Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends - The Complete First Season
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Studio: Genius Products Inc Release Date: 06/14/2005 Rating: Nr

Now here's something you don't see everyday, Chauncey. It's the complete first season of one of television's smartest, savviest, and most subversively funny animated series, ranked by TV Guide as one of the top 50 series of all time. Like the animators at Warner Bros.' Termite Terrace (birthplace of Porky, Daffy, and Bugs), producer Jay Ward, his partner Bill Scott (the voice of Bullwinkle), and the cracked writing staff did not write down to children. The dialogue is witty and sharply satiric. Characters break the "fourth wall" between the screen and the audience. They make sly references to the show's creators and the television network. They hurl barbs of mass destruction at Washington, D.C. politicians. And then there are the godawful puns. This four-disc set contains the series' first two serial adventures. "Jet Fuel Formula" is a cold war-era blast, as Rocky (voiced by June Foray, the Queen of Cartoons) and Bullwinkle frantically race to re-create a rocket fuel recipe (actually Grandma Bullwinkle's recipe for mooseberry fudge cake), while being menaced by those no-goodniks Boris Badenov and femme fatale Natasha. "Box Top Robbery" reveals that the basis for the world's economy is not gold and silver, but cereal box tops.

Linking these cliffhanging episodes are such hilarious segments as "Fractured Fairy Tales," which upend familiar storybook favorites (Red Riding Hood, for example, is a predatory fur merchant after the unwitting wolf), "Mr. Peabody," the canine genius who travels through time in the company of his boy, Sherman, and forthright Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties, who must contend with his own horse for the affections of sweet Nell. Bullwinkle gets extra credits as Mr. Know-It-All and as the host of Poetry Corner. And watch him pull a rabbit out of his hat! These cartoons are as fresh and funny as when they first aired more than four decades ago. Boomer-era adults will be amazed at the jokes that no doubt soared over their heads as children. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • I'm very disappointed with this....
    I grew up in the 1960s, and Rocky & Bullwinkle were always among my favorite cartoons. I read some of the earlier reviews which mentioned the original music was not included, and I wondered if it would really make that much of a difference. It does! I am very disappointed with this set and I will not buy any of the others. Shame on Classic Media Inc. and Sony Wonder for not including the original music. The cartoons themselves get 5-stars from me, but it just isn't the same without the original music. ...more info
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle
    It's very enjoyable; because the things that happen and the things said aren't the least believable;)...more info
  • Would have been better with the original music.
    This DVD set would have been much better if the original music by Frank Comstock had been used for the introductions and endings for the Rocky, Fractured Fairy Tales and Mr. Peabody episodes. Frank's compositions were more complex and they fit the action. They were also less tedious upon repeated listenings. (Apparently, although Fred Steiner 'conducted' the original music, royalties would have had to be paid to Frank Comstock if it were used. So, now we don't get to enjoy it).

    Perhaps a future edition will include the original music. It would increase the value of the show.

    ...more info
  • Rocky & Byllwinkle & Friends - The Complet First Season
    Doesn't have the same effect as it had when watching as a child but still entertaining....more info
  • everyone loves this!
    I purchased this for my husband, really. He has watched it so many times I've lost count. Sometimes, he says he put it on for the kids, but I know better. It is a great collection for anyone nostalgic for the days of the great classic cartoons. It is a good quality item, and has held up to many viewings....more info
  • One of the Best Cartoons
    I give the series 5 stars and the extras 3 stars. The series is well written and the satire is stinging which can go over the head of younger viewers. Part of the charm of Rocky and Bullwinkle was it's tongue and cheek look at the cold war. Watching Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends without knowing anything about the cold war is like watching Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida without knowing anything about the Iliad; you could watch both and go around saying "Huh?" The baby boomers may understand the series but generation X won't. Which makes the extras so lacking; if and only if the extras contained some background information about the cold war then Rocky could open up a new generation of fans....more info
  • Its like taking one bite of a chocolate bar
    This DVD collection was so good that it left me wanting more. Some people like Bullwinkle and some people dont. If your one of those people that do you know you have to have it because DVD will last forever and I sure hope the next season comes out soon!...more info
  • awesome DVD set!
    I must say that this is one of the best put-together DVD season sets I have come across. "Rocky and Bullwinkle" has had its share of different names such as "The Bullwinkle Show", "Rocky and His Friends", and now "Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends", but one must realize that these above names are all one show. Producers simply changed the name as it switched networks during its original run.

