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American Pie
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This poster is approx. 29 x 32 in. In excellent condition.

There's an old quote of St. Theresa's that goes something like, "More tears are shed over answered prayers than those that remain unanswered." In other words, be careful what you wish for--you just might get it. Don McLean, like any other singer-songwriter, no doubt wanted a hit, or some degree of success. "American Pie" gave him that and more. McLean's ode to Buddy Holly began with a folky intro that sounded like a protest song. Almost nine minutes later the song finally ends. Sure the song's poetic, sure it's a touching tribute, and sure, it's undeniably a classic. But it also became the bane of McLean's existence for many years as it was the only one of his songs that people wanted to hear. American Pie the album sold well on the strength of the title track, and even propelled the comparatively weak "Vincent" into the Top 20. A fine release rooted in folk, American Pie is a classic, whether anyone actually pays attention to the other songs or not. The 2003 reissue includes two bonus tracks—"Mother Nature" and "Aftermath." --Steve Gdula

Customer Reviews:

    The term "miss american pie" for the song, Mr. Mclean says he created. It sybolizes the american way of life as we knew it.

    so "bye bye miss american pie" is supposed to signify the end of things as we knew it.

    Also its been strongly sugested that the nickname of the Beechcraft Bonanza, serial number N3794N, that carried them to their deaths, and thats death(s) BTW, Buddy Holly isnt the only person who died in that crash you know. anyway, Its been strongly sugested that planes nickname was "American Pie" but there has never been any proof to back that up, the plane had no registered "name"

    Google it, you will get alot of usefull info.
    I hardly think Mr. Mclean is insulting anyone, I think your alittle sensitive....more info
  • He meant well..
    I am a huge fan of Buddy Holly and as such was touched to hear that Mr McLean had written a tribute to his hero. The tune is pleasant enough and I was tapping along happily until we got to the chorus. Why is it that Mr McLean feels it necessary to repeatedly refer to the late Buddy Holly as 'Miss American Pie'. I think this is a preposterous and inappropriate epithet for such a wonderful musician. A pity....more info
  • The Day the Music Died
    As great a song as American Pie is, it is too bad Don McLean was never able to live this song down, as he was a wonderful folk musician who drew on a wide range of themes, beautifully presented in this album. One can get a broader feel for the musician on such songs as Till Tomorrow, Winterwood and Babylon, but it will forever be his memorial to Buddy Holly that will be remembered, for it not only was a beautiful tribute but poetically summed up the end of an era in a way that just about anyone could identify with, even Madonna. Don McLean is still around, still looking good and still singing the songs that made him famous, although he has taken on a more religious bent over the years. He even has his own homepage, where you can check in on his latest activities, but I have to wonder why he ever agreed to let Madonna cover American Pie, despite being the "colossus in the music industry" that she is. At least here you can recapture the sense of wonder that propelled the song that now seems such a "long, long time ago."...more info
  • Great music, packaged in a CHEAP cardboard sleeve!
    "American Pie" is an undisputed classic. The remastered CD sounds quite faithful to the original, as I remember it. However, I would not have bought it had I known that Capitol packaged it in a cheap cardboard sleeve. I would have gladly paid (a little) more to get this in a traditional plastic jewel case, which protects the disc much better. Packaging aside, I'm glad to add it to my collection....more info
  • Empty Chairs
    I was so strongly in agreement with an earlier review of The Don McLean "American Pie" Album which I have loved for almost as many years as its initial release. The song "Empty Chairs is a forever favorite and also brings a tear as often as I allow myself to experience the strong emotion of its heartfelt performance. I missed the cover by Garth Brooks and I'm very sure it must have been first rate....more info
  • American Pie
    American Pie has always been a favorite of mine.My childrensalso love the song.I have always loved the 50's music.... My children loves to listen to Buddy Holly,Ritchie Valens,and the Big Booper.Wish I have all their music.I believe music will never be like thier back then. Keep up the good work!...more info
  • Nothing like the real thing
    My 9 year-old loves this. Really wanted her to have the full length version. Other good songs as well. Glad we got it!...more info
  • vinyl's better but if you can't get it, buy this cd
    Yes, it is sad that this musician is known entirely for his onesong, but if you buy the cd for the one sang, you will get more thanyou paid for with the rest of this album. "Vincent" is a moving piece that will make you stop and think about us as a society and our backwards value system as capitalists. We value money and fame rather than art and integrity. Have we learned anything yet? If we agree with McLean, perhaps we never will. "Empty chairs" and "Babylon" are great as well. Just buy the album! Amazon's price is more than fair for what you're getting in this work....more info
  • 70's Music at it's Best
    Don McLean is a skillful storyteller and this CD of some of his earliest work is an outstanding reminder of the times of the 70's. It is easy listening with the thought provoking "American Pie" and the Vincent Van Goah salute "Vincent." Wonderful music!...more info
  • Haunting In Moments
    Don McLean's American Pie is an odd record indeed. The 8 minute plus title song is a bonafide classic for the vaults, containing some of the most lyrically creative elusions ever contained in a musical chord progression. What's even more intruiging is "Vincent", a descriptive, immensely poetic, haunting song inspired by Van Gogh's painting Starry Night. McLean's voice conveys a desperate attempt to connect to the past and understand Van Gogh's genius without over dramaticizing. "Empty Chairs" is a dark, stripped down piano piece that McLean uses to exercise his sensitive, reflective lyrics with simplistic bass piano chords. The contrast works well, and gives McLean a haunting sound. There are moments when the record fizzles, in particular "Everybody Loves Me Baby", which if you listen closely, uses almost the same chord progression as the title song, just at a different beat, not to mention McLean's awful attempt at Dylanesque lyricism. At times the recording seems too produced and straight forward, especially on Babylon, which is something out of an elementary school music education class, ala Mary Had A Little Lamb. McLean's influences throughout are obvious, as he sometimes sounds like a replica of Pete Seeger, both vocally and lyrically. But as far as it goes for singer-songwriters, Don McLean struggled long and hard and came up with a winner....more info
  • classic rock
    A must have. The 2 big hits American Pie and Vincent, but the rest is good too!...more info
  • Excellent price for a classic! is selling this CD for a price far below its value! McLean's most famous song (for which this CD is titled) is not the only great music on this CD. After one time through the CD, the listener will be captured by the beauty of the lyrics of Vincent, the sentimental feel of Winterwood, and the stirring eeriness of Empty Chairs and Babylon. McLean is at his best on this Cd!...more info
  • the best song in the 20th century
    I knew the song, American Pie for a lone time, but I didn't catch many words. To me, the song was one of the good songs
    musically. This was because English was not
    my native tongue and I didn't look at the lyric sheet.
    But today I was fortunate to read the sheet (I bought it today!), and realized Don is indeed a splendid writer. His words are beautifully written - poetic / beautifully rhymed / full of imagery / full of conscience. Now I feel the song might beat Tangled Up in Blue (which I rated the best one in the 20th century before I checked the lyric sheet)(Bob Dylan)when it comes to imagery, clarity, and conscience. What is more important, this song is important historically.
    Thanks, Don! Thanks for giving me a chance to appreciate the best song in the 20th century.

