Epson 4 x 6 Inch Premium Gloss Photo Paper, 100 Sheets (S041727)
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Product Description

Premium Glossy Photo Paper has a high gloss finish that is perfect for printing your favorite cherished photos and enlargements for use with glass frames and photo albums. This paper is smudge and water-resistant with a smooth, bright white, resin coated stock.

Epson's Premium Glossy Photo Paper provides high quality, high gloss photo prints, perfect for use in glass frames, photo albums, and even for enlargements. Each package contains 100 sheets of 4-by-6-inch photo paper, recommended for use in many Epson printers for delivering border-free prints. This paper has a bright white (92 ISO rating) resin coat finish that helps ink dry quickly, resisting smudging and bleeding.

  • High-gloss, bright white, resin coated photo paper
  • Achieves high quality photo prints
  • Smudge and water-resistant; quick dry surface
  • Perfect for preserving memories and creating keepsakes
  • Recommended by Epson for creating borderless prints with many Epson printers

Customer Reviews:

  • Paper is only part of it
    I use epson premium gloss photo paper to print digital pictures for family and friends (always archiving the digtial file as photos tend to get lost). I use an Epson R200 printer and the pictures come out fine for sharing photos. Paper is just an inportant as the ink, printer and camera. See wilhelm-research....more info
  • Great Paper
    I have owned this paper in the past before I owned my portable photo printer and when I used it on the printer I was very please with the results. It is cheaper than other brands, but it is not lacking in quality! I bought 2 more packages and I plan to continue to buy Epson paper for my Canon printer in the future!...more info
  • Great product
    It's just what I was looking for at a VERY reasonable price. Thanks!!...more info
  • Sinisa is right! It is great for PictureMate!!
    Because of the reviews written by Sinisa and the others, I decided to try this photo paper after making the mistake of buying inkjet photo paper at the grocery store. This Epson S041727 photo paper is outstanding! On the package it states that it is for use with the Stylus series of printers, but it works fabulously with the PictureMate as well. The PictureMate is a great photo printer, and a bargain to boot. I agree with the other reviewers also that the paper runs out long before the ink does! This made me worry at first, but now that the solution is found with this paper, I feel good in giving the printer a 5 star rating as well!!! Stop looking for photo paper, you have found the right stuff!...more info
  • never got it
    I never I get the mail nothing I was waitting long time I am so dispointment I need that back my order
    Thank you
    ...more info
  • Excellent product
    The paper does not smear, renders color well, does not jam in printers, is long lasting, is fairly durable for photo paper and is designed to work in all printers (as opposed to only Epson). And the price is not that bad. What else can one ask for?...more info
  • the Best
    this is the best photo paper a ever used in my life,very very good quality
    and waterproof,and i'm happy to buy it without the catrige because i alway print more than 100 picture with the catrige.and the shiping always on time....more info
  • Epson Premium Gloss Photo Paper
    Excellent photo paper at a very good price. Printed photos are beautiful. I'm also happy with the quick mail service from info
  • great quality
    I recently bought an Epson R340 printer(which I love and highly recommend)and bought this paper to use with it. I scrapbook and love having all the equipment on hand I need. My photos turn out perfect!...more info
  • The prints match what I see on the monitor - this paper is great!
    With this Epson paper and generic ink cartridges (bought from a third-party vendor here at Amazon), my Epson R300 prints photos that match the colors and brightness of their on-screen images. They look MUCH better than prints of the same images from Costco, Walgreen's, or a MyPublisher photo album, and cost about the same.

    ...more info
  • Absolutely the best.
    I have over 1200 photos of my kids printed on this paper and it is absolutely top quality. There is no other choice. This is the best....more info
  • Simply Amazing Quality
    I did not expect this product to be stunningly beautiful...but to my surprice this is too good...All the other good reviews were right...Great quality. Photo seems to be glossy and beautiful...I tried this with Epson R280 printer...the magic really happened...I started with a test picture and ended up printing all my pictures...all 100 sheets over in one shot...really happy and satisfying...I'm gonna try the next size on the same brand....more info
  • Awesome Photo Paper
    Best value for the quality of photo paper. Comes out perfect with my Canon IP4000!!!! Highly recommend it....more info
  • Nice Results
    I've had very good results from the Epson paper. I first bought it because it was relatively inexpensive, but it's proven to be as good as anything I've used....more info
  • Good for more than epson printers
    I have, with considerable satisfaction, been useing this paper for a year or two. For reference, I have a Canon i560 printer.

    I've read in various places that you should use the paper made by the maker of the printer if you want a good print quality and long life of the print. But, at least with this paper, I do not find that to be the case.

    I can purchase this paper for a lot less than any similar Canon paper and get very similar quality. And, as for the life of the print, well, I have had several of my pictures in my office for up to two years. They don't have a frame/glass and they are under 24 hour flouresent light. At this time, I see no change in the prints... And, I fill my own ink cartridges with aftermarket ink.

    ...more info
  • Awesome paper to compliment the PictureMate Printer
    I just love my PictureMate photo printer by Epson but the ink and papper packs they sell always run out of paper before the ink and this paper is wonderful to have on hand! The pictures come out perfect and look as good if not better than the paper that somes in the ink/paper combo pack! Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Great paper for R800 printer
    I used the first pack of Epson Paper on my R800 printer and the photo's came out splendidly.
    ...more info
  • NOT an 84% savings!
    Great paper, works beautifully, but the list price quoted is way out of line. $15 is a fair price for this product, but don't be fooled into thinking you are saving this much. That said, go right ahead and buy it!...more info
  • not really glossy
    i just bought a new epson workforce 600 printer and this 4x6 film paper. it says 'premium glossy'. however, when i printed a photo it looked like a matte finish. the quality is still very good. but i was dissappointed that it was not reall glossy. ...more info
  • The best on the market
    I have tried various papers with my Epson Photo printer from Kodak Soft Gloss, HP Photo Premium to this. I can say the quality is beyond what the other two produce! The Kodak washes out the photos with blue undertones while the HP isn't as sharp.
    I've been doing digital photography for well over 15 years and I can honestly say with these prints there will never be a need to ever have them printed anywhere else. My photo's literally look like traditional film photos of superior quality. Definate must have for all who wish to print digital photos!

