood. The human flood are truly gross creatures and I will not go into full detail about their "habits". Halo is not only a prison to keep the flood from escaping and spreading across the universe but it is also a place to study the human flood. This is only a few parts of the game. Don't ask me how I went from building to building without getting lost. All of the buildings look the same on the inside so watch out! I love the machines you get to ride in. My favorites are the ghosts. I highly recommend this game to any gamer anywhere....more info
  • Trust me
    I was a little worried about buying this game due to the mixed reviews on this website. I found the official site for the game which to do that i googled the keyword Halo and when I went to their website you can download a free trial consisting of 1 single player mission and 1 online multiplayer level. I'm not one of those next gen gamers looking for the best graphics in the world, and these ARE NOT the greatest graphics in the world but their enough to have a fun time. All in all this is a fun game with awsome online capabilities. This is definently a buy....more info
  • great, simple game
    its just halo from the original xbox, simple, fun, competitive. the online works great
    only thing bad is its an old game but thats not really a factor for me...more info
  • Highly reccomended way to become socially reclusive!
    Love this game. Great story line. Just make sure your computer can handle it....more info
  • Great Game!
    This is a great game with lots of action but its pretty hard to play on the keyboard, so be sure to get some sort of controller. there is lots of action and you dont even need a $70 video card to play because you can click on safe mode. have fun with it!...more info
  • HALO
    Really fun to play and wonderful location development. My only complaint would be the lack of being able to save a game when I want to instead of having to go through set accomplishments....more info
  • I am the Master-Chief
    If somehow you have missed the original version of Halo combat evolved, you are missing a great game. Worth this price and worth playing. Get it!! you won't regret it!...more info
  • 6 Stars!
    This game is great. Awesome for some one like me who does not own an Xbox. This game has a lot more then the original on the Xbox did like a lot more multiplayer maps. Not to mention you can play with a lot more then 4 people. Hours and hours of fun on multiplayer alone.

    You're also entitled to download Halo Custom Edition. Its free. You are able to play custom maps on this version. You can even download the Halo Editing Kit (or HEK) and make your own maps!

    This game doesn't require the fastest PC to run decently, but it needs a fairly new video card. I was running it on a 1.5Ghz P4 and 512MB of RAM with an nVidia FX 5200. The game lagged to the point that it was unplayable. I had to set all the video setting to low, and turn some settings off like shadows and detail. The game would run fine like this but when there was a lot of sprites on the screen it would still lag a little. I replaced my video card with an nVidia 7600 GS and turned all the video settings up. The game runs perfectly now. I have two friends that have a PC purchased in the last year or two with on board nVidia chip sets and the game runs fine for them on the default settings. I'm not saying you need a hardcore video card, just a fairly new one....more info
  • Great game
    This game is really good! I have a real up-to-date computer so everything runs fast and smooth. The multiplayer is great! You can play 1,000's of people in a huge number of maps and game styles. You can even type a message to your team or for everyone to hear! One of the down points is that in multilayer, someone may have modded a map to mess up the game or give them unlimited ammo and you get nothing. Another thing would be the lag. This is where the game moves real "choppy" or you lose the network connection. Still, its a really fun game!...more info
  • good game
    dont get me wrong i love halo alot i have all of them 1-3 and love them but this game is not differnt then the xbox one all it has new is some guns maps and a new warthog i know that sounds cool but its all online only look if you never played a halo game[like every one has]then pick up halo 2 its better but if you want to know the full confuseing story then get this game.
    ...more info
  • Entertaining game.
    It is a fun "first person", shooter game. The graphics are decent and the story line's ok. The game's play time is about 15 - 20 hours....more info
  • LAG is what plauges this Game!
    Every single server i play on has lag. And i have the new Verizon FOIS.Fiber optic and still lag. Please bungie make some good server in Halo 2 Vista and Halo 3 For 360!...more info
  • Fun for teenagers
    I bought this game for my 13 year old son who played it with his 9 year old cousin all summer long. He loves to go on line or just on the computer and play this game. He plays it every chance he can. ...more info
  • halo
    This is a Very Good Game. Its exciting and funny and keeps your interest up and its one of those games once you start you wont want to stop playing....more info
  • Great for a PC game
    This game is excellent for anyone 10 to about 30 years old. Blast your way through hordes of aliens and mysterious alien and human zombies known as the Flood. Some parts of this game seem slow and stealthy, some are so fast-paced you could her your heartbeat from 5 feet away, some parts are so scary you jump and shout "Holy 5h1t! Where did that come from?!" out loud.
    You play as Master Cheif, the last of a secret human project to biologically and ergonomically engineer a team of marines known as SPARTANS. There are about 9 guns, 2 greanade types, 7 vehicles, 6 enemies, and 4 to 6 large levels.
    I rate this game 4.5/5 stars. THe Xbox version is better by a mile....more info
  • Why not to listen to fanboy hype--1 easy lesson
    I guess before I say a word about Halo, I should start by saying that I am a PC fan who firmly believes that the PC is fully capable of delivering what CAN be the definitive enhanced version of any game if only the developers will develop the game to embrace the PC's advantages. Unfortunately, the PC is an underdog platform, and many don't. At least not when it comes to console ports, and unfortunately, this is precisely what Bungie/Gearbox/Microsoft have done. After having heard for long and long about how much I was missing out on from friends, not having an X-Box, and not wanting to buy one, I decided to pick Halo up when it launched for the PC. I was pretty excited about it. After all I had heard, I anticipated a game that would at least keep pace with, or perhaps even surpass it's PC contemporaries. I was ready to see, and try this legendary, be-all, end-all shooter to end all shooters for myself. BIG mistake. Here's why...

