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Logitech USB Desktop Microphone (Black/Silver)
List Price: $26.92

Our Price: $19.73

You Save: $7.19 (27%)


Product Description

Move up to true digital quality audio--without drivers to install or download. Includes noise-cancellation technology for better voice recognition and superior speech recording.

  • Advanced digital USB
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Power switch
  • Adjustable microphone

Customer Reviews:

  • Great with Vista
    After fighting with my Creative mic and webcam mic till I was about to throw both out the window, I came across this gem. Talk about ease of use - just plug it in. I'm a WoW addict (/cry) and needed a mic for Vent. This mic works perfectly for me in Vista32. I renamed the device in setup so it stood out when I was selecting my input device in WoW and Vent. Voice clarity is great and the base mute button is nice (when you want to make sure a guildy doesn't hear you cursing them).

    I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Logitech USB Desktop Microphone
    I am very satisfied with this product. I use it with students who are doing podcasting and audio recording for other school projects. This product is durable and easy to use for students of all ages. Showing this device to teachers at a recent workshop has also sparked their interest in purchasing this product....more info
  • easy plug 'n play
    This item was a snap to set up. My 12-year-old brother sings and plays piano and flute, and loves recording and playing back his music. Big hit for Christmas, and you can't beat the price!...more info
  • Exactly what I needed
    I needed a cheap, reliable replacement for my ancient desktop mic; this was exactly what I needed. There's enough advertising all around us but if there are two companies that always give me my money's worth, it's Samsung and Logitech.

    Anyway, back to the mic. It's sturdy, clear and it WORKS. With the $19.99 price tag I don't see any reason not to buy this if you need a new desktop mic....more info
  • Okay Purchase
    This Mic was an okay, it picked up no surrounding sound and was very clear. The one thing is that it was very quiet when I played it back, so I always head to talk very loudly into it. There are better mics out there for a better price....more info
  • Excellent Mic
    It was easy to setup with Windows XP and my friends on Skype say I sound very clear....more info
  • Superb! Better than you'd ever think!!
    I was kind of iffy upon purchasing this item so I could talk with my friends over chatting systems, but this item proved be wrong!! It's better than I had thought!! When I was talking with one friend, he said he could hear dogs from outside my window, airplanes flying over my house, trains that echoed through the dead of night! It was awesome! I know on most programs it blocks out background sound, but this microphone on programs such as Skype certainly doesn't do that, not that it matters. This item is worth your money! Guarantee!...more info
  • great little microphone
    I purchased the Logitech USB Desktop Microphone to use in my classroom at school. It's an easy plug and play. It does a good job of picking up my students' voices as they podcast. The sound quality is great after the mp3s are uploaded to our blog....more info
  • Good, inexpensive microphone to talk to my son in England thru Skype
    High tech looking device. Easily connected to USB port of laptop (Compaq computer using VISTA operating system). Software drivers automatically downloaded. Microphone works well with Skype. Two points - (1) seems you have to be somewhat closer to the mic for the other party to hear you clearly, than I thought you would need to be, and (2) the USB port on the right side of the computer would not work (ended up using a USB port of the left side of the computer). But overall easy to set up and easy to use....more info
  • Very nice little instrument
    The mike does everything it's supposed to do, and my copy of Windows XP Pro had no trouble integrating it. Minutes after plugging it in I was making voice recordings....more info
  • Can't get past the flaws
    It's cheap, all right, but first, it records in only 60 second snippets. What good is that? Totally useless. Then, I can't change the saved files' properties to give them an author or other information than name. ...more info
  • Great mic
    Simple and easy to use. Plug in, press button. :)

    While I'm not familar with a lot of mics, I have gotten complimented quite a few times on the clarity of this one....more info
  • No muss no fuss
    Installation of this microphone was a breeze under Vista. I simply plugged it into one of the USB ports, Vista recognized it and installed the drivers. All I had to do was to adjust the recording level (the default was set very low, at a level of 9 out of 100). All you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the microphone if you aren't sure how to make adjustments.

    The recording quality is fine, as well. It records to a .wma file in CD quality as the default.

    My only complaint: the person who designed the packaging is a moron. It comes in one of those awful plastic shells that are hard to open and cut. But the microphone itself is well worth it. ...more info
  • Excellent Microphone at Bargain Price
    Needed a USB microphone for conducting conference calls and recording education sessions. Found the Logitech which has worked extremely well and is far less than most competitors. ...more info
  • Best for Price!
    This is a great microphone! Not only does it look good but it is simple and well made. I like the on/off button and has a good range and sound.
    For the price it is the best and very easy to use....more info
  • Terrible
    I needed this for my class, After Effects to record a narrated movie I made. Unfortunately the only way to save this was a WMA file. Adobe After Effects CS3 does not accept this file format. There is no way to save in Real Time or Quick Time or even mp3. It was a total waste of money. I am completely unsatisfied.

