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Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Cameras (Black with Green Accent)
List Price: $75.00

Our Price: $33.72

You Save: $41.28 (55%)


Product Description

Made of rugged nylon Canon Deluxe Backpack 200EG holds up to 2 camera bodies, 4 lenses, plus accessories. Due to its lightweight construction it features a well-arranged divider system for a secure storage and an easy access, padded shoulder straps and a comfortable back padding. Add to this tripod carrying straps and a front webbing ideal for lashing light jacket, sweater, etc.

  • Bag fits two smaller SLR camera bodies, 3-4 lenses, and additional small accessories
  • Constructed of waterproofed polyester and nylon
  • Water repellant and urethane coated for extra durability
  • Padded divider system for on-the-go organization; includes tripod straps on pack bottom
  • Lightweight, with padded shoulder straps and back for comfortable use

Customer Reviews:

  • Pretty Good
    For the most part I love it! Gives a very professional appearance, is comfortable to wear, and the slots inside are adjustable. The only thing is it is a bit smaller than anticipated. Make sure you read the measurements before purchasing. Otherwise I love it!...more info
  • Canon Delux Photo backpack ~ don't like zipper
    I was traveling in Uganda for a photo shoot. The zipper was only 80% shut. Due to the nature of the zipper and how it zips all the way around....all my equipment fell to the ground. I wish there was a lock on the zipper.
    I've also had to restitch the inside of the outer pocket....more info
  • A Happy Photogapher
    I bought this Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack because I do a lot of Photo shooting of Parades and things on the go.. I must be honest I was a bit skeptic in buying this product because of this low price, thinking it must be of low quality , but money was low and had to have my camera equipment with me and both hands free at the same time. But to my surprise this backpack is of good quality and is set up to Carrie all that I need on the run while shooting, not to mention the layout of the compartments are planned to make easy access to the things I need.. If you are thinking of buying this product you won't be disappointed .. Price vs. Quality..
    The only thing that would have been nicer is to have is a few more outside of the bag pockets, there are only two one on each side..
    ...more info
  • Crazy good
    I love this! It has so much storage it is making my life easier....more info
  • Awesome Backpack
    I really made some research before buying this one, you can really fit lots of things in it, also outside it has this great adjustable straps where you can hang extra tripods or stands, In my case I do carry a shoot through umbrella, 2 tripods, lots of gear inside, there's a picture that says that it'll fit a notebook in it, but I can hardly recommend it, because it is well padded, everything is kind of tight (how it should be) in the right way, and fitting a notebook in it might cause some damage to the LCD screen.

    I'm really happy with this buy, I would buy it again if I need to, I DO RECOMMEND IT, I tried to buy 3 (2 for my friends) sold by Amazon but quantities are limited, you can only buy 1.
    ...more info
  • Only if your gear is cheap.
    I had a 40D 24-70L and a 70-200L IS in the pack. After walking around with the pack on for about an hour the zippers peeled open and dumped my gear on the pavement! Fortunately I have insurance to cover the damage. (the enses actually held up very well to the impact but still sustained some damage) I have a small clip for the zippers now to ensure they stay closed until I can replace this POS bag.

    If your gear is cheap and light then sure use this but back up the zippers with a clip.

    Bottom line, don't buy this bag....more info
  • Canon backpack camera bag-terrific value!!!
    Terrific value for all the space, extra pockets,etc. that you get. I was thinking of some other brands and then saw this one for less than half the price. Great value, durable, comfortable....more info
  • Great product
    This backpack fit my needs perfectly. It's a great deal for the price. I plan on using it on my photography hikes. ...more info
  • Canon Backpack 200EG
    This bag is excellent. I have had it for a few months and it has held up quite well. It is very comfortable and has tons of storage options....more info
  • Great Camera Bag
    I was able to place both of my camera bodies along with several lenes and my flash. My problem is I have a weak back and the bag became too heavy for me to support the weight....more info
  • Cant Beat the Price
    My previous bag was Lowepro slingshot 200 AW, but it was getting too small to carry all my gear and it was getting too heavy for the one shoulder strap. Looking for a step up in the Lowepro series was going to cost me $200 or more, when I came across this Canon bag. It is well designed, fits everything and is very comfortable to wear.

