Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure
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Product Description

Greyhawk: Temple of Elemental Evil challenges you to assemble a team of great warriors to uncover a powerful, sinister force!

  • Classic Dungeons & Dragons adventure module brought to life on the PC
  • Expanded and updated with the D&D 3.5 rule set
  • Five controllable characters and three followers in each party
  • Multiple story paths and multiple endings, with gameplay that truly supports all alignments
  • Party-based adventuring and tactical turn-based combat

Customer Reviews:

  • Real D&D!
    This is an utterly awesome, thoroughly engrossing game. I think it's about as close to real D&D as I've ever found in a computer game. One of the most important aspects contributing to the playability of this game is that it's tuern based......yes, just like REAL D&D. Really, it's the only way to operate a party of six. Is there room for improvement? Yes, the game did tend to lock up for some reason on the elemental plane of fire.........I'm not sure why. Also, woven into the plot were a few sub plots of um.....uncomfortably progressive social themes. I'm not sure why these were included unless the writer had some sort of political agenda which I, as a player, am not at all interrested in. Where else is there room for improvement, well, if I were to shoot the moon I'd ask for a turn based campaign similar to Morrowind which is turn based and allows for acquiring some sort of stronghold and hiring henchmen.Still, I'd have given this game a perfect rating excepting the odius social message and infrequent freeze ups. Definitely acquire this game, It's a blast. I'd just like to know why Atari hasn't followed up on this or if they plan to do so. ...more info
  • The Temple of Elemental Evil
    If not for the bugs and typical new D&D rules adapted to computer games this game would be one of the best I've played.

    First; the bugs. This game is riddled with them. The two times I played it all the way through there were: My wizard stopped gaining spells, My characters couldn't pick up items, Summoned monsters wouldn't unsummon(which was a real problem trying to conduct business in town to finish all the quests), numerous freezes, being unable to hit or be hit by monsters, and numerous others.

    Second; the adaptation of new D&D rules. It just gets near impossible. I mean; a several hundred hit point Balor? Honestly! When did that ever happen in the original(not that I've read through it but I remember they weren't that powerful!)? Also, whats with applying the new crap about Will, Fortitude, and the other one? It's just another reason for the PC to seemingly manipulate the gameplay so as to produce a result adverse to winning. Maybe it's not the new rules as much as how the new rules are being used. Making the game more realistic is a good thing, but missing ten times in a row(uncommonly), something that would NEVER happen with real dice, just doesn't convince me the new rules are any good. What am I trying to say here? The new rules just provide more ways for the gameplay to be imbalanced. I would have preferred the original rules for the original game.

    The game is enthralling, however; I'll put it that way. It really does a good job of sucking you into it's world. Plus it's complexity makes it one of the best, multiple beginnings, adventures, and endings make it not only replayable, but enjoyable to replay. Other then the things I already mentioned about the v3.5 saving throw system(and not to mention the computer DM's totally seemingly biased spell resistancing), the gameplay is a true adaptation. It is mentionable that I had a few problems with glitches trying to move characters in exact points. Both the fighting and the graphics of it were ideal. Sound effects, voices; both top-notch in my opinion. The story; I mean, seriously? It's a classic!

    Last point to make: it was too bad you couldn't raise characters beyond 10th level. Sometimes you feel it's necessary.

    Last last point to make: This is just a great game! Wizard of the Coast should make more in this fashion...without the bugs....more info
  • buggy and slow as all get out
    What a frustration. There must be a patch out there I can't find. This game suffers from such slow game play it is a wonder it was ever released. Did any of the developers actually bother to play there finished product? Maybe so but it was too late to do anything about it by then. You will spend 90% of your time waiting in combat for your turn. Good luck with it.