    Linda...more info
  • Works fine
    I use this over the built-in mic in my laptop. The built-in mic had terrible static and people couldn't hear me well at all. I had to basically yell.

    This mic's noise canceling isn't impressive, but it's fairly sensitive and I can just talk normally and it'll transmit clearly. Great for VOIP, Ventrilo, and chatting to teammates in online games.

    I have no complaints and don't regret buying it. Just mind the number of USB ports you have left and feel free to plug this into a "shady" port such as hub or another accessory that provides more USB ports as it works well in 1.x as well as a 2.0 port....more info
  • Great inexpensive microphone
    I've never had a microphone before, but this is perfect for my needs. I bought it to digitally record audio tapes of conversations. The recordings are clear. It was very easy to use (plug it in and turn it on). ...more info
  • I was not able to use it in my computer
    I was not able to use it in my computer. I does not work in Ubuntu Linux....more info
  • Great value for voice recognition use!
    I use this mic with Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred voice recognition software. I have spent much more money on both headset and free-standing mics from other manufacturers. Their performance has been no better, and their flimsy wiring has always failed under daily use. This microphone performed so well I bought another for home use. It folds compactly, and occasionally I have carried it with me in a laptop case....more info
  • Did Not Work. At All.
    I use Vista. Contrary to most comments, it generally works fine. But not with this microphone. OS did not see this device. It was invisible. Logitech site was absolutely useless -- they provide no drivers. Googled for drivers. Nada. Why buy something new and have to fool with it? Buy something else....more info
  • Good voice recording quality and Vista compatible with some adjustments
    This microphone has good voice recording quality and is Vista-friendly and simple to use (no specific drivers for it) except for a few control panel adjustments to make in Vista or else your recording will have no sound: Go to Control panel to Sound, to Manage Audio Devices, (with the microphone plugged in to your USB port), under the Recording tab select it as the Default microphone then select properties from that same tab, select Levels and raise the number (I put it at 100 and then adjust the volume on my computer during playback). ...more info
  • Crystal clear and GREAT
    This is a GREAT product and it is great for people who have trouble with electronics, it comes assembled in the package and the instructions are easy to follow, once you have it up and running, the quality is wonderful, the mic swivels back and forth so you can have easy acces to it, it also comes with a long cord so you are not limited to a small area, the only problem though is when you touch the mic. If you are recording and you touch the base or the mic itself you can hear it in the recording, otherwise ita a wonderful product!!(i use it for voice action on youtube) I would recomend this to anyone!!

    OH and its very affordable considering how great it is!...more info
  • Quality Microphone
    My friend and I do a podcast every now and again and we spent a couple of weeks looking for a microphone that would be well suited to sit between two people and pick up both voices are good levels.

    This mic did a really great job of doing that in Audacity (audio-recording software) and we couldn't be more pleased with how it functions. It does a good job at eliminating ambient noises while maintaining the idiosyncrasies of the different pitches and volumes of our voices....more info
  • perfect
    This is an exceptional microphone. Didn't have any trouble with it whatsoever. Fits in and blends in to my existing computer set up quite nicely....more info
  • very pleased
    Logitech USB Desktop Microphone (Black/Silver)Works wonderfully. Keeps me in touch with family and friends. I would recommend this to everyone who needs a microphone for their computer. is amazing also. Their service and professionalism beats any other web service. You would be hard pressed to find better service anywhere....more info
  • I love this mic...
    I ordered a Plantronics headset and mic initially, but the earphones bothered me. This is much better, and I don't have to be on top of the mic for it to understand my dictation....more info
  • Good microphone
    Plugged it in, Windows XP recognized it without any need for drivers. People on the other end of skype have no problems hearing me....more info
  • BSOD on Vista
    When I plugged this into my computer running Vista, I got a blue screen of death. When I already had it plugged in, and started the computer, Vista wouldn't boot up correctly. Randomly, I got it to work, but it was too much trouble so I just went back to my cheap one that works okay anyway. I may try this on my XP computer later. Maybe that will work....more info
  • The mike works well
    The microphone is convenient (hands free and you are not wired to your desk) and the sound quality is good according to the people I talk to.