    ...more info
  • Epson guarantee
    Epson guarantees their print packs to have enuf ink to last thru all of their combo packages of paper. FYI: You cannot buy the ink cartridges by them self. INK only comes in the combo packs. Only paper packs like these are sold as a separate item. Epson has a guarantee that if you have unused paper, they will reimburse you for the unused sheets. You have to mail it to the tho.......more info
  • Great quality, great bargain!
    I own Epson Stylus R300 printer, and this paper is perfect for me. Print quality is amazing. 5 megapixel photos come out indistinguishable from film camera prints. And no more trimming - the printer fills in the sheet completely. We also order prints from Snapfish, I'd say their quality is slightly lower, and the paper they use(HP) is thinner than this one. The cost (10c per sheet) is also great, though if you factor in ink costs, at home printing costs a bit more than ordering.

    WARNING: this is borderless paper, which means your printer must support borderless printing in order to use it. Also, I use it in an Epson printer, so it's anyone's guess how it will fare with non-Epson inks.
    ...more info
  • awesome paper!
    When I received my Epson photo printer, the paper was great and I assumed any deluxe photo paper would work. I purchased a very reputable brand, which was quite expensive, and it was horrible. The paper smudged and the ink was wet for quite a while. I then ordered this photo paper, the same Epson paper that came with the printer, and I will never use anything else....more info
  • Retail price has to be an error on Amazon
    This is great paper...but I don't know where Amazon gets that this normally retails for one hundred dollars. That is just not true. It must be a type error. the retail is what Amazon is actually charging....more info
  • Speedy delivery
    I was impressed with how quickly I recieved this in the mail! Great quality~...more info
  • Excellent product
    The Epson 4x6 premium glossy photo paper is excellent in every way. I bought my first pack at a local Office Max store and like the product but not the price. I don't believe there is a better deal anywhere than buying two packs from and getting the free shipping. I use an Epson photo printer to generate borderless prints and am very happy with the results. I have also found Adobe's Photo Album (Starter edition) which is free software to be far better than Epson's Film Factory free software for performing touch-up tasks before printing. These tasks include cropping the original to suit the 4x6 aspect ratio and also making changes to contrast and brightness. The Adobe software does a better job in less time and with less experimentation required. I have been amazed at how the retouching can make a dull image come to life....more info
  • Epson Photo Paper - The Best for the $$
    I have used lots of brands of 4x6 inkjet glossy photo snapshot paper and Epson Premium Photo Paper Glossy has been the most consistently satisfying and reliable of the lot. And for the money ($10 to $14 per 100 sheets) it's one of the best values in the market. Has performed well on every inkjet printer I have owned including Canon, Epson, & HP....more info
  • This paper is TRULY AMAZING!!!!!!!
    I am no stranger to Epson brand of inkjet printers. In fact over the years I have owned at least seven different modles of Epson Inkjet printers. My newest one is Epson's Stylus Photo R320 which is a six inkjet cartridge photo printer. I am a very FIRM beliver in using NOTHING but but genuine Epson branded inkjet cartridges in any of my Epson printers. Why because with me it is the very, very, top QUALITY that counts. I do a lot of photo printing, and I have used Epson's borderless papers in the size of 8" X 10" and had extremely high quality reproduction prints. I was looking for a printer that would print CDs and pictures in the size of 4" X 6" this is why I chose the Epson Stylus Photo R320 printer, and because of the price, a price which fits every one pocketbook.
    I have now printed over one hundred pictures with the Epson Stylus Photo R 320 and Epson is a company you can TRUST - they are TRUE to their word when they say on the box of their part number S041727 4" X 6" paper that it is ultra smooth, bright white, heavyweight paper, and that it is smudge and WATER-RESISTANT, and has a quick dry surface with TRUE, edge-to-edge 4" X 6" photos with no trimming necessary.
    Please notice that above I typed the words water resistant all in capitals - because my friends, this paper is all of that - you see I used this paper along with the genuine ink that Epson recommends to use in this Epson Stylus Photo R320 printer - one of my pictures got left in the back seat of my car, the window was left rolled down and a rain storm came and rained in the back window of the car and completely soaked this picture. The envelope the picture was in you could not pick it up, I did but it fell to pieces - but the picture, which was soaked clear through when I picked it up it, stayed in one piece I though to my self this ink is going to run when this photo dries - will guess what this photo has dried by now and the ink never run or smudge at all - outside of being a little bit warped this photo looks to have the very, SAME great color , and quality as the day I first printed it. I WILL NOT use anything but Epson printers, genuine ink cartridges, and paper. Buy the Epson Borderless 4" X 6" Premium Glossy Photo Paper for all your snapshot needs - you WILL NOT be sorry but you WILL BE TRULY AMAZED!

    ...more info
  • Epson S041727 photo paper for PictureMate
    Because of the reviews on this product I decided to buy it and the reviews were right on. This is great paper and it works wonderfully with my new PictureMate. Which by the way, I also recommend. My pictures are sharp, colorful and water resistant. I couldn't be happier. Thanks everyone....more info