    Hail Flavius...more info
  • Not bad but I've had better.
    This is an ok game. I like the fact that I can make my whole party, player by player. the radial menus are ok. the combat is good. I like the turn based type of combat. That way i don't have players just standing there when they are done casting or whatever. Over all I am Happy with my purchase....more info
  • So Far, It Looks Great !!!
    My son recommended this game to me after I got my new computer (HP-dv9000 series laptop); he has been running it just fine on his Alienware machine.

    I did notice that some of the music sounded a little strange, but after playing with the configuration for 10 or 15 minutes I got that problem solved. So, so far, the game looks fantastic, and it looks like my kind of game (I'm a big fan of NWN 1 and 2 and all their expansions). As an aside, I also like strategy games such as Galctic Civilizations II and Civilization IV.

    I'll play around with this game for a week or so and then add an update to this review after I've had a chance to see how well it "holds up" on my computer. But, honestly, I don't anticipate any problems.

    Update: After several days of trying to get ToEE to run on my new computer (which is running Vista) I finally gave up. However, I do have another computer which runs Windows XP so I installed the game there. I'm happy to say that it runs fine on that machine, and I'm enjoying the first chapters of this excellent RPG.

    One caveat to the "style" of the game -- this is a serious attempt to recreate a Dungeons and Dragons experience using the computer as DM. Those that haven't played D&D (with the books and the many and varied dice) might not appreciate some of the subtleties of this effort by Atari. Not that playing D&D is an absolute must for enjoying this game; it stands on its own pretty well. But, for those of us who have indeed spent many long nights throwing 20-sided dice, this game will definitely bring back memories. And, the graphics (while not state-of-the-art) are eye-catching, the plot is fun, and some of the conversation is a hoot. Where else can you find so many hours of enjoyment for such a small price?

    Best Wishes for a Peace Profound,

    Abrah Neshamah, F.R.C....more info
  • Great Ideas
    This game has excellent potential. It executes the 3.5 rules nicely, and watching them in visual action provided me with a new respect for the ruleset. Like Icewind Dale 2, you don't have the ability to roam freely and adventure, which is okay, since it is about the temple. Unfortunately, the bugs, even with the patch, are just a little too much. I imagine that it helps if you have a powerful computer system, but from what I've read, it doesn't help much.
    If you can pick this game up on the cheap, say $10-12, go for it, as long as you can also download the official and unofficial patches. I hope the Atari and Troika make a sequel or expansion with the kinks worked out. A realatively bug-free version would become my second favorite CRPG, if for no other reason than the rules execution....more info
    If you like D&D on the PC you will love this, If you play "pen and paper" this is probably the best entry into PC D&D gaming. The engine is great and spellcasting could not be easier or more rewarding.

    The bugs are real bad:
    1) Patch the game before using.
    2) If you know little about computers or get easially frusterated look into neverwinter. But patch that one too....more info

  • Inexcusable
    The BG games, IWD games, and NWN games were all wonderful near flawless D&D games. I enjoyed each one tremendously but they were all made by the same company.

    Then came Pool of Radiance, a D&D game by Ubi Soft, and it was a bug filled unplayable pos.

    And latest is Temple of Evil by Troika and Atari... buggy and almost unplayable like PoR.

    Didnt they learn anything?
    This games price has already dropped 1/3 and its very new. It will be a bargain binner like PoR in the near future.

    If you want a wonderful D&D experience then buy the Baldurs Gate, Icewind, or Neverwinter Nights series. STAY AWAY from Pools of Radiance and Temple of Evil. :(...more info