    My only problem with this bag is that it doesn't have the All Weather cover that my Lowepro does, but I found that you can use the 40L Rain covers that they sell at REI for about $10. ...more info
  • I love the Bag and great service.
    The bag is great. The quality is very nice. The bag has good storage. I fit my Canon XS a 250 mm lens, a canon point and HD Camcorder and all the chargers tapes batteries. I still have storage space. The bag is a little to big just to carry around for everyday stuff. I think it is a great vacation camera bag....more info
  • Great Bag
    Bought this bag to drag all my Canon Camera Equipment all over africa on a trip I just recently completed. The bag was superb, held everything in place travelled well and when was completely full still felt very comfortable on the shoulders. Superb Purchase...more info
  • Canon camera backpack
    The Canon Photo Backpack 200EG is definitely a plus for photographers. It has plenty of room for camera and several lenses, as well as room for other accessories such as spare batteries, memory chips lens filters etc. The pack is lightweight and is comfortable to wear on those extended photo hikes. The only down side is having to remove the pack to get at spare lenses or other accessories, but hey, it's a backpack after all. I would definitely recommend this item for those photographers wanting to get out and shoot pictures without dragging a bulky camera bag along with them....more info
  • I love this bag!
    This bag has so many space on it and I can fit anything and everything in it. It's very useful and I'd recommend this canon bag to everyone....more info
  • Great product at great price
    I am very pleased with this purchase. Al my stuff fits inside and the price is very good compared to similar products.Quality of materials is also good. I am very happy....more info
  • A fair bag...
    The bag is spacious and can be used to tote an ample amount of equipment. The straps, however, are thin and uncomfortable. Also, opening it up to get a specific item is laborious and unless you remove the bad and lay it flat you risk spilling equipment. After using this bag for a short time I retired it in lieu of a SlingShot...more info
  • more space than thought for a small bag
    The bag can accomodate more equipment than I thought. The compartments were more of a surprise than initially known. I wanted a small bag when I go hiking and wanted to carry only a few things, but the many compartments makes it easy to configure the bag to carry camera bodies, lenses and an assortment of accessories as a larger bag. Not as easy to carry a tripod eventhough there are straps on both sides and bottom straps other than that it's great for my needs....more info
  • LOVE this backpack!
    This backpack is just great. It currently holds my Canon Rebel XSi, a Canon Powershot S3, 6 lenses, flash, filter kit, and lots of miscellanous items. And there is even room to spare! The front pocket is big enough to hold my 9" laptop as well as some random things - a book, papers, pens, etc. The side pockets are great for a cell phone, extra batteries. There is a great tripod strap on the bottom and two straps on the sides of the bags I haven't quite figured out what to do with. All of the straps except the waist strap are removable if you don't want them. The color is a great subtle olive-y green. Very well made but not overly heavy. Just overall a great product! I also have a Lowepro CompuDaypack and I prefer this 200EG over that any day - much easier to get into - more compact - lighter.

    Short update. After using this bag for a while, I'm less in love with it than I was. It's actually quite small and doesn't feel "right" after keeping it on my back for a day. It's a challenge to get in to - take backpack off - balance - unzip entire front to gain access - one lens out, one lens in - rebalance - zip up whole front, swing backpack back onto get the idea. I love the style and the color, but I believe there are better bags to be had....more info
  • Was not impressed
    I don't know how this bag managed to get almost 900 positive reviews. I was shocked when I opened the box and saw the actual size of this bag. I have two bags now to carry my gear and was looking for something I could pack most of my equipment in for day trips. This bag is smaller than one of the bags I was replacing. My 5D Mark II with the 24-70 f/2.8 L lens attached takes 1/3 of the space of this bag alone. Also as others have noted either remember to zipper around to the bottom every time or safety pin one end of the zipper at the bottom to force you to remember or you'll have your equipment falling out if you zipper both to the top. Not a bad bag but just don't expect it to be nearly as large as it seems on Amazon....more info
  • camera bag padded
    Great case if want to care a couple of extra lenses, light meter and other accessories. Well padded and as a back pack will be easier to carry than a shoulder bag....more info
  • It is perfect fitting my equipments.
    This backpack is steadily soft and cute, but has enough room to carry one 5D MarkII,and 4 zoom lenses....more info
  • Canon Backpack
    One of the best items that I have bought. It is comfortable easy to carrier and give you the freedom to move around known that you won't forget where you left it since you always have it with you.