    For starters, Halo's systm specs are a flat out lie. Even on a system more than twice as fast as the games' listed specs (Athlon XP 1.8GHz, 1.25GB DDR 400 RAM, Radeon 9600 256) at 1024x768 resolution, Halo bogs down with multiple enemies on-screen. Lowering the resolution to 640x480 (the lowest resolution Windows XP supports) and/or turning down some high quality options cures this problem, but this is a pitifully low resolution, and not the reason you normally buy a console port. These problems have been largely alleviated courtesy of a recent video card upgrade (Radeon X-800 GTO 256), but even my old one (Radeon 9600 Atlantis 256) should have been more than adequate since it's considerably faster than what the game recommmends, and has more than 3 times the recommended onboard memory (Halo recommends a 32MB T&L capable video card). On my son's computer (P3 1.8GHz, 512MB DDR 333 RAM, GeForce 3 MX 128, Sound Blaster Live--still more than twice the CPU, system memory, and video card horsepower the specs recommend), it's gets even worse. Halo looks absolutely terrible, bogs down to slide-show framerates frequently, and is almost unplayable in some places. In short, when you buy a game, pay full A-list launch price for it ($50.00), and your system exceeds the listed specs by so much, you have EVERY right to take it home expecting acceptable performance--even at max settings. I truly hate to imagine the experience players with a system right at, or barely exceeding the system specs is having with Halo--they are undoubtedly, and justifiably furious.

    As others have stated to often exaggerated degrees ("IT WAS SO EASY, I BEAT IT IN 30 MINS!!"), PC Halo was indeed a pretty big disappointment, and in allot of ways--from a game mechanics standpoint, Halo drastically needed more attention, and tweaking before it launched. Perhaps most disappointingly of all, it completely and conspicuously lacks it's console bretherens' co-op mode (Gearbox announced plans over a year ago to add it in a patch, and it STILL hasn't done it). Also absent, is any sort of enhancement, or expansion of the original game--the single player campaign is a straight port of the original, offering no bonus or expanded content for PC players, and not even being an authentic port at that. Veteran jackals not carrying orange shields as in X-Box Halo is one of the most immediately noticable flaws, but with jackals in general, their shields don't turn red as your fire on them (showing you how close to failure it is) is another minor, but still noticable flaw. Other inconsistancies include examples such as not warping between levels as in X-Box Halo. All indications are that these are programming glitches--not rendering errors, or driver conflicts. I've seen these same bugs on other friends' machines, as well as with other brands of video cards (Nvidia), thus eliminating the chance of this bug being an issue specific to any brand, or family of video card, and/or driver release. Disappointingly, with Microsoft's history of rarely patching their games, I wouldn't expect to see these issues addressed. There has indeed been 3 patches issued for Halo, but none adds promised co-op mode or addresses bugs and flaws in campaign mode--they all address multiplayer issues only. This is really disappointing as PC ports can sometimes become the developers' chance to address issues, expand content, and add features that didn't make it into the original. Sadly enough, Gearbox has not embraced this opportunity--the game seems developed solely for the sake of the internet multiplay crowd--not people who didn't have, couldn't afford, or just didn't want to buy X-Box's, but remained interested in Halo, and it's painfully obvious. In a perverse sort of way, between paying too much for it up front, and dealing with all Halo's frustration and disappointment, it's almost like being punished for not playing the game on the preferred platform, and I'm not convinced that there may not be that sort of thing in play here. So much of what's wrong with Halo could be corrected with quickly and easily written patches, and Gearbox just doesn't do it. In the end, it comes across as uncaring, flippant, and just plain lazy.