  • Extremely Buggy
    I unfortunately paid for this game, but I at least bought it from a physical store, where it was easy to return. The first game I bought froze during install about 3/4 of the way through. I exchanged it for another one, which froze up about 2/3 of the way through. This is a completely unfinished product which is unacceptable, even for a beta test....more info
  • Finally what I'm looking for!
    I started by playing the demo. There was another article by a person who played the demo that I have to somewhat agree with. This game does not make everything uber easy. Your not going to survive every encounter like most games. Resting is difficult, and it should be. If I'm sleeping in a dungeon, I deserve to wake up to a cadre of ghouls or giant rats. But if I think about the situation, find a room with a door, close it, and then rest I'm okay the vast majority of the time. The game, and especially the demo are great once you realize that this game makes you think a little and is not extremely easy. And in my opinion, that's the way it should be.
    On another note, I'm completely psyched that someone has brought back the turn style encounters. Time freezes and allows you to choose what you want each character to do. To me this game is more like the table version than any other game I've played in a long long time. Great graphics to boot. Make sure you get all updates before you play the game. Its worth it. Good job atari!!!!!!!...more info
  • Much better after patch
    No doubt, this game NEEDS the official patch. 'Nuf said.

    After that, artwork is good, implementation of 3.5 rules is excellent and very insightful. NPCs are a bit weak, so make a good party. Fortunately, you have complete control over character generation. Game difficulty at the start can be tough because it's hard to tell which encounters are over your head as a 1st level party and resting is not a gimme - once you're past that, it's better.
    Radial menu commands and mapping system can be tricky at first. There's a ton of helpful tips you might miss at first that let you hot key popular commands, check for "clickable" items, check your path, etc. Yes, for the first time ever, I'd recommend going through a few of the "Tip of the Days."
    If you want a faithful electronic implementation of the latest D&D rules, here it is. If you're new to RPGs, Baldur's Gate II, while older, will be more fun....more info

  • A sad set up
    Ok. I'm one of these guys who is basing his review on the demo.

    The demo I played is no way to get people to buy a game. My characters were killed so fast, it was pathetic. Every time I rested to heal (even for 1 day) I would be surrounded by rats, thugs, or snakes. There was no way to heal my guys because I was taking hits from enemies every time I tried to heal someone.

    Also, just about every attack I made was a miss while the enemies nailed me almost every time. Even spells were misses on a regular basis.

    This is definately not recommended.

    I played Heroes on X-box and had way more fun....more info

  • Beware!
    I ignored the reviews and bought this game. Big Mistake! Almost unplayable and certainly not fun at all.
    Hasbro and Wizards (the owners of the brand) should be embarressed by this product. Atari did an incredibly lousy job....more info
  • Great Module poorly done
    I loved this module when it came out. I saw this and I was thrilled. Finally, they had done what I wanted done for so long. I bought it and installed it. Started off very fun. Then I played longer. I can not get any of my quest outside of Hommlet to update. I have been in contact with Atari and tried their suggestions and they don't work. This game is just not worth the money. I had to stop playing because not being able to complete the quests makes the game difficult and not very fun. Hopefully they will try to correct all the problems they have....more info
  • Disappointed D&D fan
    Man, this game is loaded with so many bugs that I cant recommend it to anyone. While the graphics are beautiful, the constant crashes and game lock ups just make it unplayable. I am glad I didn't pay for this ourtta my own pocket, I'd be really PO'ed if I had. And my PC is the latest from Alienware, with 2Gig of Ram and a 256MB video card, so you'd think this game would run smooth, but nope. Spend your money elsewhere, wait a few months and hope they get the bugs worked out. Oh, the latest patch for this game still hasn't addressed all of the bugs, just additional fyi....more info
  • Save your MONEY!
    This game is far from complete, in fact, I'm completely disguested that any company would even try to pass this as a "complete" product.

    There is a good level of innovation taking form here. I do really apreciate the "combat mode" (with a few minor annoyances). As for everything surrounding that, it lacks. The role playing story provides only maybe a few hours/days of gameplay. Maybe I'm spoiled with Baldur's Gate and Final Fantasy games where it seems the gameplay never is going to end, but I certainly never expect to play through to the end on a long holiday weekend.