    Rocky and Bullwinkle debuted on network television in the fall of 1959, and became an instant smash. Today, producers have brought the magic back. On DVD for the first time, "Rocky and Bullwinkle" will be presented in five individual season sets. Finding this terrific show on television has been almost impossible, but now fans can rejoice!

    This set includes all 26 episodes of the first season. The set also includes nearly a half hour of deluxe bonus features which are not limited to four rare "Dear Bullwinkle" segments that have yet to be seen, and a very rare savings stamp episode used to support their savings stamp club. Another treat for fans includes a few commercials and promos used during the show's original airing to support the show. These commercials probably haven't aired in over 40 years! Also included in the bonus features is a sneak-peak at 2004's "Complete Season 2" which includes two R&B episodes.

    The packaging is especially nice; a slipcase with a foldout that holds the four discs and the detailed booklet. You just have to see it to believe it! The producers must have spent forever on the decorative art in the packaging. This packaging is definitely a treat for fans.

    The episodes are all included and have been colorized and remastered. What people do not realize is that the first two seasons of R&B were in black and white. We should all thank the producers for colorizing the first season of the timeless classic as it just would not have been the same in black and white. The picture and sound quality is also amazing, considering these shows are approaching 45 years in age.

    Another great treat for fans is the classic "Stokey the Bear" episode which was thought to have been destroyed shortly after its first airing.

    A few minor flaws were found that we might notice, but would only matter to a critic. There is a small transparent bug in the lower right-handed corner of the screen for only about 30 seconds from the beginning of each segment. Many might ask why they did this. The answer lies in the fact that producers want to protect their material and so that these episodes cannot be copied and bootlegged. Also, the second season opening credits is being used for all of these episodes. This almost brought down my rating to four stars, but the immense work done on all other parts of the set clearly overrides that small detail.

    The producers have done a wondeful job on this set and I am writing them and telling them how pleased I am with this set and that I hope they will release the other four seasons in the near future. I hope you all do the same. For such a wonderful price, one could not ask for more....more info

  • And now here's something we hope you'll really like!
    Well, it's about time...this is one of the slyest and the most delightfully subversive cartoons to come from that era of the late 50s and early 60s...crammed full of all kinds of pop culture and political references that I'm still catching more and more of with every viewing...these guys did these cartoons with the same pretense as the guys over at Warners when they created the countless Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies cartoons...they weren't for the kids, they weren't for the adults...they were made to see how they could top each other, and oh God, did they ever! My only complaint, and it's a small one, is the use of the second season theme music for all the segments (even though it's what Jay Ward wanted, the original and better-known theme music would have been appreciated by the fans), and Bullwinkle's Cheerios commercials would have been nice to see...though maybe those are in store in future seasons of the show. The "bug" in the bottom corner of the screen could have been done without, but it's a whole lot less distracting than watching most anything on FX (or far too many other channels) these days with banners covering the bottom third of the screen promoting upcoming made-for-cable movies every few minutes. That aside, the humor is there in all its glory and the picture quality is just great. If you can get past those minor sticking points, enjoy...and look forward to season two, I know I will!...more info
  • Maganificant and all the other positive adjectives!
    If you do not get this I will be dissapointed. Every single person in the USA should have this collection for in my book it is the best show on earth! FORGET BARNUM AND BAILY!...more info
  • A Wayback Machine, of a sort
    The DVD is hugely better than the VHS, at least on my players - that nasty copy-protection signal on the tape played havoc with the colors.

    Even after all these years, the Fractured Fairy Tales (with the little Fractured Fairy), Mr. Peabody, and Aesop & Son are as much fun as I remembered. These cartoons were a real part of growing up for my generation. However dignified and learned someone may seem, people seem to light up when they discuss these cartoons - and everyone will talk about them.

    This is heady fare, though. These cartoons are meant to be savored - a full DVD (let alone four!) gets to be a bit much. The feature cartoons themselves are always enjoyable. The little pieces at the beginning, end, and around the ads tend to wear on me, though. Seeing each a few times would be OK, but the same ones recur a bit more frequently than I would like.