    One problem I have and I don't know if it is the mike or my Mac: sometimes the light stops working. If I reboot or unplug/replug the USB cable it starts working again. Even if the light isn't on, the mike still works when the button has been pressed. It is just harder to tell that it is depressed....more info
  • great for skype
    I've had this microphone over a year now and it's been great. No problems at all.

    I use it over skype, so that's my frame of reference and evaulation.

    Everyone on the other end has said the sound is perfectly clear. I can keep the microphone off to the side, at least a bit. This is very important to me as my primary use these days is to practice Spanish in a language-exchange. It would be very awkward if the microphone had to be right in front of me, between me and the keyboard, as I'm often typing furiously frantically looking up words in an on-line English/Spanish dictionary.

    I'm thinking of ordering a 2nd one for my wife's laptop for when she talks to her sisters across the country....more info
  • Great for the price.
    I purchased this microphone because of it's great price, and great reviews. I mainly use this mic for gaming, and sometime chatting online via MSNm or Steam. So without further ado, here are my pros and cons:

    Very very clear. I can speak from a foot away, and my voice will be relayed without any buzzing or any distortion at all. The mic always picks up my voice.
    Great volume. Once again, from a foot away, I have to make sure the volume isn't turned up too high, or it will be too loud.

    Too sensitive. Using Vista, I haven't been able to adjust the sensitivity for this mic. When I'm playing CSS or L4D, my keystrokes will be picked up by the mic. There is no option to adjust the sensitivity for USB Mics in window's sound control, and the game's Mic sensitivity option doesn't work. The sensitivity options worked for my previous analogue mic, but apparently it doesn't work with USB mics. Maybe there's a way to adjust the sensitivity, well they're making it hard for me to figure out..

    Overall I'd rate this item 4.5/5 Stars for the quality and value. And I'd definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Exceeded expectations
    I purchased this based on other user reviews and was not disappointed. Works great. We purchased for use with Skype and it works well. Microphone picks up conversation all the away across the room, which means multiple people can participate in conversation without having to huddle around the microphone....more info
  • It works
    What more can you say - the microphone just works under Ubuntu Linux for Skype. It doesn't pick up interference from the speakers when doing skype calls. Can't get it to work for audio recording, but that is probably due to my lack of linux skills than the device itself....more info
  • Does the job and does it well.
    This isn't a bad microphone for the price. It's USB, which makes installation a snap. You just plug it into an empty USB port. There is no software to install. Then you follow the instructions to test it out.

    If you have any problems, make sure you go to:
    Start>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio and click the Audio tab. Once there, check under the "Sound Recording Tab" and make sure your new microphone is set as the Default sound recording device. (Should be the AK5370)

    What I like with this Microphone is you don't have to put your lips next to it to get crisp sound. You can set it far back and record, just simply turn your volume up a little the farther you sit back from it.

    Well, enjoy this eZ mic!...more info
  • Sweet on the cheap end!
    Logitech continues to make great products, atd good prices, and this ones no different. Installation is simple, and was my reason for suggesting it to another friend of mine that is blind and uses a screen reader to control her computer. You can just sit back and allow the microphone to take you to the conversation. The only gripe I have with it is that, while you can adjust it up and down it does not swivel. That would be a nice touch to add.
    Good show!...more info
  • Far above what I would have expected for the price
    This microphone turned out to be a very good purchase. My uses for it are for gaming and voice dictation. What I like about it is that it's sensitivity can be very wide. When gaming, I can speak into the microphone without having too much sound from my speakers being caught up, yet I can set it so that it can pick up voice commands while I'm on the other side of a 20' room. I made good use of that the other night when I was trying to hook up some speakers (which I didn't mark which cables went to which speaker) so I told the computer to click on the test button (Vista voice command) to run the test so I could get the right speakers in the right places. Plus the comfort of not having to use a headset when gaming is great.

    The unit is also surprisingly stable. The base is weighted enough to keep the cord for turning or pulling the base stand around. It also has a rubber surface on the bottom to help prevent it from being slid around. The angle of the microphone is adjustable easily enough and so far hasn't loosened any. The microphone can be angled down to the point where it is flat and picks up from in front of it, as if it was sitting on top of something above you, like the top of a shelf or monitor. The mute button is handy, though I haven't made much use of it since the majority of the applications I use have built in mutes or require a button toggle to begin voice.

    I have used other microhpones. I was previously using a Plantronics GAMECOM 1 PC HEADSET ( 67003-01 ), and it works great, but when sitting at home, I prefer the comfort of not having something on my head (also makes eating a lot easier without having a microphone in the way....more info