    My opinion, I'm torqued I spend $40+ on this "product". In terms of value, I would only say I got $10-$15 worth of enjoyment out of it. It's defective, has certain elements that cumbersome in the interface, poor literature, poor item descriptions, conversations with NPC seem problematic (so pay attention the first time you chat with someone, you might not get to ask again), character portraits stink (try finding one in the list that fits even a blond, female cleric), can't import/export characters/portraits for re-play, path AI for moving, searching bodies that have stacked on eachother (good luck), quickly switching weapons in non-combat mode (can you say open inventory, click a tab, and close inventory, put the tabs on the portrait instead so I don't have two extra steps), and just not enough play "space"/adventure. I have more, but I'm limited to 1,000 words.

    Atari, if your reading, try again. Use your validation teams and don't rush software developement! You guys missed alot. I (as a software developer) cringe at the easy to identify items (even developers should have spotted them). You destroyed what could have been an awesome RPG and did not do the Temple of Elemental Evil (D&D book) justice. Hang your heads low.

    Next round, I would think the perfect RPG would have the interface of Baldur's Gate (or ToEE minus of the defects and poor design in hot keys, lack of item description, poor feat documentation, etc., so yeah, Baldur's Gate), the combat mode of Temple of Evil (with improvements and fixes), and the modular quest modules like Neverwinter Nights (but don't overdue it with a combersome 3-D engine) for unlimited expansion. Some of us actually want to quest and develope characters, not just go down 4 levels of a temple and game over.

    In short, buyer beware. Don't spend your dollars and say that this quality of product is okay for consumption....more info

  • What a F#@%ing Shame!
    What a disappointment!

    After a solid week of playing this game, watching the screen freeze up as the map scrolls (and by the way, I have a very nice system...Athlon 2400, a 128 MB NVidia Card and 800 Megs of RAM, so it can't be my system...oh, and ZERO spyware to slow my sys down), dealing with the spells which last hours on end, dealing with the paralyze spell for my undead minions that never went away, and finally, and heartbreakingly, not being able to level up my Ranger to 10th Lvl because of a glitch in the level up process, I am sad and heartbroken to say that this game was a pretty serious letdown. I played the demo and was hooked...then...then I bought the game...

    However, the concept behind the game is great. In fact, if they would fix the damn bugs, it would be a great game! The world map is a little amatuerish and linear, but the dungeon is well rendered, the spells are gorgeous, and the character development is the best ever. The weapons system is great, combat flows well, and overall, its a wonderful game. Its just a sad fact of life that Atari sux, and I for one will never forgive them this. I've pretty much stuck with Microsoft (Freelancer) and EB Games (Battlefield 1942) and think I'll go back to them.

    If you're jonesin' to play the old Greyhawk thing again like I was (I played it on paper 20 years ago...I think it was more fun then...), then try it out, but buy it on Ebay or from EB Games or Game Spot or somewhere where you won't have to pay full retail for it. You can buy my copy...its going up on Ebay tomorrow...

    A very disappointed Jimmy The Chu...shame on you Atari!...more info

  • If you like D &D you'll like this
    A great great game. Don't listen to the people putting it down. If you're into D & D it's a must have....more info
  • Fun, but frustrating...
    I'm a big fan of all the medieval fantasy RPGs out there, so I get them all as soon as they come out and play! Once I got the guidebook to go along with it, I had a blast playing this game. I LOVE doing all the little quests in each town, but sometimes it's tedious so I use the book for hints. The game was fun overall, but once I got to the point where I had no more raise dead items, no clerics to raise my party and 2/3 of my party members dead - I quit.

    The pros about ToEE:
    -Nice Graphics
    -Fun Storylines
    -Lots of Fun Combat
    -Complex character generation

    The cons:
    -Not enough raise dead items/opportunities!
    -Too dark!
    -Combat can be tedious at times

    I rate this game about a 3.5/5 stars - mostly because I did get many hours of enjoyment out of it, but I was disappointed I couldn't finish the game. I might load it back up one of these days and play some more - but for now I'm too busy playing the Dungeon Siege expansion which I find to be much more enjoyable. This is not a bad game though, D&D players will probably like it!...more info

  • Several good patches are available now
    The retail version of ToEE has some substantial bugs. It is virtually a requirement to download the patches. Having said that, once the free patches are installed, the game is very good.