    I will highly recomend this product...more info
  • another great item from Canon

    If you go to a local retail store, your choices are very "lame" for something that can protect your gear at a descent price. Wal-Mart sells cheap handy-cam/camera bags for $15.00 (no name) to a $29.99 Sony that won't hold anything but the camera itself.
    The 200EG from Canon holds quite a bit is well made. I was able to fit my Canon HV20 camcorder, battery charger, 2x batteries, 3x lenses, cables and connectors, manual, lens cleaner, lens hood, pistol grip holder, and still had plenty of room for more.
    This is one of the best deals for a backpack for cameras and small camcorders around. I saw many "GREAT" reviews on this one before buying, for all the bad ones, show me another that offers this much, for the $$$. If it does not have enough room for you, spend 2-3x the $$ and get one that does. No reason to blame the bag, just go with another. ...more info
  • A must for traveling with your camera.
    Got frustrated with the standard Canon case for my new EOS on a trip - not very user friendly for carrying and protecting your gear especially with airlines hassles with carry-on items. The backpak is easy to carry and I know my gear is safe and easily accessible....more info
  • Great Bag and Price is Right
    Received this bag for my Sony A200. Bag is not to big and has plenty of storage space. Many compartments and is really well padded on the back and straps. ...more info
  • Sturdy, spacious, great value
    As my collection of photo gear has continued to grow (multiple bodies, lenses, flashes and accessories), the capacity of my carrying cases has grown increasingly inadequate. The Canon photo backpack came along just in time and was a great value. I read the reviews and decided to take my chances, in spite of a few who claimed it wasn't very sturdy. I have found it entirely satisfactory for my purposes, which includes carrying two DSLR bodies, five lenses, flash, a tripod or monopod on the outside, and lots of additional small accessories. The zippers and fastenings are all sturdy and sound. I have easy access to the inside, and the compartment dividers are easily positioned to cradle lenses, bodies, etc.

    In all, this is a fine product at a great price. ...more info
  • Good Bag
    I have been using this over the bag that came with my Rebel xti purchase and I love it. ...more info
  • Good for the money.
    I own this bag and have used it for several months. This bad does exactly as advertised. I have to be careful to make sure the zippers are fully secured or the bag may open unintentionally.
    After several months, I don't feel this bag is for me. This bag is dedicated only to a camera and lenses. I do a lot of outdoor photography which leaves me needing space for other things (food, water, sunblock, insect repellant...) I will soon purchase a more expensive bag which offers camera and lens storage as well as a large compartment. I believe this bag would be great for certain uses but maybe not so great for me. ...more info
  • Good for the price
    I'm not one for writing reviews. I figured I would just say a few words. This bag is worth the money, its comfortable, and holds a lot of equipment. I use mine as a carry on as well. The main complaint I have is that the zippers are fairly loose. I'll explain... Since its a backpack type bag, I like having the zippers meet in the middle, at the top and unzip it down. Sometimes the zippers work themselves free, and then slide down, and the pocket begins to open. luckily I have always managed to notice, and stop it before dumping all my gear. I have since resorted to pulling the zippers to one side and swinging it off of my shoulder to open it from one side. For the money, it's great, because I refuse to pay 100 dollars or more for a bag. Padding is good, and it has a lot of storage space....more info
  • Great Camera Bag!
    This bag does it all. It carries so much more than other bags and the backpack style is ideal. The separate outer compartments are perfect for storing small essentials....more info
  • Canon Backpack 200EG
    Perfect pack for a couple of lenses and a couple of flash units. The interior is very easy to reconfigure the pocketing. Shoulder straps are multiple adjusting and well padded. I LIKE....more info
  • Great bag
    Great bag
    Great bag with very good finishing.
    Great buy for the price. Highly recommended....more info
  • Canon back pack camera bag
    Canon 200EG Deluxe Back Pack + Deluxe Photo/Video 57" Tripod Very fine bag but to small for my use, I will only use on limited small shoots. I will buy MUCH larger version. Canon 5D II with 70-200mm f2.8L too big to fit with battery grip installed....more info
  • One big problem
    Overall, I think this is a good bag with tons of storage and compartments...

