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Xantrex Technologies 813-1760 XPower Plus 1,750-Watt Inverter
List Price: $349.99

Our Price: $194.58

You Save: $155.41 (44%)


  • Provides up to 1,750 watts of AC power
  • Converts 12 volts of DC power from a vehicle battery into 115 volts of AC power
  • Three AC outlets for operating multiple devices at once
  • High surge capacity for products that require more power to start
  • Overload and over-temperature protection

Customer Reviews:

  • Working ok on my boat
    So far, so good. I am using this on my boat to power my accessories (TV, iPod, microwave, etc) and so far, it is working fine. Fits perfectly under the dinnette seats.

    I only rated for 4-stars since I don't know its long-term reliability....more info
  • Delivers as promised
    This inverter runs a heavy duty inflator (electric motor) with an enormous starting load - the full 3000 watts. I emailed Xantrex for the max time for the 3000 watt (RMS) startup and the reply indicated 1/10 second and it delivers. I have monitored it with an o-scope. The inflator draws about 18 amps after the initial surge then tapers back to about 12 amps. The inverter is rated at 1750 watts for 5 minutes then 1500. I'm very happy with it. My setup is 1/0 cables about 6 feet long bolted to the battery terminals with an Tyco/AMP disconnect and fuse. I run it from a truck with two large starting batteries for 5 to 10 minutes when I'm using it....more info
  • great price
    product works well we are very happy with our purchase.make sure to use as short as possible battery leeds ....more info
  • Powerful but not pricy
    I have owned a few inverters and this one is the best. My last one was a 1500 watt Xantrex which didn't have the digital reader that monitors the battery and the output. Uses minimal power when turned on and not being used. Cooling fan only comes on when needed. I am very pleased with this purchase....more info