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Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer and Medi-Dispenser
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Product Description

The Pacifier Thermometer and Medi-Dispenser from Summer Infant includes both a pacifier thermometer unit and a pacifier medicine dispenser. The Medi-Dispenser provides a convenient way to dispense medicine to baby. The Pacifier Thermometer provides a comfortable and soothing way to take a child's temperature. Convenient memory feature recalls the previous reading so you can monitor your child's progress. The auto power off preserves the battery life.

  • Great for infants, features comfortable silicone orthodontic nipples
  • Thermometer has digital readout, audible beep when reading is complete and auto power off
  • Medi-Dispenser dispenses medication without baby fussing
  • Storage case included for thermometer

Customer Reviews:

  • no good!
    doesnt give accurate readings and works for the first, i say 2-3 times, but then it doesnt work anymore!...more info
  • Didn't work for my baby
    Seemed like the perfect solution, but didn't work for my baby. The medicine she takes daily wouldn't go through the pacifier when she sucked. Maybe the medicine is too thick or maybe the pacifier just doesn't work...more info
  • I Only Recommend Half this Product
    I should've gone with my gut on this purchase and not bought it. Intinctively something told me giving medicine through what is a soothing and comforting item for my daughter was wrong. She loves her sassie and so the first time I tried to put tylenol in the midicine dispenser she freaked out. And then refused her real sassie. Beware with this method of medicating.

    I do, however, love the pacifier thermometer. It is sooo easy to use! My daugher doesn't even realize anything is different and I'm getting the information I need, fast & easy.
    If you have a choice, find just a pacifier thermometer and skip the medicine dispenser....more info

  • Not what expected
    This seemed like the perfect idea. However, my daughter kept spitting it out (and she uses a pacifer) but for some reason, she couldn't keep this one in her mouth. Some people say it works just fine, but for me it didn't. I went out and bought an ear thermometer. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    Your pediatrician or the nurse you call in the middle of the night will not accept a reading from one of these -- they will ask you for a rectal temperature reading during your baby's first year, so it's best to get a basic digital thermometor (not an ear thermometor) and save your $$$....more info
  • Worth it!
    This product is fabulous! I bought it just to give it a try, not really knowing what to expect. My son hates having his temperature taken but I pop this thermometer in his mouth and he doesn't mind. He'll even sleep with it in his mouth allowing me to check his temp without waking him up. Not mention giving him his medicine without dealing with medicine spoons and droppers. I would recommend these to anyone....more info
  • Nice idea but...
    Don't waste your money on any Pacifier Thermometers. My baby use to gag on it because it is much larger than a newborn pacifier and now that he is dosen't leave it in his mouth long enough (4 minutes) for it to calculate his temperature. Who has time for this aggravation with a sick baby....more info
  • A good idea but...
    I bought this for my daughter because I thought it was a good idea but she was a thumb sucker so when I tried to put it in her mouth she would spit it out and put her thumb back in. so I really couldn't use it. The pediatrician told me she wouldn't accept that reading anyway because a rectal temperature is more accurate. My daughter wouldn't take medicine from the medicine pacifier either. Good idea but I wouldn't buy it if your baby is a thumb sucker....more info
  • nice idea but...
    the pacifier thermometer is a good idea but you can't really use it if your child won't take a pacifier. same problem with the medicine pacifier. Why would you want to use something that most kids find comforting for something most kids hate?
    (like medicine?)...more info
  • Good Idea, Baby hates it
    My son kept spitting out this pacifier with a look of disgust. This morning, I decided to investigate. I put it in my mouth and quickly discovered his issue. First off, I have washed this several times and it still tastes like horrible plastic. Second, the shape is much too large for an infant's mouth... too large for my mouth. The curvature of the mouth piece is unnatural and hard to handle. I understand why he doesn't like this and won't use it again. Plus, it gave inaccurate readings for us both. It's too bad because this is a really good idea....more info
  • Great Idea, bad exicution!
    We recived two sets of these thermometers for our twins baby shower. When the boys had their first cold (around 2 months) we figured we should give the pacifires a try. We had a wonderful thermometer that we used for our daughter but figured these pacifiers would give us no struggling, and spare us having to have a sick newborn sit still with a thermometer up their behind!

    The boys LOVE their "Binkys" (Gerber/Avent/Nuk Pacifiers) but HATED these. First we took their temperature, only to find it to be 97.3 (or somewhere around normal) and then (by recommendation/order of our pediatrician) received 102.3 readings (or something like that) rectally with our old thermometer!! Not to mention that the boys were practically gagging on this abnormally shaped/sized pacifier!

    Sure enough we had to give them medicine, yet I knew that giving them medicine through a pacifier would be trouble (that's like putting vegetables in chocolate to get your child to eat it, BAD idea!). And it was! The boys grabbed the pacifier eagerly (comfort objects) and immediately spit them out wailing, also resulting in them staining their clothing, and my clothing with cough medicine! I swear they wouldnt take a pacifier for days, they were practically traumatized!

    My advice, take their temperature with a "good", digital thermometer rectally, and disperse medicine either in a bottle/spoon (mixed with food or liquid) or use a baby medicine dispenser... just PLEASE stay away from this product!...more info