    I did realize one big problem after taking it for a day. Because it is a backpack, it's not so convenient. In order to take out your camera safely, you have to sit down, lay the bag flat and then open the zippers. It is not as convenient as a shoulder / sling bag where you can take out the camera easy and quickly. The zippers on my bag are very loose, so if I attempt to open the bag while upright, everything will fall out.

    I use it mainly as a storage bag now. For a bag I carry with me, I bought a Lowepro slingbag (200AW) and it works great.

    For analogy, I think of this bag as a minivan... whereas my Lowepro slingbag as a sportscar.

    ...more info
  • Awesome
    This bag is just wonderful. So many compartments for assorted camera gear. Not just your lenses, flashes, and camera bodies. I've got my cards, some manuals, all my cords, card readers, remotes, filters, hoods - everything. It's all in here. In fact, the ONLY thing I would change are smaller zipper sections (like the two inside that are netted) on the outside, maybe rather than the two large ones; and that's only because I have more little things like cards, filters, cords, and remotes, than larger things for those pockets.
    It's incredibly efficient. It's comfortable. The straps, the zippers, the material. It's just so gnarly, I am incredibly stoked that I got this one, rather than another one. I almost need to upgrade, soon, I'm running out of room. Not to say there isn't much room (Kiss N, 50D bodies. Tokina 10-17 Fish, Sigma 10-20 Wide, Canon 18-55 Kit, Sigma 70-300 Macro, Canon 50 f1.4, Canon 580EX II Flash. Plus all my cards [six of them], remote, two card readers, ALL the cords that come with each camera body, etc)....more info
  • Use the straps!!!!
    First off, this product is wonderful. I chose this backpack over a couple of other bags because it was big enough to grow with me. Since this purchase, I've acquired an external flash and one more lens to add to my other 4. All this, plus my Canon Rebel fit perfectly in here, and there is more than enough room for my close-up set, tons of sd cards, manuals for camera and flash, and batteries.
    I usually end up putting the contents of my purse in here when I go to, say, the zoo where I wouldn't want a purse in the way. It ALL fits, with PLENTY of room to spare! I'm completely happy with this bag, as far as space goes.

    Now for the not-that-bad news...
    I dropped my camera because of the way this bag was somewhat poorly designed. The zippers don't have any way of keeping themselves closed, so I was walking around with a semi-open bag and when I turned around to look, there went my camera! Everything survived and there was no hardcore damage (the plastic on my lens cracked just a teeny bit, but it works just fine).
    Now, the sad part is that I could have prevented this. The minute it arrived, I took it out to play with it and noticed this was a potential problem. So I took the straps that were already attached to the bag (they have little plastic clips), and I removed and re-attached them so that the straps clasped in the front of the bag, keeping that compartment from opening up no matter what the zippers decided to do.

    I hate having to modify my brand new products like that. I really wish Canon had thought of this, because it is a MAJOR drawback. However, if you're willing to spend the 5 minutes puzzling around with the straps, I say its worth it. This becomes a 5 star product that way. Otherwise it's a death-trap for your equipment!

    Out of all the bags and backpacks I looked at (and boy did I do my homework!), this was the clear winner in terms of size, price, and convenience (it has these amazing little side pockets that can snugly carry a lens so you don't have to open the whole bag if you know that lens is gonna be used, and all the other pockets are just so convenient). I highly recommend it! Just please buckle up your camera!