    ...more info
  • A Classic Album After 35+ Years
    Hard to believe it's been more than 35 years since we were all refraining, "Bye, bye Miss American Pie", but it has been. And this album has stood the test of time. Many folks who buy this album strictly for Pie may be surprised to find it's not the best song in the collection. "Crossroads", "Winterwood", "Empty Chairs", and "'Til Tomorrow" are oustanding pieces to go along with "Vincent". McLean's sharp writing and clear voice were never better than on this album. Also worth a try are his self-titled sequal as well as "Playin' Favorites", "Chain Lightning", and "For the Memories". Good stuff!...more info
  • Underrated, much forgotten lyricist
    While I like McLean's mellow voice and performance, I have to come back to the fact that the material is top notch. Melodically pleasing and lyrically beautiful (transcendent in places), this has been one of the few LPs that have stayed with me since I was a pre-teen. I've decided to try and turn some of my friends on to Don-o, especially for his songs that didn't get airplay, like "Crossroads."

    I highly recommend this CD....more info

  • This cd is excellent.
    This cd is an excellent example of the singing and writing power of Mr. Don McLean. This one (compared to some of his others), has the full version of "American Pie", which was the only reason i had bought the album. But soon found out the album has alot more to offer. So just check it out and see what you think. It's worth the money....more info
  • simply the best
    American Pie is a CD which should be included in all collecitons. American Pie is the greatest song with the most meaning beauty that no other song can ever compare. I have heard Madonna's remake, and it does this song no justice. She cut out the best parts, and sung like just another song, when it is truly so much more. besides american Pie the other songs on this CD are just as great....more info
  • A classic with a place in everyone's collection
    By now everyone must have heard the title track "American Pie", about the day the music died. This may in a way be a pity since the rest of the album generally gets overlooked. "Vincent" is a hauntingly beautiful ballad about Vincent van Gogh. On the other side of the emotional scale comes "Everybody Loves Me Baby" ("what's the matter with you?"), a witty, funny, and upbeat tune.

    The other tracks may not be as strong, but they hold their own with a good tune and intelligent lyrics. The overall feel of the album is definitely "folk rock", but perhaps "adult contemporary" is also applicable. The male vocals are great, as is the musical execution.