    IMPORTANT: The version 1.1 patch can be found at Atari's web site (www.atari.com). There is also an additional, 3rd party patch available for free from Circle Of Eight (www.co8.org) that has even more bug fixes and adds some features. Unlike the Atari patch, this one is updated frequently to address user reported issues.

    If you are a fan of D&D and have even a little knowledge of the 3rd edition rules, I think you'll really enjoy it. If you are only familiar with the older 2nd edition rules, you'll probably want to pay extra attention to the manual or review some of the fan sites in order to get the most out of it. If you don't have any experience with D&D at all, I can't say for sure if you will enjoy it or not....more info

  • Pretty Good Overall
    I purchased and installed the game on my Compaq V4000 laptop a few weeks ago. So far, I have encountered no glitches, but have noticed a few things that don't seem quite right, like the rate at which you miss and how magic items are few and far between.

    Combat is excellent. I played Neverwinter Nights and hated it, because enemies were too weak to oppose you and the interface was annoying. TOEE has a streamlined and easy to use combat system and is challenging nomatter what you are fighting.

    My biggest gripe is the items. They, frankly, suck. magic items are, as stated, rare, and the inventroy is tiny. The lack of decent armor also annoys me. I didn't have anyone with armor better than master work until the party hit level seven. on the plus side, magic potions are in abundance, which is kinda fun.

    Overall, worth trying, but it won't go down in history. ...more info
  • An Awesome Way to Discover the World of Greyhawk
    First I'd like to say I never had any problems running this game. I popped it in, downloaded it, and played it with no weirdness. Smooth as could be. Also I strangely did not have a level cap, but just kept getting new spells and feats, etc. (I honestly think something went wrong here--but my characters just kept leveling up beyond where I think the game was programmed to prevent me. Hey give me more bugs like that anytime!)

    The gameplay feels a lot like Baldur's Gate (which is the computer game that made me fall in love with both the Forgotten Realms and computer RPG's--the best computer RPG of all time) with much of the same freedom to explore and do things in any order you want, and to approach problems from a variety of angles. Most of all, it is a great way to fall in love with D&D's Greyhawk setting if you're like me and pretty much have only gotten to know it in snippets from the 3rd edition core rulebooks. It is wonderful to immerse yourself in, an engaging story that will suck you in for hours and hours.

    A couple of warnings. First the game is HARD. You will be challenged to think tactically about every fight you get into, even the random encounters along the roads, and even then you will die horribly a lot. They throw some mean badguys at you without flinching. I loved the challenge of it, but I can see how all the merciless slaughter could turn away someone who's used to games that pamper them a bit more.

    Also as mentioned in another review, you'll find that any adventuring companions you run into will get first cut of the loot when looting enemies. I can see why they did it, to reflect the fact that characters who join your party don't automatically become your slaves, but still it can be a bit frustrating, especially when an ally pilfers the best stuff off a body literally on the other side of the map from him and you cannot get him to return it. Also if the comment made is true, and the NPC's will overload themselves, then that's another big headache. What I found as a solution was this: Give the NPCs all the worthless big items you're carrying around (quarterstaves, rocks, arrows, etc) until you fill all their inventory spaces. They won't be able to pick up anything but coins and won't get encumbered. The other easy fix is to kill your NPC companions as soon as they've outlived their usefullness and get your stuff back (gee, any guess what the alignment of my party was?)