    Hopefully soon Canon realizes how silly it is to not have more security, and makes a better version......more info
  • Fits everything thing I need and MUCH less than most bags
    I received this backpack for my birthday. I wanted a lowepro or Apollo, but those were pretty expensive compared to this bag. I was afraid it was going to be too small for my needs, but I was wrong. It holds my Canon HV20, Rode Videomic, Lenses, Batteries, Cables, ect. And the dividers have Velcro edges so you can adjust the size of each pocket, much like the expensive bags. I just saw this same bag at best buy for $79.99 so getting it here on amazon for under $50 is a steal! I'm not done with accessories for my HV20, but I still have more than enough room with this bag for when I do get more. Couldn't be more satisfied. ...more info
  • Very practical camera bag
    It's light weight & has plenty of extra sections and storage for multiple cameras and lenses. I have my Cannon Rebel, a few lenses, my video camera and a few filters, cords, etc. There is room for so much more. It's comfortable to wear and seems to protect everything very well. Took it on a hike the other day and loved it....more info
  • Awesome Camera bag
    Got this backpack from Amazon for an awesome price, and so far, I love it! I haven't had any issues whatsoever.

    PROS: High quality construction, flexible storage compartments, tons of room, zippers work great and don't get hung up, very comfortable great price.

    CONS: Only comes in Olive Green, but it looks decent, so not really a con.

    I looked at a lot of bags before buying, and this one had everything I was looking for, at 1/4 the price of comparable bags. Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Canon backpack
    This was a wonderful backpack for our new canon. We just got back from a cruise and the backpack was easy to carry by husband and myself ... perfect size for all....more info
  • Great way to store and carry a camera - thumbs up!
    I tried a Lowpro backpack first, but it was too small. Then I found the Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG and it is perfect for my Canon 40D and accessories. The inside is completely configurable so it can be customized to accomodate your camera the way YOU want to access it. I normally use my 18-200mm lens, so I have my 200EG configured so that the camera/lens are on the top and easily accessed without having to open the entire bag to take it out.

    Other accessories I keep in the bag include a 70 - 300mm lens, a 430EX Flash, the battery charger, lens filters, connection cables, and user manuals. I just purchased a Canon 50mm lens and there is plenty of room for that as well.

    Aside from the main compartment, there is another compartment that opens in the front, two side compartments, and a laced storage area on the outside. With all of this space, you can also stash a variety of other items, like a cell phone, car keys, a light windbreaker and more. I stuffed my cam-corder and a point-and-shoot digital camera in there on a recent trip.

    There is also a useful handle on the top for the times that it is more convenient or preferable to carry it by hand rather than on your back. Plus, when used as a backpack, there is also a waist strap for additional security and stability (I have yet to use that part so far). There are some additional straps which provide a way to carry a small tripod (or umbrella).

    On top of all of that it looks pretty good too. So overall, it's a very useable way to store and carry your camera and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Pack
    I've owned this pack for over 3 years and it has performed flawlessly. Enough compartment space to carry your car, if it's small. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was the bottom tripod straps. When I carried my tripod this way it always got hung up on things. I now use the side straps to attach my tripod. I do still have a couple of open spaces in the pack. I'm going to have to sneak a couple of lenses in while the wife is away....more info
  • Holds everything I need
    I got this bag about a year or so ago. It currently holds the following without a problem:
    28-135 Lens Kit that came with the 40D
    Speedlite II
    50mm lens
    cleaning accessories
    memory cards
    P&S camera
    video camera
    Gary Fong light sphere diffuser

    It's comfortable, easy to travel with, easy to get in and out and I feel safe with it.

    I initially bought a LowePro slingshot but didn't like it.

    The only con I can think of is that it's not weatherproof but I just put a plastic bag around it in that case.

    I'm getting a 70-200 lens and I don't think it will fit with everything else but we'll see.

    Overall, a great bag. The side pockets are a plus as well as the stretch/grab area on the front.

    Seems pretty durable and seems to hold equipment securely and safely inside.

    Hope this helps.
    ...more info
  • Canon backpack
    This was a wonderful backpack for our new canon. We just got back from a cruise and the backpack was easy to carry by husband and myself ... perfect size for all....more info
  • Don't risk your camera and lenses with this bag! Buy something better!
    I thought I got a good deal with this Canon 200EG bag and used it very often. I trusted it a lot because it was made by Canon. One day the zipper slipped open by itself on my back while I was walking. The only camera set inside (Canon 30D DSLR and Sigma 400mm APO Macro lens) fell out and dropped directly on the ground. Luckily the camera still worked but the metal alloy case cracked and the auto focus was offline. Even thought my 30D was still under warranty then Canon repair center refused to recalibrate the camera until I fixed the physical damage. It cost me around $300 dollars after a $150 price break. The only reason I had a price break because I had a "Canon bag" which caused the damage!!!

