Panasonic RP-HT227 Monitor Headphones with XBS? Extra Bass System
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Product Description

Consider these a lightweight version of a home headphone, with comfortable cushioning that also filters some of the environmental sounds around you. Panasonic XBS compatible

Looking for a lightweight home headphone? The RP-HT227 is the answer. With padded, noise filtering earpads and an inline volume control, the RP-HT227s are built to bring you a world of rich sound and comfortable enjoyment. They're also foldable, so when you're done, they pack away for easy storage. The 9.8 foot long cord lets you roam the room and dance to your heart's content, and because they are XBS compatible, you'll enjoy the thumping bass offered by Panasonic XBS-enabled audio gear. There's an included converter plug so you can plug into portable audio systems with a mini-jack plug or home systems with a standard size connector. Step into a world of vibrant sound with the RP-HT227.

What's in the Box
RP-HT227 Monitor Headphones, user guide

  • XBS port increases bass response
  • Convenient in-cord volume control
  • Convenient travel-fold design for compact carrying
  • Light weight
  • Single-sided cord & one-sided monitoring system

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice pair of sturdy headphones.
    I bought these almost two years ago and have just noticed that one ear is starting to short out(Is that the right term to use when you are talking about the volumes on either ear being different?) I mostly use them when I'm trying to fall asleep.

    The cord has been stepped on(Sometimes resulting in the headphones being yanked off my head to crash onto the merciless concrete) and headphones have been dropped on countless occasions. So far the only damage it received is the internal wires being pulled causing one of the ears to short out. I'm usually a lot more careful with my belongings, so it probably would have lasted longer.

    The cord was the right enough length for me, could be a bit shorter; it would always get caught on my knee which would cause the headphones to be pulled off. The only discomfort I've had with the headphones is after prolonged usage my ears would hurt from the pressure. For those with long hair - if you put it around your neck, be careful when you remove them; I've had strands of hair ripped out.

    As far as sound goes(I'm no audiophile), I think they're good; they block out noises decently enough. The inline volume control is a godsend since I don't want to look at the bright screen of my MP3 player at night. The folding design is nice, though the cord won't stay wrapped around it(Still have yet to buy one of those cord wraps).

    Aaand that's about all I can think of saying today....more info
  • These headphones work GREAT for the price!
    They are known to short-out over time, well over a long long time; talking at least 6 months to a year. (You can tell if yours is shorting out if you turn the volume control knob up and down.) I think if people hear a lot of noise, they tend to believe it's already a piece of junk. All you have to do is adjust it, so you can hear full sound on both sides. That's why they're only about 10-12 bucks anyway. If you want longer lasting headphones, just try to take good care of them or simply look into another brand.

    For the new Panasonic RP-HT227s, the sound these babies put out is astonishing.. that's if you have a good enough MP3 player or CD player. If these headphones sound bad then obviously it may have something to do with your MP3 sound quality or what kind of player you got. The bass is superb for casual listening, great audio clarity and design too!

    Update 1: I typed up this review March of 2006, and now it's near the end of July. As of today, they are STILL working great!

    Update 2: It is now 12/18/07 (yes, you read that right.. 2007!) and I've been missing these headphones for a long time now (they ended up breaking). I couldn't find the RP-HT227 models ANY WHERE in the stores for some reason, so a few weeks ago, I decided to purchase them again on Amazon. The UPS truck knocked on my door, and to my surprise they arrived in today. I can now *hear* why I missed these headphones so much. :'-)...more info
  • Great for the office
    These fold up and rest nicely on top of my computer when not in use.

    They do a great job of delivering a wide variety of sound. I use them for listening to CDs and also to review audio recordings of phone conversations. Voices that are often hard to understand on the desktop speakers come out much clearer with these headphones

    The long cord can be a pain when needing to stash the headphones away. I just collapse the headphones and wrap the cord around them.

    Great at cutting out office noise.

    I have had these for over a year and a half and they have held up well to daily use.
    ...more info
  • Unbelievable delight.
    Product was so amazing I nearly fell off my chair. Then I realized I was standing up so falling off actually wasn't an option. ...more info
  • They break very easily
    The sound quality of these headphones is good enough, and the volume control on them is a very nice feature. The problem with them is that they break easily. I dropped my pair in the house and the ear piece broke off, the material that holds them together appears to be of very poor quality....more info
  • panasonic RP-HT 227 folding Monitor headphones with XBS extra bass sytsem
    Would absoultely reccomend for those that do alot of listening to their small boomoxes, CD players , walkmans, Sirius stillettos or S-50s and any other portable or regular home audio devices. ...more info
  • Fantastic for the price
    These headphones have done so well for me that I have ordered several to give as presents. They sound really good, have good bass, and the have a strong volume level. They are also comfortable. The inline volume control really makes them a great value. The one negative is that they will not stand up very well to abuse - I have had an ear piece break off when they fell of the counter and hit the floor, and the chord will not stand up well to significant tugging away from the ear cups....more info
  • Great Deal
    Was looking for an inexpensive alternative to go with my Bose Quiet Comfort headphones and definitely found it with these. Great sound, comfortable, long cord so you're able to move around without restriction. Use these mainly at my office, very pleased. Panasonic has always been a reliable company for me for all my electronic needs. ...more info
  • Perfect for me as a frequent airline traveler
    For my purposes, I absolutely love these headphones.

    I spend a lot of time on planes (sadly, much of that on British Airways), and I bought these headphones for 1) the compactness/foldability, 2) the inline volume control, 3) the fact that they would cover my ears rather than jam uncomfortably in them. Note that I did not buy these with a first priority on sound quality; sound quality on a loud plane, or even in a loud airport, becomes compromised to some degree regardless of the headset, even with noise-reducing sets.

    With that caveat, I can say these headphones are serving me perfectly well. 1) They fold up into a discreet little package; I sewed a small denim drawstring bag (5"x6" laid flat) for the headphones, and there is still ample room for my ipod shuffle, a 2-headphone splitter, and an an extra set of ear buds in the bag as well. 2) The inline volume control is a must for plugging into the jack in your plane seat when listening to in-flight movies. Not having to reach to the armrest volume controls on a long flight is a comfort. 3) These ear phones sit on the outer rim of my ears which I thought would make me ache after a couple of hours; but the padding is generous, and I have worn these back and forth on 11-hr flights for 13 months now and have not experienced great discomfort. I stabilise my head with a U-pillow, and I can even go to sleep for several hours on a plane with these ear phones on. Note that they are much too bulky to wear while lying on your side (though who would try that anyway?).

    As for the sound quality, these ear phones are certainly excellent for my purposes. I am not using them for exquisite music listening; I am using them to survive my long-distance flights. I will never use the headphones provided by airlines, as 1) the sound of my trusty Panasonic RP-HT277 travel phones is infinitely superior to any airline phones, and 2) the idea of used headphones kind of grosses me out. I have found the sound quality of these phones more than ample to the task of playing in-flight entertainment as well as excellent for playing my ipod music and podcasts while I'm waiting in the airports.

    A note on durability: I have had these phones for a little over 13 months and have used them many times per week within that time. I have packed them into many a travel bag, have plugged and unplugged them, have run them through countless airport security X-ray machines. They are going strong, no muffling of sound, no shorting out of wires, no funkiness of any kind. They perform just as they did when I first got them.

    I highly recommend these head phones for anyone looking for a solid set of compact travel phones with some extra comforts like in-line volume control and cushy ear pads. They sound perfectly fine and they've been my trusty travel ally on many a long trip.
    ...more info
  • K.M Acevedo
    I'm very happy with this product. You get your money worth with these headphones. Received very quick also. Will do business again....more info