    This is a classic, go and get it....more info

  • Don McLean's Wonderful Masterwork!
    I was fortunate enough to see a very young and nervous Don McLean perform alone at a high school "performing artist" assembly on a wintry March afternoon in 1970, right after his debut environmentally conscious "Tapestry" album had been released, but before "American Pie" was released the next year. Anyone who saw him knew he would be a superstar if that's what he wanted. Sure enough, with the release of "American Pie" he got fame with spades, and promptly retreated from that kind of public attention ever since. he has had a number of excellent albums; but has never recaptured the sort of outrageous success he achieved with this one; indeed, he seems to be singularly uninterested in anything to do with it. Instead, he has spent the last 30 years following the whimsy of his own heart and artistic sensibilities.

    Yet all the brilliant talent and ability is here, folks, from the legendary title cut to "Vincent", an esoteric paean to Vincent Van Gogh, "Winterwood", a lovely love song, "Empty Chairs" and a number of others, all of which should still get FM air time but never have. By the way, I have had to chuckle over the years at all the questioning and active efforts at second-hand interpretation that has gone on regarding what the title cut is really all about. Such wondering and endless intellectual speculation really misses the point that McLean the incredibly gifted artist so singularly makes in the song itself; the music is the thing. It's the music that makes us smile. As did Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens, so to with Don McLean. Listen to what he has to say, and how artfully and wonderfully he phrases it. This is a timeless work that will always be around. Enjoy!...more info

  • vincent
    The song "vincent" is by far the best song on the cd. Mclean did an oustanding job of writing "vincent" The song is about the artist Vincent Van Gogh who live a troubled but fantastic life. the song leads you thought the artist life; beginning with the opening lyrics "starry starry night" which is the name of Van Gogh most famous work(starry night). The song ends with the suicide death of Van gogh. Vincent died a poor man. Everywhere that he turn he was meet with rejection. He could not give his paintings away. Now his paintings sell 50 million!! Mclean did an outstanding job of capturing the art of Van Gogh in song....more info
  • a classic
    Songs like Stairway to Heaven , Hey Jude and a few others can be called rock anthems . American Pie is one of those songs....more info
  • Music for People with Functioning Cerebra!
    At the outset I feel compelled to take issue with the editor, Steve Gdula's, review. He calls the song "Vincent" -- how did he put it? "Comparatively weak". I disagree violently. I think "Vincent" to be superior to "American Pie" itself: not so callow of outlook--I mean, the death of Buddy Holly WAS a tragedy but it wasn't the Gotterdammerung, after all, and the temperament that would see it so is just a little bit juvenile, don't you think? (In spite of this I think it's a great song with vivid imagery and a wry wit) -- whereas "Vincent" is not only exquisitely beautiful as poetry -- nothing forced or awkward about it from a technical standpoint -- but what it says is important as well: I think that no other poem or song so poignantly captures the plight of the true artist. The refrain --"They would not listen -- they did not know how; perhaps they'll listen now", changed at the end to "They would not listen-- they're not listening still: perhaps they never will" -- is almost painfully sad, and nothing but the honest truth about the way the "general public" or the "common man" approaches Art (Capitalized!) in general. The image the song creates of an artist striving to reach people, yearning for their understanding and acceptance-- in a metaphor equating it with unrequited love -- is a brilliant and psychologically true stroke. And the bleakness of the thought that despite the beauty of his creations and the struggle and pain he underwent, most people continue insensitive to his -- or indeed, most-- Art-- is conveyed in rich and powerful imagery. Now, all the songs on this album (with the exception of "Everybody Loves Me, Baby" I must admit) are of this ilk: deep, intellectual, alienated and yet longing to connect. The feeling of not belonging and of disillusionment is strong in most of the songs ("Winterwood" and Sister Fatima" for example). Even his rendition of the one song he didn't write -- the tradional lament "Babylon" -- is excellent: he neither changes nor embellishes it, and the simplicity of his canonic treatment is perfect and moving. There is an inchoate yearning and bittersweetness to his lyrics in general, and his music matches beautifully. His performance is splendid. Music and lyrics for people with brains as well as emotions: an example where "popular music" can be at the same time the highest art. A classic album. A final note, for those who may not have known it: the song "Killing Me Softly With His Song" was written about Don McLean....more info
  • It's still "American Pie"
    For years, the character actor Bud Cort hated the movie "Harold and Maude." His bravo performance in that film overshadows every other thing he's ever done. So it is with Don McLean and "American Pie." I can understand McLean's ambivalence; even so, "American Pie" is still the greatest song of all time.

