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Brita 35530 Ultramax Dispenser
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Product Description

The original BRITA water filtration systems, BRITA Pitchers eliminate 98 of the Lead and reduce Chlorine (taste and odor), Copper, and Mercury that may be present in your tap water. Large capacity dispenser, perfect for families. Capacity: 18 - 8oz glasses of filtered water. Electronic Filter Change Indicator to remind you when to change the filter. Rectangular tank fits easily on refrigerator shelves and countertop. Convenient one-touch dispensing

Brita's advanced water filtering systems help remove chlorine, sediment, zinc, and other harmful substances such as cadmium, copper, benzene, lead, and mercury, for clean, great-tasting water. With a tank that holds up to 1.13 gallons of water and fits neatly on countertops and refrigerator shelves, the Ultramax Smart Dispenser is the perfect size for a small office or family. It comes with an innovative electronic gauge that helps monitor use and alert busy users when its time to replace the filter. An included, non-replaceable battery with an expected life of 5 years powers the gauge. Brita filters should be replaced every 40 gallons. The Ultramax should be hand washed in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Brita offers a limited 90 day warranty on pitchers for defects outside of normal wear and tear. --Jessica Reuling

  • Removes chlorine, sediment, zinc, and other harmful substances for clean, great-tasting water
  • Compact 1.13-gallon capacity tank; fits on countertops and shelves
  • Perfect size for small office or family
  • Digital indicator signals time to replace filter
  • Includes non-replaceable, 5-year battery; limited 90-day warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great
    Brita is great for removing that "funny" taste from tap water, particularly if you've recently moved from one part of the country to another. I bought one for my son in college, who complains that all the water in the midwest tastes like it came out of a swimming pool....more info
  • Brita great for coffee makers that need filtered water.
    We bought our Brita water dispenser to help with our coffee maker. Before we had mineral deposits building up even with a water softener. We initially purchased a pitcher, but were constantly filling it after each coffee brew. This larger unit makes it much easier to have enough filtered water on hand for repeated coffee brewings, as well as for drinking from the glass. We are glad we bought the Brita 35530 Ultramax dipenser. ...more info
  • Great water filter and dispenser
    I believe I've had this product ever since it first came out. I was given this as a gift back in college by my parents and that was over 10 plus years ago. It still is going strong, not flimsy construction by any means. After all this time, I decided to replace the spigot because the rubber washer was looking worn but was not leaking. Brita has excellent customer service and all I did was email them for a new one and they sent it out asap. Now the unit is as good as new.

    In regards to mold that some people are mentioning, I combat that with washing the unit every other or 3rd time it is filled. Anything that is clear that allows light in when water is present and sitting will eventually grow some green stuff. Soap and water take care of it quickly and I use qtips in the creases, corners, and underneath the back of the spigot. Works like a charm. I'm not sure I've ever come across anything maintenance free when it comes to holding water, not even my dogs water bowls so to have that expectation is not realistic.

    They do have an insert at the top that allows water to go through so you can take a glass and pour it in the insert to help fill it back up if you want to keep it in the fridge. I didn't care for that method for myself as I'm not a patient person and would rather just fill it up all at one time than little by little so I just put it on my counter and fill it there with the top off. If you think the hole doesn't let enough water in, you can easily open it by shaving off a little plastic with a knife.

    Other uses for this other than home use would be picnic, if you have to go elsewhere to work that doesn't have filtration, or perhaps a sports game if you are going for the day....more info
  • Excellent!
    This product sure saves me time not to mention my wrist not having to re-fill a pitcher so often. And of course saves a ton of money as well!
    I think maybe even a little safer/healthier as we don't have to use those thin plastic bottles anymore. Great for use for the whole family and they may be more likely to use it now that it's easy to get to in the frig! I also think it will be wonderful for the hot summers coming up....more info
  • Much better than the pitcher!
    This item is far superior than the pitcher - you can fill it about four times to get as much water in the container and then you are good to go! No need to have space in the door, just space on the shelf. Love it!...more info
  • One More American Excellent Product!!
    Great product & purchase, keeps water always clean fresh and chilled..

    Jerry ;o))...more info
  • Brita Pitcher with spigot
    Great product at a very reasonable price. Fits nicely on refrigerator shelf and each filter give us @ 8 weeks of good clean water....more info
  • Brita Ultramax Dispenser
    This is a great item if you want filtered water. I have had it for over 5 years. Please note that it should be cleaned out well every few months. There is a slimy residue that forms in the corners and sometimes on the top. Otherwise, this is great....more info
  • Poor design.
    The spigot on the britta system is poorly designed. It breaks and snapps off really easy. Ours brook when it fell into the sink from the counter. A mear 3 inch drop. I ordered one and it was delivered and the spigot was brooken in the same spot so I returned it. I then went to purchase one and was glad I opened the box it came in first because that one also had the spigot brooken on it. To bad because I really like the brita filter system....more info
  • easy to use
    This product is very easy to use and takes the hassle out of the common filter pitcher. It stores a lot of water, so you only have to refill it occasionally.