    Level design is absolutely abysmal. Indoor layouts are sterile, and empty looking lacking living/working quarters, computer screens, interactive objects, instrument panel decals, tools, crates, or anything else. It might have made exploration more fun if they'd done a better job decorating the levels, and giving you more stuff to look at. Indoor levels are also very repetetive. The levels seem as though they were cloned, then linked together with tunnels. One room looks more or less like the previous with the only real differences between them being the presence or absence of corpses and weapons. Outdoor layouts are large, and sprawling (particularly on banshee missions), and a bit better overall, but not by much. Despite being large,they are rigidly linear in design, and feel empty--lacking any sort of fauna, or wildlife larger than insects--it's like Halo's biosphere just quit after shrubbery, rocks, trees, and insects. Outdoor textures in general while attractive, seem plain, and lacking in detail. No motion blur, no heat distortion. No 3D, or even textured grass--it's just painted on without a single blade sticking up anywhere. All these were highly lauded features of the X-Box, yet all are conspicuously absent in PC Halo. I've seen older console ports with substantially lower system specs sport all these features, yet you don't get them from a supposedly A-list shooter that legions of fanatical fans around the world swear is the best ever made. Contrasted against other games launching at about the same time like Unreal 2, Far Cry, Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honor, Deus EX, and even RAYMAN 3 for crying out loud, Halo's overall look doesn't hold up well at all, looking like it should have come out 2 years earlier even at launch. In all fairness, PC Halo does look substantially better than X-Box Halo, sporting higher resolutions, better color saturation, VASTLY superior anti aliasing, more texture detail, and 3D depth. But given access to the PC's superior hardware, it's hard to credit the developers for adding these enhancements when the game almost can't help but inherit them for free simply for being a PC port. The fact remains that Halo's overall look is decidedly dated. It looks about the way PC shooters looked in 2000.

    Halo's gameplay is also hamstrung by an ASTRONOMICAL frustration factor, as the game cheats absolutely incessantly, either by pulling out impossible moves (like elites jumping halfway across a room in a single bound), making you waste ammo (like grunts repeatedly surviving headshots from a 14.5mm sniper rifle at less than 50 yards away . . . . riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!), special ops elites plunking plasma grenades on you from over a football field length away (well outside their trigger radius [FYI: game characters have what's called a "trigger radius" which which when you enter it, "triggers" then into action when you come within a given distance of them]--they shouldn't even be able to SEE you from that far away), grunts, jackals, and elites being able to shoot as much as they want, and as fast as they want without ever overheating their guns, spotting you before you even round a corner (FYI X-Box cronies: that's called "clipping"--and no, it's not a cheat which can be toggled--it's ANOTHER programming flaw), targeting and shooting at you when you're too far away to be able to target them, or by simply overwhelming you with sheer numbers--and Halo seems especially good at that; particularly in the flood levels. The game has simply never heard of play balance, and it cranks the frustration factor into nose bleed territory. I can't even begin to count the times I've had to force myself to stop playing before I snapped the disc. This could have been offset somewhat by implementing a true save anywhere system. But, Gearbox just couldn't be bothered to add this--instead, we get lame console checkpoints which compounds the repetition, and ratchets up the frustration factor (as if it wasn't statospheric already). By some miracle, or perhaps divine intervention, we actually DID get gamepad support, but no rumblepad support--which is yet another classic console port sin that Halo commits--treating rumblepad support like an optional feature. It's absence is reeeeeeeeeally conspicuous in a game like Halo where rumble effects are not added to key areas strictly for emphasis--you NEED it in the flood levels where the force effects let you know when a flood infection is gnawing on you. Also, even with the sensitivity turned down as low as two, the controls over-roll incessantly--making it unnecessarily difficult to aim and fire accurarely. While you do get used to it (to an extent), and learn to compensate for it, that isn't an excuse for shoddiness. As long as we're addressing gamepads and control issues, let's also point out yet another classic console port sin that Halo commits--the developers left out any menu button, or interface toggle command in the controls setup, so if you play the game on a TV, and use a gamepad (like I do), this means you get to walk across the room to press escape to pause every time the phone rings because the developers were simply too lazy to add this feature (normally a dominant fearure of console ports--most console ports prefer gamepads). For those of you rolling your eyes at this complaint, ask yourself if it even makes good sense to develop a game that forces the player to switch back and forth between 2 control schemes--your gamepad works within the game, but not at the menus. Not only does it just not make sense, but it's simply annoying. To be fair, you do get gamepad support at the menus in PC Halo, but wuth no way of bringing up the in-game menu from the gamepad, it's no better--pausing still demands walking across the room to press escape. Combined with a slew of other forseeable, and fixable flaws (rumblepad support could be added in a patch as BioWare did with MDK2), things like this move from mildly annoying to blood boiling within minutes.