    In some ways, it's even better coming back to these as an adult. Boris and Natasha are the iconic Cold Warriors. The race to the moon was current news, back then. These 'toons really do capture their moment, not just in visual style but in social commentary, as well. I can't wait for the next bunch to come out on DVD. I won't endurance-watch them, as I did these - budgeting how I watch them will just make them better....more info

  • Secret Ingredient: Mooseberries
    This is a great package of the first season of Rocky and Bullwinkle, and watching these cartoons is like reuniting with old friends. I never watched these as a young child, but did as a teenager when the show was in reruns. I always adored the wry humor, frequent puns, and double entendre that young children wouldn't understand anyway. This really is a cartoon for all ages. This set is a very good effort and a joy to watch, with a couple of minor quibbles.

    Apparently the second season opening credits were used, which, though Jay Ward's favorites, should have been left for the second season set; I would have preferred they didn't 'slice and dice' the episodes for a new vision of artistic merit. I also would have preferred it to be more easily divided up to allow for better skipping of the very repetitious credits and bumpers. They were fine as a kid when you watch it once a week, but not when you watch a couple of episodes back to back. The adventures were fun, and I particularly enjoyed the "Box Top Robbery" (which poked good natured fun at sponsor, General Mills) sequence, although I must admit that with 40 (!) episodes the cold war "Jet Fuel Formula" serial started to wear a bit thin.

    These are minor complaints though, and the underlying cartoons are still as fresh and wonderful as they were 40 years ago. Peabody and "Fractured Fairy Tales" were always my favorites, and remain so to this day. Cartoons will, unfortunately, never be this intelligent or genuinely funny ever again. I recommend this to anyone with a sense of humor, whether you have seen these 1,000 times or are a neophyte. These cartoons stand the test of time and will be old friends for life....more info

  • This will brighten you Badenov day or A Bullwinkle in time
    Wheather you loved the old show, or have never seen it, this DVD set is a great buy. All the old favorites are there, everything you remember and probably a lot of stuff you don't.

    Fractured Fairy Tales, Aesop and Son, and all your favorite characters Dudley DO Right, Nell, Horse Snidley Whiplash,Inspector Fenwick,Of COurse Rocky and Bullwinkle, Boris, Natasha, Fearless Leader, Sherman, Mr. Peabody, and a host of historical characters.

    They are all there just like you remember and i don't think you can afford to miss the DVD...more info

  • As funny as I remember.
    I grew up with Rocky and Bullwinkle, Mr. Peabody, and the Fractured Fairy Tales and am so pleased to have them available on DVD. The puns, the Cold War humor, the dead pan delivery all delight me now as they did then. The down side is having to sit through all the introductory material for each episode....more info
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle
    Great reminder of childhood television; a little more repititious than as I recall as a kid...but still fun......more info
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle full of redundant clips
    I love Rocky and Bullwinkle. But this package containes every minute of every broadcast. This means that you have to sit through the same opening, middle and ending credits clip each time you watch a broadcast. Get ready to use the fast forward button....more info
  • Great Box Set
    If you like Jay Wards style, this is for you. If you don't, what do you like? This set contains a few full runs of Rocky and Bullwinkle stories interspersed with Fractured Fairy Tales, Sherman and Peabody, Aesop's Fables and Dudley Dooright. How can you go wrong? It holds up to time....more info
    I just love Bullwinkle, and the treasures on this disc would easily merit five stars, if it wasn't for the producers' tampering with the cartoons themselves. Nearly all of the original background music in the cartoons themselves have been replaced with unauthentic, unspectacular & intrusive canned music. Worse, some short scenes have had music added where none existed before.

    I cannot understand why they would have done this, except maybe the producers couldn't guarantee that they had all of the proper clearances to avoid a possible lawsuit with some music writer. That would be understandable, except for when they tampered with scenes that called for trumpets or bugles, which lasted 2 or 3 seconds. Do they really think someone will file a lawsuit over a 3-second bugle call?!

    If they do a volume 4 and they have to remove the music, please don't bother finding replacement music. Just leave the vocals and I'll understand....more info
  • As Fun and Clever As EVer
    No use in going on and on about the details of this season collection. The show is the funniest, most cleverly written and produced animated series TV has ever seen. The jokes hold up just as well today as they did originally, even the very obscure reference jokes -- e.g., Bullwinkle is saved at the last minute from being thrown into a pit of snakes; he rushes back to the pit to call out, "Goodbye, Olivia!" -- Olivia DeHavilland (sp?) won an Academy Award for best actress for her role as an inmate in an asylum in "The Snake Pit." Sick, corny humor abounds herein. What more could you ask for? I am begging for the Complete Season 4! Where is it! We must have all five or six (depending on how they squeeze 'em or not) complete seasons!!!...more info
  • What can I say?
    It's that loveable Moose and Squirrel!! All the favs are here - Peabody, Fractured Fairy tales, Bullwinkle reading poetry!!

