Lowepro Topload Zoom Chest Harness for Maximum Security & Stability, Black.
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Product Description

A harness for active outdoor sports photographers, with maximum security and stability for many Lowepro Topload Zoom holster-style packs. Adjust four ways for a perfect fit.

  • maximum carrying security and stability for all Lowepro Topload Zoom holster-style packs (except the Topload Zoom Mini)
  • super-strong nylon construction
  • four-way adjustment for a perfect fit
Customer Reviews:
  • It might look funny, but..
    This is the most comfortable, secure way to support an expensive camera. Your hands are free for hiking, yet the camera is right there to quickly capture an image. I recommend it. ...more info
  • Great idea, but doesn't work as I would have liked.
    I bought this item, so that I could have my DSLR accessible, while on long day trips, overnight trips, and backpack trips. I found that it doesn't work well with a backpack, because the straps conflict too much. I also found it to be quite uncomfortable, in conjunction with a backpack, because the straps are unforgiving.

    I found that it doesn't work well with backpacks, but it might work well, when used with a lumbar pack. Even then, you might as well just use your bag's shoulder strap and attach the belt loop to your belt (cheap and easy).

    If they made the lower straps, which go around your abdomen, out of a stretchy material, this might be a great product. Otherwise, I don't recommend it - the idea is great, but it doesn't work the way I thought it would....more info
  • awesome - takes all the weight off your neck
    awesome - takes all the weight off your neck when used with TLZ1 or TLZ2 bags...more info
  • works as designed, nice product
    I use this with a topload zoom all-weather bag, and this harness keeps the bag stable, so I can lean completely forward (flat) or jog at a slow gallop. A nice feature of strap is that when you put it on, the back has a sown strap patch which permanently ties together all straps, and allows you to [loop] hang strap from your neck. This makes it very easy to put on as you don't have to rest bag on a table, etc. while you strap it in. My only issue with bag is that the D-Ring clips (which mount to your bag) are made out of plastic, and may break. But for the price, I'm not going to worry much. So 4-star because of the plastic clips, but other than that a nice 5-star product....more info
  • Keeps My Camera Safe and Accessible
    I bought this product to use with the Lowepro Topload Zoom 1 Camera Bag, and it works incredibly well. I do a lot of hiking that often includes periods of rock scrambling. I wanted to have my camera ready at a moment's notice, yet be safe from bumping up against rocky surfaces. With the chest harness attached, my camera fits snug against my stomach, and my hands are free to grab onto rocky surfaces. I have even used the chest harness to keep my camera from swaying while I've climbed into slot canyons. I highly recommend this product.

    I've found that the camera is most stable when the waist belt is hooked onto the top of the camera bag and the shoulder belts are attached to the bottom of the bag - the vendor's photo shows the opposite attachment. ...more info