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Salter 914 Electronic Baby and Toddler Scale
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Product Description

Salter's 914 Baby and Toddler scale was designed with your baby, as well as the future in mind. Thecomfortable, rounded weighing tray fits securely to keep baby safely in place. And the "hold" feature keeps a steady weight in display even when baby moves about. The 914 also quickly converts to a toddler scale with the removal of the weighing tray. This scale allows you to track your child's growth from infant to toddler and will provide years of use. The scale with tray removed looks just like a Panda Bear, making weighing more fun! Weighing modes include pounds (lbs) and kilograms (kg). Max capacity is 44 lbs (20kg) with accuracy to 1/2 ounce (10g). The extra large 1.2" tall LCD makes reading the display super easy. Power is provided by one 9V battery (not included), and the auto shut-off extends the battery life even further. A 10 year Salter warranty is also standard. Hold Function Uses one 9V battery (not included) Dimensions L - 11.8, W - 21.6, H - 5.7 Net Weight - 104 oz 10 year warranty White

  • Weighs up to 44 pounds (20kg) by .5 ounce increments (10g)
  • Hold function to give you accurate reading even if baby is moving about
  • Extra large 1.2 LCD readout
  • Baby tray removes to turn this into an accurate toddler scale
  • 10 year warrantee

Customer Reviews:

  • Good product for breastfeeding baby
    I bought this product after finding out that my newborn wasn't gaining enough weight. It's close to accurate compared to the doctor's office scale. Now I can weigh my daugther with a piece of mind instead of waiting a month to find out if she gained weight or not. The lactation nurse that came to see my daughter liked the scale, too. The gram function is really helpful for nursing. I use it every day to weigh her and I am able to get an estimate of how much she eats by using the gram feature. And I like how I can use it to weigh my 2 1/2 year old son too!...more info
  • Good scales for pets
    I got these scales so I could keep track of my 21 year old cat's weight at home. She only weighs six pounds and even a few ounces is a big deal and may mean she needs her meds changed. Theses scales weigh to a quarter ounce and seems accurate compared to the scales at the vets. The long curved top is great as she is happy to sit in it without wriggling....more info
  • Weighing In
    We needed a reliable scale on which to weigh our overweight cat. This works very well and was easy to assemble--really nothing to it. It works wonderfully and we've found added uses such as weighing packages. My only concern is the cost but I didn't find any other scales that seemed reliable for less. So if you need a scale for babies, cats, or other items this is a great choice....more info
  • Salter 914 electronic baby/toddler scale review
    I bought this scale to weigh my cats. So far it seems to be working fine. I put a 38 oz. aluminum bat on the scale and it weighed out at 2 lbs 6 oz which is right on the money. It will also weigh in kilograms....more info
  • Very Handy to Own for Peace of Mind
    I am really enjoying my baby and toddler scale. I have a friend that bought one and I tried hers out a couple of times. It was so convenient and very handy that I got one of my own. I don't go to the pediatrician that often so this is nice to have to make sure my 4 month old (that is breastfeeding) is gaining weight and getting enough. I wish I would have had this with my other children since I have been to the doctor when they were little for weight checks and this would have saved me a trip! I also took the baby part off and used it as a toddler scale for both my almost 2 year old and 3 1/2 year old. It was very nice because it gave me their weight even though they were kinda wiggly. We have an adult scale that I tried with the older ones, but if they moved, it would give me an error message.
    My friend that owns this also uses it to weigh packages for shipping. She gets tons of use out of it as well since she sells on ebay a lot.
    This is very nice to have on hand. All of my friends always want me to bring my scale so they can weigh their babies and toddlers!...more info
  • Great item
    I have to say this item is very nice. Its very stable with the top portion on, and doesnt slide or give any indication that the removable part will be loose or come off unwantedly.

    The contoured top is a nice bonus, it was somewhat difficult to find a model that had that so that my child didnt roll off of it if they were fiesty.

    The big read out is also very handy. The only complaint is that there is no back lighting on the LCD screen showing weight and it could be a little clearer on the readout when dealing with partial ounces.

    But for the money, this scale is great - not to mention converting to a toddler scale makes this a semi permanent fixture in our household for years....more info
  • baby s
    Bought this scale to help monitor my child who has down syndrome with a heart condition, anemia, and some other growing issues. The accuracy of this scale is right on target with the pediatrician's scale so it saves us NUMEROUS trips to the Dr. office for weight checks!!! YAY!!! Easily stores out of site under crib. Would recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Peace of Mind
    This scale works really well and is an accurate method of weighing a little wiggly baby. To date, we've only used it on the newborn to 4 month age range, but it has been an invaluable tool in gauging our grandbaby's growth progress. Our grandbaby lost so much weight after birth that she was classed by the hospital as a "failure to thrive" infant. This scale has brought the peace of mind of actually being able to accurately measure her progress as she steadily regains her very serious weight loss and rapidly moves into the realms of normal weight for her age.