    Enemy and squad AI (if such it may be called) is spotty, but overall bad as well. Your marine comrades are complete idiots--incapable even of driving a warthog while you man the gattlin gun. Other examples include standing, driving, or walking right over or in front of thrown grenades, banzai charging into gunfights, rarely if ever dodging, or taking any sort of evasive action, charging into yours, and other marines' lines of fire, and other such hair-brained blunders. I have literally and repeatedly seen soldiers, and even Captain Keyes himself stand not three feet away from thrown plasma grenades and just wait to die--making no effort at all to get out of the kill zone--so much for the war-forged, battle hardened, tactical genius. Was this game ever play-tested AT ALL?! The developers seem to have spent a bit more time refining the covenant AI than the marine squad AI though, and they're not QUITE as dumb, though I've repeatedly killed jackals, and even elites who got stuck in a corner, or on an object in "The Truth and Reconcilliation" level. It's also fairly common to see them dive right off of cliffs to avoid grenades (yes X-Box cronies--that includes elites [regardless of rank], and on legendary too). It is true that enemies call re-inforcements, dive for cover, fight hand to hand in close quarters, and move in predictable, scripted, bullet dogding patterns, but it's still fairly easily outwitted. And don't even bother with multiplayer mode--it only sports 6 new maps (none very good) and 3 new weapons--the fuel rod gun, flamethrower, and stationary shade turret gun. They also tossed in the banshee, and rocket launcher warthog for good measure, but the fact remains that neither of the vehicles, and only 1 of the weapons (the flamethrower) is actually new--they are simply available in multiplayer mode now, whereas they weren't in X-Box Halo before--further bolstering my suspicions of PC Halo being strictly a half hearted concession to the internet multiplay crowd. Worse, there's a conspicuous absence of even basic multiplayer commands, and when it's not lagging or warping (even on a broadband internet connection) so bad you can barely play, you're going out of your mind with frustration as you get repeatedly spawn-killed (getting immdediately killed right after re-"spawning" from being killed) by pre-adolescents screaming profanities that would make a sailor blush in all caps over, and over and over again. . . . . . this is Halo's quickly dwindling "community". To give you an idea, even though Gearbox recently released the long-awaited Halo level editor, and user-made Halo levels are becoming available, Bungie's site doesn't have a PC/Mac Halo section on it at all anymore--so you're totally at the mercy of the Halo "community" for finding and downloading user-created Halo levels, and/or help creating them. A "community" section of any site typically contains a web ring to top ranked fan sites, forums, etc, but you get nothing of the sort here. Equally surprising is the complete absence even a basic info, FAQ, or advertising section regarding the upcoming PC version of Halo 2 next year, so there's your so-called "community"--what a joke.

    Halo doesn't even do a convincing job at selling it's self as an A-list game. The game's production values are down in the dirt as you get no box with an opening flap, or any type of embossing, or debossing, or even a jewel case (you get a cardboard CD sleeve). This was somewhat surprising as (then) new, $50.00 games usually sport very good presentation, and production values. But EVERYTHING about this game--right down to it's overall look, and generic-looking red banner across the top of the box seems to scream out "I AM A VALUE TITLE!", yet it remained at it's $50.00 launch price for over a year when other titles drop in price much more quickly--usually a few months after launch unless they're VERY successful (particularly with down-in-the-dirt producition values like these). I also experienced extensive difficulties with Halo hanging and crashing, and Microsoft's tech support was unable to help me reslove this issue. By "hanging and crashing", I don't mean crashing to desktop either--we're talking about the whole system locking up, and forcing a hard-reset (a risky proposition that can lead to even MORE problems if you're unlucky, and have a fussy system). To be fair, these issues have been alleviated courtesy of a recent video card upgrade (Radeon X800 GTO 256), and has dramatically improved the games' overall look and performance, but considering that the old video card (Radeon 9600 Atlantis 256) was considerably faster than what Halo recommends (and ran games with MUCH higher specs than Halo [like Far Cry] at max settings and high resolution just fine), this is totally unacceptable performance/behavior. On my old video card, Halo still looked and ran great without lagging at all, but would repeatedly lock up the system-- forcing a hard reset. I suspect this was probably because Radeon 9600's were unsupported chipsets, but since there's no list of supported chipsets in any of the gane's documentation, or README, it's simple speculation--there's no real way of knowing for sure. Halo does have fairly advanced setup options so those experiencing technical problems can experiment with a variety of settings, but this doesn't excuse shoddy programming, or hardware support--it's a really bad sign when a game BY MICROSOFT that launched in 2002 won't run on an XP Service Pack 2 machine without being patched.