    Don't think you can protect your expensive camera equipments($1000+) with this cheap bag ($35). It is cheap because it cuts around the corners. You just have to watch out all the time when it is on your back because there is no protective straps hold on to the cover if the zipper slips open. To make things worse, the zipper becomes loosen when it is used often.

    After this disaster I replaced it with a heavy duty Lowepro backpack (much more expensive, of course) and never looked back until this review.
    ...more info
  • Good Bag - Try this fast, easy, free, and effective fix for the zipper problem
    Good bag but a great bag for the price (paid $32 + $7 SH)

    THE WARNING THAT EVERY REVIEW ON THIS BAG MUST HAVE IS THAT THE ZIPPER IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR GEAR. It slides easy... TOO EASY. You CAN LOSE all your gear. I'm sorry for the caps but this is serious folks. Be careful not to put too much weight in the back pockets because it will increase the chance of it unzipping. You can also keep the bag with the zippers on the side for increased security.

    A zipper issue like that on a camera bag deserves a 0 star rating but I still gave this bag a 4 star rating. Why? Because you can FIX the problem in a minute.

    A previous poster recommended sewing the sternum strap to sides and back of the bag as a compression strap that removes pressure from the zippers. I believe the reviewer said something about taking an okay bag and making it a good bag. THIS REVIEWER HAD THE BEST ADVICE HANDS DOWN, AND THEY EVEN POSTED PICS! Do it and save yourself big $$$ from replacing broken equipment.

    I wish I could give that reviewer a nickel for every dollar that every person saved from that advice.... I bet there would be enough $$ for that person to buy at least two nice L lenses!!

    I agree that a fix like this shouldn't be required.... but if a fix like this wasn't needed then the bag would be sold for twice as much. Bad R&D by the bag maker = saved $$ for the savy buyer.

    Outside of that issue...

    The bag is roomy and spacious enough for lots of gear (body, 3 lenses (1 telephoto), filters, batteries, CF cards, cables, a digi-cam, and room to spare! The seperators are thicker than the outside padding (I would have liked thicker padding from outside bumps) and they have velcro along the full length making them among the most sturdy seperators I've seen. Much more so than the small velco tabs in my old Tamrac shoulder bag (Tamrac however uses a better quality canvas and zippers).

    There are many zippered pockets which make storing gear easy but organization is somewhat lacking.

    The sternum and waist straps are a joke but the sternum strap makes a great compression strap on the back and the waist strap can be harmlessly tucked away until when/if needed.

    The bag fits my frame a bit small for my liking. I'm a large person (6' 200lbs) and it feels slightly restrictive but it isn't uncomfortable with my kit (slightly more than 10 pounds of gear with tripod).

    Lots of straps - handy for fixing the zipper and attaching tripod to bag... still have one left over, maybe I'll use it as a tourniquet in my first aid kit.

    The material on the bag itself is not the thick canvass that you'd find on bags upward of $100, is probably not waterproof (it does have weather flaps over the zipper seems but I'm not gonna take it in the rain to find out!!!), and doesn't feel "professional" grade. It's more like that book bag that you had in college. In fact, paired with the trendy styling, this bag WOULD fit in on most college campuses.

    I do like the laced elastic cord on the bag. It's perfect for a wind breaker, floppy hat, or some other article that just doesn't belong "in" the bag.

    Ultimately, I bought this bag to allow me take my gear with me on my bike - it suits this purpose perfectly. This bag meets and exceeds my needs at a price that makes me smile!

    I recommend to anyone on a budget and is willing to fix the zipper problem. If you don't want to mess with the zipper, or feel Canon should be penalized for making a bag with a problem, then STAY AWAY FROM THIS BAG!!!!!!...more info