    Me and my kids have enjoyed this one!!...more info
  • A splendid time is guaranteed for all....
    This is a cartoon kids' show. So why is it so enjoyable, hilarious, and at times, borderline brilliant? It is really much more than just a kids' show (as many have said here). I think the mark of a great children's show is something that adults can watch too and not have their intelligence insulted by it. This can be enjoyed by all. There is really subtle, quite biting humour in here. One of my favorite jokes here is when Rocky and Bullwinkle are in a sawmill. They are about to be killed, but the sawmill is working over time, so the log they are on gets split very quickly, so they fall off of it before they hit the saw. It turns out that it is an election year, and the sawmill is filling an order of soapboxes for politicians to stand on. They are being loaded into a truck marked "political expediency". I had to pause the DVD for a minute or so until I stopped laughing. That's politics in a nutshell. And from a kids' show! I really liked this series. I didn't grow up with it, but I really appreciate it, and this is the kind of series that we should be making nowadays, with intelligent, sarcastic, biting humour, but not full of idiotic poop jokes and smarmy sex jokes (like South Park and Family Guy can do quite often). Rocky and Bullwinkle for president.
    ...more info
  • Funnier now than 40 years ago
    The purists can argue the merits of the changes until they're blue in the face, I've been too busy laughing my tush off to worry about it.

    The irreverent humor and biting political commentary, both of which have only improved with age make this more fun for me than it is for my 8 y/o who thinks Rocky and Bullwinkle are the greatest animation on the planet....more info
  • rocky and bullwinkle joy
    This is one of the finest DVD set that I have. The obscure references, the pun's, and the characters are some of the best of early sixties cartoons. One of the best features is that the episodes are shown complete as they were aired. Have already bought season two and am planning on buying season three as soon as I get done with season one. Buy and enjoy!!...more info
  • Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends - complete first season
    ...more info
  • Same old Moose and Squirrel
    I purchased this set as a gift for my husband. It's a great way to watch all of the old cartoons we both watched as children. We are second generation fans, and being so neither of us realized there is a story line to follow with each of the short skits. It's been wonderful watching them in the order they were made and understanding the whole story. Plus, the humor is even more interesting now that we are older and understand some of the political implications and satire we missed as kids. Two thumbs up....more info
  • This was an enjoyable purchase.
    I do not have much to say other than this was a great purchase. I got this dvd set on a whim because I really liked the way the packaging looked. I was not that familiar with R&B but I knew enough. After watching all of the episodes I was amazed, this is a great show and I would recommend it for anyone! Plus the packaging is really nice :^) I have season two and plan to begin watching it as soon as I can. Buy this set if you love clever stories and dialogue with wonderfully bad animation. That sounds cheesy but this is fun cheese....more info
  • Social Satire At Its Best
    I know...let's satirize the going ons in the world through a cartoon. That way, nobody will know what we're doing...we can have two characters, a moose named Bullwinkle and a squirrel named Rocky...Oh, yeah, it'll be great.

    And it was great and it still is! This show was written on so many levels. It was not condescending to adults and it was a joy for children. I remember as a kid I used to hold my sides I laughed so much. Now as an adult I still hold my sides laughing but from all the things I didn't catch as a kid. I mean, the writers of this show literally huck one-liners at you from all over the place. You'll catch one and then another one comes right at you and then another and another...

    The Rocky and Bullwinkle show satirized the going ons of America at the time; the Cold War, the Counter Culture Movement..."a lot of people think a Beatnik is just a bum who doesn't bathe. A beatnik is much more...but not by much...", and Politics. It was thinly disguised a child's cartoon, but attracted the young and the old alike. The Rocky and Bullwinkle show was hip, cool, and just downright crazy. You couldn't even get away with doing something like this today. You'd have good 'ol GW setting up surveillance cameras in your bathroom. I wouldn't say that the show was a threat, but it certainly did expose a lot more of how life was back then than any other show of the same period. Everything else was so squeaky clean. I even think that the "rough animation" in was done in was a commentary on how everything that appeared so refined and polished was, at its core, in dissaray.