    Great product! ...more info
  • it came cracked
    this product arrived cracked. as we live overseas and needed to immediately pack it into a suitcase, we didn't have time to return it to Amazon and were forced to throw it out.
    Really disappointing......more info
  • Perfectly clean water
    I don't see how people can get mold in this thing. The only way that's going to happen is if you hardly drink water and you let it sit there for a long time. I refill it about once every other day and have no signs of mold anywhere within the unit. The nozzle allows for me to use this water for cooking and it's a lot more handy than a pitcher especially since it holds so much more water. Also, having the electronic filter indicator is great since you don't have to worry about trying to remember when the filter needs to be changed; you just look at the little screen and it lets you know. The only con is that when the water gets really low you have to tilt the unit since the nozzle is positioned slightly higher than the base....more info
  • More handy than you might think
    I bought this with the intention of getting me to drink more water instead of soft drinks, etc, and it's been very good for that--it's now just as easy for me to pour a mug of chilled water right from the refrigerator (I often then add some sugar-free flavored powder like peach tea, etc) as it is to drink canned sodas, without having to pay for and then lug those cans home from the supermarket. And this is way cheaper than paying a lot extra for a refrigerator with a chilled-water dispenser on the door.

    But it also comes in handy as a drink dispenser on the picnic table in the back yard; I've also used it for boxed wine for a cookout and once for a covered punchbowl at a casual backyard party. It's large enough for this kind of use and I like having multi-purpose things instead of storing a lot of stuff I rarely use.

    Yeah, it also works as a water filter :-) though I'm just taking that on faith as the Northern California water seems fine to me both before and after Brita filtering. But I like to play it safe...

    To the other reviewers who mention mold, all I can say is that I don't think the mold is coming from the water dispenser...I suggest putting an open box of baking soda in the back of the fridge.

    It does take a lot of space in the refrigerator, so you have to plan for it: the upper shelf is better because you don't have to stoop over to pour from it and there's usually enough space on top of it to store square stuff like tofu boxes and sliced cheese.

    I've run it through the dishwasher plenty of times; this works for me since I never use the heat-dry function, which might warp the plastic; I use cool dry overnight for all my dishes.

    There's definitely something to the suggestion from another reviewer to always keep the filter wet (i.e. keep the tank filled instead of half-full); If the filter dries out it takes twice as long to fill the tank and may not work as well.

    I buy my filters in 3-packs from Amazon at a discount which I combine with other orders to avoid shipping costs, so the maintenance cost is pretty minimal.

    Overall it's been a good product for me; I drink much less bad stuff, particularly in the summer. I'll give the fifth star when Brita figures out how to make the spout easier to remove for cleaning....more info
  • Brita Ultramax Dispenser
    I love my new Brita Ultramax Dispenser! I have enough cold water all of the time right in my fridge with a handy spout. I did not have good luck with the Brita filter that is attached to the faucet for some reason, so this was the perfect solution for me. It has also helped cut down on my use of and purchase of bottled water. Even though I recycle the plastic bottles, it is still better for the enviornment to cut down the use of them.Brita Ultramax Dispenser...more info
  • Great Water How it Should Be; Effortless.
    I have the version without the fancy timer in the lid. I simply replace the filter every couple months. I've been using this product for over a year now and I can report no problems what-so-ever. The best part is that I never have to think about it. I can fill up my Sigg Bottle or Klean Kanteen with great water and that's all I ask of the device. Now that I realize how primitive and wasteful the consumption of bottled water is, I won't go back! When the times comes to replace the product, I will purchase another brita filtering device....more info
  • Love It!
    So much easier than filling and lugging water jugs from the well as cheaper than always buying bottled water....Fantastic & useful purchase....more info
  • Better Tasting Water
    We had to replace our previous water filter when the cat knocked it down onto the ground. We drink a lot of water, and the Brita Ultramax Dispenser works for our family because we do not have to fill it constantly. It makes the coffee and tea that we drink taste better, also. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to drink more water (and don't we all) but cannot stand the taste or the smell of the water that comes straight out of the tap. This takes care of the taste and the smell. ...more info
  • Great.. until you have to clean it.
    I've had mine for about a year. It's a great tank until you have to clean inside it. It's always nearly impossible to remove the shell that separates the tank from the rest of the system. I guess some sort of vacuum will happen between the clear plastic tank and the white plastic shell that houses the filter, because it typically refuses to come off at all. After my last battle with attempting to clean my tank, I'm exhausted and finished. I'm getting a pitcher version. This one's too much of a hassle....more info
  • An alternative to all of those bottles of water
    I have been using a Brita pitcher for about a year. I was happy with it, to a degree, but I wanted something with a greater capacity. I live by myself and still I found that I was going through a half of a dozen bottles of "spring" water a day before I got my first Brita. However, it only gave me a coupe of glasses before I had to refill it which meant the the next glass might not be as well chilled.