    On the whole I was impressed by the game. I found the graphics very pretty (a refined version of what you get in Baldur's Gate--a bit of a dated presentation compared to Neverwinter Nights, but very nicely drawn and animated). The dialogue options were great--with four or five responses available at each branch of conversation I was usually able to say some flavor of whatever I would have wanted my character to say. The NPCs were colorful and fun, always worth talking to, and the main plot when you enter the Temple is really absorbing. My one regret is that apparently there is some demon queen ultimately responsible for the ills in the game, but for the life of me I could never find her--though I did run into two gods and fought gobs of uberpowerful devils and demons across the elemental planes before finally submitting to the will of my dark lord. Heh-heh, how often does a game let you do THAT?...more info
  • Descent, though with problems
    I had no problems running this game and some of the patches help. When it runs, it's fun. The problem I have is it pauses and minimizes the window too many times and I have to pull it back up, or it crashes when I try to close out of the game, causing me to restart my computer. And I've tried it on my Dell PC, Toshiba Sattelite, and Compaq Presario with the same results....more info
  • A good idea so poorly released that it baffles me
    I will start off by saying all those people that gave this game a bad review had the right to do so. This game was released unfinished and with so many bugs that I don't think I have ever seen a more blantant example of a customers being taken advantage of. Shame on you Atari!

    If you are only a casual CRPG player then you should pass on this game, your money will be better spent elsewhere. If you are a dedicated hard core CRPG player and/or a huge fan of D&D computer games then read a little further because there might, might, be a reason you will want to purchase this game.

    First off, there have been some attempts to fix the game. There are 3 official patches that improved playabiltiy and in addition there are some unoffical patches created by some very dedicated fans that you also may want to look at. I am not saying you should use those 3rd party patches nor am I recommending them, I'm just telling you they are there.

    I enjoyed this game for two reasons. The first is the turn based combat system. In a time where point and click real time "strategy" dominates the video game landscape, it is nice to see such a thoughtful and challenging combat system that actually requires and allows for some thought rather than a quick mouse hand. This was a very well done part of the game and very much has the feel of the old paper, pen and dice game.

    The second reason I liked this game is nostalgia. I played D&D back in the eighties and the Village of Hommlet module was the first one I ever played. This game very loyally replicates the original pen and paper module. The monk, the barbarian and the thief in the Inn. The castle under construction, the wizard and the warrior who protect the town. They are all here. This game reminds me of a time long ago, sitting with friends I have not seen in twenty years, and looking at the front of that lime green module with the picture of the halfling fighting the zombies on the cover.

    Bottom line: If you are a hard core CRPG gamer or are a hard core D&D video gamer you may get something out of this game. If you are neither of these two things, this game will be more hassel than it is worth and you should pass.

    ...more info
  • Good D&D game
    This game is quite good. I didn't have any problems running it on my Toshiba Sattellite laptop. It ran smoothly and I got no crashes. Graphics and animation are great, but I don't like the music and most of the voice acting. If you want something professional in terms of sound, music & story play Baldur's gate. If you finished it, and Icewind Dale 1 & 2, and the amazing NWN and it's add-ons, then Temple of Elemental Evil will keep you busy for a while.It's a great fun game and I reccommend it to any RPG fan with a computer that meets the system requirements. It's worth a whole lot more than the 9$ amazon is selling it for....more info
  • Doesn't Work
    I am puzzled by the high reviews this game gets when it doesn't even work. They put a lot of effort into the gay marriage part. It would have been nice if they had that same enthusiasm with the rest of the product. I have not bought another Atari product since....more info
  • frustrated as everyone else is
    i bought the game awhile back but for me didnt have a problem getting it to work.
    the control interface couldve been alot better as well as the many many bugs the game has.
    i uninstalled it and quit playing it because of the bugs as well as didnt agree with the fact you had to go and download all the patches for it as well and it doesnt mean the patches fixed anything.
    i am a hardcore gamer and i do have patience but with this game it was worn thin.
    the graphics are ok there are many things to do in the game but the overall bug problem as well as downloading all the patches hurts the game.
    if you have patience and you have time on your hands to tinker around then all means buy the game.

