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Sennheiser PMX60 Headphones
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Product Description

The open, dynamic PMX-60 neckband headphones are the ideal choice for all portable audio sources. Their balanced sound image easily outshines competing mini headphones. Lightweight and comfortable for listening on the move Frequency response - 18Hz - 21kHz Nominal impedance - 32 Ohm 1.0 meter connection cable 2 year guarantee

Sennheiser's lightweight, open-ear PMX60s are tailor-made for portable listening and specifically designed for rock and pop music, with a high maximum playback level (122 dB SPL), low distortion (under .5 percent), and a dedicated bass tube to heighten musical impact through additional low-frequency resonance. (Keep in mind that even though the headphones perform at loud levels, your ears will surely deteriorate through extended loud listening.) The PMX60s' comfy neckband design prevents the dreaded "headphone hair," and their three-foot cord grants extended freedom of movement.

What's in the Box
Headphones only.

  • Lightweight, open-ear portable headphones
  • Comfortable neckband design
  • Specially designed for rock and pop music with a bass tube for rich low frequencies
  • Ultra-lightweight diaphragm for high sensitivity and dynamic ability
  • 3-foot headphone cord, 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Broke after only about 6 months
    I may be speaking on something that was fixed or maybe I got a "old" pair, but the frame near the earpad has cracked in half on me. It is made of plastic, hard plastic, which caused it to break. I even super glued it back together because the headphones themselves are stellar. They came back apart after my older brother SAT on them while they were on my chair. So I glued them back together again and they stayed up for about 2 more weeks...

    I am not the most gentle, but I do care of my headphones (besides my brother sitting on them, lol). I run a music blog and listen to over 50 new songs a day, though, so I did use them everyday. They are FAIRLY comfortable, but you can feel it when you take them off. I've had countless headphones over the years, and these were great. But the build was not up to par, but like I said before, maybe I got an old pair. I just know I won't be ordering this pair anymore. Make sure you pay attention to this area, as it starts to turn white before it is going to crack. I didn't think it was possible, though. Even my old 20 dollar sony street styles (which I am going back to) lasted years and never suffered such a defect.

    I would not recommend this product for any active activity, as I have never done anything active in them and they still broke on me....more info
  • gym headphones! this is it! the best FIT, PRICE, AND VALUE!
    I would not consider myself as a hard core Audiophile but I am certainly headed that way. Let me share with you first of how many things I am listening to (same type of content generally but different outlets to hear from)

    In the Gym
    recently moved from the Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones - Headphones ( ear-bud ) - black to
    Sennheiser PMX60 Headphones
    in both cases being played on the Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Blue (2nd Generation) OR Apple iPod Video 60 GB Black MA147LL/A (5th Generation)

    The bose definitely has deeper base but Sennheiser delivers on loudness. Someone had complained earlier that its too loud where other can hear around you. I find this to be a feature actually because the gym showers don't have and sound or music there. Just crank these up and you can instantly hear music!

    In the car (2006 Lexus GS300)

    There is very good sound imaging in this card mark&Levinson system. So I really enjoy that clarity in the car via the native CD changer.

    The home studio:
    Podcaststudio Firewire Bundle

    In the living Room
    Well the living room is the grand slam setup of:
    Yamaha RX-V1800BL 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver (Black)
    Yamaha NS-777 3-Way Bass Reflex Tower Speaker
    Polk Audio Monitor Series CS2 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Black)

    So sadly this review has turned into a listing of my stuff. So to make things simpler:

    These headphones are no Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones on an airplane obviously but they are perfect for those heavy and fast workouts!

    I was worried that on some exercises this will hurt my neck or something but doing everything in the gym from aerobics to glider run, it fits well and sounds great! Of course the price is just right as well. If your looking for something that will compliment your listening all around, these headphones will do the trick. ...more info
  • Clean sounding headphone for "on the go"
    If you cannot tell the difference in sound quality (which is many people), you can get a $10 headphone. But this $30 headphone sounds quite clean (although not a lot of bass but its small) and is good when you are on the go, in the gym, etc.