    To be fair, Halo does indeed have a fun factor and addictiveness which will keep you coming back if you give it the chance--it's great fun to fly and ride around on the warthogs, ghosts and banshees, and also hillarious (as well as deeply satisfying) to see a grunt or elite go berserk after being pumped full of needles, or having a plasma grenade plunked on him. And Halo does have many good elements. But the game's boring and repetetive level design, AWOL rumblepad support, understated system specs, dated graphics, technical issues, missing modes, incessant cheating, and STRATOSPHERIC frustration factor all but completely negates it. To me, Halo is sort of a love/hate relationship--there is allot about the game that I like, and I see allot of potential for a good game. Unfortunately, that would demand refinement, and at least one more patch it's obviously never going to get--I'm sure Gearboxs' contractual obligation to write patches ended a long time ago (without them ever making good on their promise to AT LEAST add hotseat co-op support). So with all these issues, I can't help but feel more than a little burnt, and I certainly couldn't recommend it in good conscience to anyone with expectations similar to mine. But maybe that's just me. Maybe I have weird standards. I guess the key question then becomes: "is it worth all these disappointments on top of the ever-present threat of technical issues?" That's your call to make, but as a jaded early buyer, I've learned a hard lesson I won't soon forget about buying games based on fan boy hype.
    ...more info
  • Shockingly short, leaves you wanting something more
    I had never ventured into the first-person shooter arena before, and I wasn't even interested. But Halo looked so much like Metroid Prime (which I like and hate because it's a good game, but I don't care much for the first-person shooter change in format) that I decided to give this a try on my PC since I never had time to use the TV for Metroid.

    What I liked where the graphics, very good, sharp, clean for the time it was made, very smooth playing most of the time. The sound was merely okay, mostly thumping heart-beat noise to try to make us feel we where in a horror film, doesn't work. I wanted a more spatial, 3-D sound, like Metroid.

    What I didn't like, absolutely hated was the control for the vehicles! The move the mouse to move the vehicle thing sucks, the control was awkward and I just wanted to get past those parts. What really annoyed me is the 6-minute ending where you have to race to the end in a combat vehicle through an obstacle course. It took me six tries, and what a pathetic finale!

    This game is too short! You don't get to keep anything thing, and when I had the weapons I wanted, the area would end in the next area I'd have default weapons. Either way on and off for three days and the campaign was complete. I don't play online,

    I wanted more to do. A new, DVD edition with added content and more expansive areas would do this game justice. The save feature is great, because you never get more than a few minutes behind in game play when you die, so all that you have to repeat is a small area, and it's automatic so you don't need to bother about it. I get tired playing games when I reach a tough area and spend twenty minutes and then die, do it again, die, do it again, turn off game! Halo spares you that.

    Over-all a fun, but limited game with no map, no sub-screen, and all your routes laid out so you never get lost, it's a little too easy even on Heroic setting. ...more info
  • Stroy is nothing special, but multiplayer is a blast.
    I'm keeping this short and sweet. Halo CE is NOT the game you want to buy if you're looking for a deep, intense single player campaign. The story is razor thin, just enough to explain away some unusual monsters and some missions. Once you hit the 'Flood' levels the game becomes a point and shoot, mindless attacking of waves of zombie like mutants. This was bungies cop out. Zombies are great when used sparingly. The muiltiplay is insanely fun though. get some firends, log on and shoot anything that moves....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    Do you like shooting aliens? This is a first person shooter with an interesting storyline. There are 4 difficulty levels, Easy, Normal, Heroic, and Legendary. I first played on Normal and finished the game in about 20 hours of game play. Playing thru on Heroic now and it is much tougher. Checkpoints save your progress, so you don't have to replay parts of the level you have successfully completed. Overall, a great game....more info
  • ok, peo-ple R U stupid!?!?!?
    Hell-llo!??!? What part of Follow the Monitor to teh Index DONT U understand?!? Sheesh!!

    Anyway,a side from that complain't I cant tell you how good a fps this game is! Stay with it through the surprises (HEY< USe Spoiler ALERTS peo-ple) and be rewarded. The end of the game is glorious and sad as the same time! You think of the people who didn't make it and all they went through together! Now, who will play Master Chef in the movie??...more info