    This show is just a brilliant work of art. It truly belongs in the "classic" category. There will never-ever be a show like this again. Nobody seems to have the guts. Everything is laminated. Everything is plastic. Everything is so contrived. So do yourself a favor, buy yourself a set of these DVDs and laugh like crazy before the powers that be try to make laughing illegal.

    I'm not kidding......more info
  • A Great Super Carttoon series of all time!
    Rocky and bullwinkle is without a doubt one of the best cartoons of all time. There are 2 of the very first adventures all in one on this dvd set.Even though the music can be different it is still very funny and entertaining. Just like the wonderful hanna barbara cartoons this show is a must and fun for everyone!...more info
  • And now here's something we hope you'll REALLY like!
    For sheer wit, delightfully skewed comic genius, peerless voice acting, good cheer, and matchless power to make you glad you're alive, there's just nothing better than "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"! Hokey smoke!...more info
    I bought this and it's good.

    On the DVD:
    *2 complete stories in 26 episodes, "Jet Fuel Formula" and "Box Top Robbery"
    *"Dear Bullwinkle" (My mom thinks this is funny)
    *Classic TV promos
    *The Rocky and Bullwinkle Savings Stamp Club
    *Season 2 Sneak Peek: 2 episodes from "Metal Munching Mice"
    *Boris Badenov: Master of Disguise

    This is no dud....more info
  • Classic cartoon reissue just misses 5-star rating
    As previous reviewers have noted, this 2-disc set has a number of pros and cons. In addition to the pros already mentioned, owners of stereo TVs and home theater systems will appreciate the well-restored soundtrack, which now plays as if it was recorded yesterday. An additional con is the appearance every so often of a Bullwinkle logo bug in the lower righthand corner, which (along with the unfortunate changes to the title sequence, apparently inflicted in the name of trademark protection) is enough to shatter the illusion that you're back in the Saturday mornings of your childhood in the 1960s. Even so, R&B remains as great as it was 40 years ago and it is a pleasure now to enjoy it as an adult....more info
  • They CHANGED the music!!!!!!!!!
    What an irritant. I love the series and enjoy the shows immensely. I even purchased several sets and gave them as gifts BEFORE seeing it myself! I trusted them too much.

    I am severely dissappointed that they changed the music from the original. I actually anticipate the moments when they use the "new" music and fast forward through them.

    Sad commentary on how one views a classic show!

    Sorry guys, you shouldn't have messed with "memories". It really leaves a black mark on your tribute to R & B.

    I actually find myself apologizing to the people I gave these to as gifts that it isn't true to the original.

    ...more info
  • A Cartoon Classic
    I just finished watching the final disc of this box set - and I enjoyed every minute of it! Rocky & Bullwinkle is one of those cartoons you either love or hate - and if you love it, you should buy this set. If you hate it, what are you doing reading this, anyways? ;)

    The packaging is great. Colourful and filled with images of all the best characters. I love the "Hello Low IQers!" when you first open the package. It makes me smile every time.

    I grew up on this show - but not during its original airing. I grew up on one of the many RE-airings of the show, so I can't say much about the altered images or music in the openings. I don't really know how altered they were when I first saw them on TV, myself. I DO know that the overall integrity of the show is still largely intact - and any casual fan of the show won't even notice whatever changes have been made. I'm sure a lot of hardcore fans won't be too bothered by it, either. The R+B logo in the lower corner DOES seem a bit daft, but it's easy to ignore and didn't detract from my enjoyment of the show.

    The sound and video is just great (especially for a show so old!) and the show itself is divine, as expected. My only MINOR complaint would be that it takes awhile for the disc to get to the main menu. I'm used to having to sit through an FBI warning and a studio logo - but watching Bullwinkle run back and forth with a water tub gets REALLY old by the twentieth time you load the disc. I tend to only watch one episode at a time (or even only half an episode at times), so I'd say I've watched him run back and forth like that about 30 times by now ;) I would've preferred it just going straight to the menu and running Bullwinkle in the background or something. Plus, some variety in the disc main menu designs would've been nice. I like how each episode's scene menu has a different character's image on it.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this to any fans of the show. It's just a delightful show, especially when viewed in order! :)...more info
  • Moose? Squirrel?
    B. Is moose! Is squirrel!

    N. Is always moose and squirrel....more info