    I bought this for the second time, my old one worn out after several years use. I am glad to have found the same exact model to buy again (I hate it when companies discontinue a good product only to make some "improved" model which is not as good)....more info
  • headphones
    the headphones that i orderd are great. After looking at alot of places these are a great value. They also took less time to be delivered than I thought. ...more info
  • Loud, clear, and comfortable
    After many of the better, but cheaper, headphones have come and gone I doubled my budget and bought this PMX60 model. They are much superior to cheapies, even sounding comparable to far more expensive Bose! The fit is very good with a light touch, but secure and good ear coverage. They do not block out outside sounds. The sound is louder than with the same setting on other headphones, but there is distortion when cranked up to very loud. (This could be from overdriving the tiny amp in my mp3 player. )The only downside is they feel a bit hot and may become too sweaty for wear during exercise....more info
  • poor fitting
    This product is not sized for small heads. It is too loose and there is one place on the skull where it puts pressure behind the ears that gets uncomfortable....more info
  • Excellent value for the money
    I had been wanting a decent pair of behind the ear headphones for
    some time. My first inclination was to check out Bestbuy where there
    where a few models, a bit pricey though. I remembered years ago I
    had a pair of Sennheisers which where phonomial in sound quality.
    Not seeing a pair on the Bestbuy site I went to the largest retailer
    in the world - Amazon. I read quite a few reviews on the PMX60 and
    decided to get a pair.

    I will adamently state these headphones are amazing in quality, constuction and price. I use these headphones at least three times
    a week when I go to the gym. My previous headphones pale in comparision.
    The sound is audiable and cyrstal clear. The headphones fit snugly on
    my head, with no concern for them falling off.

    The price is right on the money, I would have gladly paid more these
    headphones. ...more info
  • not good enough
    The Sennheiser PMX60 headphones do not fit well, so how can you tell what the sound quality is? It's my first Sennheiser purchase, but I can't view any difference in the pictures. I wanted a snug, well-fitting, light-weight neckband design that delivered great sound quality. Can someone help me with this? These slip, fall, do not stay where needed.
    Also, an in-line volume control is a great added feature.

    ...more info
  • Nice comfortable 'phones
    These seem to be a variant of the PMX-100 headphones but with the around the neck design. I wanted a light and largely open air for around town, shopping and such. They do let others hear a bit but there just a nice general use pair of headphones which I use with my iPod. They are what they are and do it quite nicely - the sound is pleasing with clear highs and decent lows. They are not closed or in ear types, nor are they high end but hey for 90% of iPod use they're great and I definitely recommend them....more info
  • Sound good and stay in place
    I'm on my third set of PMX60's. They sound great but the main reason I buy them is they stay in place no matter what you are doing. Working in the yard or going to the track is no problem. I'm on my third set because I abuse the the cord. Once I broke the wire by getting caught on a door handle. I cut the cord with a saw on my last set which were only 3 months old. My fault....more info
  • Versatile, quality headphones
    I listen to my headphones every day for about an hour on my walk to and from work. I need something that is durable and decent sounding (I'm not audiophile, but it needs to sound better than the crappy headphones they give you with the iPod). I also workout three or four times a week. These headphones are perfect for someone that needs to listen to 'stuff' in a variety of settings. I used to have Sony retractable headphones, which I actually thought had better sound, but the retratable function broke...dangit. The Sennheiser are a great replacement....more info
  • They're okay.
    The sound is too airy, and lacking on bass. They also make cymbals sound horrible, maybe a little bit tinny?
    Sure, they look cool, but you can find better sound for a lower price.
    I also own a pair of Sony MDR-Q22LP's and they sound much better, and cost less. The cord is also longer on the Sonys and they also fit better. My head is a bit small, and the PMX60s are always sliding down..
    Totally NOT recommended for exercising in. If you want something to exercise in, get the Koss Sporta/PortaPros. Much better sound quality, and have a better fit.
    If you're willing to go $10 more, the Senn PX100's are also much better.
    These are getting 2 stars because the cord is very thick and they look cool. The sound is mediocre....more info
  • hps
    product has good sound and fit, cord could be more pliable or better quality,. no faults otherwise...more info
  • Sounds great and lasts a few years
    I bought these about 2-3 years ago and they're been great. A really high quality sounding set of headphones, especially for their size! Also, fairly comfortable to wear.

    I bought these specifically to wear when I'm working out at the gym. I noticed pretty quickly that the fabric around the earpieces had torn on the bottom (probably do to sweat + the movement of running), but no real big deal.