    With the Brita Ultramax I can get about a whole day's worth of water before I need to refill it. Because I still have my original pitcher I use it to fill up the Ultramax (it's just easier that way, plus, it's now double-filtered). I still wish that it was bigger but it does the job and I have not had a problem with mold or anything like that. It is a great alternative to adding more and more plastic bottles to the landfill each day....more info
  • What's not to like?
    I recently purchased this water dispenser after having a smaller pitcher. I am very happy with the increased capacity. No more filling the pitcher every four hours! Easy to fill, easy to clean. ...more info
  • Very pleased
    I like everything about this filter. I like the design, the built-in tap makes it very handy. The taste of the water is great. I use the water filtered from Brita for everything possible. I even tried washing my hair in it, and my hair gleamed. I would even recommend washing your face with it if you are so inclined. The filtered water cleans the skin better than tap water. But, most importantly, the taste is REALLY great. And I don't have to buy bottles of water anymore....more info
  • Love this system, I have used it for 10+ years
    This is a great system for keeping cold restaurant-quality filtered water in your fridge. I have used one of these for over ten years, both in and out of the fridge, and have never seen any growth of any kind. I bought the original model years ago, and then finally, it fell out of the fridge and broke, and I replaced it with this model, which is even better. Just fill empty water bottles for your own bottled water....more info
  • Michael M
    I just bought the Ultramax and it is great. Our fridge has a filtering system for water in the door, but I thought it still did not give me bottled water taste. The ultramax dispenser does. It is a little interesting to fill. You either take it out of the fridge to the sink or use a pitcher to fill it in the fridge. I do the latter. They could have made the filling port open from the front vs the rear to make filling a little easier. However, I love the clean fresh taste of the water....more info
  • Great water filter... HOWEVER, materials quality is poor.
    I loved my Brita Ultramax dispenser from the moment I bought it. I'd spent several hours the night before researching the exact item I wanted to be sure that it met my expectations as well as would serve myself and my family as well as I expect all products of this nature should. I'd grown quite sick of buying bottled water that tasted like nothing more than bottled tap, and the water quality in my area is such that I can't stand even cooking with the tap water anymore. My Brita dispenser served me well for two months.

    After two months, the dispenser was on the table drying from a good cleaning while I soaked the new filter. My dog, the giant ball of accident that she is, ran into the kitchen and slammed into the table, apparently jarring it enough that the dispenser fell to the floor. The result? The spout snapped off, and the reservoir broke in three places.

    My dispenser was NEVER washed in the dishwasher, it was only cleaned to manufacturers standards and was never beat and banged around as we're an all adult household. However, the quality of materials is obviously flawed. Now I'm sitting here with a dispenser that is of no use to anyone but the recycling company, and a stockpile of filters I can't use. I plan on contacting brita to replace my system, and will update my review if I receive a favorable response from them....more info
  • Tastes Great - Less Filling
    The water that this thing puts out is better than water you can buy in the plastic bottles. That makes it ;ess filling on the land fills.......more info
  • Terrific product
    This dispenser holds so much more water than the pitcher we had! The dispenser nozzle is so convenient too. My husband and I drink a lot of water so we love this....more info
  • Btritta Ultramax!
    This is an excellent product! Very helpful! I'm also using a small Britta, because we're a huge family and we all drink a lot of water, both Britta are great. Anyway I believe that I'll have to buy another one! This is perfect for my family!...more info
  • Excellent product
    Many of the negative reviews that claim mold problems are actually authored by the same person. After viewing some of his/her reviews of other prodcuts, I noticed another "mold" review for an unrelated product. I think it's safe to say that the reviewer has issues with mold, and that it's not a result of the brita filter.

    We've been using this product for 8+ years with no problems whatsoever. Only drawback (other than price - they should give these away for the amount of $$ you'll spend for filters) is that it's heavy when full and awkward to fill.

    I just purchased a second unit today to use in our weekend house. Definitely would recommend if you like brita products and are tired of refilling the pitcher constantly. ...more info
  • Great filter, Terrible design for "replacement meter"
    We love our filter, but we've had to resort to a reminder in our calendar to tell us to replace the filter. That's what the "replacement meter" was supposed to do! It lasted 9 months - that's it. That's 4 filter changes.

    Crappy design that you can't replace the battery! Come on, Brita!...more info
  • Brita Dispenser
    I was using the Brita water Pitcher but need a larger container for my distilled water that I distill and this works real good with this. I have no dislikes at all as it will hold more than a gallon. I bought one of these for my daughter and I would not have done this if it was a not quality product. I keep it on the counter as I use room temperature water. Buy it you'll like it..Cheers..Keithmj...more info
  • Works for me
    Bought this to replace an earlier version (that I dropped). Works great. Easy to slide in and out. Fills faster than my old one. Seems to be a lighter weight that my first model. Only had it for a week, so no problems to report....more info
  • Love it!
    Absolutely love this! It provides the high volume of cold, filtered water that we need without multiple fillups per day!...more info