    I highly recommend this scale as a gift for breast feeding moms! This grandmother is very happy with this scale and better yet, so are the momma and poppa who use it!...more info
  • Great Aid for Breastfeeding
    With both my daughters I had a rocky time breastfeeding. It took time and a lot of guidance from lactation doctors/consultants for them to regain their birthweight and continue to breastfeed. The proof is with the pudding, i.e. if your baby is gaining weight, then you're breastfeeding OK. With the older, every couple days I'd have to drag myself to the doctor's office to use the baby scale. When the same problem happened with my younger baby, I got smart and purchased this scale. Immediately I was able to monitor whether the lactation consultant's advice was indeed working and whether my baby was continuing to make progress - all from the comfort of home.

    All-in-all a great scale for a great price. It is accurate to the half an ounce - which means give or take slight margins of error it could be an ounce off. However with newborns, even a half ounce makes a difference whether your baby is gaining or stagnating. So you have to give it a day or two to confirm the weight readings. ...more info
  • Great Scale
    Wonderful scale, great to weigh my small dogs on- - works very well and is accurate. Easy to read the digital weight....more info
  • very helpful
    I am nursing my baby and was not sure he was getting enough. This scale helps you to keep track of your babies weight so you can make sure they are getting enough to eat....more info
  • digital scales
    the baby scales work very well and are accurate, we have a set of twin girls that were born premature and one of them is still very small this scale has made it very easy to monitor their weight gain. The price was great also....more info
  • Wonderful Baby Scale
    I used this scale to weigh my baby while breastfeeding. My baby was having trouble gaining weight. This scale is very accurate (same as doctors). I still use it daily just to see how many ounces of milk my baby is getting. I wish I would have bought it SOONER instead of worrying myself to death not to mention the cost of Dr. appointments each week. This scale is much better than the ones at babies r us. It was delivered to my door in 2 days...easy to use...affordable...and converts to a cute toddler scale, too....more info
  • Great Product
    Very easy to set up and use. Very reliable. As a mother of a preemie who was initially very concerned about weight gain, it's a great product....more info
  • Great scale
    It is very reassuring to be able to more closely track yor baby's weight at home, especially since the pediatrician does not see the baby between newborn at 2 weeks and 2 months. The scale is consistent with the pediatrician's scale....more info
  • Great for breastfeeding moms
    Very easy to use. This helps put my mind at ease about my baby getting enough to eat and putting on weight. ...more info
  • Very Nice Scale
    I bought this to weigh new Clumber Spaniel Puppies! It is a terrific scale, worth the moderate price! It weighs in half ounce increments and is easy to read, easy to operate, generous tray for larger breed puppies.

    ...more info
  • We love this scale!
    We bought this scale as part of our preparation for our home birth to weigh our new baby. We enjoyed weighing other household items (and the cat) until the baby arrived. This scale is wonderful. It weighed our baby girl perfectly (9 pounds, 11 ounces), and is accurate enough to weigh, feed, and weigh the baby for any breastfeeding mom curious as to how much milk the baby is taking in.

    We also use this scale to weigh packages before we mail them. I recommend this scale to everyone I know who is looking for a kid scale. My husband and I lament the fact it "only" goes to 44 pounds. We want to know how many pounds and ounces WE weigh!...more info
  • baby scale
    Perfect scale for newborns and infants, then converts to a toddler scale. Happy with purchase....more info
  • Great and affordable infant scale
    This is exactly what I wanted... It's an affordable scale to have at home and it is as accurate as it claims to be -- up to a half ounce. I'm very happy with it. It does a nice job of converting into a toddler scale later too....more info
  • A must
    Bought this for a friend. And she loved it. It helped to give her peace of mind of knowing if her baby was putting on weight!! Specially with it being her first baby....more info
  • money well spent
    Excellent scale. I like the zero function so that I can leave her in her diaper and onesie. It's given me peace of mind since I am breastfeeding and want to be certain she is gaining weight....more info
  • Easy to use for the weighing of cats and kittens
    I bought it to use in my rescue work with cats and it is perfect. ...more info
  • MD New Mom
    Great scale. It is quite accurate. Sometimes I measure my baby before and after feedings and the scale can tell exactly how much I feed her. I purchased the scale to give me a peace of mind since my baby lost more than 10% birth weight within 48 hours after birth and had difficulty to gain weight during the first two weeks. Now I measure her every day to see how quickly she grows....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought this scale to weigh a litter of newborn kittens and it works great! Accurate to .5 oz. Couldn't be happier :)...more info
  • Excellent Scale, Easy to use, Very Accurate
    I purchased this scale for my grandson, who has an illness that requires very careful monitoring of his weight. He is watched by his great grandparents frequently, so ease-of-use was critical. This scale does it all, and is easily used by both us and them, monitoring his weight to 1/2 ounce consistently, every single time! The best feature is the tare function. You can weigh the baby, hit the zero-out button, then as you change him, put the soiled clothing back on the scale so you see the BABY's weight automatically, without weighing the clothing, etc. It is VERY easy to use and makes weight tracking effortless. His 83-year young grandpaw can do this trick every time, it's that easy and quick!! Great price on a great product that is, in this case, life-or-death accurate. Couldn't ask for more or better. ...more info
  • Very pleased with product
    I bought this to find out how much my baby was getting during nursing sessions and just for general curiosity on how she is growing. It works fantastic, able to pick up just a few ounces difference. And it is very easy to use....more info