    ...more info
  • released with some major flaws
    Over all the game play of this game is not bad. The 3.5 rules are well implemented. The story line is pretty good, and the game is a nice mix of hack and slash and dialogue based quests. The lack of character customization when it came to the appearance of the characters bothered me a little bit, but certainly didn't ruin the game for me. I certainly would have prefered a bit better graphics, but again the graphics weren't terrible either.
    This game is a real nice introduction to classic D&D, but those all ready familiar with the game may be wishing for some more areas to explore (the game is kinda limited in this respect). I have a feeling that while I've never played the original Temple of Elemental Evil that it was meant more as an introductory adventure anyhow, this game certainly felt that way. I also really didn't like that your only option for character building was the dice rolling method, when most games now a days are implementing the point buy system for stats as an option, and I much prefer that option.
    The real downfall of this game is it was released with a major flaw. On some systems it runs fine, while on others it is completely unplayable without a patch. It is simply ridiculous that a game will not even play on some computers that meet the system requirements. When I buy a product, I at least expect it to have been well enough made to run on a machine that meets all the requirments, without having to download a patch. I expect a better quality product than that.
    ...more info
  • fun game
    The first thing to consider before buying this game is how much bugs annoy you. If they do do not buy it becuase it is the buggiest game I have ever seen, I had one character get stuck in a bush when leaving the temple and throughout the remainder of the game would get stuck in the same stop every time like clockwork with no way of fixing it. Also when playing turn off character voices. Other than that I had a lot of fun playing this game. The graphics are dated but I thorughly enjoyed the combat sequences and strategy of how to postion my characters, which is unigue depending on the monster you are fighting. I still dont really understand what the storyline was, and also do not bother exploring the main town as its just a bunch of pointless houses with poeple with nothing to say. With all that you would think I would say I hated the game but with all that aside I had a lot of fun exploring the temple. If you have not played icewind dale than i would recommend it over this game although that has its own issues as well....more info
  • Excellent 3.5 implementation for reald D&D fans
    I have no clue why people say this game is not good. if you are a D&D fan, and want as close as possible implementation of 3.5 rules this is the game for you. Its got everything, and really feels like the old 'gold box' games when in combat, as you cycle trhough you party and select from trhe many options. It is not a showy Balders Gate/NWN deal, but it requires intelligence and thought to win an encounter, and with an almost complete skill/feat implementation, there are many ways to approach the adventure.
    If you were looking for something to follow your fun with Diablo or Dungeon Siege, look elsewhere, it is not that type of game. In terms of bugs, I have never had any running this game. Now that you can pick this up for 5 bucks in some places, you have no reason NOT to, if you are a D&D fan!
    ...more info
  • Mindnumbing boredom that 3 patches cant fix
    Ill get straight to the point: Stay away from this game.

    I have played The Icewwind Dale series, Baldurs gate 1 & 2 and the excellent Planescape: Torment several time over. They are all great games.

    When it was announced a PC version of Temple of Elemental Evil, I was very excited. I remember the the thrill playing, and then DMing the PnP version of the game some 15 years ago.

    And THIS is what they come up with?!? Crap!

    1. Bugs. After installing the three official patches the game is still bug-ridden: clicking on a character brings up the inv. of another, spells dont work, desktop crashing, numerous clipping issues (which is very rare in 2D game), an interface that seem to do the exact opposite of what you want it to do. etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    2. Tedious. The D & D 3.5 rules does not translate into a computer game. At all. It is that simple. In the Baldurs gate series the game play was fast, intuitive. exciting. In ToEE its a big yawn.
    The Homlet quest are, with two exceptions, dumb, boring and errand boyish: Tell X to bring me a turnip, get a hammer for the blacksmith, tell X that Y really likes her, play cards with some bum at the inn. You get the idea.....
    Combatwise it is none the better: I spent som 50 minutes chooping up 2 frogs just to get inside the Moathouse.
    Had the 50 minutes been exciting I wouldnt mind, but its just a series of going through motions, linear clicking on options on each characters unwieldy radial menu.
    Accurate representation of combat? Maybe.
    Fun (which, in the end is why we all play computer games)? If your idea of fun is sticking needles in your eyes, this game is a blast.