    That nine-minute wonder captures the essence of the 1960s -- Buddy Holly, of course, but also gymnasium proms, the "God is dead" controversy, Lenny Bruce, the Vietnam War and the protests, the threat of nuclear annihilation, the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley, Charles Manson, the Beatles and "Sergeant Pepper," Janis Joplin, even the Rolling Stones' tragic performance at Altamont Speedway. Despite McLean's protestations, the references are much too spot-on to be accidental.

    "American Pie" is simply a work of genius....more info
  • "The Church Bells all Were Broken................"
    Not meaning for this to be a nostalgic piece, but of ALL the songs that I most remember when I was 20 years old, one heard this all over the radio in 1972. This can both make me smile, and cry at the same time.Those of you that are my peers, know what I am talking about. This entire album, from start to finish, is a "must" for every record(that's right-I said record)collection....more info
  • Two Generations Love It
    One day I caught my two teenage daughters listening to Madonna's version of "American Pie". I told them it was awful. "This is an old song?" they asked.... In fact I was the age they are now when it was first released. I've still got the LP album, and after one hearing the girls were addicted. To ALL the songs. Now, of course, they want me to buy them the CD... They just don't write or sing 'em like that any more....more info
  • Drove my Chevy
    American Pie is 36 minutes and 24 seconds long and was released in October of 1971. American Pie reached #1 U.S. Billboard 200 Album charts. The cassette version does not come with Sister Fatima. Two of the songs charted from the album. The music on American Pie is mainly folk rock style. More folk less rock. Still the music is great on the cassette version and a little upset that one of the songs are missing. So I am giving American Pie a B+.

    Side 1

    American Pie
    #1 U.S Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart
    Till Tomorrow
    #12 U.S Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart

    Side 2

    Empty Chairs
    Everybody Loves Me, Baby
    The Grave
    Babylon...more info
  • 100% of the best Don Mclean ever.
    One of the most soothing Don Mclean albums ever. wonderful!...more info
  • I love this cd!
    This cd is one of the greatest cds of all time.I'm am only 11,but my mom recalls standing in line for 4 hours the day the record came out.She still has it today and I loved to listen to it over and over again.Unfortunetly my record player broke a while ago and I have been looking for the cd everywhere.I finally found it here and I was introduced to other great songs like "Vincent" and "Sister Fatima".These are all greta songs, and I love them dearly.To anyone who is reading this,I sincerely recommend this cdd,and if you buy it I know you will enjoy it. Thank you and good bye....more info
  • This Pie doesn't cut it, any way you slice it!
    I first listened to "Vincent" on a bus in Van Gogh territory in the Netherlands in April '00. I liked the song, especially the lyrics, and the voice wasn't half bad. I came back home and bought the album, played it, found the voice not quite as fetching, the other songs pedestrian. I still like "Vincent" but would NOT recommend this album....more info
  • Brings back many memories!!!
    Hi- I remember American Pie during the 70's and every lyric in that song held some significance. Does anyone remember the special meanings?? I would like to show them to my teenager!! Thank You, P9355...more info
  • The Day The Music Died-Bye Bye Ms. American Pie
    March 17, 2008
    I first became aware of a journeyman folk singer named Don McLean about 40 years ago. I lived then in New York City with my folks about two blocks from an estuary known as the Hudson River. The river had a ravaging current and old men would lean on the rails and fish for eels all day. Up river past the GW bridge Pete Seeger,a well displayed folk singer and environmentalist was busy shaping up his magnificent ship, The Clearwater. The young man, an aspiring folksinger, Don McLean was sort of like an apprentice or protege. Basically, over the years, although Don has written and performed such beautiful and jewel like songs such as Vincent and Castles in the Air, the timeless monster American Pie was not only his signature but because it was so big a hit on top forty, we must not forget that he also as a singer songwriter, gave the listeners much more. There was no Sirius-XM then to pick up the slack. American Pie was catchy but also complex. It dwells on that frigid day in North Dakota when Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Richey Valens met their demise in a small silver plane on a snowy, crystallized and iced over meadow as the cub went down. Buddy would tell Waylon Jennings to take the bus because he had a cold.Otherwise we would never have had outlaw country. I will tell you this, even if you are not old enough to remember this and I will bet you are not, try this CD anyway. Don McClean does not disappoint and if he were in a position to start his career today with what we have electronically I think that he would be exceedingly big. This is what retrograb is all about. Jay Adler, Music Critic...more info
  • One of the Greatest Albums I've Ever Listened To...
    I rate this as one of the best albums of all time!

    An album greatly overshadowed by "American Pie," it's chocked full of amazing songs... "Till Tomorrow," "Vincent," "Winterwood," and "Sister Fatima" are some of Don's best songs.

    No matter how many times I listen to this album, I'm always amazed by it's nuances, the depth of the lyrics, the pictures it paints and it's subtle beauty....more info