    Just the other day the right earpiece stopped working. No visible damage to a wire, it only produces sound on the left side now. Oh well, they're fairly cheap, sound great, and lasted me a few years. I just bought my 2nd pair of these today. I figure if I can get 2-3 years of use out of these, it's a good buy....more info
  • Headphones had the correct cord length
    I was looking for a shorter cord so that I could use them when running and exercising. The cord length was fine. The quality of the sound is OK but not great. The plug seems to short out once in a while but it is OK. ...more info
  • Solid Performing Headphones
    These headphones are used daily on 4-mile walks that I take with my dogs. Thus I have had some extended experience with the PMX60 Sennheisers, and I can safely say that they deliver first-class performance with the MP3 audio books to which I listen. They are comfortable and produce superior sound. I can recommend them without hesitation....more info
  • Excelent sound, design, everything!!!!
    Amazing Sound, deep Bass, crisp trebble!!! Just amazing, cool design also....more info
  • No good for exercise
    These ear phones won't fit in your ear if you plan to exercise. They also kept falling out of my mp3 player. I stopped using them altogether. They make work well if you're not planning to use them during a workout....more info
  • Best, ever!
    This is the best headphones ever! Good sound quality (especially for bass), extremely comfortable to wear (especially when you are jogging, it is either too tight or too loose). In one word, perfect!!!...more info
  • great budget headphones
    purchased these for $10 back in 2003. i use them for all my portable music devices, and they sound fantastic with a higher-end portable CD player.

    the foam pads fell apart last year, and i had to replace them with thick, clunky generi-pads from Radio Shack, as Sennheiser doesn't seem to carry replacements...?...more info
  • Sound is good
    The sound is really good. Fits well on my head. Cord is long enough. Overall good value....more info
  • Not worth the money
    Unfortunately these headphones were just not what I was hoping for. They seem to not fit right on my ears and allow a great deal of ambient noise in which in turn causes me to have to turn up my music to compensate for it. The sound quality is just OK. I will probably end up giving this set to my kids and finding another set for work....more info
  • Overall great, presses on top of ears a little
    I bought these and the Sony MDRG54LP Street Style Headphones at the same time for comparison. The sound between them is comparable to my ears, but the Sony is MUCH more uncomfortable on my head. The Sennheiser presses a little at the top of both ears, but is so far superior in comfort that the decision was easy....more info
  • Sennheiser PMX60 Review
    These headphones sound better than some more expensive ones I have. Don't know how they do it for the price....more info
  • Another stellar Sennheiser product!
    I have purchased two other sets of Sennheiser headphones for home use from Amazon (check out my other reviews), and the PMX-60 headphones are just as good. They are ultra-lightweight, sound superb, and are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I walk for 60-75 minutes every day, and wear these headphones during the entire trip without discomfort. While you can hear sounds around you, such as lawnmowers and passing cars, the PMX-60's aren't easily overwhelmed by external noise, nor are they overly loud for someone walking next to you, unless you have your iPod volume at a very high level. I can't say enough about how much I like Sennheiser products, including this relatviely inexpensive set of headphones. One drawback - I wish the neck strap was adjustable. It fits me pretty well, but could fit a bit more snuggly. Planning to buy another set for my wife soon. 9/17/08 update: Just ordered a second pair. GREAT PRODUCT!...more info
  • Great headphones.
    I have been a fan of Sennheiser for over 25 years. The PMX60 is very lightweight and comfortable, but what prompted me to get this pair was that my son commandeered my other set because he liked them so much.
    The bass is rich, full and distortion free. The PMX60 can handle gut-churning lows that have made other headphones (and some speakers) distort to the point of sounding like farts. (I recommends the opening bass notes of "Mirror in the Bathroom" by The English Beat on the "Dance Craze" soundtrack as a test. Many higher priced headphones have failed this test.) Also, the highs are crisp and clear.
    ...more info
  • Typical Sennheiser - simple but sound great
    Typical of Sennheiser headphones (in my experience anyway), they sound great. Fairly light weight as well.
    They are a little big on me, which is a mild concern as I wanted to use them when jogging/exercising, but my wife (who wears a childs size hat) wore them just fine on a job and had no complaints.
    They are a little loud, but if you turn it down a bit you should still be able to hear okay while not blasting people in close quarters. ...more info