    3. Visuals & audio
    The voice acting is in the top 3 worst games ever. A good example is the character Elmo whom you meet at the begining. After the encounter, I was left wondering if this was a joke on the gamers by the makers of this game.
    The visuals are an anachronism. Great in 1998. Maybe. Today you get better visuals on high-end mobile phones.

    4. The bugs, incredibly crummy gameplay, DD 3,5 rules, bad visuals and audio coupled with a thoroughly uninspired story makes this a game you should steer clear of.

    Advice: If you havent played the Baldurs Gate or Icewind Dale serie yet: get those.
    If you have: play them again

    Anything but ToEE, even if it is in the bargain bin for 2 bucks....more info
  • Needed a lot of patchin', but was well worth it!
    First, a few facts:
    I hated the Baldur's Gate Series.
    I like turn-based RPGs.
    I feel that Arcanum was, arguably, the best RPG ever.
    This game is totally unplayable without several patches.

    That being said, this is best RPG I've played since Arcanum came out in 2002. After a few patches (some of which took some searching for), the game plays very smoothly, and offered my best computer D&D experience in years.

    I've finished it several times now, with several different parties. It's really fun for testing out your character concepts for paper-N-pencil D&D. While not perfect, it gives you a good picture of how certain spells and feats work in the game. One of my best experiences was playing an Evil party. I had an army of undead following my cleric around, which I found to be a lot of fun since I loved playing the Necromancer in Diablo II.

    Still, I'm not going to deny that the game could have been better, but if you think for a moment about the millions of little rules covered in the 3.5 core books, you have to realize what an impossible task it would have been to make this game perfect. Those who see the brilliance of this game keep playing it, and many have worked hard to make the game even better with their own patches and tweaks, which can be found at Sorcerer's Place (search for it on the web). Definitely use the most recent "Circle of Eight" Mod Pack, which can also be found there.

    In short, I feel the game is brilliant in its patched form, but because it was released too early by Atari and not patched for a good long time- developer Troika was dealt a mortal wound. If this game had been released after it was tuned up a bit more... the D&D community would have supported it much like Counter-Strike or something. We possibly would have seen sequels and modules made by fans, and even Troika itself. *Sigh* What could have been...

    With no future D&D computer games peaking my interest in the least, the Temple of Elemental Evil will remain on my hard drive for a good long time!...more info
  • Flawed but Fun
    The complaints about the bugs in TOEE are legit, there are some really frustrating ones here and there, but not enough to ruin the fun. The shame is that there could have really been one of the truly great computer RPGs if it had been fully implemented...more info
  • Toee is a really good game
    I think that most gamers didn't have enough patience to play this great game too much. The fact that it is made by a company smaller and not so famous as bioware doesn't mean that they didn't make a good game and you should throw it out the window after seeing some bugs. I haven't played the pen&paper module, but the computer game really has a nice atmosphere. The dozens of npcs you meet and join you all have strong personalities and the fact that you don't see their char record and have to experiment with them a little is really neat.
    So what if it has some bugs? there are a lot of patches on the internet and exp cap removers and modules to fix all of those. I think Troika did a great job, the graphics in my opinion are the best in a d&d computer game, and the dungeon-crawling fun beats neverwinter nights' shadow of the undrentine (a lousy addon) from my point of view. ...more info
  • This game is similiar to Baldur's Gate Series...
    ...but make sure to get the recent patches for this game. Overall, i like the turn based system of fighting, as this is rarely seen on PC RPG's and is seen more on Console type RPG's(mostly SRPG's). Anyways, the game starts out hard, but gets fun trying to find all the secrets. I recommend getting the circle of Eight mod patch, and also the Fan mod patch as both of these fix problems not found in the third official patch....more info